HIGHLIGHTS | Inter 1-2 Barça

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Highlights from Milan as Barça wrapped up their UEFA Champions League group phase with a win, youngsters Carles Perez and Ansu Fati earning their side the three points.
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Comments • 139

  • Ferdi Oppo
    Ferdi Oppo 5 hours ago

    a.fati 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Simone Ranieri
    Simone Ranieri 6 days ago

    Thanks Barcelona for beat this shit team. From Juventus fan ⚪⚫

  • principe solitario
    principe solitario 16 days ago

    Like se stai godendo ancora nel 2020!!

  • Jdaw Thu
    Jdaw Thu Month ago

    What fuck refareee

  • Izaque Rodrigues
    Izaque Rodrigues Month ago +1

    Valverde outt...

  • Melodica
    Melodica Month ago

    Ansu fati basically scored an inverted version of messi style goal 😎

  • Yordanus Alpedro
    Yordanus Alpedro Month ago

    Nice.good job

  • MrS7ONED
    MrS7ONED Month ago


  • Nephie Ngoy
    Nephie Ngoy Month ago

    Valverde out please

  • Hooman Bekhradi
    Hooman Bekhradi Month ago

    bart out ... valverde out ... laporta welcome ... game plan and beauty football welcome

  • HARİKA YouTube
    HARİKA YouTube Month ago

    Barcelona seni seviyorum ❤️ Love Barcelona ben türküm 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Barça Herb.
    Barça Herb. Month ago

    Visca El Barça 💙❤️👍😎

  • Abhishek Rijal
    Abhishek Rijal Month ago

    I hope next match highlight of Barcelona will come soon

  • Abhishek Rijal
    Abhishek Rijal Month ago

    Thank you so much for the highlight but if you can then put it soon again thank u

  • Niezwykły Kibic
    Niezwykły Kibic Month ago


  • Grand Mahin
    Grand Mahin Month ago

    We have to buy Lautaro Martínez

  • Rhyel Young Wab Maeck

    We need like this

  • Kc Aashish
    Kc Aashish Month ago

    But 90% was the highlight of intermilan..

  • Aravindhan Kp
    Aravindhan Kp Month ago

    Glory to la masia

    GOKS KUY Month ago

    Mau ngumpulin orang-orang yang ngga bisa nonton live karena ngantuk banget malam itu.

  • Vic Williams
    Vic Williams Month ago +1

    *Yall update highlights all late*

  • Lwazi Luvuyo
    Lwazi Luvuyo Month ago

    Highlights too short

  • King Shaq 441
    King Shaq 441 Month ago

    This Barca side plays pretty good

  • legendary sanin
    legendary sanin Month ago

    Ansu Fati Carles Perez Todibo💥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥🔥💝😍😍

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez Month ago

    Que le grito Suarez a Carles perez

  • 000000
    000000 Month ago

    The victory of a long-term project over mere money. Congratulations by an Inter fan.

  • Adarsh S V
    Adarsh S V Month ago

    inter is not a good team.. waiting for liverpool and bayern

  • Haidar Ali
    Haidar Ali Month ago

    Visca barsa

  • English for FOOTBALL FANS

    Barca are getting stronger every week. (Learn English football vocabulary on my channel - a new video every week.)

  • Jhon San Mar
    Jhon San Mar Month ago

    barcelona sin messi solo sera un equipo mas...

  • Yann Ouedraogo
    Yann Ouedraogo Month ago


  • Noely Troncoso
    Noely Troncoso Month ago

    Muy buen partido de los suplentes , tienen que darle más minutos . Me encanto 💪🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵😍

  • Kevin Zaka
    Kevin Zaka Month ago +1

    Neymar come back to Barcelona MSM pleaseeee

  • IT'S JUST Pedrix_Ale04_ YT CHANNEL


  • قناة ابراهيم سالم

    lio messi """""""""";;;;;;;;;;;""""""""",,,,,,,,,""":⚽👑

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed Month ago

    Lenglet needs to do better and learn man marking, he should of picked up on Lukaku but he was only focused on Martinez when two other defenders were already on him, smh

  • عطر الياسمين

    Messi ♡♡♡♡

  • wahaaj Tariq
    wahaaj Tariq Month ago

    Make every barca match highlight

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed Month ago

    The combination play and shot from Ansu Fati was just amazing, this kid is the future of Barça's attack 😃🔵🔴

  • Dimag 50
    Dimag 50 Month ago

    Subscribe May please! That’s you

  • Kuldeep Rathore
    Kuldeep Rathore Month ago +9

    Lautaro Martinez is 💥💥🔥🔥🔥

  • riaz Khan
    riaz Khan Month ago

    That was a Messi style!))

  • Rezahrect
    Rezahrect Month ago

    start doing these highlight videos more often but sooner tho. match happened days ago lol

  • Abdurrahman Irhuma
    Abdurrahman Irhuma Month ago +15

    Ansu Fati will become a legend in the future!!

  • Abdurrahman Irhuma
    Abdurrahman Irhuma Month ago +8

    ¡Ansu Fati se convertirá en una leyenda en el futuro!

    SUPER LABINE Month ago +1

    why is this lame commentator not fired yet?

  • Rocky Rocky
    Rocky Rocky Month ago

    Barcelona future is going to be 'I'm the man for Barca be like'. Suarez set Ansu Fati and he did not even acknowledge, is this the great Barca future player?

  • malti2301
    malti2301 Month ago

    Who the fuck is this commentator?

  • Dhacdooyin
    Dhacdooyin Month ago

    Ansu Fati is a new Neymar

  • musmus musmus
    musmus musmus Month ago


  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza Month ago +38


    • Pulkit kumar dubey
      Pulkit kumar dubey Month ago +1

      Messi wasn't even playing in this game

    • Tim Dev
      Tim Dev Month ago +1

      No thats just the teams mentality at play. Last time I checked the players threw the game against Roma and Liverpool, not VAlverde.

  • Hernan Rodriguez
    Hernan Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Lautaro to Barcelona please.

  • GHF Gamez
    GHF Gamez Month ago

    Sub to opharry yt plsss

  • Arman J
    Arman J Month ago +1

    Barc fan from Somalia..I love you All..Barca fans..

  • Gîndea Cristian
    Gîndea Cristian Month ago

    I hate this commentator and his voice, exclamations, all
    Why can't they bring a normal commentator?

    • aadithya c
      aadithya c Month ago

      I was waiting for some one to point that out in the comments. 😂

  • GX Batlebee
    GX Batlebee Month ago +1

    Ansu fati enter

  • 1.000 subs with one Video?

    Ansu Fati🤗

  • Ronald Benitez
    Ronald Benitez Month ago

    Faltan 6 días para el súper concierto futbolístico navideño blaugrana!!!!!
    Será una orquesta con notas musicales agradables!!!🎹🎼🎶🎵🎼🎷🎻🤗🎶🎹🎼🎹🎶🎼🎼🎼🎹🎶🎶

  • tempe bachem
    tempe bachem Month ago

    Lemot lu bangke jancok

    • kukuk kikuk
      kukuk kikuk Month ago

      Youre languange like indonesian people, fuck youre people !

  • Bahamutus
    Bahamutus Month ago

    De Zhooong lol