Nick Cannon Reveals Who the Real Marshmello Is 😱 Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Nick Cannon wasn’t about lose this Wildstyle to Marshmello, so Justina Valentine picked up the jabs roasting Marshmello like this Wildstyle was a campfire.
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  • Lil_Adrian775 t
    Lil_Adrian775 t 4 hours ago

    Honestly we dont even know if thats the real marshmellow we just have to trust thats it him and not some random cast member with his mask on

  • Heinrich Kasper
    Heinrich Kasper 17 hours ago +1

    Charron good but he look like he try so hard

  • Immortal One
    Immortal One Day ago

    I want that hot coco too Nick!!!😁👍🏾👏🏾

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran Day ago

    2:30 The captions say "short guy" for conceited LMAOOO

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath Day ago

    Who is Marshmellow? Why didn't he take off his Marshmellow helmet and exposed himself. I came here just for that. The last joke was the FUNNIEST OF THEM ALL......

  • EXOTIC Clan
    EXOTIC Clan Day ago +1


  • Jacob Hunke
    Jacob Hunke Day ago

    1:52 the look the whole class gives to the kid who asks if there was a test today

  • steven gaines
    steven gaines Day ago +1

    Good job black team

  • Chelsey's Corner
    Chelsey's Corner 2 days ago

    yes chris comstock you're welcome everyone

  • Jasmina Cheek
    Jasmina Cheek 2 days ago

    2:52 bruh me🤣😂

  • That girl Kay Kay
    That girl Kay Kay 2 days ago

    This it how many time he said I'll take it

  • gage sucks
    gage sucks 3 days ago

    Really “epic Champlain” I was actually waiting to see D;

  • Aaron Bell
    Aaron Bell 3 days ago

    Fuckin fire

  • young king 201
    young king 201 3 days ago

    Click bate alert

  • Siahs World
    Siahs World 3 days ago

    click bait💀💀💀💀

  • Heaven Hancock
    Heaven Hancock 3 days ago

    1:17 uh no he doesn't he uses it so no one will no his real identity he doesn't want anyone to know who he is

  • Madux Lucado
    Madux Lucado 3 days ago

    Click bait

  • Freshing the fresh
    Freshing the fresh 3 days ago

    I tought is was azelia banks in the thumbail🤣

  • Phoenix Thegoldminecart

    That's fucked up I'll beat someones ass for talking about black panther

  • baby tot
    baby tot 4 days ago

    Marshmelo, the w. oh the hot coco hot

  • A Witty Alpaca
    A Witty Alpaca 4 days ago

    Mmm gotta love that clickbait

  • Dalton
    Dalton 4 days ago +1

    I'm with Big Mac i sure was staring at Marshmallow the whole episode.

  • Avatar Ang
    Avatar Ang 4 days ago

    Do don't don't roast marshmallow he is famous

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 4 days ago

    False advertising

  • Clement Tino
    Clement Tino 4 days ago

    I feel like......I've been lied to

  • KING T
    KING T 5 days ago

    2:26 lol look at DC

  • Furry uchiha
    Furry uchiha 5 days ago

    what was even the point???

  • Isaiah Suarez
    Isaiah Suarez 5 days ago

    That was a good battle

  • ILOVETOYS2019 Neal
    ILOVETOYS2019 Neal 5 days ago +3

    Am I the only one who think Nick Cannon is so wack and because it his show that's the only reason he's still up here

  • PeasleP
    PeasleP 6 days ago


  • Las Garcias
    Las Garcias 6 days ago

    Gggooooo marshmello

  • 4ngel 1barra
    4ngel 1barra 6 days ago


  • Emberlace Autele
    Emberlace Autele 6 days ago

    I’m deceased 😂😂

  • Sidney San
    Sidney San 6 days ago

    Just happened to watch this with captions and the got conceited as the “short guy” lol 2:30

  • Sidra M
    Sidra M 6 days ago

    True but it is still good

  • Goat -
    Goat - 6 days ago

    Did you see how the marshmallow ran away after Charlie clips said Big Mac has been staring at it the whole episode? I think the marshmallow thought he was gonna be eaten😉

  • Xolani Prince Shoba
    Xolani Prince Shoba 7 days ago

    Wild 'N Out should put Charlie Clips' roast in the 'Best of Charlie Clips Freestyles,...

  • Lennex Henley
    Lennex Henley 7 days ago

    1. Theeeese Burton’s close

    2. Yo big how I know u hungry I beeen staring marshlello al episode
    3. How the flip duz dj d reck duz not buzz dat

  • Lennex Henley
    Lennex Henley 7 days ago

    Marshmallow.....DOESNT GET reveled..

  • Jahniya Gair
    Jahniya Gair 7 days ago

    Y’all harsh on my man marshmallow edited

  • Beat Down Productions LLC

    Marshmellow got eaten when the episode ended.. :/

  • GamingJaguar 1
    GamingJaguar 1 7 days ago

    Justina looked hurt after that roast

  • margarita200469
    margarita200469 7 days ago


  • ItzNiyah
    ItzNiyah 7 days ago

    Who else thought they hear Marshmello voice 😓

  • Sonia Sosa
    Sonia Sosa 7 days ago

    ... Um.... I'm speechless

  • Dreonix
    Dreonix 7 days ago

    Wats the point of bringing on a brudda who ain’t gonna speak

  • G'Anthony Simmons
    G'Anthony Simmons 7 days ago

    Clickbait !!!!

    CHESTER TIGGAR 7 days ago


  • JussLJ
    JussLJ 7 days ago

    Call Mariah to get this nigga back on point

  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 7 days ago


  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez 7 days ago


  • BlitzZPlayz
    BlitzZPlayz 8 days ago

    I like how Marshmello is just smiling in the middle

  • Sidike Fofana
    Sidike Fofana 8 days ago

    Your soft white and everyone puts their stick in side u

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 8 days ago +1

    Stop roasting marshmallow he my manz

  • Joker Head
    Joker Head 8 days ago

    bro thats funny

  • Brian Bliss
    Brian Bliss 8 days ago

    Bro why did I even click on this bullshit I should have known it was gon be clickbait

  • Hibo Ayan
    Hibo Ayan 8 days ago

    The big couldn’t stop looking at the marshmallow 😂😁😭

  • Tri Nguyen Minh
    Tri Nguyen Minh 8 days ago


  • Scars Edits
    Scars Edits 8 days ago


  • chacho ANTHONY
    chacho ANTHONY 9 days ago

    The only time he's name is Marshall because he's had to cover his face because cuz I seen him doing fortnite in during Flash-Player like face paint can no I have no idea how you go bye