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  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • Matty Boi
    Matty Boi 27 days ago +1870

    10:50 I've tried to accomplish what this man has but failed many many times. It pains me to know I have lost this battle.
    He is truly a mad lad. I salute you *salutes holding back tears*

    • Matty Boi
      Matty Boi 5 days ago

      People always come back for their money

    • Matty Boi
      Matty Boi 5 days ago

      @Kandidly Frank1 it's for little kids who wanna run away with the carts and never take em back

    • Kandidly Frank1
      Kandidly Frank1 5 days ago

      I still don't know what its there for please explain since you seem to know. :)

    • thebo22 ray
      thebo22 ray 19 days ago

      @octo star how???

    • Aaricia // zeepaarden
      Aaricia // zeepaarden 20 days ago

      @2EXTREME2008 Uhm, you don't have to be poor. Many to most supermarkets in Europe have this, even the 'richer' stores.

  • Mega Guan
    Mega Guan Hour ago

    I have never lose no not november

  • Caroline Vogel
    Caroline Vogel 11 hours ago

    Those "smilely faces" are the katakana charaters for tsu and shi depending on were the curved line is placed

  • Asaf Helvits
    Asaf Helvits 13 hours ago

    0:48 madlad wears UCP to School

  • Gabriel Aderre
    Gabriel Aderre 20 hours ago

    2:12 This parent is my new hero! And also, I need to call my older sister to see if this was her? Because it sounds about like her style! She doesn't punish by hitting her kids, grounding them to their rooms, or screaming at them. She is far more inventive than that! Fortunately my niece and nephews are, and have always been, very sweet, respectful, and actually cool kids. They're the rare type of children that make me question if I should have been a dad? Then my sanity returns, and I realize that I am far happier, less stressed, and all around better off being the awesome uncle and godfather. Between 2 nieces, 4 nephews, and over a dozen godchildren, I have been able to have all the awesome e parts of fatherhood, without the stress and responsibility of actually being a parent.

  • Gabriel Aderre
    Gabriel Aderre 22 hours ago

    1:10. I have a collapsing chair story too. Luckily I wasn't the one sitting in it! Fifteen years ago, I decided that I was already burned out on working as a hairstylist, about 2 years in to it. So, on a good friend's recommendation, I took a job at a call center. While I was in the 8 week training classes, I met a sweet, awkward girl that would become one of my best friends. She was a bit annoying at first, but she was so nice, and I could sense that she had no confidence, little self-esteem, and was likely mistreated and taken advantage of by her peers. She overheard me on the phone, during break one night, trying to find a ride home at 2 a.m., the time class ended, since my ride had left a message that he couldn't be there to pick me up. And I had already spent the money that I brought with me on lunch, snacks, soda, etc. And so Inwas broke until we got paid the next day. She offered me a ride home, and said that she would be my ride to and from work as long as we both worked there, of needed. Which really endeared her to me! So, I took her under my wing. I gave her a serious makeover, including a weekend of helping her shop for a new wardrobe, to match her new and improved image. Early in out friendship, I had called her just to chit chat on one of our days off. She was ranting about how bad her luck was, and was shocked that I had been slow to notice it.. During her rant, she screeched, dropped the phone, and unleashed a series of profanities that just warmed my little black heart. I asked her what had happened as soon as she was back on the phone... It turned out, that while she was ranting like a mad woman over get bad luck, the chair that she kept in her bedroom had broken, causing her to hit the floor, and bite her tongue on impact. I laughed my ass off, with her, until her tongue swollen enough to where she needed to get off the phone to get some ice water to sip. That much needed laugh sealed what became a beautiful friendship. And 15 years later, she still has enough consistent, minor bad luck and clumsy mishaps to keep me laughing. I have enough stories about our fun times to start my own story time channel! Maybe I will!!!

  • Blue Plays
    Blue Plays Day ago

    3:33 it says Still good friends- Always be loyal
    Then signed and dated

  • Antlolo 16
    Antlolo 16 2 days ago

    But was The Outsiders a good movie?

  • BT A
    BT A 2 days ago

    3:29 the second line under still and xxxx reads:
    Always be loyal

  • Darshan Carraway
    Darshan Carraway 3 days ago

    At 0:44 the person who stole the chair leg is in JROTC or ROTC

  • Scae On YT
    Scae On YT 3 days ago

    *inhales deeply*


  • lucas bebelușul
    lucas bebelușul 3 days ago

    the storytime litteraly happens to someone every week. no joke.

  • { Spruced }
    { Spruced } 4 days ago

    i remember one time in grade school a kid named sean did the ligma trick on me. i was stunned

  • A113
    A113 4 days ago

    I love your laugh. It’s so genuine.

  • Muralthrone 3498
    Muralthrone 3498 4 days ago

    Finally some one from michigan does something!

  • Adam Lopez
    Adam Lopez 5 days ago

    In the shopping cart, that is where you put the quarter(the black box looking thing) they took the quarter out of the cart and by the way that's how they prevent the shopping cart being stollen.

  • TheNeedyPenguin
    TheNeedyPenguin 5 days ago +1

    Damien: as the chair fell all the kids pointed and laughed
    Me in 7th grade: *falls*
    Every other kid: NO U

  • Kandidly Frank1
    Kandidly Frank1 5 days ago

    ooh we need those drink holders on the shopping carts! Us older folks take blood pressure medications and they make your mouth so dry you can't breathe and it makes you cough and gag so yeah a drink is a necessity when i go shopping or i might die. its hot in stores you're moving around a lot more than usual if you're disabled as i am gotta a have a drink or i will cough and cough and pee myself its really better that i have a drink for everyone's sake! hahahahahaha

  • Kandidly Frank1
    Kandidly Frank1 5 days ago

    it says 'always be loyal'

  • Zero Neverhope
    Zero Neverhope 5 days ago

    5:40 yea?

  • Bnzel
    Bnzel 5 days ago

    Piss my own pants

    What great wise words

  • Matt Petty
    Matt Petty 5 days ago

    Lol quoting cody ko. "Youre gonna leave me, WITHOUT ME? Babe noo youre so beautiful ah ah ah ah"

  • Violet Matthias
    Violet Matthias 6 days ago

    Do not EVER call them smiley faces...

  • KillerGypsyFish
    KillerGypsyFish 6 days ago

    4:25 What's Joe Jonas doing there?

  • Shadyz_FlipZie
    Shadyz_FlipZie 6 days ago

    I wonder What happens to ponyboy and all the other surviving greasers after

  • Gio Lacabe
    Gio Lacabe 6 days ago

    9:38 gottem

  • Alyssa is cool
    Alyssa is cool 6 days ago

    2:20 AGAIN!?!

  • pack leader
    pack leader 6 days ago

    11:58 i eat on the floor with pillows and a small table the fuckin Japanese way

  • Cookie_iz_glitching _

    I've always read r/MadlaNds instead of r/Madlads until just now CX

  • Lolatree 334
    Lolatree 334 6 days ago

    That last word in cursive is loyal!

  • MagicMint Monstrosity


  • JarOf Thoughts
    JarOf Thoughts 7 days ago

    8:32 I think the doctor you're referencing is Josef Mengele en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Mengele

  • Issac Adriano
    Issac Adriano 7 days ago +1

    I want a 2019 version of Romeo and Juliet..

  • kylelee1911
    kylelee1911 7 days ago

    9:14 just write glass on the map boom your done

  • Nick Helder
    Nick Helder 8 days ago

    "still good friends, always be loyal, Joe Biden" is what he wrote on the meme

  • random boi playz
    random boi playz 8 days ago


  • Alec Atlas
    Alec Atlas 8 days ago


  • Nick Zakrath
    Nick Zakrath 8 days ago

    4:52 He might be playing Minecraft Education Edition, which is free on the Windows Store and NOT blocked. My friends in high school do it all the time.

    SLAVIC LEMON 8 days ago

    I failed NNN

    And im 11...

  • Macie Schlegel
    Macie Schlegel 9 days ago

    The joe thing says: still good friends, always be loyal.

  • Waltonmg TV
    Waltonmg TV 9 days ago

    As a former 7th grader that watched the outsiders I approve of you calling it a good movie

  • Baloonboy 254
    Baloonboy 254 9 days ago

    Emkay 4:51 it's Minecraft 1.5.2

  • Universal
    Universal 9 days ago

    I just realized there are two dudes at Emkay... Opinion Zach

  • Scrooter
    Scrooter 9 days ago

    10:54 the mad lad moment is he rigged the carts where you put a quarter in the slot so nobody steals the cart

  • Randal Schattenfalke

    How come nobody noticed the jayne hat on the axe guy? (firefly)
    he`s the hero of Canton!

  • Lord Kermit
    Lord Kermit 10 days ago

    Pfff weakling, failed at 3:20. I ended my suffering at 1am nov 1

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin 10 days ago +2

    I failed No Nut November literally on the last day at like 11:00

  • ChasmaHyena
    ChasmaHyena 10 days ago

    10:57 They locked the trolley into itself, that's what's happening

  • AG Wolfie Nightcore
    AG Wolfie Nightcore 11 days ago

    ok so the "shopping cart cup Holder" thing is actually the chain that binds the carts together and so my and my lil bro used to do that and wrap the chain aroun the thingly like that... flash-player.net/video/A6ZrAp_G0Do/video.html

  • Becca Voss
    Becca Voss 11 days ago

    The battleaxe dude from Michigan, did noone else notice the Jayne hat?
    Of course a Browncoat did that, because he's not afraid of anything.

  • MrBunanaYT
    MrBunanaYT 11 days ago

    Battle axe

  • Aiden Walker
    Aiden Walker 12 days ago

    10:38 I haven’t used these in years and yet I still have my designated quarter

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito 12 days ago +1

    I once took a chair from school. I, in the middle of class was unscrewing the legs so i could take it out easier and SOMEHOW no one noticed

  • Alp Tuna Tuncer
    Alp Tuna Tuncer 12 days ago +4

    Emkay: When you turn 21...
    I'm sorry, is this some sort of american joke that I'm too european to understand?

  • Jayaratne Batepola
    Jayaratne Batepola 12 days ago

    My favorite one in this video is in 6:58 Chonkr

  • Red
    Red 12 days ago

    GOT OIL?
    red white and blue is comin for u


    On the one at 10:55, it is not supposed to do that, you must put in a quarter just to use the cart, like at Aldi's.

  • CatchyPompano 49
    CatchyPompano 49 13 days ago

    "Still good friends.
    Always be loyal.

  • Jillian Donoghue
    Jillian Donoghue 13 days ago

    Ah ha ha
    A ha ha
    Ah ha ha