Cats: COOL MOM with Jinkx Monsoon S2 E20

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Cool Mom Jinkx Monsoon and Kamikaze share their experiences owning a cat together!
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Comments • 102

  • Kyla Fallon
    Kyla Fallon 14 hours ago

    Thai is so depressing

  • Michelley X
    Michelley X 12 days ago

    Cats are the best. 💖

  • Olga Wieszczyk
    Olga Wieszczyk 15 days ago

    Jinx kinda reminds me of Peewee Herman with her talk and giggles but obviously plenty less dumb.

  • William Rosario
    William Rosario 16 days ago +1

    Bruh the title should be changed to PTSD 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Onken
    Alex Onken 16 days ago

    Honestly? This is the best episode of Cool Mom.

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 17 days ago

    That top Kami is wearing is exquisite!!

  • Daniel Percival
    Daniel Percival 17 days ago

    Pipe down K and don’t back chat to your mom 😂😜

    • Daniel Percival
      Daniel Percival 17 days ago

      💓 💓 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Karenina Kahler
    Karenina Kahler 18 days ago +2

    This dramatic retelling of our favorite queen vibes with a plethora of feminine, witchy energy and can only be described as an epic journey through trauma.
    This explains so much 😂😭😣😂

  • Carlina Rivera
    Carlina Rivera 19 days ago +1

    Oh my this episode is everything to this Mom....

  • maximas
    maximas 20 days ago

    Who’s he?

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez 22 days ago

    Cool Mom is such a delight!

  • Kristiina Kemppainen
    Kristiina Kemppainen 23 days ago

    Jinxk looks so gooooood

  • Krattk9s
    Krattk9s 24 days ago +2

    Cats can get pregnant at 4 months old & have 3 litters a year. 1 cat can turn into 100 easily. Either adopt a cat from a shelter that spays before adoption or spay yours before they turn 4 months old. Cats can’t add or subtract, but they sure do multiply.

  • Astro Boy
    Astro Boy 24 days ago +1

    Why do I feel like we're watching Jinkx slowly falling into madness lmao

  • C. Pies
    C. Pies 24 days ago +1

    Jinkx is one of those drunk moms that keep talking and wont let go of your hand.

  • Notorious Triggerella
    Notorious Triggerella 24 days ago

    Ugh Jinx is such a goddamn babe 😍

  • Malcolm Masten
    Malcolm Masten 24 days ago

    Jinx is looking like a snack

  • Wilma FistFit
    Wilma FistFit 25 days ago

    It’s so weird that he’s fucked his mom 🤣

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega 25 days ago +17

    Why does mother monsoon let her son dress up like Hugh Hefner?

  • Derek Aitken
    Derek Aitken 25 days ago +6

    Jinkx's traumatic life stories have me in stitches

  • Nicholas Whitman
    Nicholas Whitman 25 days ago

    if we knew the Meowfia existed, they wouldnt be very good at their jobs though

  • No Need
    No Need 25 days ago +11

    Black cats are literally the best.
    The. Best.

  • Sylvia S
    Sylvia S 25 days ago +2

    Jinkxx needs to do a series reading childhood fairy tales to us and give her take on them. I'd listen like a clueless four year old.🙄

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 25 days ago

    Alaska was robbed

  • Geovanni Gonzalez Art
    Geovanni Gonzalez Art 25 days ago


  • Jade Rose
    Jade Rose 25 days ago +1

    Actually i trained my cats, and cats actually will only eat you if REALLY hungry because they dont think youre good enough to eat
    Dogs only eat you because they will nip at your face to try and wake you up and by accident, end up biting too hard and tasting blood. Then their animal instincts kick in

  • Liz Que
    Liz Que 25 days ago

    Whoa! I can’t stop staring at those thighs! HOT HOT HOT! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rollininstyle
    Rollininstyle 25 days ago +1

    So he tried to kill us...

  • Iam Joergen
    Iam Joergen 25 days ago +6

    I can't wait for the time to just laugh to all my Traumatic experience...

    • Sea Bro
      Sea Bro 10 days ago

      Iam Joergen it starts between ages 26 - 29 (speaking from experience)

  • Toxxxiana
    Toxxxiana 25 days ago


  • Drewsean28
    Drewsean28 25 days ago +1

    Why isn't Netflix offering a season of this!

  • allison simons
    allison simons 25 days ago +1

    Okay Jinkx with that snatched witches body! Kami looking handsome per usual

  • RedheadL
    RedheadL 25 days ago +1

    I was going to send this to my own Cool Mom, but it's so sad! The other parts were hilarious, as usual, though.

  • Carly Anne
    Carly Anne 25 days ago +35

    This episode should be titled childhood trauma: COOL MOM with jink monsoon

  • michael gumba
    michael gumba 25 days ago

    I’m getting Cat in the Hat vibes from Jinx in the beginning😂😂😂😂

  • Rach Everday
    Rach Everday 25 days ago

    A full bowl left unattended? With a mouse problem? Come on, Mom

  • Hey, I totally agree with you

    That was horrible 🥺

  • Tevin
    Tevin 26 days ago +7

    JInxy dived deep this cool mom lmaoooooooo

  • Alvaro Agreda
    Alvaro Agreda 26 days ago

  • Nick Eisenhauer
    Nick Eisenhauer 26 days ago +17

    13 cats? Explains why Jinkx relates so much to Grey Gardens.

  • Cutelatinguy2
    Cutelatinguy2 26 days ago +1

    COOL MOM!!

  • Kaitlyn Blount
    Kaitlyn Blount 26 days ago

    Jinkx just laughing about the cat choking omg.

  • Kaitlyn Blount
    Kaitlyn Blount 26 days ago +60

    "It's funny how funny it is to me!
    Anyway he tried to burn our house down.."

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 26 days ago +1

    Best episode ever

  • Juan Santo
    Juan Santo 26 days ago +11

    Jesus wtf, we were supposed to hear about Jinkx's kitty, not her cooch, and insteas we find out she was almost murdered by her mothers fiance in an attempt at arson

  • ThreecheersG
    ThreecheersG 26 days ago +1

    i hate cats

  • D
    D 26 days ago +14

    Jinxyyy-poo this has to the funniest and most real episode I’ve seen so far. Lol both stories made me almost choke ( kinda like the cat in your story ), but fortunately it was out of laughter. Too fucking hilarious and I love you both.

  • Brayden Goebel
    Brayden Goebel 26 days ago +1

    cat mafia lmaoooo

  • Insane Sanity
    Insane Sanity 26 days ago +4

    I also had LOTS of cats as a kid because my parents never got the mom cat fixed so she had like 7 litters. For the longest time I thought we found homes for all of them but a couple years ago I found out my dad and uncle killed them all. Have a nice day.

  • Granny M
    Granny M 26 days ago +7

    Well this took an oddly dark (but funny) turn. 😳

  • Jay
    Jay 26 days ago +6

    My favourite Swamp Witch... Love her!

    FRNZI5KO 26 days ago

    Damn jinx u turning to Eureka

  • Desencarne
    Desencarne 26 days ago

    Sexiest MILF ever

  • Rain
    Rain 26 days ago +7

    wow that ended very depressingly...(why does that not sound like a word?)

  • Joseph Fernandes Jr
    Joseph Fernandes Jr 26 days ago +6

    Omg I havent laughed so hard in a while 😂

  • turtlegeneral
    turtlegeneral 26 days ago

    my cat killed my hamster too 😭😭

  • Karolin S
    Karolin S 26 days ago +22

    This is my theory on cats; they're a gift to the Egyptians from aliens because they built the pyramids for them 👽😻

  • Ben Cohen
    Ben Cohen 26 days ago

    Cats definitely give a shit. They just don't want you to know it.

  • Karolin S
    Karolin S 26 days ago +1

    I have two cats and one of them is 13 weeks young and the cutest, most annoying little fucker, and we love each other 💕 I have a dog as well, a french bulldog, and ice had 3 rats and 2 snakes as well. I love animals.

  • infinitelemniscata
    infinitelemniscata 26 days ago +5

    I have 16 cats...and yes, I am a witch!

    • infinitelemniscata
      infinitelemniscata 26 days ago

      @Karolin S we are such proud cat mommies! One of my girls name is Luna, moon in spanish! She has beautiful light blue eyes...

    • Karolin S
      Karolin S 26 days ago

      @infinitelemniscata they're so unbelievably cute, I call them Pokemons because of that, they are magical creatures. I can just watch my little one (her name is MÃ¥ne, which means Moon in Swedish) sleep for the longest time, watch her little paws twitch when she dreams, amazing. And yes, once they trust you, you got a companion for life, they let you be their whole world and that's a beautiful thing to get from someone.

    • infinitelemniscata
      infinitelemniscata 26 days ago

      Thank you!

    • infinitelemniscata
      infinitelemniscata 26 days ago

      @Karolin S that's what is fascinating about cats...they don't like people just because...they have that supernatural power of reading people. If your cats love you (any of us cat parents) is the best and truest love in the world. I became a cat mom -again, 3 weeks ago- and I'm in love with my baby!

    • Karolin S
      Karolin S 26 days ago +1

      Im a witch too and I'm positive my 2 cat friends keeps negative energy away from our home, they're awesome. Though one of them is only 13 weeks and can be a really annoying little shit sometimes, lol, she's still my best little homegirl though, when you're that tiny I guess you have to be really stubborn (especially when it comes to food) and meow really loud (also when it comes to food, and scritches) to make sure you survive :) Love that you have 16 cats, you're a cool witch :)