Pantry Pastas 4 Ways

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
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  • Samantha Couret
    Samantha Couret 5 hours ago

    Wow fuckin chile flakes

  • Daniya Parvez
    Daniya Parvez 5 days ago

    the first one looks wack ngl

  • Brittany Catalina
    Brittany Catalina 7 days ago

    I like olive oil - garlic - lemon 🍋 juice - salt - sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese. Or buttered noodles - garlic - salted butter - fresh Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Easy recipes when you are broke AF

  • Purple Blue
    Purple Blue 11 days ago

    Perfect for budget... and so tasty
    Thank u

  • jnmks
    jnmks 12 days ago

    the garlic pasta tastes so good

  • michael penque
    michael penque 19 days ago

    wtf this is not cooking.

  • nikforgr
    nikforgr 21 day ago

    The second is named "aglio e olio" and the fourth one "cacio e pepe"

  • Man Man1243
    Man Man1243 27 days ago

    Tastys favorite words, Maynard reaction, and al dente. No offense

  • k star
    k star 27 days ago

    These look like my college meals😭

  • Aaron Mary Greenwood
    Aaron Mary Greenwood 28 days ago

    so easy and effective for the stomach, eye, pocket and peace of mind... important stuff + good background music.

  • Anonymous asdfg
    Anonymous asdfg Month ago

    The second one just needs lemon juice and salt and pepper. And why do none of these include salt and pepper?

  • Nabi ki shan
    Nabi ki shan Month ago

    Yum yum

  • Basak Candemir
    Basak Candemir Month ago

    I honestly just want sumn to eat I’m hungry it’s like 2 am I want something easy to make

  • Chandni Shah
    Chandni Shah Month ago

    This is for them who don't like veggies

  • tief alhsen
    tief alhsen Month ago

    عشقي المعكرونة بس ما حدا من اهلي يحبها وما اكلها غير بالسنة حسنة🌝🌚☻

  • Anubhav g
    Anubhav g Month ago

    Hello you work in the hotel as a chef

  • Tomboy Samantha
    Tomboy Samantha Month ago

    I know I can’t be the only one watching this on the toilet right?

  • Alvin Govender
    Alvin Govender Month ago

    Babish's video on pasta aglio el olio is better.

  • Veggie Food
    Veggie Food Month ago

    I will make the pasta it looks good

  • Aayushi Arora
    Aayushi Arora Month ago

    Dude what about salt??????

    • Doc74
      Doc74 Month ago

      in pasta water

  • My toys world !!!
    My toys world !!! Month ago

    Lovely so yummy and tasty I am hungry ...

  • Sarmin Hussain
    Sarmin Hussain Month ago

    Why I feel the Desperate absence of salt in these dishes!?😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Areej Imran Ahmed
    Areej Imran Ahmed Month ago +1

    Can I use water instead of pasta water

  • Miriam Tache
    Miriam Tache Month ago

    Mi sto sentendo male🤢

    • Doc74
      Doc74 Month ago

      @Miriam Tache : la domanda era seria , perchè sono piuttosto convinto che tu abbia mal intepretato il video. E per una volta che vedo un video americano dove fanno dei sughi decenti e cuociono la pasta propriamente un pò mi spiace leggere queste cose .

    • Doc74
      Doc74 Month ago

      @Miriam Tache : bene , allora , se guardi bene il video con attenzione è la stessa cosa che fa lei.
      Al minuto 0.34 c'è chiaramente scritto "penne coocked " ovvero già cotte e la "pasta water" è ovviamente l'acqua di cottura ( col sale ) usata per la pasta .
      Aggiungere un poco di acqua di cottura della pasta quando incorpori il sugo è un "trucco" che usano anche molti chef italiani, come anche un leggera risottatura della pasta .
      Si usa sopratutto con sughi poco "liquidi" come il pesto, o la carbonara o l'aglio e olio , ma si può usare anche con il sugo di pomodoro ( anche se questo contenendo già molta acqua di solito non ne ha necessità " in più l' acqua della pasta contiene molto amido che serve per amalgamare ( mantecare ) meglio il sugo
      Per cui non capisco il tuo scrivere " non si fà cosi " perchè in effetti si fà proprio così e tu stessa fai cosi presumo ( cuoci la pasta in acqua e sale , poi la passi in padella col sugo e ultimi la cottura )

    • Miriam Tache
      Miriam Tache Month ago

      @Doc74 comunque non capisco se sia ironica la domanda oppure seria

    • Miriam Tache
      Miriam Tache Month ago

      @Doc74 acqua, falla bollire, pasta più sale, poi lo la scolo la metto insieme al sugo, panna quello che c'è ma aggiungere l'acqua nella pasta NO

    • Doc74
      Doc74 Month ago

      e tu come la fai ?

  • waves of memory
    waves of memory Month ago

    My face at 0:04 when someone stole my food 😂🤣🤣🍲
    What I love about her cooking, no salt added, good for people with hypertension is high.

  • Sagal Abdi
    Sagal Abdi Month ago

    It's almost 4 in the morning...
    Why am I torturing myself watching this, makes me so hungry!🙁😋😛

  • Preciousdrayyy y
    Preciousdrayyy y Month ago

    It’s 01:47 am
    School starts at 07:30 am
    And I’m watching a pasta Tutorial
    What the hell is wrong with me?!

  • Whimsy Crafter
    Whimsy Crafter Month ago

    You forgot to add seasoning! In all the four videos!

  • احمد و هاني

    U forget the spaces

  • Copyrighted Tree Yes

    I'm not sure who to trust on authentic Italian food because the Italian ppl are turning this place into a warzone but I know it's not tasty

  • betul i.
    betul i. Month ago

    I am hungry,,, everyone's hungry.

  • Rabia Saqib
    Rabia Saqib Month ago

    Yumm 😋😋

  • ساندي بيل
    ساندي بيل Month ago

    ممكن الترجمة بليز😍

  • Zainab Jamshaid
    Zainab Jamshaid Month ago +1

    So oily hate that

  • shni y
    shni y Month ago

    No salt??

  • Sakshi Sharma
    Sakshi Sharma Month ago

    Where the hell is salt man ?

  • Simple Meal
    Simple Meal Month ago

    I'm so hungry now.

  • Ryusuke Fukazawa
    Ryusuke Fukazawa Month ago

    So you're just not gonna season your pasta- alright then.

  • Loya Frostwind
    Loya Frostwind Month ago

    Spaghetti al oglio is my go-to meal when I can't think of what to cook for dinner.

  • hanna centeno
    hanna centeno Month ago

    En español xfavor!!!!!!! Nole entiendo!!!! Saludos?!!!!!

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  • Geethapriya vishwakarma

    I guess they forgot adding salt

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    How can people chew on a goddamn piece of garlic and not feel absolutely disgusted? I always remove them after they are cooked.

  • danielle ray
    danielle ray Month ago

    cause i totes just have capers chillin in my fridge
    love you, tasty
    but this title is ass

  • Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall Month ago +1

    NOTE: If you don’t know what pasta water is, it’s the water that the pasta was cooked in. Grab a cup or so after cooking to use in the sauce.

    • Joanne D' Mello
      Joanne D' Mello Month ago

      I was like what the hell is pasta water..scrolled through the comments 😂..thanks

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann Month ago

    The last one I'll definitely whip up for myself, except instead of pepper, I'm using garlic powder or garlic salt

  • Bearzeed Cafe
    Bearzeed Cafe 2 months ago

    I love every dishes

  • Morgan Radocy
    Morgan Radocy 2 months ago

    Everyone's got a problem with the Parmesan but no one has a problem with the capers??

    • Daphne
      Daphne Month ago

      Sorry to be disgusting but capers looks like ticks

  • Caty Elizarraraz
    Caty Elizarraraz 2 months ago

    Alguien ha notado que para que algo sea gourmet,tienen que decir todos sus ingredientes

  • L
    L 2 months ago

    Lol I'm craving instant noodles after watching this

  • Pam helpert
    Pam helpert 2 months ago

    I don’t have pasta sauce but I have pasta):

  • Marisa Dasgupta
    Marisa Dasgupta 2 months ago

    If I could ever work for @Tasty, it'd be heaven. Until then, I be hating these videos as much as I love em.

  • fiza khalid
    fiza khalid 2 months ago

  • TheChico82
    TheChico82 2 months ago +3

    I’m Italian, this is the first time I see the real italian pasta recipe (all 4) on this channel 🇮🇹❤️🍝🇮🇹

  • Millie Greenshields
    Millie Greenshields 2 months ago

    Tasty should open a restaurant

  • Kalon D
    Kalon D 2 months ago

    im on diet and watching this...

  • prithi dharani
    prithi dharani 2 months ago

    Ethulaium salt eh podaliyea...😂

  • Park chimmieee
    Park chimmieee 2 months ago

    My Italian blood is crying

  • Shaikh Parveen
    Shaikh Parveen 2 months ago

    Extra virgin olive oil is not for cooking

  • Mamta Rani
    Mamta Rani 2 months ago

    Wait.....she didn't even put salt in it....1:18