🔥 Falcons United OT THRILLER vs.Tucker Lions 10U Youth Football Highlights

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • EPIC youth football game highlights of the Falcons victory over the Lions 26-20. The crowd was loud in this DOUBLE OT contest that was physical throughout. Both teams fought hard, made big plays and gave their fans a performance to remember! Presented by Capture a Star, @captureastar, www.captureastar.com
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  • bigmack Buffalo
    bigmack Buffalo Hour ago

    I play lineman for that team bumber72

  • Leo Martinez
    Leo Martinez 7 hours ago

    Y'all should let me play with yall

  • Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan 7 days ago +1

    Good job red team

  • Damion Pruitt
    Damion Pruitt 8 days ago

    Bro everbody on the team exept the QB is um... not white

  • Bryce C.
    Bryce C. 10 days ago

    Are y’all in Texas if you guys are enjoying your team next year

  • FusionSZN
    FusionSZN 11 days ago +1

    My friends number 4

  • Sue Wieczorek
    Sue Wieczorek 11 days ago

    They make them look so big on the cover

  • Lucas Phelps
    Lucas Phelps 12 days ago

    We beat u to 36 0

    Louisa elite football

  • What Went Wrong?
    What Went Wrong? 12 days ago

    they only run

  • Me'khi Ottey
    Me'khi Ottey 17 days ago +1

    Great game them lions came to play now

  • Anthony Wilson, Jr
    Anthony Wilson, Jr 17 days ago

    I meant that y’all lost to North Henry

  • Anthony Wilson, Jr
    Anthony Wilson, Jr 17 days ago

    You lost the north Henry Tigers no

  • ?¿Dave ?¿
    ?¿Dave ?¿ 20 days ago

    Tucker lions #34 teeth is throwing up gang signs

  • ?¿Dave ?¿
    ?¿Dave ?¿ 20 days ago

    When I play football yall need to put on your on equipment by yourself so...

  • 1 Fortnite boy Alexander
    1 Fortnite boy Alexander 22 days ago +1

    This game is so good

  • Leven Perez
    Leven Perez 23 days ago

    Why did OT thriller have a practice before the game

  • Davonte Y
    Davonte Y 24 days ago

    Tucker lions they were having a lot of false starts

  • Drew Meyer
    Drew Meyer 24 days ago

    He is not the best o line player I could snake him and his hole team

  • Maddox Rodel
    Maddox Rodel 24 days ago +2

    13:30 did he say “hey Maddox” if so, bro we have the same name

  • Amanda Stroup
    Amanda Stroup 24 days ago +1

    Good game

  • Lil Booger
    Lil Booger 25 days ago +3

    Imagine these teams in high school, that is a game I want to see

  • Sam Schreiner
    Sam Schreiner 25 days ago +4

    The white kids like me I'm a quarterback to

  • milky way
    milky way 25 days ago

    Louisville Middle team would smack these fools we undefeated. These boys don't go 100% we finna go 100% on they ass

  • Sammy Lantz
    Sammy Lantz 26 days ago +1

    The only white kid can ball and that running back from the grey team

  • BlazeRay yt
    BlazeRay yt 26 days ago

    It’s crazy how fat kids could get at 10

  • Renegade Ninja
    Renegade Ninja 26 days ago +2

    This team is better than most middle school teams

  • Dean Helms
    Dean Helms 26 days ago +1

    This reminds me of my team.. But are team went 1-6

  • TheKrebsKid
    TheKrebsKid 27 days ago

    This shit low key pisses me off

  • GeneralBeast99 USMC
    GeneralBeast99 USMC 27 days ago

    How they say no one comes to their house how about come to my fams house would kill then

  • Darnell Beasley
    Darnell Beasley 27 days ago +1

    24 is good

    THETRUESAVAGEFAN 27 days ago +1

    When the fu vs central dekalb dropping???

  • Josh2 great
    Josh2 great 28 days ago

    2:31 I didn’t know T-Pain was coaching

  • Nick Saunders
    Nick Saunders 28 days ago +1

    How u talk trash and coach has to put ur pads on?

  • Ethan Gilbert
    Ethan Gilbert 28 days ago

    I play for the ohio Cowboys. I was the starting wr so i grind but then my mom say i could not play bc they came late but i am a good wr but they 1-3 i think

  • Young Blueberry
    Young Blueberry 29 days ago +1

    Only white kid number 12 Tom Brady ?!?!?

  • Milo The Joker
    Milo The Joker 29 days ago

    They are like falcons and ATLUTD combined I think thats what they are.

  • FB I
    FB I Month ago

    As defense, I’d cut you like butter

  • Creepermex ,
    Creepermex , Month ago

    Wait is number 4. 0:20 Quintay wait hes from wolfcreek elementary

  • ItsMe
    ItsMe Month ago

    I have no idea what those kids was saying in the beginning

  • Calvin Thomas
    Calvin Thomas Month ago +1

    We fina busted the ass and I quote

  • JBudkeENT
    JBudkeENT Month ago +3

    Those Falcon uniforms are cold 🥶

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago

    These kids are arrogant af

  • Jordan Iniguez
    Jordan Iniguez Month ago +3

    The qb is a small Matt ryan😂

  • Can’t Snag Like Me

    Ill smack them dumb masks off them

  • Brandon Ruocco
    Brandon Ruocco Month ago

    Friday night tykes budget really went down

  • Ayden Biggs
    Ayden Biggs Month ago +3

    Dang wish my team had linemen that big

  • matt sims
    matt sims Month ago

    we finna put they balls on the ground and we finna bust they ass

  • Jaylan A. Jones
    Jaylan A. Jones Month ago +3

    That’s crazy I used to work with dude in the pink 😂used to be like that at work nocap💀

  • Tucker Robinson
    Tucker Robinson Month ago

    0:22 I feel attacked

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    How u gonna be number 1 but can't put your own gear on

  • Pudzu
    Pudzu Month ago

    tht qb gon be sum else later on in life 🤣

  • SluRp On the dot
    SluRp On the dot Month ago +13

    The only fast kid on the field is the green teams QB🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Malik Briggs
    Malik Briggs Month ago +1

    This is how kids play a game of football in the hood

  • Vuulzy -
    Vuulzy - Month ago

    nighas look 13 tf

  • Malik Briggs
    Malik Briggs Month ago

    All of the QBs are usually White in the NFL

  • Julius Dixon
    Julius Dixon Month ago +1

    I’m a sophomore and don’t even have a speed flex yet

  • Tiera Trimuel
    Tiera Trimuel Month ago


  • Layupz
    Layupz Month ago +1

    28:10 this dude got dreads on his beard

  • KoolaidSZN Oh YeAh
    KoolaidSZN Oh YeAh Month ago

    I’m sorry bruh chubby bruh u wanna go head up I’m A Fat ass LB

    GOAT NBA Month ago +9

    5:08 that’s a whole 14 year old playin against 10 or 11 year olds🤣🤣