Meanwhile... Alcoholic Tide Pods Are The Best Way To Drink Scotch

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Meanwhile... Do you like alcohol but worry that simply drinking it doesn't look stupid enough? Stephen Colbert has the answer! #Colbert #LSSC #Meanwhile
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Comments • 884

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 7 days ago

    IDK if it's just me, but I love Meanwhile, because all the big stories are trump, and honestly, I'm just burned out. This segment is fairly safe, and I need my Colbert fix.

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 16 days ago

    If you know how to eat and drink properly, you are not eating that much plastic.

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 16 days ago

    I still have yet to find out who came up with the "meanwhile" vs "meanwhile, in," first. TYTs'' John Iadarola, or Colbert!

  • Abrahim Javed
    Abrahim Javed 20 days ago +1

    You haven't had a mindfuck until you see all the Redbox in your neighborhood turn blue

  • Krystal Correal-Tippie

    I’ll try those pods lol 😂

  • Lisa Gulick
    Lisa Gulick 22 days ago

    Seaweed-covered whiskey?! Have the Scots gone nuts?

  • Rex Tillerson
    Rex Tillerson 22 days ago

    How can Colbert grandstand for the Irish then use his platform to push scotch.... Poor form

  • Marsh Wetland
    Marsh Wetland 22 days ago

    Damn, the shitty coffee shop presented me with such a teabag and I asked them if it was plastic, cuz sure looks like it. Girl shrugged and said she thought they were biodegradable. I didn't really believe her. Disgusting. Waves Coffee in BC.

  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon 23 days ago

    I know I probably say this too much but does anyone else also think the intro to this segment is too long??? Just me?

  • Graham Webster
    Graham Webster 24 days ago

    At 3:50, SC should have quietly reached down and popped a Glenlivet tide pod in his mouth instead of taking a drink from a cup.

  • Erin Mastrantonio
    Erin Mastrantonio 24 days ago +3

    Stephen: "It never fails! Don't know why."
    Stephen: "Meanwhile... "
    Every female viewer:

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 24 days ago

    Black people soon catch on. To the boof ball.

  • Sanzu River
    Sanzu River 26 days ago

    Any excuses to have a gathering before the baby takes over your life basically...

  • Anthony Starfield
    Anthony Starfield 27 days ago

    I had to look up the definition of boofed.
    Eeeuuuwww, that is disgusting!

  • Michael Kaszynski
    Michael Kaszynski 27 days ago

    Wow! Maybe start selling vodka soaked tampons at Jewel?

  • lurvecrusader
    lurvecrusader 27 days ago

    Stephen we need u back!!! Did u see the moronic letter trump sent to erogan ??

  • Jopper Mijnlieff
    Jopper Mijnlieff 28 days ago

    you said it never fails and you dont know why let me reveal why the awnser is tomska people are hoping we are in a paralel universe when u say meanwhile

  • AmeriCorp LLC
    AmeriCorp LLC 28 days ago

    Mean while, Steve is out of touch and joining Ellen with her fancy friends, iPhone 11, and King James. Fucking sellout.

  • Joel Shupp
    Joel Shupp 28 days ago

    Oscar the grouch drives those trashcan

  • V. Scott
    V. Scott 28 days ago

    2:06 is that the look they went with.

  • viddork
    viddork 28 days ago

    Only in America: automating a container already on wheels to move itself a whole six feet.
    Next, it will be grocery store shopping carts that follow you around to save you the arduous task of pushing them.
    Actually, that might not be such a bad idea: they could be used to test the algorithms being used for self-driving cars.

  • Cameron Schaffer
    Cameron Schaffer 29 days ago

    The last joke was so stupid that I had to like the video

  • Max Ramos
    Max Ramos 29 days ago

    that self driving trash is totally a white person's idea

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 29 days ago

    Plastic teabag?!? WHY?!? 🤢

  • *Uptown*
    *Uptown* 29 days ago

    These gender reveals truly need to end. It’s not important enough, people. Just stop.

  • J H
    J H 29 days ago

    they should do these pods for water

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 29 days ago

    Was Stephen ever funny?

  • universe aceves
    universe aceves 29 days ago


  • Serena Zhang
    Serena Zhang Month ago

    Is it just me or do booze pod and auto trash cans actually seem great?

  • Bad Idea Man
    Bad Idea Man Month ago

    I'd take "We have no meats" as a slogan for a lab grown meat campaign, *thats ones free arby's*

  • Maryth R
    Maryth R Month ago

    Before watching the video, I thought those pods were like a type of flavored liquor concoction that you could simply add to a glass with vodka and ice to make one of those fancy drinks that many people like XD. Never imagined that it was something to put DIRECTLY INTO your mouth XD.

  • Tracy
    Tracy Month ago

    Rofl! "Ubers!" 🤣🤣

  • Sekusamu
    Sekusamu Month ago

    I know it doesn't help the joke, but they should have mentioned that the study took place at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada.

  • Tyler Tichoc
    Tyler Tichoc Month ago

    Oh my God, I want to see a raccoon ride one of those automated trash cans. That's so adorable!😁🦝

  • nothing
    nothing Month ago

    I’d swallow those whole

  • Jason Firewalker
    Jason Firewalker Month ago

    I love everything about these clips but the music at the end. Real turn off.

  • jpdemer5
    jpdemer5 Month ago

    Why sip your drink when you can slug it all at once?
    These pods only make sense if you're knocking back Thunderbird or Night Train Express.

  • remcat
    remcat Month ago

    Or as raccoons call them, Ubers. That was cute.

  • Anna Palmer
    Anna Palmer Month ago

    The drinks in seaweed pods is actually an invention created to help patients with dementia be able to get their daily nutrition. Mostly for people who don’t remember how to use straws or chew.

  • Jasmine Starcher
    Jasmine Starcher Month ago +7

    Parents: and the baby's gender is:
    Non cis baby: pbbbttt

  • Craig G
    Craig G Month ago

    "Officer,I only had two pods "

  • fantasticmio
    fantasticmio Month ago

    We call them "gender reveal parties" but they are actually just using a fun way to show an arbitrary colour to tell friends and family what kind of genitals your baby will have.

  • Elizavette Salazar
    Elizavette Salazar Month ago

    More like Uber eats for raccoons automatic with trash can....deliver to nearness corners to you.

  • Jefry Gutiérrez Matías

    Now we can make an alcohol salad with te whiskey tide pod

  • Joseph Godfrey
    Joseph Godfrey Month ago +1

    I'm curious if the raccoons in my neck-o-the-woods will FREAK THE "F" OUT or just enjoy their Uber robot...

  • Char Wright
    Char Wright Month ago +1

    I gotta say that lady in red is a genuine sprinter--form on point 🤣

  • Menno Berga
    Menno Berga Month ago

    Make fun of the alcohol pods all you want, at least you can't be roofied anymore

  • J Paterson
    J Paterson Month ago +19

    I really lost it with the “What’s in Your Colon? Capital One”.

  • S Venter
    S Venter Month ago

    Oh ffs just tell people what gender your kid is!

  • James Oxford
    James Oxford Month ago +40

    This is why Aliens don't talk to us.

  • Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Stewart Month ago

    Plastic tea bags? Those sound awful, even just in theory..

  • Mausemädchen Mi
    Mausemädchen Mi Month ago

    Those pads seem like a catastrophe waiting to happen. Ever bitten in a tomato and sprayed its innards all over?

  • Katie Arbuckle
    Katie Arbuckle Month ago

    Oh what a perfect way to make a Alcoholic Popsicle...hey the Tide Pod joke was getting over done...SO OTTERPOPS suddenly came to me.

  • Drackar
    Drackar Month ago

    Come now. It's Uber Eats.

  • Loki's Buddy
    Loki's Buddy Month ago

    Self driving garbage cans?!! Gee - and I thought the next door neighbor getting in their car and with one hand taking the garbage can less than 100 feet to the curb was lazy (rolling eyes)

  • rubert134
    rubert134 Month ago +11

    You've heard of liver pills. Now there are anti-liver pills.

  • Sam Day
    Sam Day Month ago

    We’re shamed from drinking from brown paper bags but encouraged to swallow seaweed bags?

  • CLureCo
    CLureCo Month ago +1

    "Prison wallet" ffs......

  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches Month ago +2

    How to Trick your body into getting Alcohol Poisoning swallow it whole .. this should be made illegal Immediately.

  • Josh B'Gosh Reeder
    Josh B'Gosh Reeder Month ago

    It's not delivery, it's digiorno. ...but it's delivery.