I can't wait to SLAP Israel Adesanya when we fight-Jon Jones,Chael on Nick Diaz vs Masvidal

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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    Chael Sonnen on Nick Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal,
    Checkout Ariel Helwani Show Pod- www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/16787314
    Woodley on Masvidal,
    Jon Jones reveals his next opponent,
    Demian Maia on Askren,
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    Edgar vs Sanhagen official,
    Shahbazyan on KO'ing Tavares,
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    Namajunas on losing her belt,
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    Ngannou wants to use the 'Secret' which Tyson told him against Fury,
    Checkout 'Ariel Helwani's MMA SHOW'-itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ariel-helwanis-mma-show/id1131739506?mt=2
    Till calls out Whittaker,
    Jon Jones on Adesanya,
    And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Comments • 2 900

    MMA WORLD  Month ago +273

    Bones or Izzy?

  • SE1ZUREFt 101
    SE1ZUREFt 101 13 hours ago

    Did he just call it a cartoon, you sacrilegious bastard😂😂😂

  • Leopoldo Fregoli
    Leopoldo Fregoli 2 days ago

    I thought izzy bite the routine off power rangers

  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 6 days ago +1


  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 6 days ago +1

    OH DREAM ON, JON JONES!!! I hope you get your ass kicked, for once & for all!!!

  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 6 days ago +1

    When is this fight going to be??

  • Light House
    Light House 8 days ago

    I feel sorry for lil izzy. Cause Jon is going to intentionally hurt him bad just to make him humble . Elephants don't swat flies . But this is a rare little dragon- horse fly, who starting to get annoying

  • Patricia Watts
    Patricia Watts 9 days ago


  • Nano Gassin
    Nano Gassin 13 days ago

    Dominick Reyes vs Jon Jones sounds like a good fight to watch

    NO NAME 13 days ago

    Jon Jones "I can't wait to SLAP Israel Adesanya" ofc he can't wait to do that... Cause that means sticking his fingers in his eyes, when ever he gets close to him... Jon Jones is the most dirty fighter in TUF history, have no clue why he is still allowed in the Octagon? and I thought those kicks he does are illegal too? cause it's a front kick to the knee section, where you can end the fight with one kick? like you are not, allowed to do footstomps, then the front kick to the knee is 10 times worse... But the rules don't apply for the more famous people in the sport?

  • LastTrend Standning
    LastTrend Standning 14 days ago

    Both Diaz in one time vs Masvidal has 0 chance

  • Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata 15 days ago

    He gone poke his eyes out....ped

  • Loris Ulcar
    Loris Ulcar 15 days ago

    Yes and I am looking forward for you to grow a pair and go fight big boys like Stipe

  • Emerson Benavides
    Emerson Benavides 16 days ago

    I’m a big fan of you Jon Jones but don’t call Dragon Ball Z a cartoon it’s an anime lol!!!!!!

  • bill lesnar
    bill lesnar 16 days ago

    woodley is just so redundant at this stage,just shut the fuck up and fight already

  • buttman 7891
    buttman 7891 17 days ago

    Jon a hoe, he said he draws energy from those who raise their hand for with him.....s.m.d

  • buttman 7891
    buttman 7891 17 days ago


  • A4real Jizzle
    A4real Jizzle 18 days ago

    Slap = Poke. We are not surprised MFS

  • scooter
    scooter 19 days ago

    I want ownership, I want this, I want that, mcgregors got an entitlement problem.

    ABUBAKAR UMAR YABO 19 days ago +1

    Jon why are you so worried about adesanya you are not from the same weight class with him..

  • Dr.J
    Dr.J 20 days ago

    Jones vs Adesanya 😈🔥

  • Ivan Grosche
    Ivan Grosche 20 days ago

    Lets be real, people can hate Jones but it's not going to happen. Jones hands down. I like Izz too but come on

  • Syed Munawar
    Syed Munawar 20 days ago

    Jon jones dc 3 ma

  • Demigod El
    Demigod El 20 days ago

    Na i don't agree with nate steppin in for nick, yeh itll draw a crowd, but if nate comes in on some emotional shit then he risks tarnishing both their name and their position if he loses, and im talkin about for both him and his brother, if people see them both lose to the same dude one after the other, its not a good look. On an honest tip people dont like them because they are super skilled fighters, people like them because its a pair of brothers in the ufc that got heart and they dont give a fuck. Once that translates over too iight now these guys just aint really beatin shit too much anymore and then you go and try to avenge your brother (which tells people he cant or doesnt want to redeem himself) and then you get yo ass kicked too(if it happens), then now they eill br simply synchornized together as garbage fighters. So the risk on that is too great career wise cause if jorge wins over nate he eill simply have another w but its not likely to be a career highlighted moment that people are going to make double digit amounts of compelation videos about, it just going to be another w . so na dont do it nate, you only putting your brothers manhood and adding water to it and making yall look bad collectively if you lose too. You guys had it good up til now because your loses are over looked by times when either one wins a fight, being the reason people arent labeling you guys a certain way, butt the moment y'all cross lanes losing to the same person back to back at this current point, then you might as well retire them gloves

  • Corderius Norton
    Corderius Norton 21 day ago

    I wanna smash hmu on snap 😌😉

  • David D
    David D 21 day ago


  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood 21 day ago

    Jones would murk adesanya

  • Bryce Owings
    Bryce Owings 21 day ago

    thats cool except goku does the spirit bomb with 2 hands

    edit: typo on gokus name

  • Luke
    Luke 22 days ago +1

    Nick Diaz v Masvidal would be amazing and needs to happen. I'd love to see Nick vs Lawler 2 too.

  • Anthony Mullings
    Anthony Mullings 22 days ago

    ufc we don't need you'll any more we gat boxin denonta wilder Louis ortiz so bye

  • Carolee Morais
    Carolee Morais 22 days ago

    He has 2 years to perfect turning jon's cheat shots against him, but i dont see Jon being around in 2021. His time is pretty much up. I predict he will kill the rest of his "career" within the next 6 months.

  • Hardaway BEAR
    Hardaway BEAR 22 days ago

    I hate seeing legends like mike Tyson get out of shape. I mean, at least keep your diet in check if you're not going to workout daily. You're a legend. Act like it.

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg 22 days ago

    Where is Jones vs Adesanya?? Adesanya doesn't want that L!

  • Nikko Escaño
    Nikko Escaño 23 days ago

    The Most savage fighter is jon jones!!

  • errndog errndog
    errndog errndog 23 days ago

    Tyson still fast as hellllllllll

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 23 days ago

    Jon Jones you’ve played it safe your whole career, whilst cheating on steroids 3 times, you’ve still remained at LHW. You know you aren’t as good as your record shows because it’s padded by washed up LHW’s, take a leaf out of McGregors book, even DC, and Henry and test yourself at other weight classes, that’s how you become a lengend. You’ll go down as a great LHW that took steroids and that’s about it. go to HW and get worked, but instead you still picking a fight with a young Middleweight in Israel. Weak. jealous because he reminds you of yourself, just a better & smarter version who hasn’t fucked his career by cheating and hitting a pregnant women.

  • Timothy Gutierrez
    Timothy Gutierrez 23 days ago

    I'll be honest Jones is a big guy I'd rather see him fight at heavyweight than wait for a 185er to move up

  • Joel Salas
    Joel Salas 23 days ago +1

    Jon Jones is reallly out here acting hard after being caught cheating how many times ? Slapping is the best he is gonna do lol I hope adesanya puts his best as always and shuts him up.

    • SunnySide Juke
      SunnySide Juke 21 day ago

      Izzy scared to fight Jones anytime soon. He knows he can't beat him so he's trying to wait him out.

  • Tom Fury
    Tom Fury 24 days ago

    Why do people fight?

  • Jesus Kris
    Jesus Kris 24 days ago

    I would thlap your fathe intho a bolivian

  • Elric
    Elric 24 days ago

    I think he means like him in the eye

  • Soggier black by Huskies have been

    I give zero fucks about big bro getting revenge for little bro I just want to see Nick fight anyone

  • Dave Lloyd
    Dave Lloyd 24 days ago

    Just a quick message about your link to MMA World merchandise. The company teechip are extremely bad, customer service is no good at all, the product I ordered was cheap and completely the wrong size and badly printed. I advise not to use this company at any cost. I now have to set about getting a refund when I cannot even get a transcript of 3 live customer service chat conversations I had, emailed to me. I do not hold out any hope in getting this resolved with them. Check out all the groups about them on Facebook

  • Noel Mercado
    Noel Mercado 24 days ago +2

    Iron mike still lightning fast wow!

  • Curtis Greenwood
    Curtis Greenwood 24 days ago

    Tyrone woodly a bitch he quit when Camaro pressured him

  • Poems Perfect
    Poems Perfect 24 days ago

    Hahaha welcome to the UFC Ben

  • Poems Perfect
    Poems Perfect 24 days ago +2

    Feuds make fights but how is it Jon Jones's manages to fall out with nearly everyone he fights yet his fights often rate amongst the most boring of the elite.

  • Chris Valliere
    Chris Valliere 24 days ago +1

    Hey Maia was KO'd in 20 seconds once, he is speaking from experience

  • Kyle Payne
    Kyle Payne 24 days ago

    Some dumb ass mother fuckers out there, " I bet my rent money on you, let's go baby!!".... wtf!! Hahahaha. It's not Nate Diaz's responsibility to pay your mofuckin rent bub....

    XXXCRSPL 24 days ago

    Izzy I hope shuts that coke head up

  • Ni99awitavic 615
    Ni99awitavic 615 24 days ago

    izzy would need a better reach to even compete i like izzy but bones and his reach would beat izzy senseless and eye poking izzy might need mma sports googles lol

  • Lawzey
    Lawzey 24 days ago +1

    Everybody has a plan till they get hit...Jones you gonna get hit really bad

    • Didia gabor
      Didia gabor 22 days ago

      He knows that with his big mouth he don't know that he is calling a storm out his place

    • Lisette Elise Paris
      Lisette Elise Paris 22 days ago

      He is so beautiful but so corrupted, it is a shame. Tired of feeling guilty for not liking him.

  • Giovanni Deshazor
    Giovanni Deshazor 24 days ago

    I can't wait to Jones slap👋 the shit outta Israel frfr

  • The Progressive
    The Progressive 24 days ago

    after all of those fans wanting him to jump weight and never materialized, this guy decided to go war with someone who is under his division.

  • Mike Mcmonahan
    Mike Mcmonahan 25 days ago

    Nate didn't have enough turn around time

  • Danson Wachira
    Danson Wachira 25 days ago

    Funny how a grown up man says he can slap another dude???? You don't even have to be in mma .....try slapping some dude down town see what will happen🤣🤣🤣

  • XLG
    XLG 25 days ago

    I can't wait to "eye poke" Israel Adesanya when we fight! Fixed it for you.

    FAITHFAIL 25 days ago +1

    0:50 Nick with the nunchucks and a stolen Bird behind him

  • Coy Brown
    Coy Brown 25 days ago +3

    This just makes me love nate more such a good guy ❤

  • James O Hara
    James O Hara 25 days ago

    Nate paying a guy out the shite top class l would expect nothing less from a legend