• Published on Dec 12, 2019
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Month ago +434

    HEY GUYS, I started a podcast! Check it out every tuesday! link.chtbl.com/L1pAYMWF

    • Mylie Foster
      Mylie Foster Day ago +1

      Gabbie Hanna I started dying right at the beginning of the video when you screamed and said “ThEreS a elEPhAnt in dere!!”

    • Isaac Bunn
      Isaac Bunn 2 days ago

      Your hair looks awesome. Keep up the good work

    • Layla Crossley
      Layla Crossley 15 days ago

      @Star Rae then just leave and don't bother hating on her

    • Layla Crossley
      Layla Crossley 15 days ago

      Love your podcast 🤗

    • Courtney Walker
      Courtney Walker 19 days ago

      @Katia Stastny sameeee

  • Kenny Williams
    Kenny Williams Day ago

    I felt the cringe everytime she said that’s the tea to the professionals 😂😂😂😅😂 I’m dying at it haha ❤️😂😂

  • kaciegayle
    kaciegayle 2 days ago

    All I’m saying is the Cottonelle with Aloe toilet paper is awesome

  • Elena IllyDragonfly
    Elena IllyDragonfly 3 days ago

    Seeing your other 'organizing' videos and your hoarding habit I'm betting all the improvements in the entire house will be nullified in a week and a half... just saying.

  • Mikaila Daniel
    Mikaila Daniel 3 days ago

    I’ve been off Flash-Player for awhile whats the big deal why are y’all so pressed with Gabbie. Luv you Gabbie have no idea why people are so pressed.

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose 3 days ago

    We stab Gabbie not giving a fuck about haters and posting her living her best life ion care about hate on this I saw Gabbie since vine I love u Gabbie ❤️🥺

  • Abbie Willsher x
    Abbie Willsher x 4 days ago

    Ahhh I love Gabbie so much!! 🖤❤️

  • Jazmin Harris
    Jazmin Harris 5 days ago

    Kill me now... why does Gabbie have to be such a TRENDY bitch!
    P.s. I meant that in a good way!
    P.s.s... I’m gonna go buy stuff now 😂

  • Jazmin Harris
    Jazmin Harris 5 days ago


  • Jazmin Harris
    Jazmin Harris 5 days ago

    I need this on a loop and I may die from laughter 😂💀👻

  • It's Just Ram
    It's Just Ram 5 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna shouts
    Me : Men I wish I can have that life too. They are so RICH
    By the way love you Gabbie Hanna.

  • chocolatecake
    chocolatecake 5 days ago

    All that money ripping people off from a few tweets printed in books & auto tuned songs. Might print this comment in a book and see if i can afford a home. Love u but not anymore.

  • Clarimyr Lol
    Clarimyr Lol 6 days ago

    Can someone explain me what happened;-;

  • Alana Hilburn
    Alana Hilburn 6 days ago

    I used to love her...

  • Ross Modesto
    Ross Modesto 7 days ago

    How anybody can't do this on their own is beyond me, you're just lazy and messy

  • Abby Walters
    Abby Walters 8 days ago

    Oh my god you said that’s the tea SO MUCH..

  • Alanna Kruger
    Alanna Kruger 9 days ago

    Putting mugs in a drawer is so smart omg

  • Alanna Kruger
    Alanna Kruger 9 days ago

    “So the other day I was opening up cabinets and I saw...”
    *throws a bag at her head* 😂

  • Kennie Em
    Kennie Em 10 days ago

    You're the worst. Delusional.

  • Anya Danielle
    Anya Danielle 11 days ago

    21 minutes and 23 seconds of Gabbie not knowing what regular household items are

  • Sunflower glo
    Sunflower glo 12 days ago

    Me: completely loses it at "Grabbie Handa"
    Bish I hope you're dressed for a funeral because I AM DEAD 😂😂😂😂🌻

  • Jaqueline Sapien
    Jaqueline Sapien 12 days ago

    She is just so lazy I cannot stand it. One of THE most unorganized, messiest people ever. Had a best friend like her once, was a nightmare. Never cleaned up after herself and was lazy as hell to do anything.

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson 12 days ago

    Gurl I love me some hint

  • gloriafying
    gloriafying 12 days ago

    “When things look like things I go INSANE” 😂😂

  • Jasmine Nyhuise
    Jasmine Nyhuise 12 days ago

    I'm the only one who doesnt know what the controversy is about....someone explain

  • Neli Montoya
    Neli Montoya 13 days ago

    Gabbie!! Put some WD40 on that pantry door! Lol

  • Jackie The German
    Jackie The German 13 days ago

    She’s probably just smoking weed 🤟😝

  • argosje1
    argosje1 14 days ago

    There is only like 10 seconds of organising in the organising video....

  • Emily Maguire
    Emily Maguire 14 days ago

    The tea station is my dream 😍

  • Angel girl
    Angel girl 14 days ago

    Why are people saying hate comments are being deleted? If you scroll further down there's a million.

  • Missy p
    Missy p 14 days ago


  • LittleBig H.
    LittleBig H. 14 days ago +1

    This is how many times Gabbie said "WOW!"

  • Moosic Gaming
    Moosic Gaming 15 days ago

    9:22 I don't say saltines, or premiums. I say saltine crackers!


  • Emmanuel Salas
    Emmanuel Salas 15 days ago

    Damn people really be hating on gabbie

  • sarah psuedonym
    sarah psuedonym 16 days ago

    ok just a reminder people are human and make mistakes (sometimes bad ones). yes it needs to be addressed. but just remember that a lot goes into people being the way they are. you play the victim when you HAVE been a victim for a long time. you're insecure when you're constantly belittled. I think she wanted to keep her friends and made a bad choice. A lot of things and time go into a mental state.

  • Alexa Macdonald
    Alexa Macdonald 16 days ago

    Come on people, she has every right to go through and delete nasty comments. You don’t need to bug her about it.

  • Anna Ruff
    Anna Ruff 16 days ago

    We’re not gonna talk about the fact she put a stick of butter back into her cabinet??

  • Seung Ha Jul
    Seung Ha Jul 16 days ago

    what she did in the past that make her gets these negative comments?

  • Kassidy Crider
    Kassidy Crider 16 days ago

    why yall hating on gabbie

  • sean
    sean 16 days ago

    who tf sleeps in jeans

  • Jetta playz
    Jetta playz 16 days ago +1

    How long is it going to take for all of you people putting negative comments on her videos to realize that she deletes the comments to make herself feel better because you are the problem let her live her life however she wants. If she wants to have her house organized by others she can do what she wants with her money. If she wants other people to decorate her house she can. Its not your house. Its not your money. Let her do what she wants with her house.

  • The Lovely Mel Chan
    The Lovely Mel Chan 17 days ago +1

    What exactly is she so busy doing??
    She doesn't work anywhere

  • Remus Black
    Remus Black 18 days ago

    People keep talking about the"tea" "gaslighting" "she's awful and a rapists" but I haven't really heard anything and to be honest I don't really care I love gabbies videos they make me smile and laugh and this particular series makes me want to get my life together I've watched her for years and really enjoy her and her videos I don't know why everyone is constantly trying to cancel her. To be honest if you don't like her that's fine don't watch herbut don't come onto a video where she's clearly not spilling any tea she's just organizing her kitchen don't like it don't watch it don't leave hate. Don't try and spoil something nice and good in someone's life. The internet is constantly doing a witch it's Gabbie Hanna this week I know be someone else next you guys take everything way to personal if you want to take it personal that's fine but this whole the ruin their whole career they deserve nothing they have bc of this one thing they did is immature and not realistic. it comes to the point of you don't like someone and don't want to support them then don't you don't need to go under their channel watch other videos hate on the hate comments and everything else just watch if you want and don't if you don't. This isn't just about Gabbie it's about this cancel culture we've created it just cycles negative shit and hate. there are some people I don't like there's some people I don't find entertaining there's some people that I find absolutely horrible but I don't go around trying to cancel everyone and leaving hate comments I don't leavehe comments I mean leave a truth but I'm not going to sit and slander someone I've never met. I don't like some tweets that Kevin Hart has sent out a while back they were homophobic and I made a I think informative and insightful non cancelling tumblr post about it and that was all also I've never met the guy and I like his movies they're funny they entertaining so guess what I still watch them. You don't need to like everything someone does to be entertained I sound like a broken record but whatever. In the end do what you want but hating doesn't help anyone it just makes the world darker. Instead of hating try educating instead of canceling try communicating. #lovenothate
    In the end mind your business and your words ♥️

  • Kalais DeRuyter
    Kalais DeRuyter 18 days ago

    I wish people would stop saying negative things it makes my day bad I just like to watch Her being funny and I don’t really know much about this controversy stuff but I wish people would just enjoy the videos and stop hating also if she was deleting Comments don’t you think she would’ve deleted yours obviously she’s just ignoring it and why would she like comments that were negative obviously she’s gonna like comments that are positive this is just annoying

  • S M
    S M 18 days ago

    Oh wow. Gabbie organizing her house? She really organize her attitude too

  • Js Gaming
    Js Gaming 19 days ago

    If it was me I would have it ruined in a hour

  • Perla Cartagena
    Perla Cartagena 19 days ago +2

    "is it filming?¿" "yeah" "otay"

  • Keenan Crooks
    Keenan Crooks 19 days ago

    Damn Gabbie if you love elephants that much why don’t you ask your boyfriend to take you to the zoo 😂😅🤣🤣

  • Nicole Rodrigue
    Nicole Rodrigue 19 days ago

    ANOTHER house makeover?
    Oof. Shocked at the originality and talent with this one.

  • Anne Greene
    Anne Greene 19 days ago

    She was sleeping in jeans

  • Ashley Pullen
    Ashley Pullen 19 days ago


  • Courtney Walker
    Courtney Walker 19 days ago


  • Courtney Walker
    Courtney Walker 19 days ago +1

    ok heres the tea sisters, gabbie is a great and caring person to her fans, if she is deleting comments its because she dosnt want us or herself to always see the negatives! if you dont believe me look at her video where she wants to get surgery the reason she didnt want to is because she cared so much abut how her decision would affect her fans life and how they would think that they need surgery to be beautiful. and she didnt get the surgery! so, everyone whos hating and being like oh shes not addressing the real issues and shes deleting comments and lieing. just shut up. no one wants you here!

  • Courtney Walker
    Courtney Walker 19 days ago +3

    ok, i was trying to figure out who that girl from practically perfect looked like (1:56) and she looks like Susan (Carol's lesbian life partner from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!) like this comment if you agree or like friends!

  • Isabella Campione
    Isabella Campione 20 days ago +1

    You should have your mental health and self destructive tendencies organized by professional organizers.

  • It's Kate
    It's Kate 20 days ago

    Okay.. but if my pantry looked that nice I wouldn’t want to eat because I wouldn’t want to make it less cute 😂

  • SpiceToTheMax
    SpiceToTheMax 20 days ago

    Oh my gosh why is everyone so obsessed with this "deleting comments" thing! Don't you realize that YOU are the negative comments? You can't find the bad comments because there are none. Y'all are just hooked on this controversy thing and looking for other people's opinions, but everyone that wanted to say something has said it already. You keep asking where the negative comments are and assuming that Gabbie is deleting them, but all I can find are your comments. Don't you think that if she were deleting hateful or negative comments that she would delete yours too?

  • Grace B
    Grace B 20 days ago +1

    I can just picture Gabby saying ‘I’m a big girl now’.

  • Trista Taylor
    Trista Taylor 20 days ago +2

    Wow I love how I can read comments from the fanbase anymore without being annoyed by complaining about how "Comments are being deleted." or "make sure you're friends are okay" crap. She's a human. People make mistakes. It's time to move on.

  • Shaylee Dawn
    Shaylee Dawn 20 days ago

    5:14 buttcrack