YouTubers React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Flash-Playerrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van, Jennelle Eliana. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Van Tour
    How I Shower Living In A Van
    Why Do I live In A van
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    Reactors Featured:
    Jenelle Eliana
    Jordan Maron
    Daisy Marquez
    Tiffany Herrera
    Veronica & Vanessa Merrell
    Molly Burke
    SungWon Cho
    Sam & Colby
    Ian Hecox & Noah Grossman
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    Flash-Playerrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)
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  • FBE
    FBE  9 days ago +754

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  • Itz
    Itz 43 minutes ago +1

    No one gonna notice how she used a handicapped shower- ight then

  • Angel France
    Angel France 2 hours ago +12

    Wait, did Molly Burke just said she have not watched the video? I thought she's blind? It would not be a problem if she just stopped on "I have heard of her" but continues on "but I have not watched the video". I am just very confused🤨

    • Suzanne White
      Suzanne White 51 minute ago +3

      She has Retinitis Pigmentosa so she I see a little bit.

    • vrosemi
      vrosemi Hour ago +1

      Angel France this is a dumb question

  • Gacha_ _Pineapple
    Gacha_ _Pineapple 2 hours ago +3

    Anyone can live in a van?
    And what’s with everyone naming their pets Alfredo?

  • Twirl Star
    Twirl Star 3 hours ago +2

    Yes jenelle!!!!!

  • Bitch the fuxk
    Bitch the fuxk 3 hours ago +11

    0:54 ....never mind

  • Taryn Thorne
    Taryn Thorne 5 hours ago +11

    awwww sam and colby

  • Cheyenne Raney
    Cheyenne Raney 5 hours ago +21

    He’s got really hateful since the end of Smosh....

  • Taleah Skinner
    Taleah Skinner 7 hours ago +30

    Isn't molly blind???

    • Ciara Downey Jr
      Ciara Downey Jr 3 hours ago

      Katelyn Frafjord no she can see light so the screen shows for her

    • Katelyn Frafjord
      Katelyn Frafjord 6 hours ago +1

      Yeah she’s just listening

    • Yvonna 나나
      Yvonna 나나 6 hours ago +4

      She said that in the video. Pretty sure she’s just listening

  • Kiara Castro
    Kiara Castro 7 hours ago +10

    I was a van life subscriber since the first video🤗❤️

  • julia catherine
    julia catherine 7 hours ago +18

    Literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of people live in vans. Idk why they ONLY featured her. Kind of defeats an entire other side and reasoning of why people do it

    • Sienna
      Sienna 4 hours ago +2

      julia catherine because she has gone viral.

  • Katherine Velasquez
    Katherine Velasquez 7 hours ago +25

    “Is molly really blind?” Conspiracy theory

  • Kristoffer Craig
    Kristoffer Craig 8 hours ago +15

    Huh?? There are a bunch of Van living Flash-Playerrs and this is the only Flash-Playerr who does this get featured?
    B R U H this is so unfair
    Not only that, the other Van Living Flash-Playerrs make the Van room themselves.

    • Izzy Woods
      Izzy Woods 30 minutes ago +1

      FBE makes videos on popular things. Its the point of their channel

    • demy
      demy 3 hours ago +2

      Kristoffer Craig do u live in a van kris? are you upset because you’re not featured, kris?

    • Ciara Downey Jr
      Ciara Downey Jr 3 hours ago +1

      She made it herself as well.

    • Sienna
      Sienna 4 hours ago +6

      Kristoffer Craig lol why u gotta be so negative? she gets featured because she got lucky and went viral... she has also renovated her van herself

  • ur mad cuz im thicc
    ur mad cuz im thicc 8 hours ago +2

    Lmao after i watched her video

  • Hyo Hyo Hyo
    Hyo Hyo Hyo 8 hours ago +20

    She reminds me of Liza koshy

  • Em Inem
    Em Inem 9 hours ago +13

    I wanna be a van person omg..

  • Weri Khutso
    Weri Khutso 9 hours ago +21

    Is molly really blind??

    • stickee fingaz
      stickee fingaz 12 minutes ago

      @Bxddie Evangeline isn't that just legally blind?

    • Weri Khutso
      Weri Khutso 2 hours ago

      @Bxddie Evangeline is that so?

    • Weri Khutso
      Weri Khutso 2 hours ago

      @Hyo Hyo Hyo ohh

    • Bxddie Evangeline
      Bxddie Evangeline 7 hours ago +4

      Blind people don’t just see pitch black y’know, they can see some figures

  • Simply Miranda
    Simply Miranda 9 hours ago +4


  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 9 hours ago +8

    She's strange if she thinks a bug is worse than a snake...

    • Gabbie
      Gabbie 5 hours ago +3

      Nostalgia Why? I have a phobia of bugs and I love snakes

  • No-ble PC
    No-ble PC 9 hours ago +9

    She gained 1 million subs in 2 weeks and 1.7 million in 1 month

  • smugsè ___
    smugsè ___ 9 hours ago +8

    Have u guys met joana!!!!!????????

  • XvK3r1oN J
    XvK3r1oN J 9 hours ago +26

    70% - aBoUt wHo cLicKed fOr cOlby aNd sAm👁👄👁
    25% - about molly being blind
    5%- about the video

  • Jesus is Watching
    Jesus is Watching 10 hours ago +31

    isn’t molly blind?

    • Izzy Woods
      Izzy Woods 28 minutes ago

      Yes, she said so in the video. Christ

    • Gina Rodriguez
      Gina Rodriguez 4 hours ago

      Mali Barrera then y is she looking at the laptop

    • Mali Barrera
      Mali Barrera 9 hours ago +7

      She still can hear. So your point?

  • Hey It's Taylor Jade
    Hey It's Taylor Jade 10 hours ago +25

    Sam and colbyyyy

  • Tamia Murphy
    Tamia Murphy 11 hours ago +33

    Lmao so are they jealous or are they jealous?

    • Izzy Woods
      Izzy Woods 28 minutes ago

      Tamia Murphy they hating SO hard

  • KrystalLovesYah Forever!!
    KrystalLovesYah Forever!! 11 hours ago +32

    How does Molly watches video?!?!?

    • k
      k 8 hours ago

      She can still hear...

    • Delihlah
      Delihlah 8 hours ago +2

      She's blind, not deaf

    • Emily M
      Emily M 9 hours ago +5

      I think you guys forgot that she can still hear what is going on

    • niesha cross
      niesha cross 11 hours ago +3

      EXACTLY 🤦

  • Emily M
    Emily M 11 hours ago +6

    I didn’t know Matt was an anime fan.

  • Mia P
    Mia P 11 hours ago +21


  • Penguinnys !
    Penguinnys ! 11 hours ago +23

    And Sam and Colby!

  • Trany Mabirizi
    Trany Mabirizi 11 hours ago +26

    Elaina: *afraid of bugs but not snakes*
    Eliana: they are 2 different things. Alfredo is adorable and bugs are from hell.
    God: pretty sure the Serpent deceived Adam and eve.
    Eliana: 😑😑😑😑
    Satan: ........
    Satan: she should read the bible alittle more.

    • cold chizz
      cold chizz 10 hours ago

      Trany Mabirizi ....slow claps?👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Army x BTS
    Army x BTS 12 hours ago +18

    She is literally a queen she my new favorite youtuber 💜💜😂💜

  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie 12 hours ago +48

    Why are most of these youtubers being so rude?! Anyone else notice? 🙄

    • Jia Park
      Jia Park 11 hours ago +10

      Jealousy is a sin.

  • Boogie Boi
    Boogie Boi 12 hours ago +29

    I’m confused why Molly Burke is on this

    • Mrtaco
      Mrtaco 8 hours ago

      Delihlah now I feel stupid 😂

    • Delihlah
      Delihlah 8 hours ago

      @Mrtaco which means: she's blind

    • Mrtaco
      Mrtaco 8 hours ago +1

      Delihlah I said kinda cuz she sees shadows and light

    • Delihlah
      Delihlah 8 hours ago

      @Mrtaco she's not kinda blind, she IS blind

    • Mrtaco
      Mrtaco 9 hours ago

      Emily M true

  • Aki Adagaki
    Aki Adagaki 12 hours ago +4

    can I love on matts top please

  • Bessoncopalypse
    Bessoncopalypse 12 hours ago +32


  • Colourful Potato
    Colourful Potato 13 hours ago +48

    Whose just here for sam and Colby? 😂❤️💞

  • jocelyn lopez
    jocelyn lopez 13 hours ago +35

    Who’s here for Sam and Colby!!!

  • Its Grace
    Its Grace 13 hours ago +34

    Sam and Colby anyone 😂

  • zoe perez
    zoe perez 13 hours ago +30

    i only watched for sam and colby

  • 00jinie
    00jinie 13 hours ago +68

    imma be different...
    i DIDN’T click for sam and colby

    *_i don’t even know who tf they are._*

  • 0w0 Draws
    0w0 Draws 14 hours ago +38

    How can Molly Burke watch it if she’s blind

    • Delihlah
      Delihlah 8 hours ago

      @Jackie Montrose she's fully blind, she can only see light sources

    • Jackie Montrose
      Jackie Montrose 9 hours ago +1

      a minority of blind people are fully blind.

    • Makenzie Jackson
      Makenzie Jackson 12 hours ago +8

      She can still hear duhhh

    • Lele 1455
      Lele 1455 13 hours ago +3

      I was thinking that

  • Victoria Hammer
    Victoria Hammer 14 hours ago +25

    I’m a simple person

    I see Colby I click

  • SimplyZeliie
    SimplyZeliie 14 hours ago +22

    This video is not about Sam and Colby

    • Yvonna 나나
      Yvonna 나나 6 hours ago

      But they’re in it which is why I clicked 🤪

  • lilDirtyツ
    lilDirtyツ 14 hours ago +27

    Sammmmm and colbyyyyy😍

  • Maddie Currey
    Maddie Currey 14 hours ago +27

    My boy sam and colby

  • ccolby
    ccolby 15 hours ago +27


  • K and K
    K and K 15 hours ago +25

    She just started Flash-Player and now look at her 😟😄

  • •Nathan •
    •Nathan • 15 hours ago +31

    I’m a simple gal, I see colby Brock *i click*

  • Shinny Pinneaple
    Shinny Pinneaple 15 hours ago +32

    It's pretty obvious that the one's who are skeptical about her have never seen other van life Flash-Playerrs, because everything about her van and her way of organising is absolutely normal and common (well except Alfredo)

  • Elicia Rangel
    Elicia Rangel 15 hours ago +22

    Most people: I only came here for SnC
    Me: who?-

    • Maddie Currey
      Maddie Currey 14 hours ago +3

      That's me sam and colby my bebes

    • John Morrow
      John Morrow 15 hours ago +7

      Elicia Rangel. You should go follow Sam and Colby
      They also have separate channels Colby Brock and Sam Golbach

  • Simplysierra
    Simplysierra 16 hours ago +14

    How did I not know SnC were in a new FBE video until now😂 (ik it was posted a week ago)

  • Luissa Ponce
    Luissa Ponce 16 hours ago +16

    Sis got coin now

  • J’s Corner
    J’s Corner 17 hours ago +15

    If you check a few of her videos you will see my comment. In I think 2 vids. I’m NOT a robot😭😭.

  • iioreosii Cookies
    iioreosii Cookies 17 hours ago +39

    I just watched this because it had Sam and Colby :3

  • Rylee G 04
    Rylee G 04 18 hours ago +43

    I just came for Sam and Colby

  • Madisyn'sLife
    Madisyn'sLife 18 hours ago +8

    I love this Flash-Playerr! She is so cool!

  • Matt .carpenter
    Matt .carpenter 18 hours ago +39

    I see Colby I click simple😂

  • Mackenzyxx
    Mackenzyxx 19 hours ago +52

    I clicked for Colby 😎

  • Charlott Justin
    Charlott Justin 19 hours ago +6

    I love her eyes😍

  • Charlibear _xo
    Charlibear _xo 20 hours ago +43

    if i see sam and colby i click on the video

  • Alyssa Harris
    Alyssa Harris 20 hours ago +38

    i came here for sam and colby

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 21 hour ago +49

    I see Sam and Colby. *I click*

  • Fatima A
    Fatima A 21 hour ago +6

    Can you pls do one with itsfunneh

  • Zach's Secret Girlfriend
    Zach's Secret Girlfriend 21 hour ago +56

    Who clicked because of Sam and Colby?!

  • Alice_plays
    Alice_plays 21 hour ago +15

    shes my favourite youtuber omfg im so glad you did this!

  • Steve and Robin
    Steve and Robin 22 hours ago +39

    Colby’s face the whole time 😂

  • snow barry
    snow barry 23 hours ago +3

    Can u do laurenzside pleas

  • Lianna Viudez
    Lianna Viudez Day ago +66

    only clicked for Sam and Colby😆✖️

  • shinobivfx
    shinobivfx Day ago +10

    Anybody else see his akatsuki shirt 👀👀

  • Alya Sarah
    Alya Sarah Day ago +30

    My childhood ( Tiffany) and teenagehood ( Sam and Colby) I love them three imma go cry now

  • aaliyah
    aaliyah Day ago +21

    ihascupquake my childhood ahhh

  • s almehairi
    s almehairi Day ago +41

    𝕊𝕒𝕞 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕓𝕪 🥰

  • Carlos Rosas
    Carlos Rosas Day ago +18

    Society is so basic at the moment...

  • TheMYJOA Vlogs
    TheMYJOA Vlogs Day ago +14

    i just accidentally clicked

  • Why don’t we Meme
    Why don’t we Meme Day ago +71

    i clicked because of sam and colby