7 Giant Products You Can Actually Buy • White Elephant Show #3

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • We let the Vat19 crew play a game of chance to see who would walk away with the best (and worst) giant gift!
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    The Vat19 crew decided to steal some items from the warehouse so they could play a giant version of a white elephant gift exchange. Each crew member got a chance to pick and steal a giant item!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  7 months ago +850

    What did you think of Jamie's cool clothes and pogo stick moves??
    See even bigger things here: flash-player.net/video/ru87UNVDeg8/video.html

  • Jason Chavez
    Jason Chavez 5 hours ago

    Why do they do this show when they were the people who made them??

  • Jackson Nguyen
    Jackson Nguyen 11 hours ago

    Am I the only one who wishes I could be a vat19 employee like if same

  • Hannah Mailloux
    Hannah Mailloux 12 hours ago

    Don’t you just love Kelsey’s ~ katniss ~ braid!

  • Bluepineapplegirl5678 Glaspy

    If you get a gift you really want and they steal it from you you could steal it back

  • Kay Kay!
    Kay Kay! 2 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Mob shredder
    Mob shredder 3 days ago

    What would happen if somebody go two golden tickets?

  • Bailey Clark
    Bailey Clark 3 days ago


  • Nicole Monroe
    Nicole Monroe 4 days ago

    Aww I feel that guy who wouldn’t want to take him something so huge to your kids

  • Sage Jones
    Sage Jones 4 days ago


  • its_Frazz gaming
    its_Frazz gaming 4 days ago

    Ninas so happy and satisfied then I could steal that 😟 death stare

  • luisdaniel martinez
    luisdaniel martinez 6 days ago

    5:53 are you doing in my swamp?

  • The grand tour season 0

    Vat19: *does this*
    My head: WE DO IT JUMBO!!!

  • Abi Matthews
    Abi Matthews 6 days ago +1

    Can we appreciate how calm Jamie is about getting a bag of hair like the others are like “Eww” and he’s like *”Imma smell it”*

  • Anthony roberts
    Anthony roberts 6 days ago


  • I don't know what name to pick

    it's wholesome when they say their kids will be happy :'')))))

  • LittleKittyAka Vivi
    LittleKittyAka Vivi 7 days ago


  • Louise Denehy
    Louise Denehy 7 days ago

    I don’t like Jamie.

  • Ako si C
    Ako si C 7 days ago

    Where's Eric?

  • ASMR sleep
    ASMR sleep 8 days ago +1

    Jamie could have stolen the pogo stick back

  • Ali haider Nadiri
    Ali haider Nadiri 8 days ago

    That’s not Jamie

  • Timbo Garaka
    Timbo Garaka 8 days ago +1

    I just relized how much kara looks like Pam from the office.

  • BreadFaceCat 101
    BreadFaceCat 101 8 days ago +1

    I love presents and I want the biggest one

    That’s soooooo me

  • Ava Liz and Lily Kate
    Ava Liz and Lily Kate 10 days ago

    Love ur vids!!!

  • Peachine
    Peachine 10 days ago +12


  • Pete H
    Pete H 11 days ago

    Jojo sawe

  • Grace hoard
    Grace hoard 11 days ago

    You guys should do one with stuffed anmails

  • Albert RB
    Albert RB 11 days ago

    dannys moustache is the best he should so keep it

  • TheShadowBeneathMe
    TheShadowBeneathMe 13 days ago

    The pogo stick color is my favorite color too:D

  • MinHollySuga BTS
    MinHollySuga BTS 13 days ago +2

    British people be like: Ew, soccer, it sounds like sucker. and it’s FOOTBALL!

  • Madison Baker
    Madison Baker 13 days ago

    Never mind she di

  • Madison Baker
    Madison Baker 13 days ago

    Wow she didn’t get a golden tichet

  • Baylie O’Neil
    Baylie O’Neil 14 days ago

    Do they want Kara to have a heart attack??? ☕️🙅🏻‍♀️

  • Jeremy Geller
    Jeremy Geller 14 days ago

    I’m a fan love Dylan

  • Jimm Jon
    Jimm Jon 14 days ago

    The forbidden cotton could

  • Kerryl Galletly
    Kerryl Galletly 14 days ago


  • Natasha Sheikh!
    Natasha Sheikh! 15 days ago

    Her saying shes small
    My mom being 4”10 😢

  • Planty Of Plants
    Planty Of Plants 15 days ago

    9:57 who else tried to click the video’s but it didn’t work the first time

  • Im Fuuri
    Im Fuuri 15 days ago +5

    Everybody knew it’s wasn’t Jamie

    It actually was him Jk

  • Im Fuuri
    Im Fuuri 15 days ago +2

    Everybody knew it’s wasn’t Jamie

    It actually was him Jk

  • Maddie Simmons
    Maddie Simmons 15 days ago

    Jamie is hilarioes

  • Tri- Force
    Tri- Force 15 days ago

    How much is the 10 Foot Pogo Stick?

  • uniwolfy 123
    uniwolfy 123 16 days ago

    That's not the world's largest the biggest is 9ft

  • Maria Velazquez
    Maria Velazquez 16 days ago

    I get mad when you stole the big ball an the coffee mug like who do you think you are

  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris 17 days ago

    Hi my teacher really needs coffee and a stress ball i would really like to get her something nice so please write me back thank you

  • Syphix
    Syphix 17 days ago

    9:26 wtf???

  • Younis Abdely
    Younis Abdely 17 days ago

    Why is it called the white elephant show?

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 17 days ago

    i want that coffee mug but i can't find it anywhere on the website :(

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 17 days ago


  • Awesome Unicorn Cat
    Awesome Unicorn Cat 17 days ago

    My dad needs that giant coffee cup

  • R3DZEN 2
    R3DZEN 2 17 days ago

    Your the best vst19

  • Thunderprogamer Power
    Thunderprogamer Power 17 days ago

    If Jamie wanted the pogo he could’ve swapped it

  • Cat Stuff
    Cat Stuff 18 days ago

    Skid row

  • Rosalinda Hernandez
    Rosalinda Hernandez 18 days ago

    Jamie could of stolen the pogo stick

  • S-J Gaming
    S-J Gaming 18 days ago

    Does anyone else think Danny with the beard is weird

  • terrie meyers
    terrie meyers 18 days ago

    i play soccer

  • Liam Pangburn
    Liam Pangburn 19 days ago

    I completed the whole jumbo Chupa Chups

  • supboy28beeson
    supboy28beeson 19 days ago


  • Koko gacha ;3
    Koko gacha ;3 19 days ago +1

    That gummy worm looks like my dildo lmao

  • Death Only
    Death Only 19 days ago

    439.99 dollars I can see why Jamie wants that pogo stick