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Jack Harlow - Come Home The Kids Miss You ALBUM REVIEW

  • Published on May 9, 2022
  • Listen: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQBIm...
    Jack could maybe be trying harder.
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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

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  • Brad Taste In Music
    Brad Taste In Music Day ago +11

    Harlow is speedrunning killing his career with this one.

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard Day ago +5

    I love how Dua Lipa "approved" that song and she said "it's okay, I guess." pretty much sums up the whole album

  • Mosey
    Mosey Day ago +2

    Harlow maxed his charisma and had no xp left for inspiration

  • Progunjack555
    Progunjack555 Day ago +1

    If "airport rap" is a thing then this album is the literal definition of that

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +835

    That was actually the highlight of the album

  • Bryce Hawes
    Bryce Hawes Day ago +592

    I want him to increase his tempo and energy to make more songs like what’s poppin and ghost especially. That’s when I feel like he’s at his best and I really hope he does well because we can’t have shit in Kentucky

  • Miggz El Amigo
    Miggz El Amigo Day ago +7

    Man this review was brutal. usually fantano has no problem ripping into artists but this had " I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." energy, like a sad parent. Damn...

  • Serendipitous Slim
    Serendipitous Slim Day ago +931

    Hey now Anthony. You had me up until you shat on “Eat so much shrimp I got iodine poisoning.” That is a legendary line. First used by Pimp C on Sippin on Syrup and even reused by your fav Danny Brown on Belly of the Beast and IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY you actually applauded his usage of the same bar on that track for its absurdity.

  • KKamm
    KKamm Day ago +559

    To think this album got the same score as Swimming is a slap in the face to Mac Miller’s spirit

  • Thembela Mawelela
    Thembela Mawelela Day ago +520

    For me, this album is straight out of Drake's handbook. Safe, few radio friendly joints, and a host of artists and producers phoning it in. I hate that I have to say this cause I like the guy. He was an everyday kid who just kept rapping and eventually found the right sound which made him stand out amongst his immediate peers. Loose, Confetti, Sweet Action, and even That's What They All Say are great for me. Come Home The Kids Miss You is what happens when artists and labels decide to be safe cause that will always get the job done, but it also comes at the cost of the quality.

  • MaybeThursday
    MaybeThursday Day ago +229

    This is one of your best reviews ever Anthony! Very thorough, with relevant background info. And written very well, you never bashed Harlow like so many others are doing. Fair criticisms and entertaining. Good job dude.

  • Santiago Medrano
    Santiago Medrano Day ago +485

    I think Jack could learn a thing or two from Lil nas x, although they have completely different backgrounds and topics to talk about, I think they operate in the same realm of pop rap and had a similar meteoric rise to fame, yet lil nas has been able to make catchier songs with more memorable statements and implement cool features

  • Variegate
    Variegate Day ago +3

    Anthony must really like Dua Lipa

  • Dillon M
    Dillon M Day ago +391

    It’s unfortunate bc I’ve been a huge fan of his but I completely agree, this album fell flat as hell. He wayyyy overhyped this as a charcuterie board when all it was was a 24 pack of Kraft Singles. Inoffensive, has its moments when it can hit the spot, but ultimately not the top cheese you’d hope to find.

  • Dogmo Satchmo
    Dogmo Satchmo Day ago +325

    Jack Harlow is like Olive Garden. That one time you ate there when you were 12, you loved it. Now it's only good when you have a coupon, and all other restaurants are closed, and you happen to have a crush on the server.

  • lrcirullo
    lrcirullo Day ago +157

    It has become clear to me that Jack Harlow is incredibly talented and confident, but he has run out of things to say or talk about. I have high hopes still about what he can write in the future but I was concerned in the past that his best work was only in features or singles, as many were of Lil Nas X. Nas X proved us wrong with Montero, but Jack needs to dig deeper to find subject matter worth talking about outside the normal swagger topics. I like in some verses prior he explored his distain for internet hype culture, but I don't know if there is enough to talk about to make an album out of. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Day ago +152

    Given how quickly he blew up, I actually think this will be good for him. I didn't know an album at this level of the music industry could feel 'lazy' despite all the money and risk involved, but here we are.

  • Laura
    Laura Day ago +202

    The title of the album is so 10/10 and the album cover is somewhat intriguing that it makes you expect waaaaaaaay more that what you encounter. I expected songs like State Fair flooding the album... not what I actually found. And even some musical bases are not that bad, but the lyrics... THE LYRICS... some are trashy af

  • fatheaddotcom21
    fatheaddotcom21 Day ago +6

    I hate to say it, but this album was genuinely hard for me to listen through. Can’t help but feel his personality carries him in terms of why people rate him.

  • Mewgiah
    Mewgiah Day ago +77

    I mean I get people think Harlow has zero talent, but this release is so baffling. By whatever sacrifice he made to the devil, Harlow has landed a golden career. So many people love him (even if you don't), and he's hitting success after success. So with everything going his way, even from a purely selfish/marketing perspective, you would have thought they would have put more effort into this album.