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Fighter Tricked His Opponent

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • MMA fighter tricked his opponent into getting him disqualified for an illegal move in 2013. Russian MMA fight between Mikhail Gazaev and Konstantin Glukhov.

    by Florid Miston

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  • Ayden Spears
    Ayden Spears 12 days ago +16756

    He didn't get tricked, he just stopped caring. The crowd was cheering for the guy

    • Paulo Camargo
      Paulo Camargo Day ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂oow inocência

    • Nerdikles TV
      Nerdikles TV Day ago

      @Ayden Spears no hate to you my friend, just these others who want to talk about fighting and honor..

    • Ayden Spears
      Ayden Spears Day ago +1

      @Nerdikles TV I wasn't

    • Nerdikles TV
      Nerdikles TV Day ago

      How many of yall man children were even old enough to vote when this fight happened? Yeesh.

    • koolkingjames248
      koolkingjames248 2 days ago

      @Jimmy Testa didn't you see the fight. He got tired of dealing with it in the 3rd round. Tbh I would've too.

  • z
    z 8 days ago +4552

    They forgot to tell about his iconic interview. His phrase "it was him who ko'ed me, it was me who won him" became legendary in Russia. Im shitty interpreter, but you got me

    • Jarno L
      Jarno L 4 days ago

      Haha i was sure he was russian😁

    • tjflacid
      tjflacid 5 days ago

      Lmao this says everything about the facade russians and people who like them have

    • ratoncito
      ratoncito 6 days ago

      @Tyler Hess Yeah and they get more likes because people don't realize they're just verified bots.

    • Tom tucker
      Tom tucker 6 days ago +3

      He used a cheap move and I hope he got a concussion from that kick

    • Александр Борисов
      Александр Борисов 7 days ago

      @trololoev да даже если в гугле написать «мы развиваемся» там ~99% картинок будет про это

  • Sage K
    Sage K 6 days ago +1327

    Imagine getting knocked out like this in a street fight and waking up in a hospital hours later and being like “HA! He did an illegal move so I win by default.”

    • Genio Cristo
      Genio Cristo Day ago

      But it not a street fight... so whats your point?

    • Rizq Auldy
      Rizq Auldy Day ago

      @Theo but we're not an animal

    • The Emperor
      The Emperor 2 days ago

      @Leon Francis Have you seen how emotional fighters get? You're not wrong in the sense they are very different situations but fighters are so sensitive.

    • Josh Benware
      Josh Benware 2 days ago

      @jorge salazar yeah, but there is no way to train in street fighting. It just takes experience, and that can go either way, and is heavily dependent on the person. A trained fighter at least has the advantage of learning techniques and skills to a high level of proficiency. The obvious lesson we should all realize is- never underestimate anyone.

    • Sage K
      Sage K 2 days ago

      @Leon Francis … The only reason people watch MMA is because it is a legal variant of fighting … Rules only exist to protect the participants.

  • TheLustyLugia
    TheLustyLugia 4 days ago +566

    “An easy win” all it takes is 3 rounds of being on your knee until you get knocked out from a kick to the face, and it costs all of your respect

    • Chad Black
      Chad Black 7 hours ago

      @Dulce Deleche male feminist

    • Dulce Deleche
      Dulce Deleche 12 hours ago

      @Chad Black cringe

    • Nerdikles TV
      Nerdikles TV 19 hours ago

      @Nathanael Vass doubt there is an asterisk, probably just a win by dq. Let's be real, the man took home the prize money and got the win. Pride doesn't feed the family, or warm the house.

    • Hoopfan83
      Hoopfan83 Day ago +1


    • Nathanael Vass
      Nathanael Vass Day ago

      @Nerdikles TV yeah but the price of self respect is kinda low in most games, thats why Monopoly destroys families. Being a professional athlete and taking a knee for 15 min to say you won is a good way to lose a lot of respect. On top of that this fight probably has an asterisk in all the record books considering what happened.

  • Saufi Suria
    Saufi Suria 2 days ago +10

    As my uncle would put it, "Won the battle but lost the war." True. He won the fight but? Forever will be remembered as the spineless cheater who stooped so low just to win - pun intended!

  • Kyle
    Kyle 8 days ago +957

    So he won by exploiting a loop hole that involved him getting kicked in the head.. I’d say that was a huge L lol

    • Scary Joey
      Scary Joey 16 hours ago

      @Cameron Kujo still not the better fighter, cheap way to win

    • Most people are obtuse...
      Most people are obtuse... 3 days ago

      Fool. Win is a win. Winner got much much bigger pay for the match!

    • Francis Martial
      Francis Martial 4 days ago

      I'd say the win bonus and a W on his record softened the blow

    • D San
      D San 4 days ago

      @Matthew Stephens
      By that logic, you win every fight if you just pull a glock and shoot em. Winning a fight in sports does rarely not necessarily = winning a fight in the streets.

    • D San
      D San 4 days ago

      @Kevin Wright This is more like a racer baiting his opponents to dipping out of lane. Pretty smart tbh he deserves the win

  • Chris
    Chris 3 days ago +528

    So he's guile turtling. It's the most hated strategy in Street fighter. Didn't think I would ever see someone implement it in real life.

    • Tin Lidz Vidz
      Tin Lidz Vidz 21 hour ago +2

      @Treyvon Houston I would consider continuously doing that as choosing not to fight. It's illegal to choose not to fight. Two warnings then disqualified.

    • Hoopfan83
      Hoopfan83 Day ago


    • Treyvon Houston
      Treyvon Houston Day ago

      @Tin Lidz Vidz it's not illegal like the kick. Maybe the refs should pick everyone who is a ground fighter up off the ground when they go down

    • Al13n1nV8D3R
      Al13n1nV8D3R Day ago

      My favorite Street Fighter character.

    • Miles Dye
      Miles Dye Day ago

      *Sonic boom spam intensifies*

  • Jackson Zheng
    Jackson Zheng Day ago +3

    People don't get it. Winning is never pretty. I respect him for the hustle. The goal is to win by the rules, and he didn't let his ego get in the way like the other fighter did.

  • staticjump
    staticjump 2 days ago +4

    This no kicking rule came in for grapplers who were getting peaced up flopping around on their backs.

  • The Indian Polish Connection
    The Indian Polish Connection 10 days ago +11822

    Worth it? I mean that could have injured him for life.

    • Account number 7 lol
      Account number 7 lol 3 days ago

      Before you say something that you don't mean, do you announce that you don't mean it before saying it too? Know what saying?

    • Abrar Ladak
      Abrar Ladak 6 days ago

      @lopkjofck wreht yeah, the SKULL can, unfortunately our brains are floating around in nothing more than cerebrospinal fluid.

    • Abrar Ladak
      Abrar Ladak 6 days ago

      @Obi-Wan Kenobi 'you could've killed him with that gun!'

      'But I didn't...'

      Doesn't disqualify acting moronic either way, does it?

    • Davy Jones
      Davy Jones 8 days ago

      @Nikhil Kumar He wasn't really there to fight, he was there to trick his opponent to dq himself. Would have served him right he was a vegetable after that. What a fucking bum.

    • Lucid Beats
      Lucid Beats 8 days ago

      If you’re worried about being injured for life then maybe you shouldn’t be a fighter

  • К K
    К K 8 days ago +644

    Not sure if I would consider getting a knee to the head "an easy win". Personally, I'd rather be on the losing side in this situation.

    • Richard Pinkham
      Richard Pinkham 3 days ago

      Crawling around on your hands & knees for 3 rounds too… KO kick to head…Easy work! 😂

    • Eric Rollings
      Eric Rollings 5 days ago

      @Violent Genius chances are it would’ve happened either way. At least he would have his dignity.

    • Scary Joey
      Scary Joey 5 days ago

      easy win

    • Violent Genius
      Violent Genius 5 days ago +1

      @Eric Rollings considering how much potential damage you could take in a full lengthed fight, I'd say getting knocked out is an easier option.

    • Nich Tom
      Nich Tom 5 days ago


  • Marijuana Guy
    Marijuana Guy 9 days ago +2

    For anyone wondering, Gazaev fought once more and then hung up the gloves as 3-0 meanwhile Gluhov went 8-3 after this, including a KO win over Reem's brother.

  • Drew Powell
    Drew Powell 4 days ago +6

    When i was younger I was in a Taekwondo tournament and lost my second place position to a kid who kept turning his back before i striked. And every time I hit his back he would get a point.

  • Cybersify
    Cybersify Day ago

    I mean, wouldn't it be much easier to get him when he remains low? He's already halfway to the ground, severely limiting his mobility. I'd have given him the beatdown of a lifetime, trying stupid shit like that. That is, if I was in the same weight class

  • Don Lamb Jr.
    Don Lamb Jr. 10 days ago +1924

    This Guy: Easy Win
    Also This Guy: Landing a powerful kick on his head that immediately knocked him out

    • David Ardelean
      David Ardelean 7 days ago +1

      @Matt Brown that was a fine and comedic irony boss

    • Hancock
      Hancock 7 days ago

      I dont think he actually got knocked out. He was probably acting so the red would immediately stop the fight.

    • El-Haythem berrahal
      El-Haythem berrahal 7 days ago +1

      Reading it while listening the part 😂

    • Matt Brown
      Matt Brown 7 days ago +4

      @David Ardelean i think you missed the joke, its the irony in the poster saying “knocked out” then “easy win” immediately after lol. Thats not an easy win thats getting ko’d for a win lmfao. You may have caught the joke and you’re just shitting on this fella for nothin if thats the case 🤷🏾‍♂️ figured id drop this here anyway for someone who may not catch it

    • David Ardelean
      David Ardelean 8 days ago +8

      Wow we Watched the same video apparently

  • Cybersify
    Cybersify Day ago

    "Just how bad do you want to be kicked in the head?"

    Gazaev: "Yes"

  • Vanessa Wagner
    Vanessa Wagner 2 days ago

    "Making his way to the octagon with an undeafeted record of 3 and 0. With zero knockouts and zero submissions, this guy"

  • Gerardo Galindo
    Gerardo Galindo 3 days ago +1

    Easy win. It just took his face getting punted, that's all 🤣

  • SonofDaVinci4
    SonofDaVinci4 3 days ago +1

    Imagine being undefeated doing this.

  • llRagingllDemonll
    llRagingllDemonll 10 days ago +5641

    His gym had 2 options :
    1. Becoming a kick boxing champion
    2. This

    • Abel Pahinui
      Abel Pahinui 9 days ago +1

      He is boxing the kick

    • 7stringdavemc
      7stringdavemc 9 days ago +1


    • fat poppers
      fat poppers 10 days ago +14

      This is just stalling shouldve lost a point

    • fat poppers
      fat poppers 10 days ago +8

      Nah pressure takes the kicks away dont give em space get them backin up, alot harder to throw kicks then

  • RedDev
    RedDev 19 hours ago

    I've never heard getting punted in the head referred to as "easy"

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 3 days ago +1

    The definition of "I've won but at what cost"

  • NPC #1337
    NPC #1337 2 days ago

    Imagine training for months, eating right, being away from family and friends, just to use a bitch move to win a fight because you can't win straight up

  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott Day ago

    Any real MMA rap would have called this a disqualification for not fighting appropriately.

  • PaRus
    PaRus 12 days ago +12668

    "He successfully tricked his oponent to get an easy win."
    I must have missed that part where a win is considered easy which requires a kick to your head.

  • delinquentJACK
    delinquentJACK 3 days ago +5

    Two words: LEG KICKS! Opponent could have had an easy TKO by just hitting his lead leg with low kicks. I see two losers, no winners. 🤷‍♂️

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre 2 days ago +1

      Just look at the refs face when he raises his hand. Utter disappointment

  • Floki
    Floki 6 days ago +6

    The problem with this strategy is that people will eventually catch on to what he's doing, plus you're risking a serious head injury just for one win... I could possibly see employing this strategy in a championship fight, but that's it.

  • Pillow pilots
    Pillow pilots 8 days ago

    Playing mind games in a combat sport ??? Damn this man is 200 light years ahead of us

  • Hahndogg
    Hahndogg 9 days ago

    This man really just cheesed an actual mma match and won 😂

  • Facts:
    Facts: 10 days ago +8584

    He’s the only champion that got knocked out in all his fights. LEGEND!

    • 6746ambition
      6746ambition 5 days ago

      Is it just me or does anyone else question the intelligence of a person who says getting kicked in the head is intelligent?

    • Threesome Monkey
      Threesome Monkey 6 days ago


    • Kakyoin Milf Hunter
      Kakyoin Milf Hunter 7 days ago

      He was a coward

    • Sweet List
      Sweet List 9 days ago

      @Na Cl if he's one of the few people who have done that, he's legendary on his own aspect

    • Unknown Swats
      Unknown Swats 9 days ago

      COMING IN AT A WHOPPING 245 lbs. standing at 6’1” tall holding a professional record of 24-0. All 24 wins coming by way of self knockout. Fighting out of WhoTheFuckVille the reigning undisputed champion of the world!! L

  • bears 25
    bears 25 Day ago

    Imagine if he also got on his knee and fought him

  • NoFapKing
    NoFapKing 3 days ago +41

    He's so good that when he gets knocked out he wins fights

  • B.F. Skinner
    B.F. Skinner 8 days ago +267

    ‘Hey, you wanna play the game!’ - Big John McCarthy to a kneeling Jon Jones after Vitor Belfort barely misses a headkick

    • Romario Osborne
      Romario Osborne 2 days ago

      @smh my head FACTS. He has made alot of mistakes, outside the octagon, but he is still the GOAT

    • Age of Aquemini
      Age of Aquemini  6 days ago +1

      I think buentello vs Kongo had a similar incident..herb dean was refereeing and buentello tried timing a foul shot but herb called him out on the spot.

    • HennyHypnotic
      HennyHypnotic 6 days ago +5

      @Drugs are Okay, Guys. that shit was hyperextended like crazy, then Jon gave him a Kimura and it was over

    • Drugs are Okay, Guys.
      Drugs are Okay, Guys. 6 days ago +4

      @smh my head after getting his arm hyperextended by our lord TRTitor.

    • Longshot3181
      Longshot3181 6 days ago

      @smh my head no joo

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez 6 days ago +223

    Russian guy: "remember the time everyone was chanting my name, and it gave me the strength to take a kick to the face?"

    Coach: "yes, and then you got knocked unconscious alright?..."

    • Eddie Rodriguez
      Eddie Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

      @Loki1620 "those eagle eggs were a lie, they gave me no eagle powers, they had no nutrients"

    • The Cringe Prophet
      The Cringe Prophet 4 days ago +1

      @Loki1620 eagle powers come to me!

    • Loki1620
      Loki1620 4 days ago +1

      Use your Eagles powers!

    • dad
      dad 4 days ago

      @Violent Genius nah everyone gets like 5 freebie concussions lol

    • The Cringe Prophet
      The Cringe Prophet 5 days ago +2

      @Eddie Rodriguez yep nacho libre is a hilarious movie! I love it!

  • Generic Mystics
    Generic Mystics 10 days ago +2469

    He didn't trick his opponent, his opponent knew exactly what he was doing. He got fed up with it because the audience started booing and said "F*ck it, take the L." Soon as the guy got knocked out the crowd cheered.

    • iWasNeverGivenAName
      iWasNeverGivenAName 7 days ago

      @Victor0326 Now that would be something, both guys just sitting there on 1 knee too scared to fight XD

    • Victor0326
      Victor0326 7 days ago

      There was many things the fighter could've done to win easy. Like skipping around the guy in circles, or doing the same exact thing to him by putting one knee and keeping a distance.

    • Standard User
      Standard User 7 days ago

      If I knew that I was getting DQ’d, I’d give him a heel kick to the nose, fck him up.

    • iWasNeverGivenAName
      iWasNeverGivenAName 7 days ago

      @Mav Vynne Timidity is illegal and considered a foul. Fighters have been DQ'd for refusing to stand up before. Dunno what country this was in but in a country with a decent commission and ref, yes he'd have been DQ'd.

    • D K9
      D K9 8 days ago

      Well he did, because he lost. He could of just rode it out and won so the other dudes frustration tactic worked lol.

  • Kosher.
    Kosher. Day ago

    Even the ref raising your hand can't make you feel like a winner after getting slumped like that

  • M D
    M D 5 days ago +5

    When your strategy to win is to get kicked in the head, you know the sport is BS 😂

  • M V
    M V Day ago

    Can really hear the power of that kick when it made contact 😂

  • Big Wooo Locsta
    Big Wooo Locsta 2 days ago

    "Easy win". Catches brain damaging kick to the head

  • Sir Amoras
    Sir Amoras 12 days ago +3605

    In my opinion this is a case of "avoiding fight". So the referee should have warned him once and if he continued he has to disqualify him.

    • Stevon White
      Stevon White 6 days ago

      @Hari Asokan Those aren’t the rules in ONE, and I prefer those rules…

    • Hari Asokan
      Hari Asokan 8 days ago

      @SpaceBoy He got disqualified. Wth are you talking about? Look up the definition of downed opponent as per mma rules. It means on knee touching the Mat. You are just salty

    • SpaceBoy
      SpaceBoy 8 days ago

      @Noah Nope, he wasnt “downed” which is the rule. He had ref advantage and any other ref would have foules him out for timidity.

    • SpaceBoy
      SpaceBoy 8 days ago +1

      @Hari Asokan Going down on one knee and being downed are entirely different. Basically if he wasnt fighting at home, hed have been disqualified. There is no rule that states you cant kick the head, only kicking downed opponents. Getting down on one knee because youre worried about kicks is pussy bullshit, not a tactic

    • SpaceBoy
      SpaceBoy 8 days ago

      @Hari Asokan If you drop to a knee in a street fight youre surrendering, why would they want rules that support avoidance tactics when the whole point is to fight? The rulesare there to protect fighters, not be exploited

  • Eli C
    Eli C Day ago

    Pretty sure he would have lost. Since he lacked aggression and control in the fight if it went to a score cards

  • Luís Salsa
    Luís Salsa 10 hours ago

    The definition of a coward, glad he got kicked.

  • Rook the Radical One
    Rook the Radical One 5 days ago +2

    The ref failed. He should have stood him up.

    FLAYZER 7 days ago

    This Guy: Easy Win

    Also This Guy: Landing a powerful kick on his head that immediately knocked him out

  • Ryan Ford
    Ryan Ford 12 days ago +2392

    The damn ref should have made him stand up.

    • Chris Schaiberger
      Chris Schaiberger 10 days ago +1

      When have you ever seen a smart ref in any sport?!?

    • Brendan
      Brendan 11 days ago +2

      @Scrumt yeah I hate that fighting organization create rules that favor the grapplers. If you think about it, considering all the rules and being inside a small cage the striker is at a huge disadvantage!!! I hate that

    • Felicia Santiago
      Felicia Santiago 11 days ago +1


    • Matt C
      Matt C 11 days ago +2

      I don't think is illegal but it's just stupid..

    • Lemon
      Lemon 11 days ago +1

      its mma not boxing lol

  • Nassta K
    Nassta K Day ago

    Getting a full force kick on your head and getting knocked out is ‘getting an easy win’ apparently…

  • slimmy666
    slimmy666 23 hours ago

    How in the hell a kick in the head is considered illegal in mma?😱

  • Donatos Dimou
    Donatos Dimou 3 days ago +1

    If I was the other guy I'd just put all my foce in that kick, here's the victory the side dish is a broken jaw❤️

  • -o-light
    -o-light 21 hour ago

    The guy on his knees should've been disqualify immediately, for not having the courage to face his opponent, and violating a contract where he was supposed to meet his opponent mano a mano, not face to feet. Lame👎

  • Vgamer311
    Vgamer311 10 days ago +1151

    There’s absolutely no way that his reputation didn’t tank after that, and for a pro athletes their reputation can be just as important as their record. Doesn’t matter how many wins you have if nobody wants to watch you.

    • Wesley Sorrell
      Wesley Sorrell 8 days ago

      @Fam Da Money Gone oh wow, he beat a UFC fighter who was given restrictions on what he could do 🙄 I’d be more impressed Floyd beat him while fighting under UFC rules

    • austin kha
      austin kha 8 days ago

      @Joe Rogan’s TRT shots retired and boring move on

    • Ball Buster
      Ball Buster 8 days ago

      Leon Edwards

    • Joseph Oshie
      Joseph Oshie 8 days ago

      @Fam Da Money Gone wife beater 😯👍

    • Aaron
      Aaron 8 days ago

      @SpaceBoy I agree to an extent.

      But I think who a person is still does matter to the KIND of praise they should get.

      Like in the ufc with khabib. That guys got one of the most shady pasts imaginable and has some very very extremist views. Great fighter, horrible person. His manager was a literal ter0r1st caught by the fbi and khabib has dinner on the regular with genocidal dictators. Both can be called out.

  • mylanmmm
    mylanmmm 3 days ago +4

    Just look at the refs face when he raises his hand. Utter disappointment

  • tjflacid
    tjflacid 5 days ago +30

    That shouldve been ruled a “no contest”. people pay to see a fight, not a f*kin coward trying to get a win outta of not being able to best his opponet.

    • derian schmidt
      derian schmidt 2 days ago

      Call him what you want, a coward doesn’t take a kick like that on purpose.

  • Joshua Lütz
    Joshua Lütz 8 days ago

    I understand that there are some rules for MMA but if I had to say whether that was wrong or not I'd say that the guy who kicked buddy in the face was totally within the right to do so.

    You're paid literally thousands of dollars if not millions to put on a show for everybody and all as you do is crawl around on your knees you deserve to be fired

  • Matt Dees
    Matt Dees 5 days ago

    Wouldn’t called that an easy win lol probably the hardest win of all time 😂

  • Finito 03
    Finito 03 11 days ago +4103

    "Did you do it?"
    "What did it cost?"

    • ice eee
      ice eee 9 days ago

      “What did it cost?”
      “I don’t remember”

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    • EndoMills
      EndoMills 10 days ago +1

      "What did it cost?"

    • Alex
      Alex 10 days ago +2

      "What did it cost"

      *mumbles* "my brain cells"

    • Yung lee
      Yung lee 10 days ago


  • AplusDub
    AplusDub 2 days ago

    This looks more like a BJJ attack, but the guy wasn't about to go to the ground.

  • Kakyoin Milf Hunter
    Kakyoin Milf Hunter 7 days ago +5

    As plenty have said "hey you wanna play the game?" The moment he started kneeling like a coward he should've been disqualified

  • Ahmad Abdeljabbar
    Ahmad Abdeljabbar 6 days ago

    Raises his hand as if it was a hard won victory 😂

  • Gg Chad
    Gg Chad Day ago

    I feel like if you’re clearly trying to exploit a rule you should be the one getting disqualified

  • wow za
    wow za 7 days ago +15

    I mean, the guy could've just keep landing easy hooks to win the fight. He's got the upper hand... literally.

  • Kev P
    Kev P 2 days ago

    I'm no fighter, but I think kicking the lead leg repeatedly could cut that strategy short. Right?🤔

  • Joe D
    Joe D 5 days ago

    To get an "easy win" yeah. All he had to do was to get knocked out with a head kick

  • Taмpax
    Taмpax 8 days ago +1

    So if his opponent didn't do anything as long as he stayed down on his knee, the match would end as a draw? WTF.
    They should ban that move or at least disqualify him for 'not fighting' & give the win to his opponent.

  • thunderbay 8888
    thunderbay 8888 13 days ago +2154

    I know a kick to the head can do serious damage to the brain… but I wonder if that kick didn’t rock him as it appeared? I wonder if after the kick was finally thrown as wanted, he play acted the KO. Perhaps he needed the payday? He crawled around all match, it’s what he wanted. Needed to get the payday and get out.

    • Noah
      Noah 9 days ago

      @thunderbay 8888 are you 5? What's wrong with the name jonas lmaoo

    • Wonder Boots
      Wonder Boots 10 days ago

      @slizzered broskie I do

    • thunderbay 8888
      thunderbay 8888 10 days ago

      @Jonas Kablys with a name like Jonas, why you talking tough? 🤣

    • Jonas Kablys
      Jonas Kablys 11 days ago

      i love how dumb some people are like you haha... he just tried to play a bit with a rules

    • Peter
      Peter 11 days ago


  • Ramiro Maney
    Ramiro Maney 5 days ago

    He took "how low to can you go" to multiple levels...

  • mOgan Freeman
    mOgan Freeman 3 days ago

    Easy win? I wouldn’t call getting rocked like that an easy win.lmao

  • Darchan Darchan
    Darchan Darchan 7 days ago +4

    aljamein sterling adapted this technique for the highest levels. Insane tactics

    • Yuki Sorci
      Yuki Sorci 6 days ago

      Not Pride or Rizin!!

    • Go Pro
      Go Pro 6 days ago

      Pathetic "sport". Worst rule by far.

  • Adam Bennett
    Adam Bennett 9 days ago

    He may have won but he'll be remembered as one of the biggest cowards in mma history

  • Akerzy
    Akerzy 10 days ago +984

    This is just boring, feel bad for the people who paid to watch this

    • Fermion
      Fermion 7 days ago

      @Patrick Merkel Because it's none of your business how others choose to legally entertain themselves.

      That usually points to underlying psychological issues, hence I feel sorry for such judgemental people.

    • Patrick Merkel
      Patrick Merkel 7 days ago

      @Fermion but why?

    • Fermion
      Fermion 8 days ago

      @Patrick Merkel I feel bad for the people judging how others choose to spend THEIR hard-earned money.

    • Dead Pool
      Dead Pool 9 days ago

      У нас в России это показывали бесплатно, но у этих ребят рейтинг и без этого боя рейтинг очень низкий. Мы обычно смотрим UFC или Bellator

    • surviving gamer
      surviving gamer 9 days ago

      @Patrick Merkel Why?

  • Carbon Creations
    Carbon Creations 3 days ago +1

    Not every “W” is a win.

  • Rob
    Rob 8 days ago

    Even the referee like _“Can’t believe this bullsh!t…”_ when calling the winner lol.

  • MuscleMedicineMD
    MuscleMedicineMD 7 days ago

    That’s a “WIN”? Why is he even getting in the ring in the 1st place??? He should be banned forever and thrown in jail for wasting the other fighter/fans time!!!

  • Federico Armando
    Federico Armando 8 days ago

    His brain disagrees with that being an “easy win”

  • Janue Muzik
    Janue Muzik 11 days ago +3045

    Gazaev: Shin bone to the face and knocked unconscious.

    Narrator: “easy win”

    • Andri Wilfritz
      Andri Wilfritz 10 days ago +1

      I know right?

    • Sparkyisdead
      Sparkyisdead 10 days ago +1

      Well he didn’t have to hit him so kinda

    • dasty
      dasty 10 days ago +2

      @masterkc this made me laugh mad hardb

    • masterkc
      masterkc 10 days ago +17

      Reminds me of the southpark episode where a guy killed himself by taking the "easy way out"

    • Youra 💋
      Youra 💋 10 days ago

      Only for fans over 18 years old LOCALDATE.MONSTER/TATSUHISHA

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      Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu wins taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. '' Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt '' dep oylodu arstan.
      Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu. # 垃圾

      They are one of the best concerts, you can not go but just seeing them from the screen, I know it was surprising


  • Steve Trosok
    Steve Trosok Day ago

    Since when is kicking someone in the head illegal in MMA?

  • sylo dui
    sylo dui 8 days ago

    The bigger take away is he knew he couldn’t beat his opponent in a straight up match…. Coward.

  • itsybitzzy
    itsybitzzy 8 days ago +28

    Mikhail doing the same trick in his fight.
    "His opponent imitates him"
    Mikhail: oh $#!t... He knows my move, what will i do now?

  • Yaroslav Surin
    Yaroslav Surin 8 days ago


  • Joe Persio
    Joe Persio 7 days ago

    And from that day on he has never been defeated, he's world champion never losing fights, he is so good in hitting people's legs with his head and getting nocked out in every fight😂😂😂😂

  • scazz _786
    scazz _786 Day ago

    20-0-0 undefeated
    No strikes in career
    Knocked out in every fight


  • Charming nowhere to hide

    They forgot to tell about his iconic interview. His phrase "it was him who ko'ed me, it was me who won him" became legendary in Russia. Im shitty interpreter, but you got me

  • MyView
    MyView 4 days ago

    I think this guy was thinking I’m going to be the first guy to get knocked out by my opponent and win😂

  • Rich
    Rich 12 days ago +2434

    Referee should have given fighter a warning to start fighting.

    • triple466
      triple466 9 days ago

      @Dan don't be jealous

    • Dan
      Dan 9 days ago

      @triple466 looooo u actually think likes mean anything🤣

    • Dan
      Dan 9 days ago

      @triple466 bunch of casuals agree with you. People who know the rules agree with me

    • triple466
      triple466 11 days ago +2

      @dreswan1 being right doesnt mean its good. Yall r funny u enjoy watching a dude on his knee all 3 rounds? 🤦‍♂️

    • triple466
      triple466 11 days ago +3

      @Dan doesnt matter what u say because look how many people agree with me thats psy fighting. In ufc i never seen that in my life show me right now a ufc fighter that lays all 5 rounds on his knee like a psy. Besides alejemain sterling that psy

  • raben paul
    raben paul 6 days ago

    He ain't a fighter , he's a warrior . Win matters more than ways

  • IronKnight117
    IronKnight117 Day ago

    We need to bring back soccer kicks and knees to ground opponents

  • Niloto Sumi
    Niloto Sumi 2 days ago

    That kick on the face 🤣 naah, not an easy win 🙌

  • Rubin Mendoza
    Rubin Mendoza 6 days ago

    He must have done this before and had brain damage. How else would you explain taking a full-force kick to the head in order to win?!

    Sh*tty way to win a fight.

  • Kyle Rogers
    Kyle Rogers 2 days ago

    I don’t understand why you don’t just start wailing on his face or tackle him

  • kung Few
    kung Few 6 days ago +1

    Not being able to kick to the head makes it way less interesting to me, it's a vital move in a martial artists arsenal.

  • KandaPanda
    KandaPanda 2 days ago

    Got a concussion and brain damage from forcing a DQ by devastating, unblocked soccer kick to the head.

    if that could even be considered 'smart', the smarts were immediately kicked outta him. 🧠 💥

  • Presuming Ed
    Presuming Ed 4 days ago +1

    I’m sure match makers were gagging to sign him up after that.

  • Thenuja Marasinghe
    Thenuja Marasinghe 10 days ago +3939

    I see this guy as the RIOT SHIELD guy annoying everyone in COD lobbies.....

  • Michael Ramlal
    Michael Ramlal 7 days ago

    Such a disrespectful way to win a fight, I understand those that say that the other opponent should have been more disciplined and patient but that "trick" was more of an annoying tactic like a taunt. Not really a victory won should be proud about.

  • WAHB 50YY
    WAHB 50YY 3 days ago +2

    And he wrote a book, “How to win any fight, for poosseez!”

  • Ibn Sabeel
    Ibn Sabeel 5 days ago

    He was willing to sustain a concussion 🤕 and probably a little brain damage to get the W. Total commitment to the cause.

  • Gino Gatash
    Gino Gatash 2 days ago

    How was that shit legal? It's like playing soccer football without offside, c'mon, the crouching guy should've been disqualified for stalling.

  • Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono 12 days ago +1610

    I like how he thinks that's a strategy when everybody is looking at that win as farcical. He got knocked out. That's what I'll remember and not the w

    • jryde421
      jryde421 8 days ago

      @TehBliz make a call out video

    • TehBliz
      TehBliz 8 days ago

      @jryde421 okay then try putting your pans (read it backwards) and see if it works

    • jryde421
      jryde421 8 days ago

      I almost don't believe you because you're still responding but at the same time it's Flash-Player.

    • TehBliz
      TehBliz 9 days ago


    • jryde421
      jryde421 9 days ago

      @TehBliz you got a fb?

  • jimbo slice
    jimbo slice 6 days ago +1

    For an easy win, surely it would have been easier not to get kicked to rhe end and knocked out haha

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 5 days ago

    I don't know about an "easy win". Dude took a kick to chops that put him out for the W

  • Naz Tsar
    Naz Tsar 9 days ago +66

    They forgot to tell about his iconic interview. His phrase "it was him who ko'ed me, it was me who won him" became legendary in Russia. Im shitty interpreter, but you got me

    • ob1KENob Junior
      ob1KENob Junior 8 days ago +5

      Some bot stole your comment to get more likes on top.

    • TailorK9
      TailorK9 8 days ago

      We understand, no problem. You said everything correct except say "it was I who beat him"

    • Nelson Mandela
      Nelson Mandela 8 days ago +7

      Dont worry bro we can understand you ❤ it's cool that you actually make an effort