Price Points Chalkboard Artist Explains Her Process | Epicurious

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • Ever notice the intricate chalkboard art behind our experts in Price Points? Well, chalkboard artist Ro Knight is here to break down how she makes those incredible pieces of art, from the type of chalk she uses to where she begins.

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    Price Points Chalkboard Artist Explains Her Process | Epicurious
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  • Yosafat Kushariandi
    Yosafat Kushariandi 6 days ago

    Her arts were amazing, but her laugh is to die for..

  • AkumaDayo
    AkumaDayo 7 days ago

    As an artist, I'm laughing so hard that people would actually ask if she uses Crayola omg lmao

  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes 7 days ago

    I like that she’s getting recognition. Those backgrounds are spectacular works of art.

  • Antifa Npc
    Antifa Npc 16 days ago

    Weeena conchatumare

  • Gaudium Felidae
    Gaudium Felidae 19 days ago

    It would be a bit awkward if they invite a wall experts next and she needs to make the chalkboard art

  • mikeissweet
    mikeissweet 23 days ago

    Wow she is good. And hot

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N 24 days ago

    lets have her guess cheap vs. expensive chalk

  • Yogi Kuncoro
    Yogi Kuncoro 25 days ago

    Verry nice... I try it...😘😍

  • The Dynast Queen
    The Dynast Queen 26 days ago

    Sucks she had to quit her passion FOR 30 YEARS NO LESS to make a living wage but I'm glad she was able to come back to it in a way that was fun for her. Many don't get that opportunity and it shows with how miserable so many are at their jobs. Sucks.

  • Pencil Shavings
    Pencil Shavings Month ago

    I'd chalk her up. maybe a pastel if she's lucky ;)

  • Oradan Buradan
    Oradan Buradan Month ago

    They did it.

  • Celeste Marron
    Celeste Marron Month ago +1

    I started with crayola before seeing this video and I realized one thing ... if I'm doing a darn good job with crayola now? ... can you imagine if I have the actual good stuff! Good to know about pastel chalk.

  • Celeste Marron
    Celeste Marron Month ago

    Bro I needed the chalkboard pricing ... eh.

  • #Amateur-Madman
    #Amateur-Madman Month ago

    She deserves more attention

  • 27johnrick
    27johnrick Month ago

    That tomato looks soo fresh, I want to pick it.

  • NessMasterGengar!
    NessMasterGengar! 2 months ago

    Pls marry me

  • Arianna M.
    Arianna M. 2 months ago +4

    "Since I'm a professional I use the good quality chalk, not the kids stuff"

  • Arianna M.
    Arianna M. 2 months ago


  • J.P. Jordan
    J.P. Jordan 2 months ago

    She's at least 49????? wow

  • Jayffee Fernandez
    Jayffee Fernandez 2 months ago

    I guessing her school days with her classmates are awesome.

  • Nafisah Ayub
    Nafisah Ayub 2 months ago

    Wait whuttt!! I thought it’s a days of process, because of the complexity, she makes it look like soooo easy. 😍

  • Pedro Vanderlei
    Pedro Vanderlei 2 months ago

    that sick burn on crayola aside, this felt really wholesome

  • brylidan
    brylidan 3 months ago

    prismacolor pastel , oh man.

  • Ruth Galindo
    Ruth Galindo 3 months ago


  • ummm yeah
    ummm yeah 4 months ago

    okay I take back what I said about Photoshop and a large format ink jet printer

  • MiSta BlackJack
    MiSta BlackJack 4 months ago

    "Would you want to draw a chalkboard for our new cafe? And I said YES!"
    That was so sweet!

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 4 months ago

    Why is this a thing
    Okay good you did your job

  • Aixian Leslie Ling
    Aixian Leslie Ling 4 months ago

    Anyone else going back to the other vids to find her Ro signature?

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel 4 months ago +1

    I super love that you made this video :D I was always so curious as to who makes these beautiful boards and what the process is like, Ro is an amazing artist :D I can't imagine having the board wiped clean after though XD

  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened 5 months ago

    I am in love.

  • Sebastian Ihr
    Sebastian Ihr 5 months ago

    Viva chile locoooo puro aguante

  • Abby L
    Abby L 5 months ago

    I'm straight up impressed with everything. How do you draw such straight lines?!?

  • Norman Tang
    Norman Tang 5 months ago

    Amazing work Ro Knight and Epicurious. Keep it up!

  • Nouri Al-Kadhim
    Nouri Al-Kadhim 5 months ago

    We finally get to meet this legend!

  • Edson López
    Edson López 5 months ago +2

    I have been waiting for this video since I started watching the Price Point series. Beautiful artist, beautiful work. Thank you.

  • Josh C
    Josh C 5 months ago

    I liked his analysis, however most of the rounds the more expensive bread was fairly obvious in my opinion (except for the 2nd to last)

  • Yogi Kuncoro
    Yogi Kuncoro 5 months ago

    I'm amateur chalkboard ... Please Subcribe me...😘

  • ender alteration
    ender alteration 5 months ago

    the unsung hero of the series

  • gamertaboo
    gamertaboo 6 months ago

    She's so good.

  • Stu Peed
    Stu Peed 6 months ago

    I always admired the chalkboard since the cheese episode

  • Washy Rose
    Washy Rose 6 months ago +1

    Great. Now I’m gonna go through every episode and search for her signature like *Where’s* *Waldo.* I actually already started. In the chocolate episode she used her RO signature as part of the filigree behind the host. So now it’s looking more like *Where* *In* *The* *World* *Is* *Carmen* *Sandiego.*

  • curlyswirly
    curlyswirly 6 months ago

    Finally!!! She's so good!

  • Mr Allan
    Mr Allan 6 months ago

    That's like a 4 carat diamond ring.... very very nice!

  • Andy Mesa
    Andy Mesa 6 months ago +1

    Did she just low key mention she was over 50? 😮

    • Andy Mesa
      Andy Mesa 4 months ago

      @DontGiveAFawk Went back and listened again, and yeah you're right.

    • DontGiveAFawk
      DontGiveAFawk 5 months ago

      She said thirteen, not thirty!

  • Arnold Agrees
    Arnold Agrees 6 months ago

    I had tears of joy. I really want to chase my dreams but I'm a self conscious person and afraid of judgements.

  • Amondsen III
    Amondsen III 6 months ago

    What shes 49 😱
    Would have guessed her at most 30

  • Jaggy Babeh
    Jaggy Babeh 6 months ago


  • Matti
    Matti 6 months ago

    She’s so good

  • ☽ аиаѕтаsіо ☾

    I'm glad she gets the recognition she deserves. She's an AMAZING artist who kills it EVERY. TIME. Much respect to her and her art.

  • Túwonone
    Túwonone 7 months ago +1


  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 7 months ago

    I have quite possibly found my dream job.

  • Starsong mp3
    Starsong mp3 7 months ago

    I would hate to inhale that.

  • Dylan Chadderton
    Dylan Chadderton 7 months ago

    I wonder how much she charges for one board for one episode. Based on the time and skill she has it's gotta be over$1,000 easy. That's a lot just for a background on a YT video, but it sure does look amazing!

  • JoAnn YoshikiStan Alexander

    I thought this video would be her drawing on different brands of chalkboard but I'm definitely not disappointed

  • Erica A.
    Erica A. 7 months ago

    Next video make her use the "kid stuff".

  • porotakilemo
    porotakilemo 7 months ago

    She's from Chilee! ;; she's so cool

  • matthew c
    matthew c 7 months ago +4

    dude i’ve always looked at the murals on the board and i’ve thought how under appreciated the artist is

  • Claire Constance
    Claire Constance 7 months ago

    i needed this why did it take me so long to stumble upon it

  • Alex Gutierrez
    Alex Gutierrez 7 months ago

    What if your left handed...

  • the yeeetser
    the yeeetser 7 months ago

    *Art expert guesses cheap vs expensive Paint!!*