• Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • These clothes were... interesting. Where should I shop next?
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  • sharon james77
    sharon james77 5 hours ago

    I Mene Colleen

  • sharon james77
    sharon james77 5 hours ago


  • sharon james77
    sharon james77 5 hours ago

    You look amazing in all of those close no matter what you say and flyn 🤱 also you do have a cute but🍑 I looooooovvvvvve you so much you my role model 😍

  • MyLifeAs Sarah
    MyLifeAs Sarah 7 hours ago +1

    Plz do more of these they are one of the reason I subscribed and u love u

  • Pink Quartz
    Pink Quartz 9 hours ago

    I think that you look great in every one of the outfits

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson 11 hours ago

    She looks so gud in the zebra dress and stuff

  • Carolyn Downen
    Carolyn Downen 13 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Emma Mccray
    Emma Mccray 14 hours ago

    The shirt said forbee

  • Marianne Chandler
    Marianne Chandler 22 hours ago

    I were glasses

  • Sama Fadhil
    Sama Fadhil 2 days ago

    She did that in one day
    Not in one week

  • ladybug72607
    ladybug72607 2 days ago

    When Colleen looks cute in everything and you don’t

    • ladybug72607
      ladybug72607 2 days ago

      Sophia and Grace! :D I’m talking about me

    • Sophia and Grace! :D
      Sophia and Grace! :D 2 days ago

      That's mean...;( How do you know I don't look cute in things. ; (

  • Jake Briggs
    Jake Briggs 3 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • boston bartlett
    boston bartlett 3 days ago

    I love u and it

  • Kermit is NASTY !!,
    Kermit is NASTY !!, 3 days ago


  • Payton Hall
    Payton Hall 3 days ago

    Shirt says 14/16 it's not an age group it's AN ACTUAL SIZE

  • Adriyanna McGowan
    Adriyanna McGowan 3 days ago

    Do the forever 21 one again

  • Elizabeth Menacho
    Elizabeth Menacho 4 days ago

    Heyyyyy sksksksksksksksksksksksksksk AnD I OPP SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK

  • Lothamer Girls
    Lothamer Girls 4 days ago

    Loved the yellow top and leaf pants

  • monique woods
    monique woods 5 days ago

    U are so pretty

  • hoi :3
    hoi :3 5 days ago

    i think that you look great in hoops!

  • Ashley Shaw
    Ashley Shaw 5 days ago

    I like 2,3, and 5 best

  • Samantha Harris
    Samantha Harris 5 days ago

    you should do a $5 and under at Walmart

  • Grant Lowe
    Grant Lowe 5 days ago

    I wear glasses

  • Jennifer Dalessandro
    Jennifer Dalessandro 5 days ago +25

    This is how many times she said, This is too big.


  • Anna Murillo
    Anna Murillo 6 days ago

    I like the cheetah print outfit

  • Jana Ahmed
    Jana Ahmed 6 days ago

    The last one

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B 7 days ago

    Nice clothes!! 👠👠

  • Tianna Scoles
    Tianna Scoles 7 days ago

    Colleen what ever you like I like

  • Meghan Polereczki
    Meghan Polereczki 8 days ago

    Her in the zebra dress gives me a fran drescher vibe

  • Piper Coolidge
    Piper Coolidge 8 days ago

    4:40 well honey I think those shoes rock, and the ones after them

  • Emma Jewell
    Emma Jewell 12 days ago

    I have glasses!!!

  • Elissa walker
    Elissa walker 12 days ago

    Aww thx I wish I didn’t ware glasses can we trade

  • candaacceeful
    candaacceeful 12 days ago

    Anybody from 2019 and has anybody seen her baby

  • Tabatha Whitaker
    Tabatha Whitaker 12 days ago

    #6 is ok

  • Super push guy Moive and shorts

    U I have glasses :)

  • Majestic Unicorn
    Majestic Unicorn 14 days ago

    You’re hot it’s a huge fan

  • jess mccarthy
    jess mccarthy 14 days ago

    It says forever

  • Stella Godin
    Stella Godin 16 days ago

    Did any one know that colleen was pregnant in this video 😱😱

  • Shea Humbard
    Shea Humbard 17 days ago

    Pants are cute to

  • Shea Humbard
    Shea Humbard 17 days ago

    Those shirts are so cute

  • Pretty Much Parker
    Pretty Much Parker 19 days ago

    One time I found shoes for $10 at shoe carnival 😜

  • Amy Todd
    Amy Todd 20 days ago

    Anyone else think the red writing on the white top says ‘forget’?

  • Felix Adkins
    Felix Adkins 20 days ago

    I started watching her pregnancy videos and now I'm watching these dang she was on point she was a SKINNY MINI like anerexic skinny but all her body transform actions r pretty

  • Rae Marzilli
    Rae Marzilli 20 days ago

    she should use the zebra pants as miranda pants

  • Meagan Rodriguez
    Meagan Rodriguez 20 days ago

    I think the shirt says Sorbet haha

  • Rachel Shearon
    Rachel Shearon 21 day ago

    wow if only i could look that good in 5$ cloths

  • Sidahmedbilal Bilal
    Sidahmedbilal Bilal 23 days ago

    why does she say that she looks bad but everyone thinks she looks gorgeous

  • pineapples with Aleeyah

    Did she say the last outfit the pants make her look pregnant lol who's here after she got pregnant 😂

  • amy timms
    amy timms 24 days ago

    i love they white top pls keep it

  • amy timms
    amy timms 24 days ago


  • Lindsey Hickam
    Lindsey Hickam 25 days ago

    Anyone else notice that she was wearing the choker from the forever twenty one video

  • Mahogany K
    Mahogany K 25 days ago

    Colleen has the soul of a 17 year old😂
    Love her so much❤

  • Tayla
    Tayla 27 days ago

    Wear it to bed!

  • Elizabeth Gammon
    Elizabeth Gammon 27 days ago

    OMG She looks like Janice from friends in the zebra dress

  • sarah wizman
    sarah wizman 27 days ago

    omg coleen is soooo skinny

  • Raynabel
    Raynabel 29 days ago

    Btw the shirt with the red writing says forget in old English font... Your welcome

  • Mary Workman
    Mary Workman Month ago

    This video is about Colleen living the modern life as a 15-year-old

  • Makayla Ristow
    Makayla Ristow Month ago

    On the white crop top the writing says forget.
    Like if you agree

  • Maria Unicorn
    Maria Unicorn Month ago

    You look nice in the zebra pants!😘

  • Sugarcookie Studios

    7:24 she giving off some Murphy vibes with those glasses!
    (Stranger Things)