Dembélé scores golazo in training!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Ernesto Valverde is beginning to see his international players return in the lead up to playing against Leganés on Saturday at 1.00pm CET. This Tuesday the French duo of Clément Lenglet and Antoine Griezmann worked out with the available players from the first team on Pitch 2 of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Barça B's Sergi Puig, Morer, Riqui Puig, Saverio, Marqués and C. Pérez were also present.
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Comments • 545

  • Жулиен Лимберов

    4:37 🤯🤯🤯
    Not real 😨😨😨
    Unreal 😱😱😱
    Dembele 💣⚡💥⚽️

  • Abdul-Rahman Fakoya
    Abdul-Rahman Fakoya 18 days ago +1

    Please what is the name of the artists and song playing during dembele golazo goal please...anyone know the song,I have been searching for it days since this video was out and I haven't still found it,I'm in love with it💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍the one that goes "look at me now,I'm looking so fresh so clean"

  • Adol Prince
    Adol Prince 18 days ago

    Name of the song at 4:38🔥🔥🔥

  • nothingmuch44
    nothingmuch44 19 days ago

    I wish he stayed in Dortmund, or move to England... Barcelona is gonna make him remain an average

  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters 20 days ago

    what hand does dembele write with?

  • Sohaib To
    Sohaib To 20 days ago

    Griezmann haie gets better and better he may depace him

  • Nathan Fedjo
    Nathan Fedjo 20 days ago

    Semeone want's To play the classico next mounth😂

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 day ago


  • hail su
    hail su 22 days ago


  • Anzonini Delpuerto
    Anzonini Delpuerto 22 days ago


  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 22 days ago

    Incredible feet from dembele

  • Philippe Bley-bedi
    Philippe Bley-bedi 22 days ago

    Plz what's the title of that song at 4.40 (look at me Now....) Who sing it

  • Subham jena
    Subham jena 22 days ago

    Dear bartemou make Ronnie the next manager

  • Agustin Quintero
    Agustin Quintero 22 days ago +1

    De que sirve eso si cuando juega no los ase, y cuando más se le necesita falla. Que Harper a con ustedes, como si fuera la gran vaina. Que nadie llore y que viva el fútbol.

  • Jaime Méndez
    Jaime Méndez 22 days ago

    mejor no pongan música en los videos.....

  • ThePlayMaker
    ThePlayMaker 22 days ago

    0:05 wtf am I listening to 😳🤨

  • Santiago La vida loca 21

    Dembele i feel the form keep up the good work

  • First Second
    First Second 23 days ago

    Dembele's goal, man I have watched football for years but I haven't seen this before

  • First Second
    First Second 23 days ago +2

    3:10 Alena has gotten fat during the international break

  • idris ben henda
    idris ben henda 23 days ago


  • Nephie Ngoy
    Nephie Ngoy 23 days ago

    Valverde out

  • Wtfhow
    Wtfhow 23 days ago

    What's the point of scoring this in training? He can't even hold on to the ball for a few sec in a real la liga match.
    Always make the wrong decisions. Cant even stay injury free for 1 freaking season. Poor link up play etc.
    At this point it's clear that he is made for a defensive counter attacking team instead of a team like Barca which always like to have possession/link up play and runs and always have to deal with a pack 8-10 man defense in front of the box. Sell him while there's still value

    • Wtfhow
      Wtfhow 22 days ago

      @Woosher what an intelligent reply. U sure make your Mama proud

    • Woosher
      Woosher 22 days ago

      Wtfhow go cry somewhere else mate

  • Mohit Kumar Sahu
    Mohit Kumar Sahu 23 days ago

    Which song is the first one?

  • Saw Wunna
    Saw Wunna 23 days ago

    Rakitic plz

  • Ishan Datta
    Ishan Datta 23 days ago

    If Dembele fixed his mentality , he would be one of the worlds top players
    Hit the like button if u agree

  • Denny D
    Denny D 23 days ago

    Who chooses the music for these videos? they make it hard to watch

  • Mame saliou fall Fall
    Mame saliou fall Fall 24 days ago


  • Chris
    Chris 24 days ago +1

    Valverdeout solve the problem

  • Zepreh
    Zepreh 24 days ago +3

    the title is kinda offensive to dembele it sounds like he never scores xD

  • The One
    The One 24 days ago

    RIP X

  • Yankie frenz
    Yankie frenz 24 days ago +1

    so Barça actually paid a €145 Million for dembele to score golazo in training

  • TheOgWizard 45
    TheOgWizard 45 24 days ago

    Oh is that dude that looses the ball hell lot more than average on every game that can cause the counter attack on us for fuck sake stop loosing the fucking ball cant even dribble on most occasions is been 2 seasons now like dafuq

  • polizeigriff
    polizeigriff 24 days ago

    Sims music

  • jussef jassef
    jussef jassef 24 days ago

    Go ousmane💪💪

  • שלום! פרקש!
    שלום! פרקש! 24 days ago +1


  • Pelelele Gomes
    Pelelele Gomes 24 days ago

    It's one thing to do in practice another thing is to apply in knockout games and classics

  • tommy song
    tommy song 24 days ago

    Can't understand why Barcelona spend so much money to purchase Dumbele. Except he run fast when he is healthy and in good mood. He maybe worth 60million Euro at most when he is healthy. At his current status with so much injury record, he maybe worth 40 million Euro.

  • cheikhou omar Touré
    cheikhou omar Touré 24 days ago +1

    Dembele a training player

  • Gassar Pub
    Gassar Pub 24 days ago


  • Gassar Pub
    Gassar Pub 24 days ago

    Vamos Dembele Valverde Outtt

  • Odefemi Oluwajoba
    Odefemi Oluwajoba 24 days ago

    If Dembele is this good in training, is it the pressure of the game that makes him make those uncompleted passes and failed dribbles? Can Barca please do something about it?

  • Fulgence Mkurunziza
    Fulgence Mkurunziza 24 days ago


  • SHORTgamer
    SHORTgamer 24 days ago

    long hair suits griezzie!

  • Mojo.Jojoe
    Mojo.Jojoe 24 days ago

    Music is🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lisa Qfl
    Lisa Qfl 24 days ago

    SONG AT 4:40 ??

  • Babacus 007
    Babacus 007 24 days ago

    Valverde OUT

  • La Senyera
    La Senyera 24 days ago +3

    Crazy. People have given up on him. The man will be a monster of a player. Just give it time.

  • Brian Korir
    Brian Korir 24 days ago

    He's left footed after all

  • Youssouph Camara
    Youssouph Camara 24 days ago

    Come on us

  • Luana x Arthur
    Luana x Arthur 24 days ago

    Dembele nunca vai ficar pra história do Barcelona ou de qualquer outro clube não tem mentalidade para isso

  • Wilfried DOSSOU-YOVO
    Wilfried DOSSOU-YOVO 24 days ago

    Keep scoring in training bro

  • عبد. الله من طين

    4:37 OUCH !!!

  • LeoAngel67
    LeoAngel67 24 days ago +3

    Dembele, Griezzmann, and De Jong will be better with a different coach. ValverdeOut!

  • el profesor
    el profesor 24 days ago


  • turbito landazuri
    turbito landazuri 24 days ago

    Apollemos a Griezmann...

    GOLDEN GAMER 24 days ago +2

    He needs to do that very often, I would like to see griezman with short hair it will go better with his face body and good looking for Barca

  • Edwin McKay
    Edwin McKay 24 days ago

    Valverde GTFO!

  • cioccolata per tutti
    cioccolata per tutti 24 days ago


  • Messi Seaway!
    Messi Seaway! 24 days ago

    Força Barça Vamo Dembelé 🔵🔴👍👏👏

  • محمد باقر
    محمد باقر 24 days ago

    Valverdi Out