Most Epic Music Ever: World Of Wonder

  • Published on Dec 30, 2015
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Comments • 112

  • Alex Lipa
    Alex Lipa 11 months ago

    Design of this body very similar to Crystal Bowie from Cobra.

  • The Dragon Era
    The Dragon Era 2 years ago

    I'm just going to switch this around and pretend it's Steve Rogers and what he felt like after the whole Captain America thing and when he was leading the plane into the ocean k thanks

  • Jay DiNitto
    Jay DiNitto 2 years ago

    Engineer from Prometheus + hair = this guy

  • Aria H
    Aria H 2 years ago +1

    I clicked on this video because I looked at my screen and was like, "Is that who I think it is?" And then I clicked on it and I was like, "GENOOOOS!!"

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral 2 years ago

    One punch!

  • thesoccergirl30
    thesoccergirl30 3 years ago

    I WANT SEASON 2!!!!

  • Lucifer Winchester
    Lucifer Winchester 3 years ago

    Genos is bae

  • preet sameer
    preet sameer 3 years ago

    The music is sooo good and so is the art!

  • Hakai no Megami
    Hakai no Megami 3 years ago


  • CaroGo
    CaroGo 3 years ago

    Okay, which idiot threw the toaster into the water?!

  • Drakon Orkan
    Drakon Orkan 3 years ago

    as complicated as One-Punch Man is, you gotta feel sorry for Genos. the guy looks like he lost more than his family.

  • Shaun Pipkin
    Shaun Pipkin 4 years ago


  • Asan Tika
    Asan Tika 4 years ago

    thank you for this amazing music :)

  • XRPotato
    XRPotato 4 years ago


  • Vlad Ivanovici
    Vlad Ivanovici 4 years ago

    If Genos and Aquaman had a son

  • when you forget to put the link in the description

    Genos, what are you doing in the water?

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray 4 years ago +1

    iTunes Exclusive Pre-Order now!

    • TurKRaPTv
      TurKRaPTv 4 years ago

      +Nick Murray can you share the NO VOCAL version? please i want to buy it for 50€ please please

  • Onur Ensar TURHAN
    Onur Ensar TURHAN 4 years ago

    ı need to really woman

  • O Buda ilumina toda a Terra!

    Gostei da música.

  • TheHappy_P0tat0
    TheHappy_P0tat0 4 years ago

    "What this world needs is not biased justice...but absolute unbiased evil!"

  • Valda
    Valda 4 years ago

    Genos + awesome music = more views and likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • CaptainJellyfishie
    CaptainJellyfishie 4 years ago

    genos clickbait lol
    good music tho

  • VermeilAnimation
    VermeilAnimation 4 years ago +8

    Admit it, you're here mostly because the background is Genos ?

  • Denta Kinayoman
    Denta Kinayoman 4 years ago

    please use Saitama for the pic next time :v

  • Nomyz Write
    Nomyz Write 4 years ago

    One Punch Man. Epic Anime :)

  • apocalyptic
    apocalyptic 4 years ago

    Nice video bro^^

  • Ashfalor
    Ashfalor 4 years ago

    Thought it was Genos.

  • Rommel235
    Rommel235 4 years ago +8

    The battle has ended
    the ships have sunk
    the wrecks have descended
    as I hold on to a chunk…
    when will they learn they cannot beat
    the king of the sea
    no matter how powerful the fleet?
    I only wish them to be free,
    Yet how many must I defeat,
    to make their cold heart beat?
    And stop their barbarous ways
    so this current sea of thunder
    will have brighter days.
    And become a world of wonder…
    an ode to a great bel esprit
    hope you come back from where you may be
    I can't get this poem to flow right...?
    yet I don't have another good line to add...

    • when you forget to put the link in the description
      when you forget to put the link in the description 4 years ago

      +Rommel235 Don't worry about the king of the sea... Mumen Rider, bicyclist for Justice is here!

    • Mangaficio
      Mangaficio 4 years ago +1

      Then Saitama beats The Sea King with one punch. Great Work anyway, sir!

    • Hanorbi Stories
      Hanorbi Stories 4 years ago

      +Rommel235 from lines 5 to 11, you kinda broke the rhyming structure you were going with. a good flow is created from following a structure and pacing your syllables.
      for example, you wrote:
      "when will they learn they cannot beat
      the king of the sea
      no matter how powerful the fleet?"

      "how powerful" adds three extra syllables that break the flow, and "beat" being only one does the same. here's my revision:
      "When will they learn that they cannot defeat
      the king of the sea,
      no matter the fleet?"

      the first line is ten syllables, and the second + third line are ten as well.
      keep workin' on it, though. good stuff

    • Rommel235
      Rommel235 4 years ago

      +Pearl Jii - well I do Thank you greatly for reading mine - I know there are many out there to choose from :)

    • Pearl Jii
      Pearl Jii 4 years ago +3

      +Rommel235 I am not strong at crafting poems but I enjoy reading them.

  • beerasaurus
    beerasaurus 4 years ago +1

    More Genos

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 4 years ago +14

    "Have you ever been in a World of Wonders?" asked Lilith
    "Yes." answered Jason.
    "How?" questioned Lilith. Her cat-like tail moves around.
    "Because we're living in one right now," answered Jason. Jason stands up and reaches out to the moon. "You should already know that."
    "But how?" asked Lilith. "How? How do I know that we live in one?"
    Jason looks at Lilith. Then looks back at the moon. "Look around you. Look at the moon," said Jason. "Isn't it beautiful?"
    "It is..." said Lilith.
    "You know what Wonder means right?" said Jason
    "Yes." responded Lilith.
    "Then look at the moon, look at the trees, the animals, everything." said Jason. "Everything is wonderful in its own way... That is my proof... That we live in a World Of Wonder..."

  • ILessThan3Trolling
    ILessThan3Trolling 4 years ago

    I expected to hear some One Punch, but I'm perfectly satisfied with this.

  • 2thomas k
    2thomas k 4 years ago +36

    who dropped genos in the water now we are going to have to put him in a bag of rice

    • Shinsha
      Shinsha 4 years ago +6

      He got rid of becoming modern art every time so he gave up and jumped into ocean

  • B0xfire
    B0xfire 4 years ago +2

    One Punch Man Season 2! Come on humanity, don't let me down!

    • Wolf Gang
      Wolf Gang 4 years ago

      Wait for the manga to get a little further. They've covered over half of the chapters in the manga, so give it a year or two.

  • Broken Heart Martinez
    Broken Heart Martinez 4 years ago


  • Logan the Krogan
    Logan the Krogan 4 years ago

    Let it be known that a couple years ago Aquaman got his cool back.

  • Mitchell Edwards
    Mitchell Edwards 4 years ago +6

    The female vocals are incredibly powerful and strong. Sounds like you can just ascend from listening to it. The image used is incredibly, amazing.
    Absolutely amazing, keep it up.

  • MrColted
    MrColted 4 years ago +83

    Saitama(serious face) : Genos
    Genos : Yes Sensei...
    Saitama : i want to tell you a secret...
    Genos : 'it cant he going to tell me the truth of how he got this powerful' ...*serious face*
    Saitama: this secret will probably end our daily normal lives...are you prepared to know
    Genos : *inhales deeply* Im ready!
    Saitama : ...the secret is...
    Genos : *stares*
    Saitama : ...the power...
    Genos : 'the power!!?? is he talking about his super power!!??'
    Saitama : the power...
    Genos : 'the power'
    Saitama : the power...

    is going to get cut off tomorrow until next week in the entire city...

    Genos : !!!!
    Saitama : so... i was hoping if you could let me stay on your place for the time being
    Genos : *silence* . . .
    Saitama : ...oi....Genos...

    • thesoccergirl30
      thesoccergirl30 3 years ago +1

      I can definitely see this happening in the anime xD

      M_MKULTRA 4 years ago +6

      I'm laughing bcus this is actually something saitama would do

    • MrColted
      MrColted 4 years ago

      +Yvonne Rose Castro haha thanks xD

    • Cy Vr
      Cy Vr 4 years ago +1

      +MrColted awesome XD

    • MrColted
      MrColted 4 years ago

      +Ani Sense haha Saitama is cool as fuq

  • PicklePack
    PicklePack 4 years ago

    Already have two Genos pictures, but no Saitama?
    C'mon dude.

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    That's Genos right ?

  • Randomness for the Love of Anime

    Always listening to all the music, absolutely amazing sounds.

  • Mykael Morais
    Mykael Morais 4 years ago

    genos full performance..

  • XXPeanutSoldier
    XXPeanutSoldier 4 years ago +20

    "I'm just someone who became a hero for fun."
    - Saitama

  • Verum117
    Verum117 4 years ago

    one punch man greatness boros vs saitama

  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention 4 years ago


  • Lee leen
    Lee leen 4 years ago

    Who came here because of Genos and one punch

  • Gabriel Serra
    Gabriel Serra 4 years ago +20

    And then, he said: "Hey, come here!"
    "Fuck off" she said.
    And they don't see each other, ever again.
    best epic narrative 2015, get over it.

    • Αngel PendragoΩ
      Αngel PendragoΩ 2 years ago

      Just came across this and it is so fitting right now, had to like it.

    • Mangaficio
      Mangaficio 4 years ago +1

      *crying* *sobbing*

    • ARandomGuy
      ARandomGuy 4 years ago +1

      +Gabriel Serra Truly, the most heart-wrenching narrative to date. It brings tears to my eyes.

  • DarkStride
    DarkStride 4 years ago

    correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that genos from one punch man?

    • DarkStride
      DarkStride 4 years ago

      +Siris Au Thx I thought so but I didn't want to look like an idiot.

    • Douglas
      Douglas 4 years ago

      Yup :)

  • Azn Invasion
    Azn Invasion 4 years ago +16

    One punch man season ended T-T

    • Drink More Water
      Drink More Water 4 years ago

      +Slikiboy oh man i finished the anime and then couldnt wait then finished the manga and then couldnt wait again and finished the im just sitting here in mcdonalds for their wifi for like 2 months waiting for the next chapter in the webcomic

    • Slikiboy
      Slikiboy 4 years ago

      +PRGaming yeah haha is that the really badly drawn Korean webcomic :) I read that too, love it. but that's also really slow :(

    • PRG
      PRG 4 years ago

      +Slikiboy Check out OnePunch Man-One, its the original and is farther ahead.

    • Slikiboy
      Slikiboy 4 years ago

      +Michael Lang It's gonna be a super long time till the next season lol. The manga comes out once a month and is really slow. Doubt there will be a new season unless they come up with the story on their own. :(

    • Michael Lang
      Michael Lang 4 years ago

      @Scott Macphail fingers crossed

  • Exaflare Bahamut
    Exaflare Bahamut 4 years ago +1

    More Genos pics in the future please

  • Javier García
    Javier García 4 years ago

    Where do u get that music? Is it made by you? Anyway, just awesome ^^

    • HDSounDI
      HDSounDI  4 years ago +1

      +Javier Garcia, All information in the video description. Music made by Nick Murray & Roger Shah.

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 4 years ago +67

    that is Genos right?

    • Blinks Seven
      Blinks Seven Year ago

      Still has all his arms, can't be.

    • Luniboon
      Luniboon 3 years ago

      Yes :D

    • Theo C
      Theo C 3 years ago

      +lone wolf I logged in just to like this.

    • Dreaming Heart
      Dreaming Heart 4 years ago

      +Dj Barrington genos from one punch man

    • Ice Neko
      Ice Neko 4 years ago

      +lone wolf who?

  • HDSounDI
    HDSounDI  4 years ago +105

    Hey everyone, this is my last upload of this year, see you all in 2016! =]

    • Ryan Biolsi
      Ryan Biolsi 4 years ago

      thank you for making this year a great one

    • m@X
      m@X 4 years ago

      +HDSounDI thank you!
      yeah see u in 2016!
      HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS !!!! 2016

    • tyler
      tyler 4 years ago

      +HDSounDI Have a great rest of your year! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2016. c:

    • FloynGaming
      FloynGaming 4 years ago

      +HDsoundI as usual, amazing. Finding this Flash-Player channel mid last year has made my car rides great and gaming majestic. prefer this kind of music over anything else I listen to now. thanks for great uploads this and look forward to next year. Thank you!

    • Death XIII
      Death XIII 4 years ago

      merry christmas