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X | Official Trailer HD | A24

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
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    From writer/director Ti West and starring Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, and Scott Mescudi. X - In Theaters March 18.

    RELEASE DATE: In Theaters March 18
    DIRECTOR: Ti West
    CAST: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, and Scott Mescudi

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Comments • 2 405

  • Mfundroid
    Mfundroid 13 days ago +1828

    Jenna Ortega is really having the best year of her career. Scream 5, The Fallout and now X? Wow.

    • Keisha Johnson
      Keisha Johnson Day ago

      @Ananda Brock That’s what people say about every Disney actress...give it time

    • pyromaniac
      pyromaniac Day ago

      Wonder whos she banging to get all those roles

    • Keisha Johnson
      Keisha Johnson 2 days ago

      *career so far

    • Elron Half-Elven
      Elron Half-Elven 2 days ago

      and all of them are not good movies lol. She is a good actor but those movies have terrible writing. She needs a role in a serious movie.

    • Xander Laskey
      Xander Laskey 2 days ago

      @Mr Blue Bot 7 Wth is that trash argument. Yeah it’s a opinion moron and I’m stating it and it looks like plenty of people agree

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht 9 days ago +2568

    A24 always understands the assignment. Saving the movie industry, one great film after another!

    • Ryan Embry
      Ryan Embry 15 hours ago

      @HERBWELSHMAN I have plenty of time to hear about good horror/thriller movies. Hopefully you got some I havent seen already.

      HERBWELSHMAN 18 hours ago

      @D'angelo JacobHymenShits your rebuttal makes no sense, recommendations on what? Better production companies than A24? The only decent movie A24 have made is lighthouse. The rest are mid, I’ve watched them once and never had interest again. Most of their movies rely entirely on shock value and contain no value beyond that. If you want me to name better thrillers/horror movies than hereditary and witch I’d have to ask how much time you have.

    • Kaylor Coons
      Kaylor Coons 23 hours ago +1

      talk normal

    • MeowForJasper
      MeowForJasper Day ago +2

      Okay, now lets stop with this "understood the assignment" comment.

    • 1sikr6beast
      1sikr6beast Day ago +3

      If someone says anything about an assignment one more time i'm bouta flip a table

  • scaho
    scaho 2 days ago +160

    I love A24 for always supporting the the principle of trying new ideas. Their films always has at least one unique aspect to it. What makes films a beautiful art is the ability to experiment with new stuff and I appreciate A24 for keeping that tradition alive!

  • Kennedy Douglas
    Kennedy Douglas 7 days ago +566

    seeing Kid Cudi in more movies is literally the highlight of my year so far

    • Abaan
      Abaan 12 hours ago +1


    • I’mNottaPiñata
      I’mNottaPiñata 22 hours ago +3

      @REAL6 ok normie

    • REAL6
      REAL6 Day ago +1

      As long as he doesn't wear dresses.

    • theycallmejeff
      theycallmejeff Day ago +1

      I first saw him in that werewolf episode of Creepshow and it's been consistent since, love to see it

      THEDARKSIDEOFTHEFORCE66 2 days ago +2

      It's strange see him play a straight guy.

  • Squicx
    Squicx 6 days ago +208

    A24 is making pure art with these films. Especially the period pieces. They put so much care and detail into them that it just makes for an overall wonderful experience

    • Em
      Em 3 days ago

      You mean the directors

    • LandInbetween
      LandInbetween 5 days ago +3

      They do put care into them as in what scripts to select, and what directors to support, but they aren't putting "detail" into them since that's the directors and below the line staff's job.

  • Chew Bubblegum & Kick Ass
    Chew Bubblegum & Kick Ass 12 days ago +4334

    Love the 70's horror period piece. Right down to the 70's cinematography. This has a cross between Boogie Nights and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, count me tf in! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • adiddy
    adiddy 9 days ago +392

    wow, that was one of the best trailers I've seen in a minute and could be the one horror movie I end up watching. pumped for this to come out

    • Nate
      Nate 5 days ago

      And the trailer didn’t spoil the entire movie like some trailers have been doing

    • AD
      AD 7 days ago +1

      @adiddy we use the comments section to communicate with minds that are alike and we let out that evil instead of hiding it like some people ehm ehm which means ur more dangerous then what I think because it's probably that you do those things

  • Nicholas Chase
    Nicholas Chase 5 days ago +4

    I love the Grindhouse, 16mm look the movie seems to have. Even in the digital shots - it looks to be lit and filtered in a way that mimics that old style. But almost in a meta-sort-way. Like death proof and planet terror! I’m excited for this one.

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews 5 days ago +27

    I love the how back in the 80’s film had the gritty look. I think it immerses you more, because it’s like a dream. Real, yet like a memory. Hope this turns out good.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 2 days ago

      And something about the music sent you even deeper into that atmosphere. The drawn out ethereal synths, really hypnotic

    ARMORXV 10 days ago +118

    After seeing Jenna Ortega’s PHENOMINAL performance in Scream last night, I am looking forward to seeing her in this too. Right now she is a Scream Princess on her way to a Scream Queen

  • Marian
    Marian 10 days ago +70

    finally a new Ti West film!! He's got the talent that his movies really look like from their era. Acting, scenery, film optics - love it!

  • Josh R
    Josh R 3 days ago +1

    Man, A24 is killing it with the original ideas. It's a little on the nose, but it's a twist you can't help but be intrigued by. Being A24 there's probably more to it than the trailer shows as well. Or, at least, that usually seems to be the case.
    Looks interesting.

  • Zikari SG
    Zikari SG 6 days ago +12

    Great cast, great talent behind the camera and a very good trailer, I'm excited, keep up the good work A24!

  • Adam Jacques
    Adam Jacques 8 days ago +4

    I really apricate what A24 does for film. Its never just cut and past movies they make something to look forward too.

  • Scythe
    Scythe 11 days ago +881

    There's something about A24. It's that feeling which is indescribable yet one is in awe of it.

    • Seven Stars of the Dipper
      Seven Stars of the Dipper 13 hours ago

      @Joshua Anderson I think A 24 makes some deliciously f upped movies. Hereditary was very macabre and disturbing as was The Witch. I liked The Lighthouse too. I think the “horrors” in A 24 films are metaphors for human conditions ( mental illness, dogmatic religion, guilt, lust, greed). I am looking forward to the next one. Plus, I am curious about TI’s writing and directing ability. A lot of rappers became successful in film and television.

    • Joshua Anderson
      Joshua Anderson 2 days ago

      Is A24 paying for bots?

    • Samet Yetimoglu
      Samet Yetimoglu 4 days ago

      first comment of yours i liked. Better be the last.

    • Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw
      Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw 5 days ago +1

      They're making great original movies. That's what it is. They make the original movies mainstream Hollywood are not willing to make.

    • AugustFourSeven
      AugustFourSeven 5 days ago

      You mean the weird old people and the violins the play the high strings backwards?

  • Naaglash
    Naaglash 5 days ago +18

    A24 needs their own category on major film platforms or a platform on their own so we can only browse their movies bcs these are such good and unique style, it's pretty killer.

  • Happy Holograms
    Happy Holograms 5 days ago +7

    A24 bringing out movie after movie that just make you wanna go to the theatre. A film like this needs to be seen on the big screen!

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    There's something about A24. It's that feeling which is indescribable yet one is in awe of it.

  • G A
    G A 2 days ago +2

    The director appears to be something of an auteur! His films, for the most part, are well-reviewed, if not well-received. He seems to have captured the tone of '70s exploitation film. Problem is, and this is a debatable point, I prefer the more authentic stationary use of the camera than the more nimble, contemporary cinematography on display here. And, of course, it's hard to achieve the look of 35mm on digital.

  • Charlie Watertown
    Charlie Watertown 13 days ago +5363

    I love the fact that A24 keep making new and unique original movies. They may be weird movies but it's the type of weird movies i'd like to see cuz it's different and looks very good and I love weird movies like this

    Edit : Whoops looks like i started some war in the replys. Yeah i still win guys, look how many likes i got, the people who agree with me. Let people like things, let people hate things, It doesn't really matter. If you guys seriously have nothing to do instead of hating a movie without even see the full movie yet, shut tf up. Can't judge a full movie based on a trailer in the case of A24 like don't judge a book by it's cover. Hereditary looks like a generic horror movie in the trailers but look at how it turned out when it was release. What a bunch of coward the replies are!! Hilarious that i got 3k likes who agree with me while you cowards' complain just got 0 likes i guess. Wow some of you must've had a boring life 😂😂😂

    • redrobotmonkey
      redrobotmonkey 2 days ago

      It is a bit like "the Visit" though. Still excited for it.

    • Samuel Spione
      Samuel Spione 2 days ago

      @Richard & Tom Co. facts, this feels like a rerun of texas chainsaw or house of a thousand corpses

    • JasonCG
      JasonCG 3 days ago

      I appreciate your gall in pulling the "I have more likes than you, so shut up" card with the comments.

    • Obie Trice
      Obie Trice 3 days ago +1

      A24 actually doesn't make most of the movies. They distribute them and give them a platform

    • Samiera Shar
      Samiera Shar 3 days ago

      They buy the movies... they don't make them 🤲

    MrNATEDIZZLE14 7 days ago +12

    God, Jenna Ortega is becoming one of my favorite actresses.. I'll watch anything if she's in it!

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre 2 days ago +1

    This looks fucking great. A24 definitely pushes the envelope with their films. Looks fun and genuinely terrifying. One of my most anticipated films now.

  • Arturo Alvarez jr
    Arturo Alvarez jr 6 days ago +1

    I am definitely seeing this masterpiece . It gave me a boogie nights vibe that turned into texas chainsaw massacre real quick from just the previews I can say it’s something fresh finally because I was getting tired of seeing remakes that don’t meet the standards or surpass the original. Can’t wait in till it’s out

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo 8 days ago +2

    I will watch anything that A24 makes. The fact that Jenna Ortega is in this is great icing on the cake.

  • Facundo Pavón
    Facundo Pavón 13 days ago +1194

    They rarely disappoint, they take out at least 1 jewel per year and this seems to be innovative

    • Nephilim1977
      Nephilim1977 3 days ago

      @Log Lady Hey if it ain't broke don't fix it. I'd rather have a company make a well made exploitation film that borrows from something else than make a cheap original that sucks.

    • Charlie To0 Human
      Charlie To0 Human 5 days ago +4

      😂 you triggered so many film nerds in the replies

    • Fragile Guy Guy
      Fragile Guy Guy 7 days ago +1

      A lot of their earlier “releases” were bombs though. Have you heard of the movies “Morris From America”, “Laggies”, or “Skin”. A24 is basically our generations Miramax or New Line Cinema (before the Warner buyout). It even release its films in the same way as IFC Films/IFC Midnight (a more profit-driven brand).

    • Dean Handy
      Dean Handy 8 days ago +6

      @KingPopinLockin their film Moonlight won Best Picture, but sure , whatever, D list

    • Kryptonite
      Kryptonite 9 days ago +11

      haha i think this comment was specifically designed to trigger the dweebs

  • aswer huio
    aswer huio 6 days ago +7

    Finally a horror movie done right! I hope to see more movies like this all year.

  • Dre Munoz
    Dre Munoz 4 days ago +1

    I really love A24, they put out quality and this trailer definitely has my interest...will watch!

  • Eaglebill5
    Eaglebill5 6 days ago +4

    I like the vibe of this !
    Brings chills even from the trailer

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 days ago

    Can't wait--Absolutely love A24 and can't wait to see how this one comes out!!

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper 13 days ago +903

    Anything with Jenna Ortega is already a big plus. The trailer looks sick too. Definitely checking this out

    • Highly Poisonous
      Highly Poisonous 6 days ago +9

      Our new scream queen love to see it hope she makes it to out to be the final girl

    • Trevor May
      Trevor May 8 days ago

      @Donald M she fine

    • Donald M
      Donald M 8 days ago

      😭😭😭💕💕I love her
      She was amazing on “Stuck in the middle”

    • Maxx
      Maxx 9 days ago +12

      Fingers crossed she does exactly what we see in the trailer 🤞🔞

    • Silver Gamer Player 2002
      Silver Gamer Player 2002 12 days ago +19

      @FilmFanaticX And I’m just also remembering she’s staring as the lead role in the upcoming horror comedy Wednesday.

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie 7 days ago +2

    Brittany Snow and Jenna Ortega?! That alone makes me excited for this movie
    This movie looks incredible

  • Airric Lewis
    Airric Lewis 6 days ago +2

    This looks good! Kid Cudi as a main character as well it’s a must see!

  • Sarawak's Sky Dweller

    this trailer makes this movie visually looks like a horror movie, but the music makes it sounds like an action comedy

  • Dirty Water
    Dirty Water 6 days ago +7

    A24 out here saving cinema! Just when you think Hollywood is talentless and out of ideas, A24 comes out of nowhere with a banger

  • Vulgar Intentions
    Vulgar Intentions 9 hours ago

    A24 never miss with their trailers, don't they?

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson 5 days ago

    I love the editing and graphics in this trailer. Looks very confident in it's style

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Day ago

    This looks fucking great. A24 definitely pushes the envelope with their films. Looks fun and genuinely terrifying. One of my most anticipated films now.

  • Anh Truong
    Anh Truong 22 hours ago +1

    A24 is probably the best film production company out there right now.

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore 5 days ago

    Exactly the feel I want Tarantino to do for his last film!! Can’t wait for this to release!

  • DonJuanDingDong
    DonJuanDingDong 10 days ago +9

    A24 has been making hands down the best movies for the last 15 years or so

  • Wesley Pengelly
    Wesley Pengelly 8 days ago +9

    Finally a horror movie done right! I hope to see more movies like this all year.

    • The Last Motel
      The Last Motel 2 days ago

      You can't say that from just the trailer, you have to wait for the final release. SMMFH. People like you are literally the reason we say "Consume product, then get excited for next product.". Knee-jerk reactions like your's are a major problem with media today.

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb 8 days ago +10

    oh god i am starting to love mia goth, she has a range and she chooses very particular projects

  • Dyllan Rodriguez
    Dyllan Rodriguez 8 days ago +3

    It’s so daunting to see how far A24 has come, the quality is crazy now

  • BL The Great
    BL The Great 5 days ago

    If you didn’t know by now, Ti West is a living legend!! His filmography is golden! Check out all his films if you haven’t already

  • Ran-chan
    Ran-chan 6 days ago +25

    The quality from A24 is really off the charts. The camera works, the visual, cinematography, everything is just beyond great.

    • LandInbetween
      LandInbetween 5 days ago +2

      A24 distributes and funds projects - they aren't the ones directing, writing scripts or doing below the line work.

  • Rep TV Is My 13th Reason

    *I have a feeling Jenna Ortega is gonna own 2022! 3 projects already and we haven't been in a quarter of this year. Unrelated but hope she does make a return on S4 of You.*

  • Jake Savage
    Jake Savage 10 days ago +6

    Love the actors, love the genre, count me in on this one!!!!!

  • Rafinha
    Rafinha 10 days ago +4

    This is Oscar Worthy. I love the filming, the 80s slash horror and feel to it. Just amazing.

    • Ryan Ricks
      Ryan Ricks 9 days ago +1

      Plz stop saying every movie set in the 70s with a cool soundtrack is oscar worthy cuz 9x out of 10 some random dumb ass movie gets picked instead

  • kojakyelo
    kojakyelo 7 days ago +6

    Kid Cudi's getting major studio roles nowadays and I love it

    • BreadRouteTV.
      BreadRouteTV. Day ago +1

      @Serdna oreducse yeah that's hollywierd works , he did a ritual, now hes in a movie

    • Serdna oreducse
      Serdna oreducse 5 days ago +2

      That's because he put on a dress...he sold out, and is one of them now.

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 7 days ago +2

    A24 always understands the assignment. Saving the movie industry, one great film after another!

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez 13 days ago +766

    We honestly need more original films like this!

    • Perzonne
      Perzonne 3 days ago

      It's so contrived that it's not scary at all

    • Stigmata Martyr
      Stigmata Martyr 4 days ago

      @Aton Mos is that the only "horror" thing you know, ffs

    • BLAIR
      BLAIR 4 days ago

      _this is “house of 1000 corpses._

    • Tammy
      Tammy 5 days ago +2

      @Aton Mos you do realize ahs is literally a rip off of previous slasher flicks, tropes and people right? That's such an odd statement.

    • Khalid Bardi
      Khalid Bardi 5 days ago +1

      Texas Chainsaw ?

  • Chloe Moore
    Chloe Moore 7 days ago +1

    BRITTANY SNOW YES!!!!! been missing her from the horror genre...

  • Kody Estep
    Kody Estep 5 days ago

    How did we get so lucky to get A24? They have the vision and conviction to give us amazing content after amazing content. I hope Hollywood takes notes. Every boardroom exec that shoots something down for lack of mass appeal needs to stop treating us like children. This is what we want! Go A24!!

    THE INVISIBLE WARRIOR 8 days ago +2

    Finally, a movie that looks good!

  • John Lime
    John Lime 7 days ago +7

    I don't know what I just saw, but it looks very unique.
    It's either going to be a cult classic or a failed experiment. Managing pacing in this kind of movie can't be easy.

  • Bhaskar Vishwajeet
    Bhaskar Vishwajeet 13 days ago +541

    There's something about A24. It's that feeling which is indescribable yet one is in awe of it.

    • Joshua Anderson
      Joshua Anderson 2 days ago

      I keep seeing the same canned comment 🤔

    • SRS Art Productions
      SRS Art Productions 5 days ago

      @Videha X they sure are..

    • KachZz
      KachZz 6 days ago

      That's just integrity, dude

    • iga1
      iga1 10 days ago +7

      It's called "brand loyalty" and there's teams of marketers at A24 making sure that feeling is there for you when you watch a trailer.

    • Videha X
      Videha X 10 days ago

      Lol. chill. they are not yet legends

  • Raymond Eternal
    Raymond Eternal 8 days ago +2

    Reminds me of cabin in the woods with all the horror tropes. Love the nostalgic aesthetic of this one.

  • Kevin Muller
    Kevin Muller 7 days ago +1

    Mia Goth was great in the 2020 version of "Emma." I am looking forward to see what she does here.

  • Jenny
    Jenny 10 days ago +1

    Anything from A24 always seems worth a watch.

  • JadedGems
    JadedGems 2 days ago

    Saw this in the trailers before Scream 5! Can’t wait to watch it. Jenna Ortega is doing her thing!

  • Mia 💛  𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е

    This looks fucking great. A24 definitely pushes the envelope with their films. Looks fun and genuinely terrifying. One of my most anticipated films now.

  • Rudroju Gnaneshwar
    Rudroju Gnaneshwar 7 days ago +3

    you guys are making such great concept movies.. waiting for this new masterpiece 🔥

  • Cole
    Cole 10 days ago +1

    The vibe of this is really cool AND ALSO I'm kinda of tired of these horror movies that demonize people w dementia. They didn't choose it! That said, this looks like there might be something else afoot, so I'm very willing to give such a great looking movie a chance!

  • thebatman
    thebatman 7 days ago +1

    As soon as I see A24, I know it’s going to be interesting and good. I definitely wasn’t disappointed

  • Jotho
    Jotho 6 days ago +3

    Saw this in an early screening a few mo ths ago! Fucking wild movie, not sure that I mean that in a good way. I love A24 movies, but this one was a miss for me. I can't wait to see everybody's takes on it when it comes out tho!

  • Magz
    Magz 8 days ago +1

    A24 is one of the few things getting me through this pandemic with any semblance of sanity

    CRONIC THE GOD 8 days ago +1

    This actually looks good and the cast

  • Ty
    Ty 7 days ago +1

    Looks great, actually. Big fan of A24's horror films.

  • Kainchin Manatad


  • Kristopher Viera
    Kristopher Viera 13 days ago +388

    This looks fucking great. A24 definitely pushes the envelope with their films. Looks fun and genuinely terrifying. One of my most anticipated films now.

    • Slutty Gutts
      Slutty Gutts 8 days ago +2

      @Jagd Töpfer there isn’t some 7 foot tall mad man killing everyone

    • Jagd Töpfer
      Jagd Töpfer 12 days ago +5

      How is this any different from any generic horror music + try-hard 70’s aesthetic?

  • SkeletalSounds _
    SkeletalSounds _ 3 days ago +1

    This is a fantastic trailer for what I hope will be a return to form for Ti West !!!!

  • soulbend
    soulbend 2 days ago

    I can't say if this movie will be good or not, but this is how you make a trailer.

  • Ez Ra
    Ez Ra 10 days ago +1

    A24 makes films for film geeks and I love it

  • AP Beauregard Horse
    AP Beauregard Horse 9 days ago +2

    I haven't seen a new movie I've wanted to see so bad in a really long time! Wow!

  • kamz
    kamz 12 days ago +221

    this movie looks like it is going to be wild asf and very much scary at the same time almost like midsommar. i am so ready for this!! a24 is definitely my favorite entertainment company. all their movies are so good!!

    • Zach T
      Zach T 7 days ago

      You mean you don't want the same superhero trilogies that give every comic book lover a massive hardon?

    • Alejandra Hernandez
      Alejandra Hernandez 7 days ago

      Midsommar was shit. Ti West is a máster!!

    • Shoshon Caligula
      Shoshon Caligula 10 days ago +3

      Midsommer sucked so hard. What hype I had going in faded about 35 min in. After the credits I realised this movie is just a worse version of the wicker man.

    • Wize Wolf
      Wize Wolf 10 days ago +4

      This looks nothing like midsommar which wasn't scary at all.

    • N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s
      N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s 11 days ago

      RLJE is better and has been around for longer.

  • Jay
    Jay 7 days ago +2

    Glad to see Cudi getting a bigger role

  • Dio Brando's knee
    Dio Brando's knee 9 days ago +1

    Definitely feels like Boogie Nights meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I'm here for it.

  • 🥰MamaJanuarysHouse🥰

    It’s been awhile since I have felt a film was FRESH and I’d say this one is giving me FRESH 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Condiment King
    Condiment King 4 days ago

    I was watching Scream 5 with my friend recently in the theatre. After the movie, he was a fan of it and I personally thought it wasn’t anything great.

    During the previews, we were watching the previews and discussing what looked good. I remember not caring about the preview movies to much but then this came on. I said this movie looked incredible while we refilled our slushees and he said it looked like shit. I think that says a lot about who we are as people.

  • Jack Sawyer
    Jack Sawyer 12 days ago +268

    I will watch anything that A24 makes. The fact that Jenna Ortega is in this is great icing on the cake.

    • Rodolfo Cortez
      Rodolfo Cortez 9 days ago +6

      @Noobs Productions 😐

    • Noobs Productions
      Noobs Productions 9 days ago +15

      She's got some cake too

    • Shoshon Caligula
      Shoshon Caligula 10 days ago +2

      Did you watch lamb? That was god awful.

    • Idk What My Name Is Haha
      Idk What My Name Is Haha 11 days ago +16

      Ik I’m so happy for Jenna she’s becoming the next big Hollywood actress with Scream 5, this movie, and another one that I saw a trailer for that’s supposed to be on HBO Max sometime soon.

  • Emperor
    Emperor Day ago

    i dont get how a24 keeps making each one of their movies great keep it up folks

  • Alolan Donald Trump
    Alolan Donald Trump 3 days ago

    This looks absolutely mental, and I fucking love the fact Kid Cudi is in it! This is the kind of shit we want to see A24, no more horror movies about goats 🤮

  • Arnold Rivas
    Arnold Rivas 6 days ago +1

    A24, single-handedly saving the film industry.

  • intrustcaress
    intrustcaress Day ago

    I’m so excited for this to happen even after the trauma of my last A24 film (thanks midsommor!!)

  • Bill Kill
    Bill Kill 13 days ago +823

    Kid Cudi and A24 how can we not be hyped for this

    • Corey Casciano
      Corey Casciano 8 days ago

      @flowerboy t good reference 👍🤣

    • Ashton Subedar
      Ashton Subedar 9 days ago


    • Killgore 2010
      Killgore 2010 10 days ago +1

      @Dickie Molitsanti
      I was legitimately confused by this comment. I thought they meant the music or something?

    • Pittsburgh Girl
      Pittsburgh Girl 11 days ago


    • Nick Phillips
      Nick Phillips 11 days ago +4

      @Dickie Molitsanti nobody finds you funny

  • igor known
    igor known 10 days ago

    The casting is genius I love these girls 🤘😍

  • Nightbird Games
    Nightbird Games 6 days ago +2

    I'll watch anything with Owen Campbell (the guy with long hair and glasses) hes super underated and doesn't get enough lead roles. Check out Super Dark Times, My Heart Can't Beat Unless you Tell It Too (vampire movie, but original) and As You Are for a couple he was the lead in. Amazing actor.

  • Your favorite bubbe
    Your favorite bubbe 8 days ago +2

    This is such a great trailer! I’m hyped. Does anyone know what song they’re using?

    • Jacob Maurer
      Jacob Maurer 5 days ago +2

      I just wanna make love to you - foghat.
      VERY old school southern soul rock, perfect fit for the trailer!👌

  • Dani 🔥T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Jenna Ortega is really having the best year of her career. Scream 5, The Fallout and now X? Wow.

  • Alex Arias
    Alex Arias 4 days ago

    I literally thought this was an older movie in the first few secs of the preview till I recognized mia goth, so glad she's in more movies!!

  • azeem
    azeem 6 days ago +2

    this is definitely gonna give me fucking jump scares and i'm looking forward to it. Amazing

  • dani has a lot to say

    jenna ortega is on her way to becoming a new hollywood starlet and i am so excited to see what's next for her. 2022 is her year.

    GBEATZ 2 days ago +1

    I love how everyone in the comments are praising a24 like their the ones who actually created the movie. I love a24 but give some credit to Ti West

  • Trouble in Woodsboro
    Trouble in Woodsboro 12 days ago +62

    I'll watch anything horror related that has Jenna Ortega in it. Brittany Snow and Mia Goth are great, too! And who else is completely impressed at how they NAILED The Texas Chain Saw Massacre atmosphere better than the actual Texas Chainsaw Massacre film coming out in February?

  • Flocks of Foxes
    Flocks of Foxes 6 days ago +1

    What a clever twist on the genre! Looks interesting.

  • Joey From Nowhere
    Joey From Nowhere 8 days ago +1

    Damn, that guy with the glasses and long hair looked familiar, it’s Owen Campbell! An up and coming actor who is very good. Everybody who’s a fan of A24 should go check out the movie “Super Dark Times” (2017) by Kevin Phillips. A24 fans will love it! It’s highly underrated and very reminiscent of Gus Van Sant films.
    Oh and super excited to see Ti West back in his groove :)

  • SunlitCougar
    SunlitCougar 20 hours ago +1

    After watching Lamb and being thoroughly disappointed among most other fans, I’m extremely skeptical of what A24 has to offer horror wise without Ari Aster directing.

  • Mimic
    Mimic 18 hours ago +1

    Well I'm seriously looking forward to this.

  • LongoTV
    LongoTV 5 days ago +1

    You can always count on A24 to deliver

  • Catswell the Cat
    Catswell the Cat 3 days ago

    This setup feels like it could easily be a comedy horror. Have no idea if it will be or not