• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 7 080

  • Bruh Boi
    Bruh Boi 5 hours ago

    The Kid Is Like What's Going On The Whole Video😂😂😂😂😂

  • Witty Animates
    Witty Animates 12 hours ago

    You're welcome

  • Taralee W
    Taralee W Day ago

    Why does Flinn always look so dazed! hahah

    • Nicky Munoz
      Nicky Munoz 16 hours ago

      Taralee W cus he got molested by me

  • Nicola Main
    Nicola Main Day ago

    The motorway is so fancy

  • Ariella Singh
    Ariella Singh Day ago

    I know that place in New York

  • i Nicole
    i Nicole 2 days ago

    why aren't you going to the UK on the United Kingdom Edinburgh WAAA

  • Ice Wolf
    Ice Wolf 2 days ago +1

    Flinn:the camera is mine now

  • Rene James
    Rene James 3 days ago


  • daddy pig
    daddy pig 4 days ago

    1:06 just thought u needed to see that 🥺

  • Azarael Adams
    Azarael Adams 5 days ago


  • xiaoen weng
    xiaoen weng 5 days ago

    Ur baby’s like bigger than you!

  • Alex !
    Alex ! 5 days ago


  • Keaosha Terry
    Keaosha Terry 6 days ago +3

    I'm just like her because I don't exercise, and I eat junk food sum times

  • EnimaClox Gamer
    EnimaClox Gamer 6 days ago

    I’m just looking at Flynn in the whole video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christian Moodley
    Christian Moodley 7 days ago


  • Naya
    Naya 7 days ago +12

    I cannot even fathom how expensive this apartment was.

  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark 8 days ago

    Have you moved into New York permanently Colleen?

  • DanceIsMyJam 2007
    DanceIsMyJam 2007 9 days ago +4

    *Flynn Reaches For Camera*
    Colleen: *Relax*

  • LaurensDesigns
    LaurensDesigns 10 days ago

    Can you make a whole video making cookies and explaining why you make them everyday?

  • Stefan Spohn
    Stefan Spohn 10 days ago

    WOW I love your apartment!

  • Okie Dokie
    Okie Dokie 14 days ago

    She had to fast forward the walk down the hallway it's so long wow

  • Russell Clark
    Russell Clark 15 days ago

    Flynn being cute for a good 15 minutes

  • Chelsea Martinez
    Chelsea Martinez 18 days ago

    Hi cutie

  • courtney napoleon
    courtney napoleon 18 days ago

    Flynn is sooo cute😍😍😍😍😍

  • Manu MacDonald
    Manu MacDonald 18 days ago +1

    omg is your mum really called Gwendolyn . this is my mums profile but i am a Gwendolyn. i have never heard of another Gwendolyn in my life

  • Joanna Johnson
    Joanna Johnson 21 day ago

    GORGEOUS ❤❤💜💜

  • Joanna Johnson
    Joanna Johnson 21 day ago


  • Lillie Russo
    Lillie Russo 21 day ago +2

    coleen: all i eat are cookies, Hawaiian rolls, chewy bars, and spend no time in the gym
    me: eats one cookie and gains three pounds

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C 21 day ago

    I’m watching , I’m still watching lol

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C 21 day ago

    I just adore Colleen aka Miranda , she’s such a quirky personality, and yea she’s a bit weird lol but I love it . She’s awesome !!!!

  • ThatMovie Girl
    ThatMovie Girl 22 days ago +1

    Microwave:*opens weirdly*
    Me:witch craft

  • Christal Tucker
    Christal Tucker 22 days ago

    Ur apartment is huger than my house dang

  • Janay Green
    Janay Green 22 days ago

    Your baby is cute! And you are funny and so real lol. This is the only full apartment tour I have watched on Flash-Player ha ha

  • Shivonne Mckissie
    Shivonne Mckissie 23 days ago

    Your mom is amazing. lol, and Hawaiian rolls are awesome.

    ANGELINA RODRIGUEZ 23 days ago

    What part of New York do you live in

  • Starbucks Gacha
    Starbucks Gacha 23 days ago

    Flynn is bozz eyed like me!

  • Wash_ Gaming
    Wash_ Gaming 24 days ago +1

    This is how many time Coleen mom slide

  • Cheyenne Simpson
    Cheyenne Simpson 24 days ago

    why do you never go to Australia?

  • That’s gay but
    That’s gay but 24 days ago

    8:15 omgggg aweee

  • Dan M
    Dan M 24 days ago

    I live 30 minutes away 🤭

  • Sean Ellis
    Sean Ellis 25 days ago +1

    Your baby is the most adorable ever!!

  • Samantha Speakman
    Samantha Speakman 25 days ago

    Your baby is sooooo cute!!!!

  • Ruby Guidetti
    Ruby Guidetti 26 days ago

    dude ur got so far in ur life and i j wanted to say i been watching u since i was so little and now i’m almost 16. it’s amazing to c u grow. anyway keep doing u

  • Blaynie Bo
    Blaynie Bo 27 days ago

    Is she a stand up comedian? I don't know is she funny?

  • Kristy Gray
    Kristy Gray 27 days ago


  • tiny cc
    tiny cc 27 days ago +37

    I was showing my 1yr old baby sister this and she saw Flynn and KISSED THE SCREEN!!🤣🤣🤦

  • Shannon84
    Shannon84 28 days ago +26

    “Are you confused? Did you forget we were married?”
    Me to food

  • Lailah Browne
    Lailah Browne 28 days ago


  • Mao Lor
    Mao Lor 28 days ago

    I really like tours of bathroom

  • Jamie Nemtsev
    Jamie Nemtsev 28 days ago

    That is a big apartment

  • PiJu Chan
    PiJu Chan Month ago

    I want to see Flynn next

  • The Noisy Spectator
    The Noisy Spectator Month ago +1

    I've seen _houses_ that weren't as spacious as that apartment!

  • Bandit1000
    Bandit1000 Month ago

    1:48 is me trying to get shampoo in a towel

  • Rosalina Mangino
    Rosalina Mangino Month ago

    before you shove the cookies in yo mouth

  • Rapscallion
    Rapscallion Month ago +1

    So lipstick is the only thing you need to transform into your Miranda self? Amazing.

  • Katerina
    Katerina Month ago +8

    This baby mana duo talking is everything , I want a whole conversation with Flynn video

  • Katerina
    Katerina Month ago +4

    She needs to do an interview with a 2 year old I loved this video with a baby Mateo and replayed it a 100 times, love watching little bubu balls talking nonsense and being cute

  • beny4300
    beny4300 Month ago

    Now it makes sense why Miranda left home. The puzzle fits perfectly. P.s. if youre reading subscribe to me or ill always win you on fortnite

  • Paolo+Orange
    Paolo+Orange Month ago

    flynn! 😍💜

  • Chameleon Trio
    Chameleon Trio Month ago

    I love the subtitles