Her BREAKING POINT | The VITAL Part of WoW That Blizzard DIDN’T Put In-Game | Sylvanas EXPLAINED

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Our Sylvanas deep dive continues, with today's episode covering the major BFA reveals that you probably missed!
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  • BellularGaming
    BellularGaming  Month ago +29

    Sponsored by the DROP + Sennhiser HD58X, get $25 off with my link: dro.ps/bellulargaming-hd58x

    • sirconnor5
      sirconnor5 28 days ago

      I ordered myself a pair, thanks :) - I'm from the UK so your $25 dollars off basically pays for the shipping. By the way, Bellular, have you witnessed the Tauren heritage quest chain? - Really gives a lot of clues related to the spirit realm, and 'Death' something is causing disruption. There are a lot of new art assets related to spirits and death as well.

    • shaun white
      shaun white Month ago


    • shaun white
      shaun white Month ago

      I love to hear more about my Queen!!!!

    • Marián Zelník
      Marián Zelník Month ago

      The sennheisers RS195 are the only way.

    • ByAnyOtherName091
      ByAnyOtherName091 Month ago

      It's amazing how closely Blizzard's life story parallels Sylvanas' life story.

  • ScepticalCynic
    ScepticalCynic 9 days ago

    Here is the real deal, Sylvanas is not flip floping. She is just tossed around by bad writers who want to force the overarching story into a certain direction and she is not the only established character who is befallen by the misfortune of hacks.

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M 13 days ago

    I have a Sony headset. Those $160 headset must be the best.

  • Micheal Stammers
    Micheal Stammers 15 days ago

    Maybe the story will come all together in the shadowlands. Maybe see memories of her most impactful parts of the past. And also get to see the pact with the jailer

  • Gregg Johnson
    Gregg Johnson 17 days ago

    "Every orc your age remembers being imprisoned for years in filthy camps..."
    "What use is delaying the inevitable?"
    Hmm, let me think about this one.

  • Daniel Hammer
    Daniel Hammer 22 days ago

    huh.. that book would have been good to read before i did the war campaign mission that lead to the fall of the night elves.
    Why do they even want to fill all the holes with books when most want to get it filled from the game?

  • Queek
    Queek 25 days ago

    Well hopefully blizzard manages to make multiple endings in WoW such as Sylvanas Loyalists/Alliance dogs/and FOR THE HORDE!

  • Happy Muffin
    Happy Muffin 25 days ago

    Sylvanas' behavior changes depending on the writer's competence... Sometimes she is a war genius, sometime an impulsive brat.

  • Ra R
    Ra R 25 days ago

    Typical Woman, Emotion Mode ON = Brain Mode Off. We get this treatment at least once a month

  • Rob Sanders
    Rob Sanders 26 days ago

    I have felt all of the gear is pointless in this expansion. I think that is why they are trying to over compensate the gear. This expansion seems like it would have been better served as a telltale game

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis 26 days ago

    Bellular, I have to say I often consider unsubbing from your channel. then you go and put an awesome video like this out and it reminds me why i keep putting it off. Good work I really enjoyed this video.

  • Jessica Suris
    Jessica Suris 26 days ago

    Azerite makes you smarter? So Azerite is just recolored Kajamite?

  • LeO Tiresias
    LeO Tiresias 27 days ago

    Sorry this sounds much more like wishful thinking. They did much less thinking and only had those GoT Plottwists in mind without understanding what made them (in the earlier seasons) good. Legions treatment of Sylvanas was great because it was surprising (and i don't care if she's turns out evil or is allowed to have a redemption arc). There is so much wasted potential. Her emotional instability is a lazy shorthand and a sexist writing trope for a formerly feminist character not a "tell". It was also not established. This is not writing it is cowardess. We could have got a story, but we got a lot of retroactive retcons and nothing else.

  • Sarys
    Sarys 27 days ago

    I'm happy with my Void Pro wireless set ty.

  • catxborsuq1
    catxborsuq1 28 days ago

    To be fair, when Blizzard does put stuff in game, a LOT of players often simply miss it. I remember back during MoP they designed Primordius fight to show players that the mogu had created sauroks as most of them had missed that. Of course, this isn't a proper comparison, considering they are far less important to the plot than character like Sylvanas, but still.

  • Ashkhael
    Ashkhael 28 days ago

    Sometimes life forces you to give up something for your own good.
    Then one day, nearly a decade later, you return to it and see how magnificently it changed, how hundreds of creative minds gave their contribution and turned it into an a living epic story.

    And then there's WoW.
    Glad I dodged this shitshow.

  • Edge Lord McCringe MK-3000

    basically Sylvannas being a woman.
    that's why women should not be queens or presidents

  • Enes Ozbay
    Enes Ozbay 29 days ago

    I Serve the Banshee Queen!

  • Julian Sojobo
    Julian Sojobo 29 days ago

    I feel that this kind of behaviour is very often seen in elves. Kael, Tyrande, Illidan, etc.

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson 29 days ago

    She's an elf, ergo she is an 'eyebrow-twirling villian' instead

  • Cure4Living
    Cure4Living 29 days ago

    Either bad and inconsistent writing or Sylvanas is your standard emotions over logic woman.

  • Rakanarshi2
    Rakanarshi2 29 days ago

    God damn, really wish they would just tell the story through the game. It's like back in the day when it was just warcraft 2 beyond the dark portal. Lord of the clans was supposed to keep that story going but it got canceled, making the start of warcraft 3 a bit jarring for me. Really wish they would tell the full story in the game >

    TEHFUZZEHONEZ 29 days ago

    Oh cool. So they took one of the coolest lore characters and didn't just make her mustache twirlingly evil, they had all this happen because Sylvanas can't handle "muh emotions" like a "typical woman". GG blizz. Great guide to how fucking not to write your female characters.

  • Randall Wade
    Randall Wade 29 days ago

    Can you imagine if Saurfang declared Mok'gora at darkshore & lost? Sylvanas would be getting away with so much crap lol.

  • Icie Flake
    Icie Flake 29 days ago

    rest of Azeorth (alliance side) : *sighs* ffs . . . can't your faction solve it your self's? It's like brexit + trump when it comes to even thinking of horde politics. .

  • Gungnir HD
    Gungnir HD Month ago

    Sylvanas isnt garrosh 2.0, its daenerys 2.0. This has to be the worst character development in the game by FAR. Will they ever stop force feed us sylvanas lore for something more interesting like the titans for exemple? I just want this sylvanas bs to end so i can finally be amazed by the game lore instead of being bored with more childish nonsense from a character that seased to be cool since the end of wotlk

  • Devin Harp
    Devin Harp Month ago

    Something you learn in psychology is that people will usually adopt the views of everyone around them. I feel like people hate on the story because they see everyone else doing it and take their reasoning instead of thinking for themselves.
    Easier to go with the crowd then have a minority opinion.

  • Markus Frahm
    Markus Frahm Month ago

    this was an incredible fascinating psychological insight. one of your best works in my opinion.

  • Flixey
    Flixey Month ago

    Bellular's sponsor segments are smooth af

  • Nicholas Simmons
    Nicholas Simmons Month ago

    Omfg. That ad weaving tho

  • Mike Conner
    Mike Conner Month ago

    What I dont get is when Saurfang fights her, she kills him, says screw it and leaves, then everyone says Saurfang wo . Seriously, wtf.

  • LokesHusse
    LokesHusse Month ago

    Very well done, Blizzard did a very poor job of telling the story. Tarantino can tell a story with 5 pieces of it in the air, at any time, Blizzard can't! :)

  • Tareq Hasan
    Tareq Hasan Month ago

    Boycott Blizzard!

  • Alonso Gonzalez
    Alonso Gonzalez Month ago

    It's interesting that while Sylvanas seems to act in anger at the burning, there is a somber logic. Elune's intervention showed her she would oppose Sylvanas, so what she did? She tried to kill hope. And she succeeded, to a point. She managed to turn many fallen Kaldorei, make them believe Elune had abandoned them.
    It's like at that moment she decided that her plan to splinter the Alliance was less important than breaking Elune's worship.

  • Alonso Gonzalez
    Alonso Gonzalez Month ago

    I think Sylvanas mantra is "Pivot"
    Something doesn't work as planned? Pivot
    Current course might not offer desired results? Pivot
    Changing courses might hasten longer plays? Pivot
    Full out War could serve as distraction? Pivot

  • Tyler Stephenson
    Tyler Stephenson Month ago

    you real smooth with these ads/promos

  • BrightSkysHimself
    BrightSkysHimself Month ago

    Leave it to a WOMAN to be an emotional wreck. :^)

  • Talliy Boltair
    Talliy Boltair Month ago +1

    Man... I want to keep playing, but Blizzard's China Censorship has ruined that =(

    • TheCrazyScatman
      TheCrazyScatman Month ago

      Yeah I wanted to pay for more subs for classic but... Morals.

  • Robert Colo'n
    Robert Colo'n Month ago +1

    Shit is going to be funny if Azeroth is evil the entire time. Far away you hear sargeras say "You thought you knew, but you didnt!"

  • Scrotum Monster
    Scrotum Monster Month ago +1

    So syoked for Blizzcon and 8.3.5 content. 🎉😄🎉

  • Bad WoW Videos with Never

    So Azerite is meth.

  • Ravendarke 777
    Ravendarke 777 Month ago +1

    After what they did to Blitzchung I can't believe you assholes are STILL playing Blizzard games, evil prospers when good people do nothing.

  • Stephanie Letterson

    One of the many things that bother me about Sylvanas arc is the conclusion that she is going to succeed at whatever he master end-goal plan is. Ever since she jumped off of Ice Crown, forces seem to be manipulating her towards a goal by giving her support- aka, the Valkeries, Hella, Azerite vision, Zalatath. All of these seem to be moving Sylvanas toward someone else's goal- and Sylvanas- ruled by fear of oblivion and her own arrogance thinks that she is in control of what she is doing. I believe she is being manipulated by the Old Gods ( if they can see all possibility, why keep the blade knowing that Sylvanas will give it to Ashara, then not dispose of it after capturing Ashara???). Also, the vision to Vol'jin- someone clearly wanted Sylvanas to take the throne- yet hand of valor stepped in to protect Vol'jin. I just get the feeling, in the moment of Sylvanas' "triumph", the true enabler of her plan will be revealed, and Sylvanas will have been a unwitting pawn all this time.

  • Easy Grin
    Easy Grin Month ago

    Saurfang was kind of a scam...... Mister big warrior got beat by some one the size of Nathalie Portman... You could see Rexxar and the others go.... Dude..

  • Woopidoo
    Woopidoo Month ago

    I actually hoped to see some sort of relation between Saurfang, Malfurion and Tyranda. Tyranda and Malfurion knew Broxigar, Saurfangs brother, and they helped each other back in The War of The Ancients. That axe in Malfurions back was downright shameful, Saurfang even mention this himself, but it was also a blow to his brother in some way.

    • TheCrazyScatman
      TheCrazyScatman Month ago

      I think the cinematic for saurfang and sylvanas should have been more in depth. As in: more abilities dispersed in saurfangs favor yet sylvanas ultimately winning the mok'gora.

  • Nox Elohim
    Nox Elohim Month ago

    Her battle with malfurion actually highlights something important I just thought of.
    Why was she just sitting there shooting her bow at him? Where was the blast she 1 shotted Saurfang with?
    She didn't have that power yet it seems.
    If she had, she would have beaten him.
    But she was losing, and we all saw it.
    So now...where did she suddenly get her super beam of instant death from?
    She uses it in a 1v1 fight she's winning, simply out of anger, but not when she's about to be killed in a fight she's losing?
    That makes no sense.

  • SM Malu
    SM Malu Month ago +1

    sylvanas has always been a brat even when she was alive

  • TouchedbyCastiel
    TouchedbyCastiel Month ago

    So.. Sylvannas is an incel?

  • Mathias Riis Sørensen

    You just got me again with that transition!

  • HI I'M K I R B
    HI I'M K I R B Month ago

    Still not my warchief, good riddance

  • Calibizaro
    Calibizaro Month ago

    I get the impulsiveness... however... I think the burning of Teldrasil (and all of the people still inside it), is also a part of her "feed as many souls as possible to my new dark master"

  • Kittie Grant
    Kittie Grant Month ago +1

    azshara's a narcissist, sylvanas is just a leader

  • stethespaniard2
    stethespaniard2 Month ago

    This game was best when it was the horde and the alliance vs some threat. Where are the new races that the used to do in expansions?

  • Gazump
    Gazump Month ago

    Why dont they just add all the mixed media into the game, easy fix for the story telling

  • Erik Pillar
    Erik Pillar Month ago +2

    Man, this really feels like just bending over backward to make things make sense.

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe Month ago

    It's like there's a sort of internal fight between her smart self and her stupid self. It's actually super interesting... Too bad it wasn't in the game...

  • Lee Crotty
    Lee Crotty Month ago

    I’m trying to figure out how many times I need to fast-forward his schilling of products.

  • Legather
    Legather Month ago

    Is there a playlist for this series? Not clear on which vids are part of the dive and which just happen to talk about Sylvanas.

  • Jagrajagra
    Jagrajagra Month ago

    So... if the big goblin cannon fires, which city is it going to fire at,... and is it going to fire the plague that Nathanos refers to?

  • 滋賀|Shiga|
    滋賀|Shiga| Month ago

    What is the song from the intro?! I've heard it so many times in wow and never found the damn name.

    • The Mandarin
      The Mandarin Month ago

      Legacy by Jason Hayes. From the official soundtrack of classic.