The 1975: "Frail State Of Mind"

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • British rock superstars The 1975 stop by for a performance of this song off their new album "Notes on a Conditional Form." #Colbert #The1975 #Music
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Comments • 959

  • 軸さん
    軸さん 23 hours ago +1


  • Guilty Pleasure
    Guilty Pleasure Day ago

    Any one know what the three synthesisers Matty Ross and Adam are using are called??

  • Waffy Taffy
    Waffy Taffy Day ago

    Great band, seen them several times now live, but they should stick with rock and roll YEAH!

  • Kat B
    Kat B 2 days ago

    Ditch the skirt Matty

  • okgou
    okgou 2 days ago


  • Teejhay Andaya
    Teejhay Andaya 6 days ago

    Even on guestings it feels like a concert!!!

  • Lo Harley
    Lo Harley 9 days ago

    Yellow north face and a skirt fucken yes

  • Thomas Jay
    Thomas Jay 12 days ago


  • Ash Green
    Ash Green 13 days ago


  • モリナガチョコレート

    “oh don’t be shy”⇄“oh boy don’t cry”
    Maybe Marty mistakes it.
    I’m sorry that if I misunderstand.

  • jinslaugh
    jinslaugh 14 days ago

    Who's here because they can't watch Matty live?

  • Jessica Cash
    Jessica Cash 15 days ago

    Love that they are just themselves. Saw them last week live and no matter the stage size or crowd they are the same, just doing what they love and jamming out and if you don’t like it, oh well. Matty stay away from the comment section on Flash-Player (❤️❤️❤️❤️)

  • Abduljabbar M
    Abduljabbar M 16 days ago

    WTF is he wearing

  • Spencer B.
    Spencer B. 16 days ago

    I want a puffy yellow north face jacket now

  • Cxs Rangel
    Cxs Rangel 16 days ago

    Amo a Matt y sus faldas 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🖤❤️🖤❤️

  • Connor Warden
    Connor Warden 16 days ago

    They are actually like proper shit

  • Ash
    Ash 16 days ago

    AMAZING ♥️♥️♥️

  • piggy pichu
    piggy pichu 17 days ago

    anyone else think matty looks particularly hot in this video? XD

  • David Mackenna
    David Mackenna 17 days ago


  • Zsolt KL
    Zsolt KL 17 days ago

    Why does Matty wear a skirt????
    Does he think he is a woman, or a queer?

    • dan jones
      dan jones 15 days ago +2

      because he wants to wear it

    • ChortleMySqortle
      ChortleMySqortle 17 days ago

      What difference does it make to you? Is it affecting you directly or harming your sexuality? If not then leave it

    • Aisha Abdella
      Aisha Abdella 17 days ago

      He's bisexual

  • Timothy Ross
    Timothy Ross 17 days ago

    Nice skirt you’re so edgy bye bye gender stereotypes my bigoted mind has been blown I didn’t know men could physically wear them I thought the society police came into the bedroom and held batons to their heads as the delicate silk was hitched up over their hairy knees this is revolutionary omg Greta thungberg north face and social justice is so counter-culture only time I’ve ever seen this done before was yungblud Trey Parker Matt stone every pantomime dame jaden Smith young thug Gerard Butler

    • dan jones
      dan jones 15 days ago +1

      woah youre edgy arent you

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell 18 days ago

    Dude wtf. This is one of my favourite songs they have made. I didn't even realise people thought it was bad until I read the comments. Dude this is seriosuly amazing. Anyone who disagrees has no idea.

  • Pax Britannica
    Pax Britannica 18 days ago +1

    The North Face XD

  • Amairani Channel
    Amairani Channel 18 days ago

    This band ♥️

  • Amanda Louzada
    Amanda Louzada 18 days ago

    cant stop crying

  • Casey O'BRIEN
    Casey O'BRIEN 18 days ago

    been listening to this song since it came out and I only just now realised Matty is saying 'frail state of mind', all this time I've been hearing 'fragile state of mind'. this is a special kind of stupid considering the title is literally frail lmao

  • I Don't Know Elisa
    I Don't Know Elisa 18 days ago +1

    I miss seeing them live oh my

  • I Don't Know Elisa
    I Don't Know Elisa 18 days ago +1


  • Tystro Naut
    Tystro Naut 18 days ago +1

    I love the dress. Reminds me of, "she wears a frown and dressing gown, when she lays down..." and then the puffer jacket, providing padding for that "frail state of mind" - don't know if that was intended, but it's brilliant either way.

  • paraluman
    paraluman 19 days ago

    Go outside?
    Seems unlikely
    I'm sorry that I missed your call
    I watched it ring
    Don't waste their time
    I've always got a (frail state of mind)
    Oh boy don't cry
    I'm sorry, but I
    I always get this way sometimes
    Oh, I'll just leave
    I'll save you time
    I'm sorry 'bout my (frail state)
    Stay at mine, you might just like it
    Might stop you being miserable
    Nah, I'm alright, nah trust I'm fine
    Just dealing with a (frail state of mind)
    Oh, don't be shy
    I'm sorry, but I
    I always get this way sometimes
    You lot just leave
    I'll stay behind
    I'm sorry 'bout my (frail state of mind)
    Oh, what's the vibe?
    I wouldn't know, I'm normally in bed at this time
    You guys, go do your thing
    And I'll just leave at nine
    Don't wanna bore you with my (frail state of mind)
    Oh winner winner, that's your biggest lie
    I'm sure that you're fine
    I haven't told a lie in quite some time
    You know we'll leave, if you keep lying
    Don't lie behind your (frail state of mind)

  • farhana ramly
    farhana ramly 19 days ago

    ross is really feeling it

  • Nick Esquer
    Nick Esquer 19 days ago

    Oh no, Matt, no

  • Harmony Scott-Russell
    Harmony Scott-Russell 19 days ago

    Any one know what effect they have on the guitar or what pedal etc c

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith 19 days ago

    I was the 200th dislike. Made my night.

  • Pablo Luna
    Pablo Luna 19 days ago

    Welcome to the Timetootime 2.0, great song guys

  • UhSthetic
    UhSthetic 19 days ago +1

    I'm loving the skirt

  • Domotha94
    Domotha94 19 days ago

    This is the best 'The North Face' advert i've ever seen. Scrap that, it is the best and only 4 minute advert i will ever sit through.

  • 着る毛布
    着る毛布 19 days ago


    LOLFACE :D 19 days ago

    North face coat screams England

  • Courtney Summer
    Courtney Summer 19 days ago

    I can’t get enough of them. ❤️

  • Tyler James Logsdon
    Tyler James Logsdon 19 days ago


  • Ben Industries
    Ben Industries 19 days ago +3

    It appears Matty's become Scottish

  • Mario Godoy
    Mario Godoy 19 days ago

    Epileptic seisure in 3.....2......1........

  • Joe Brooks
    Joe Brooks 19 days ago

    Everyone out here saying this matty donny is ahead of his time but it's really just some basic ass lyrics and some lit piano

  • makeupbyChio
    makeupbyChio 19 days ago +1

    love this band, they deserve more recognition

  • Mall Baby
    Mall Baby 19 days ago

    Love it!!

  • Lucia Maria Raincloud
    Lucia Maria Raincloud 20 days ago

    Been done before, invent something new, please.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 20 days ago

    they are so pure

  • Diamond Dore Woods
    Diamond Dore Woods 20 days ago +1

    So proud of Matt!!! One of my fave artists out rn. His openess about everything in his lyrics blows me away every album. Keeps getting more raw with each one.

  • Berk Çavdar
    Berk Çavdar 20 days ago

    Getting some Thom Yorke vibes in this song.

  • drummerAVA
    drummerAVA 20 days ago +1

    This album is gonna be special. Can't wait.

  • May July
    May July 20 days ago +3

    puffer jacket and maxi skirt? A L00k. PERI0D.

  • Uncle Jesse and the Rippers

    Pimping TNF? 🤮

  • j Masonn
    j Masonn 20 days ago

    Fucking amazing fuck the negative. inspiration is what matters !!!!

  • KelticLegend
    KelticLegend 20 days ago

    I so desperately wanted to hear him sing the "fragile state of mind" part

  • Tessa Rodrigo
    Tessa Rodrigo 20 days ago

    I love it

  • heynowguys
    heynowguys 20 days ago

    Hey Matty, lose the dress man. Not a good look

  • Sean Michael Gordon
    Sean Michael Gordon 20 days ago

    K, if you’re gonna use the drum kit. Use it or don’t.

  • Wiwied Wicaksono
    Wiwied Wicaksono 20 days ago

    Rass who always the most calm 😂

  • Kacy Campbell
    Kacy Campbell 20 days ago +4

    Matty's style atm is kind of like if your nan went for a walk then got lost and ended up at a festival
    And I love it.