A Virtual Reality Guide to Virtual Reality (360 Video)

  • Virtual reality isn't just for gamers. From sports to real estate to education, WSJ's Joanna Stern takes you on a tour of the best real-world uses of VR.
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  • Joe Wallace
    Joe Wallace 5 months ago

    Cengage brought me here

  • Kitty Lily 320
    Kitty Lily 320 6 months ago

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  • Recession TwentyTwenty
    Recession TwentyTwenty 8 months ago

    Thicc purdy Chic 😋

  • Ghettoartiz
    Ghettoartiz Year ago

    Awesome insight thank you for sharing stay blessed.

  • Jayanth Premachandran

    Well these contents are called 360 video for a reason - because that is what the technology they deploy, but simply not VR.
    Please don't confuse VR with 360 video just because both of them uses a head mounted display as the output device.
    Only from 6:16 is this video showing any VR content.

  • Get_Demonitized
    Get_Demonitized 2 years ago +1

    30 second unskippable aad

    • Friskian
      Friskian 9 months ago

      Get uBlock (Its free)

  • Rabia Tunc
    Rabia Tunc 2 years ago


  • Rabia Tunc
    Rabia Tunc 2 years ago


  • Trina Jennings
    Trina Jennings 2 years ago

    Target has VR headsets that have the blue tooth installed and its the kind you put your phone in.I love the whole concept about VR because if someone is housebound, depressed, wants to swim with dolphins, ride a horse, climb a mountain maybe in the future With VR they can actually feel like they are doing it.I bought a headset and a separate Bluetooth ( Bluetooth came with it) on ebay for 19.00 free shipping.i realize that VR is very limited but I do hope it becomes amazing.

  • Ayoub Ayman Ahmed
    Ayoub Ayman Ahmed 2 years ago

    That was very educational, i mean i've always wanted to know more about VR techs but from this vedio I KNOW IT!!

  • Zhaostin Y.
    Zhaostin Y. 2 years ago +1

    how could you know im wearing underwear??

  • Jesse Razo
    Jesse Razo 2 years ago +1

    Who thinks some demented dumbass tried to see what's like killing a person in real life while wearing the virtual reality set? It'll just look like you're killing an avatar in a video game, and then you're being chased and attacked by avatar cops!!!!!! Or how about having sex while wearing the virtual reality sets, you'd just see yourself doing it with another avatar or any other cartoon character.

    • Mason
      Mason 2 years ago

      Jesse Razo hot

  • Carmela Crosgrove
    Carmela Crosgrove 2 years ago

    Hi I like your videos

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 3 years ago

    I think its better to see a tripod then seeing a black hole under you.

  • xylene arrojado
    xylene arrojado 3 years ago

    I don't trust you

  • Kayla Krawczyk
    Kayla Krawczyk 3 years ago

    Is there a headset for iPad mini 1?

  • purple guy vicent
    purple guy vicent 3 years ago

    is there a door?

  • Lps Claire
    Lps Claire 3 years ago +1

    This is stupid

  • 21eNCryptO
    21eNCryptO 3 years ago +4

    2022 the Nerve Gear will be made!!!!! I'm going to be a Kirito

  • Izabella Hardin
    Izabella Hardin 3 years ago

    That is not fair my school doesn't have the best technology and their school has the best

  • Shenekqua Walker
    Shenekqua Walker 3 years ago

    i have one better than that

  • Harley Sams
    Harley Sams 3 years ago +2

    I watched until the end

  • Trinity Caldwell
    Trinity Caldwell 3 years ago +5

    I just got one you put your phone in for $9.99 and it wasn't from Samsung

  • Luka Martin
    Luka Martin 3 years ago

    If only vr headsets had something on the nose so you SMELL what's there!

  • flexo
    flexo 3 years ago

    I watched this with my Google cardboard

  • ASLetsPlays
    ASLetsPlays 3 years ago


  • Lucy Lopez
    Lucy Lopez 3 years ago

    i got those im rich

    • Jesse Razo
      Jesse Razo 2 years ago

      Who thinks some demented dumbass tried to see what's like killing a person in real life while wearing the virtual reality set? It'll just look like you're killing an avatar in a video game, and then you're being chased and attacked by avatar cops!!!!!! Or how about having sex while wearing the virtual reality sets, you'd just see yourself doing it with another avatar or any other cartoon character.

    • Panda Of Gamingz
      Panda Of Gamingz 3 years ago

      Luna Fenderson i didn't mean to call YOU out i ment to call Lucy Lopez out cause after reading the comments she posted she was complaining to you guys and she was calling your guys stupid and poor which is kinda mean

    • Luna Fenderson
      Luna Fenderson 3 years ago

      Panda Of Gamingz I never said kids are dumb and poor. I despise Trump in fact and am not a pedophile. She said she had a VR and she was rich meaning that the VR automatically makes her rich. It doesn't. I have one but I'm not rich.

    • Panda Of Gamingz
      Panda Of Gamingz 3 years ago

      ok so you say your rich, and you say you used another kids profile pic as yours, you're calling kids dumb and poor

      so basically your Trump, but more pedophile ish?

    • Lucy Lopez
      Lucy Lopez 3 years ago

      Nahh bitches hey also wanna tell u i was taking out the trash and it reminded me of u🤢

  • Cassie Marie
    Cassie Marie 3 years ago

    Can I get A VR Job For Few Mins?

  • Krim Camera dude
    Krim Camera dude 3 years ago


  • Krim Camera dude
    Krim Camera dude 3 years ago


  • Krim Camera dude
    Krim Camera dude 3 years ago

    thx girl

  • TheRio Sanjose
    TheRio Sanjose 3 years ago

    I can mige it myself

  • Crimson Sherwood
    Crimson Sherwood 3 years ago

    Am just waiting for virtual tactile reality (brazzers)

  • 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS
    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 3 years ago +3

    I like this 360 demonstration. Great creation. Watched on my Gear VR.

  • TsunamiRush
    TsunamiRush 3 years ago


  • Mr. Dinosaur
    Mr. Dinosaur 3 years ago


    • Sara Drake
      Sara Drake 3 years ago

      its every where if you look down at any point in the video its the the black circle of doom

    • 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS
      3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 3 years ago

      It covers the 360 camera system.

  • Jeremiah Flores
    Jeremiah Flores 3 years ago

    I got my vr head set at Ross for a good price

  • Prismatic Porter
    Prismatic Porter 3 years ago +4

    Cool,I wish I had enough money for the $800 one

  • Mike The BeanFox
    Mike The BeanFox 3 years ago

    i NEED an Oculus Rift but i'm NOT using Craigslist, you heard the stories that are true

  • LucKie
    LucKie 3 years ago +5

    "Virtual reality can make you a better person"? Even Pokèmon Go says that, well these statements are quite contradictory. Someday I'd like to see Augmented Reality through the Virtual Reality.

  • MrButterkingman
    MrButterkingman 3 years ago

    Anyone else see the guy scratching his butt? (Weird Question)

  • XezoYT
    XezoYT 3 years ago

    I have the vr in the thumbnail, has no buttons lol

  • Alice Black
    Alice Black 3 years ago +1

    I'm just waiting until the real headsets are cheap enough for the average person to buy. Something about shoving my phone up against my retinas doesn't sound good for my eyes. But 800 bucks? That's as much as the goddamn computer costs. Plus there's the cost of the games themselves. Most VR games right now are pretty simplistic with crappy graphics anyways because the technology is still in its infancy. Seriously, it's an amazing concept, but currently not even close to worth the money.


    I don't think VR has caught up with the general public yet. I think when Apple releases a VR headset for their phone the simple minded people will be informed of this phenomenon. Either that or some celebrities start making snapchats with it.

  • Kian Jose Jose
    Kian Jose Jose 3 years ago

    wtf this is the greatest virtual reality in the world😂😂

  • James Tomlin
    James Tomlin 3 years ago

    This is incredible o3o just, wow

    DACHIE CLIPPZ 3 years ago +1

    Her: you can move to places in vr when you sit at home in your underwear. Me: HOW DID YOU KNOW!! 😱

  • Six's Tech Reviews
    Six's Tech Reviews 3 years ago

    I dont know about that lady with htc vibe

  • ismar
    ismar 3 years ago


  • NT Cuber
    NT Cuber 3 years ago +1

    I love it I use a virtual reality headset and it was still amazing but I lost my controller so it wasn't too good but it was still amazing when or at that plank or we could fall I got pretty scared and kill you said that we couldn't move.

  • DJ Z10
    DJ Z10 3 years ago

    I thought the kids were raising thier hand on me but instead when i look back omfg

  • Exploding Pineapple
    Exploding Pineapple 3 years ago

    I watched this on my phone and it's SO AWESOME.

  • HaNoWSss CaMpEr
    HaNoWSss CaMpEr 3 years ago +27

    This is really not fair! Most of the people can't buy those HTC VR headsets!

    • Samantha Bettis
      Samantha Bettis 2 years ago

      HaNoWSss CaMpEr I got one ok on PS4

    • Desi and Lexi
      Desi and Lexi 2 years ago

      Jazzy donut Gurl shut up mabye they cant go to work

    • Kiwi2thicc
      Kiwi2thicc 3 years ago

      HaNoWSss CaMpEr bruh go work at walmart 3rd shift plus life isn't fair and hope this helps u can get a view master it works pretty good

    • Richard Charles
      Richard Charles 3 years ago

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    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams 3 years ago

      VoidTRON Gaming

  • RandomStranger_3
    RandomStranger_3 3 years ago

    the marvels of 360 video..... didn't know that it existed...

  • EFC Mike
    EFC Mike 3 years ago


  • EFC Mike
    EFC Mike 3 years ago

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  • Garth maul
    Garth maul 3 years ago +23

    How the hell did she know I'm in my underwear!

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan Year ago

      Edward Snowden told her.

    • Frauggu
      Frauggu 3 years ago +1

      she's uh... the nsa told.. uh yeah...

  • Supah Lol
    Supah Lol 3 years ago

    Im watching this with a vr haedset lol

  • Spherical Planet
    Spherical Planet 3 years ago

    pretty cool

  • Gam3r DoGs
    Gam3r DoGs 3 years ago

    I was doing this in class!!

  • softsteel6
    softsteel6 3 years ago

    what iam seeing is super blurry ....i notice no one mentioned it, IS IT just me ???

    • softsteel6
      softsteel6 3 years ago

      thanks for letting me know ...lol it took me a while but i figured it out after a few days ..duh...feeling dumb( getting old ...lol)

    • Takota Schukraft
      Takota Schukraft 3 years ago

      ok think of it this way. Your 360 quality normal video has 1 "wall" to render.. If you have it set to 360 quality on a 360video it has to render 4 "walls" with the same ammount. So its gona look shit till you have it set REALLY high

    • softsteel6
      softsteel6 3 years ago

      +softsteel6 never mind i figured it out

  • Tim Saults
    Tim Saults 3 years ago

    you forgot porn !

  • skyfallen
    skyfallen 3 years ago

    I want a vive so much

  • Em R
    Em R 4 years ago +4


    • Ender Sheeper
      Ender Sheeper 3 years ago +1

      It's coming closer and closer! Can't wait for the Nerve Gear.... One that doesn't let you die, of course.

  • Slick
    Slick 4 years ago

    i was having ptsd trying to find the google security guy behind me

  • GregzVR
    GregzVR 4 years ago

    Add 60 FPS + 3D and it's game over.

    • anEnigma
      anEnigma 4 years ago

      +Gregz0r oculus rift and htc vive have that, actually 90fps and 2k res.

  • u1thalapathy
    u1thalapathy 4 years ago

    I hate those tech, we want to live like a human and enjoy the beautiful world with friends and family but now??????

    • Kiwi2thicc
      Kiwi2thicc 3 years ago

      u1thalapathy ok ik but it's 2017 but u can still go outside btw KEEP RUDE COMMENTS IN UR HEAD

    • Ender Sheeper
      Ender Sheeper 3 years ago

      I still go out side. I get to hang out with my friends and family as I got adventure in the woods. Ah... The smell of bugs spray and bear fecal matter! It really is amazing to live out in the woods. Birds chirp, wolves howl, coyotes yip, and bears growl. My cat, my dog and I go out on adventures. But everyone has to be back by night because of the predators. Also, around here there were some spottings of cougars / pumas / panthers / mountain lions / what ever you call them. I also get to Role Play..... By my self. Because this is the woods and my friends don't live in the woods. I text them, and I hate texting and calling. My siblings don't like to Role Play. My brother sleeps all day and play C. O. D. all night while also making electronic music music and remixes. His soundcloud is Endorphins (no "the").

    • Djinn
      Djinn 3 years ago +1

      Who are 'we' excactly?

    • creece
      creece 3 years ago

      I'm with you but let's say someone with walking disabilitys or something like that they could put on a head set and do what they never could do before

    • InfoSopher
      InfoSopher 4 years ago +1

      +u1thalapathy Can you not do that anymore?
      Actually, it's quite the opposite I'd argue. The more people stay at home with their VR sets, the more you'll be able to enjoy human-free parks and nature. ;-) ;-)
      ... that is until AR comes out in a major way.

  • Epic man 99
    Epic man 99 4 years ago


  • Jesse Reid
    Jesse Reid 4 years ago

    go trump :-)

  • ndog37
    ndog37 4 years ago

    This is annoying when plugged into charger cause I'm on my bed with 2% battery

  • Paul Tremblay
    Paul Tremblay 4 years ago +3

    That would be a great idea for bringing VR in education

    • 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS
      3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 3 years ago

      Absolutely. VR and also AR will extend to possibilities.

  • введите бросок

    I was just looking at the ground wondering what's going on until I realized it was a 360 video