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Binging with Babish 7M Subscriber Special: LOTR Part 1

  • Published on Jun 29, 2020
  • Years in the making (because I kept putting it off out of fear), the Lord of the Rings Special is finally upon us. And it's in two parts instead of three - you know, a trilogy. Babish you're a dumbass sometimes. Anyway we're diving into the make-ahead recipes for this seven-course feast, covering all the major hobbit food groups, and getting into the heavy stuff next week! Thank you so much for helping me reach 7 million subscribers!
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Comments • 9 857

  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe  Year ago +17685

    We’ve had one yes. What about second Babish?

  • TheLimeGreenMan
    TheLimeGreenMan Year ago +4676

    In this episode: Babish realizes he has a bag of flaked almonds which is about to go bad.

    • Noah Tekulve
      Noah Tekulve 5 days ago


    • Malachi
      Malachi Year ago +9

      That and his apricot preserves

    • Poe Soul
      Poe Soul Year ago +15

      This is why he makes his own bread, and why he should start his own farm and breeding grounds

    • SwagLord
      SwagLord Year ago +6

      Probably so

    • BunsGlazing
      BunsGlazing Year ago +5


  • HappyThoughts
    HappyThoughts Year ago +1699

    Fun fact: the elven lembas bread in the Lotr movies was shortbread cookies made by the production team.

    • Afterdinner Creations
      Afterdinner Creations 10 days ago

      Odd, you'd think the Hobbits would carry around shortbread. [wakka-wakka]

    • Samantha Phastine
      Samantha Phastine 11 days ago

      @Ianuarius I wonder if using different types of flour would work? Like, rice flour, or potato flour, or any other kind of grains instead of just wheat flour?

    • Dragonoidlover 616
      Dragonoidlover 616 3 months ago

      I never knew that!!!!

    • Ianuarius
      Ianuarius 5 months ago

      Lembas, the most iconic Lotr food. I would've probably try to pack it with protein somehow.

    • Connor, the android sent by CyberLife
      Connor, the android sent by CyberLife 5 months ago +2

      @Adam Baker I think it might be an American/UK English thing. Or just me being wrong. I've always used shortbread & shortcake interchangably, but googling shortcake, it seems that there is a difference, with shortcake being cakey

  • Nether Dominater
    Nether Dominater Year ago +1807

    Babish: "A very low oven, as low as your oven can go"
    Me: **turns oven off** " *_Yeah, this is big brain time_* "

  • C Nish
    C Nish Year ago +3508

    This man said "fingies" with all the seriousness as he would "tiny whisk"

  • Joshua Burns
    Joshua Burns Year ago +1588

    "I'm making the mince pies hobbit sized." Babbish you fool, hobbit food is human sized because they love eating so much!

    • Hai Hai
      Hai Hai 9 months ago

      @Voidling studios official Me neither

    • Voidling studios official
      Voidling studios official 9 months ago

      @Hai Hai as a 85cm tall void creature, uhh idk where this comment was going

    • Hai Hai
      Hai Hai 9 months ago +3

      As a 158cm hobbit, I can agree that I eat human sized foods

    • The One and Only Michael McCormick
      The One and Only Michael McCormick Year ago +12

      He said hobbit SIZED not hobbit PORTIONED.

    • Ray
      Ray Year ago +5

      @zack Bab they also have a big great taste for food.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +3903

    A Babish is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to.

    • Andrew Snarr
      Andrew Snarr 3 months ago


    • Odinwolf
      Odinwolf 4 months ago

      Yassssss!!!! Epic!!!!

    • Just Daiyaan
      Just Daiyaan Year ago

      Nor is he early

    • R M
      R M Year ago

      You won the comment section in my mine with that quip ❤️😂🤩

    • kid_naruto
      kid_naruto Year ago

      Love it

  • Joshua W
    Joshua W Year ago +27

    I've always imagined lembas bread to taste like Irish shortbread. It just looks so crumbly in the movies and it's supposed to be sweet so my mind immediately made the connection when i was a kid and watched the movies for the first time and I still cannot be convinced that they don't taste like shortbread.

    • Claire Sims
      Claire Sims Month ago +3

      Lol the crew did actually use shortbread as lembas in the movies

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker Year ago +234

    This show is such a subtle feat in editing. I have so many restaurant clients that wanna do a “Binging with Babish” kind of video. Let me tell you, it is a tedious couple days in Premiere. Bravo!

    • John Hague
      John Hague 5 months ago +1

      Haha I bet. You're a food videographer/Editor?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Year ago +105

    Honestly, as a Canadian, the whole “Metric measurements and Fahrenheit for oven temperature” is pretty normal here up North. Don’t ask me why we do that, we kind of suffer from bi-measurement disorder.

    • Cameron L.
      Cameron L. Month ago

      It’s because our largest customer for export is the states, who refuse to go metric, so a lot of our own at home measurement have been influenced by them

    • fred fry
      fred fry Month ago


    • Sophia
      Sophia 6 months ago +6

      It stretches further than the kitchen too: we use Celsius for weather temps, feet and inches for measuring people, but cm for measuring objects… 🤷‍♀️ I know, it’s weird

    • Half Knight
      Half Knight 6 months ago +1

      I'd rather deal with bi measurement disorder to be honest.

  • Fazal Naqvi
    Fazal Naqvi Year ago +510

    you should’ve made Eowyns Stew, the greatest food in all of fantasy.

    • Christopher Fleetwood
      Christopher Fleetwood 5 months ago +1

      Link’s Grandma’s soup is way better!

    • Mammon Tustado
      Mammon Tustado 9 months ago +6

      @Francesco Navarro *Faramir smh

    • Jess Aguilar
      Jess Aguilar Year ago +5

      I love that Eowyn marries Faimir in the end.

    • MadMongol Metalhead
      MadMongol Metalhead Year ago +33

      The most lore breaking, impossibly terrible stew on earth!

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago +51

      The gamiest, blandest stew in the land!

  • Ano N. Ymous
    Ano N. Ymous Year ago +91

    I imagined lembas bread to be more of a big shortbread with a particularly long shelf life, not some bland tooth breaker.

    • bassplayer2011ify
      bassplayer2011ify 4 months ago +6

      @Ariel Shuffield Cram/hard tack would make the most sense as Tolkien was drawing from his experience as a WW1 vet and hard tack was still a staple of rations at the time.

    • Ariel Shuffield
      Ariel Shuffield Year ago +41

      It probably is, Gimli sees it in the book and assumes it's cram, even makes a face and says the word before taking a bite. Than eats the whole thing because he's surprised by the delicious flavor. So ideally true lembas bread would look like cram but have better flavor and more nutrition. I've seen several recipes based on travelers breads with a little honey for flavor.

    • Gloworm Rdr
      Gloworm Rdr Year ago +21

      Completely right. It should be sweet and delicious. I imagine like a crispy cookie or shortbread with almond or anise flavor.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal Year ago +27

    Goddammit. I just had an extended edition marathon with some friends. Should've copied this. Instead I made chicken pot pie and hobbit sized pumpkin pies and I created 10 cocktails. One each for the fellowship +Gollum. They had whacky names. They were numbered and were served for specific times jn the movies.
    It was soooo much work and I saw barely half of the movies. But it wad worth it. It's a memory to cherish.

  • Leviathan Lamothe
    Leviathan Lamothe Year ago +41

    For someone as new to baking as I am, Babish say "it's going to be fine" is really what I needed.

  • Sloopy
    Sloopy Year ago +237

    “I don’t do magic foods”
    *sad imaginary pie noises*

    • PlantMarrow
      PlantMarrow 6 months ago

      I was kind of sad he didn’t do anything with inducting any into the clean plate club

    • Wizard Boy
      Wizard Boy 10 months ago +1

      Life of Boris fan?

  • Alyssa Kalodimos
    Alyssa Kalodimos Year ago +5

    Looooove Townsends channel, as well as BWB! Good to hear them mentioned on a larger channel. They have so many awesome and informative videos and deserve lots of ❤️

  • Permix TG
    Permix TG Year ago +63

    As a kid, I always imagined lembas bread as really big croutons for some reason.

    • Súlien
      Súlien 9 months ago

      It's fancy hardtack so you're not too far off.

    • clover_023
      clover_023 10 months ago +1

      @Karissa Marie it's practically naan

    • Karissa Marie
      Karissa Marie 10 months ago

      I always thought it was similar to naan

    • Andsgradite
      Andsgradite Year ago +6

      I always thought it was like expired pita

  • bluexwings
    bluexwings Year ago +3

    I always imagined the seed cake being full of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, etc. Caraway seeds somehow never crossed my mind. haha

  • Dana Montuori
    Dana Montuori Year ago +76

    If you didn’t sweep those biscotti crumbles onto half a scoop of vanilla ice cream I swear Andrew, I don’t even want to know ya.

  • 14rs2
    14rs2 Year ago +2624

    Legolas: “Lembas bread. One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a full grown man”
    Merry: “How many have you had?”
    Pippin: “Four”

    • Sammi23#
      Sammi23# Year ago

      I felt that.

    • just me
      just me Year ago +19

      @DanielJJ that's very true, but for comedic relief purposes, it's much more funny to think of a hobbit who ate four lembas when one bite fills a stomach of a grown man.

    • DanielJJ
      DanielJJ Year ago +18

      @spindlyspiders And what is also incorrect is that "one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man" That's not how it works! If PJ was true to the Books, then he would have explained more like nutritionally dense, not supernaturally filling.

    • Mayor of Loserville
      Mayor of Loserville Year ago +22

      “How many have you had?” “Wait you’re supposed to take bites of it?”

    • Brandyalla
      Brandyalla Year ago +18

      @spindlyspiders Right. It was Samwise who called it "lembas bread"

  • Lynsey17
    Lynsey17 Year ago +2

    Any mincemeat I've ever had was made with ground (or minced) meat and suet. My grandmother and mom used to make it with ground deer meat to help use it up. I have never had a version that omits the meat, I'm guessing leaving it out is cheaper (since it is no longer necessary as a preservation method) and makes it an easier sell to people wary of meat in their desserts.

  • SundayMorrigan
    SundayMorrigan Year ago +4

    Originally, mincemeat pie filling had meat in it along with suet. I had it when I was a small child and it was amazing.

  • Red Robertify
    Red Robertify Year ago +18

    I'll never forget how Ian Holm enriched my imagination with his thoughtful performances. I also will never forget of the kind of childhood traumas he suffered at the hands of his parents he described in his biography.
    Rest easy Holm, rest easy...

  • Cossyc
    Cossyc Year ago +34

    I just love that the seven million subscriber special hasn't been out for a month and he's already almost halfway through to eight.

  • LeftClick
    LeftClick Year ago +1003

    I hope the second episode gives us such wretched creations as orc draught, maggoty bread, and Eowyn’s stew

    • Bloody Raptor
      Bloody Raptor 4 months ago

      @chris my head canon is it's a mixture of grog from Saruman's store room (or nearby raids) and animal blood or any blood

    • lnsflare1
      lnsflare1 Year ago +2

      Or just Babish eating live fish.

    • Eva Fischer
      Eva Fischer Year ago

      @Friendly Flash-Player Commenter hahaahahaha

    • Michael Nelson
      Michael Nelson Year ago

      Maybe he won't, but there's always a 7.5 million celebration video to be made!

  • Matthew Hardy
    Matthew Hardy Year ago +2

    I always liked to think the “lembas” as dense short bread. But I love short bread.

  • Asya Dolinin
    Asya Dolinin Year ago +1

    I've always imagined that Lembas tasted like the weird round "sour cream bread" sold back home in Russia. It was akin to Pita bread, but softer, crumblier, and had just one layer. The texture was like nothing else. I've never eaten anything tastier.

  • HexxWeaver
    HexxWeaver Year ago +2

    Congratulations on the 7M! I love these recipes, except the mince lol. Mincemeat use to contain meat and raisins and such. As the meat portion became less and less, the candied fruit and such became more and more. The flavors complimented each other. I think it had to do with the times and availability of meat. Only a guess lol. Live the tiny whisk :D

  • Tycoon
    Tycoon Year ago +689

    The fact that he just got 7 million three weeks ago and hes almost at 7.5 million.

    • Theo Souris
      Theo Souris Year ago +1

      Coming up on 9 mil rapid quick, and 10 mil can only be a couple months away. Can’t wait to see it happen!

    • Sa
      Sa Year ago +3

      Just like the gardening / food growing channels that have exploded during the pandemic. More people are looking for this kind of content. At least two gardening channels have bought new houses. Another gardening channel said their ad revenue has doubled or tripled.

    • Her0
      Her0 Year ago

      8.5 mil let's go

    • hmm you
      hmm you Year ago +2

      Its a snowball effect. The more Subscribers he has, the more likely it is non-subscribers will hear about him.

    • Pop Flicktion Edits
      Pop Flicktion Edits Year ago +3

      8 and a half

  • Townsends
    Townsends Year ago +7962

    Thanks for the shout out! Great video.

    • WarmageGarrison
      WarmageGarrison 27 days ago

      what kind of crazy crossover is this

    • professornuke
      professornuke 4 months ago

      Somebody get Max Miller in here stat!

    • Rik Killeen
      Rik Killeen 6 months ago

      Babish did bear stew from Red Dead Redemption 2 - in costume, even. For your channels to do an episode or two together would be bigger than the MCU. 😁

    • ghostofbaz
      ghostofbaz 6 months ago

      Cant believe i missed this first time i watched this vid!

    • Akiva 116
      Akiva 116 6 months ago +1

      Love both your channels

  • Atrenu
    Atrenu Year ago +3

    Forget the recipe for a moment, can we talk about how, after SEVEN days of this video being uploaded, Babish is now 1/3 of the way to 8 million?!?!

  • Marcus Reading
    Marcus Reading Year ago +2

    Ohhh god, those mince pies look amazing. I ADORE mince pies and cant get enough of them around christmas. Or rather around September because Iceland had some in stock when I was walking home from work today.

  • R. N.
    R. N. Year ago +2

    this reminds me of my family’s tradition of having harvest feasts with all our friends!!

  • Hugh FM
    Hugh FM Year ago +6

    Love how he called the mince pies "Hobbit sized" yet I'm sat here thinking they are normal size lol

  • ChrizzlyBear
    ChrizzlyBear Year ago +2668

    Bold of you to assume that “hobbit sized” wouldn’t be twice as big as a normal portion.

  • lewis osborne
    lewis osborne Year ago +44

    the "Mincedmeat pies" arent called that in England, we just call them minced pies, minced meat is ground up meat over here. also ive never had or seen a recipe for minced pies that has nuts in them at least not such large pieces, the filling isnt supposed to have any crunch it is supposed to be soft and fruity

    • Hilary White
      Hilary White 5 months ago +1

      Mince in England is ground beef/pork in the US/Canada. But Mincemeat - the sweet stuff you put in tart shells - is called that because originally it wasn't all sweet and fruit, but actual ground meat. The sweetness is a later development. In the Middle Ages mincemeat was ground meat that was cooked with a lot of spices to make it have a longer shelf life for cool storage.

    • Vanessa Walsh
      Vanessa Walsh 6 months ago

      Mince Pie for Botched By Babish

    • Kam Corder
      Kam Corder 10 months ago +2

      We literally fought a war so the British would stop telling us what to do

    • Threadoflength
      Threadoflength Year ago +1

      @shinra corp Meh. I've had thousands of mince pies and never had a nut in any of them (that i knew of). I can't imagine having those shards of pseudo wood in the mince would be anything other than tragic. I'll fight Mary Berry over it, i could take her.

    • shinra corp
      shinra corp Year ago +1

      they are called mince pies but the filling is called mincemeat even though it had no mince in it. my gran always called it mincemeat anyway and she would often put nuts in, she was born in the 1920s. if you listen you will hear he got the recipe from Mary Berry from bake off... not sure I would challenge her on this one!

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy Year ago

    Who doesn’t love lord of the rings! Great video. I always love when you combine movies/tv shows with your food

  • Joanna Joy
    Joanna Joy Month ago

    The lord of the rings is one of my favorite books and the movies are amazing and bring so much joy. I also am very passionate about food, so the amount of serotonin this gives is incredible.

  • Indes_cox
    Indes_cox Year ago +204

    Me - A guy who hasn’t watched LOTR yet: *ah yes medieval brittish magic noises*

    • BabyGirlXoXo
      BabyGirlXoXo Year ago

      How? What? Why?...

      DΛЯK ƧΉӨVΣᄂ Year ago +6

      Honestly, what are you even doing if you haven’t watched it

    • S Shay
      S Shay Year ago +10

      Read and make sure to watch the extended!!!! So worth it

    • Phin 42
      Phin 42 Year ago +7

      @Silver Read them!

    • Silver
      Silver Year ago +11

      @ChillStorm Think I will if this quarantine goes on any longer.

  • 32bit Conspiracy
    32bit Conspiracy Year ago +415

    This channel is the very essence of Tolkien's quote
    “If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world”
    Thanks for making the world that much better Babish!

  • Misty Valzania
    Misty Valzania Year ago +1

    This is my favorite series on this channel!!!! 😍 I'm thinking this is gonna be our Thanksgiving this year!!! 😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤❤

  • SumFiggyPudding
    SumFiggyPudding Year ago

    I love how all the food channels, (Binging with Babish, Cooking History, and the Townsends) all just shout eachother out and are generally nice with one another. It’s honestly great and they give eachother their well deserved props.

  • TheSnookCrook
    TheSnookCrook Year ago +3

    "Tiny whisk to combine" might be the most iconic babish quote

  • Nathan Wall
    Nathan Wall Year ago +1

    Oh man! My favorite stories bringing them to life. Thank you

  • Mac N' Cheese
    Mac N' Cheese Year ago +182

    This man is single-handedly keeping the flaked almond industry alive

    • The Nerd of the North
      The Nerd of the North Year ago +1

      @Somni 224 It is indeed an inside joke.

    • Somni 224
      Somni 224 Year ago +2

      @Vojtěch Nováček I think the Kosher salt industry is doing just fine, between professional chefs, restaurants/diners/food industry and average people who actually cook/bake at home. Do you really find his use of Kosher salt so surprising, or is this like an inside joke or something on the channel? I go through boxes of the stuff; a lot of it for salting pasta water alone.

    • Vojtěch Nováček
      Vojtěch Nováček Year ago +6

      And kosher salt industry

  • TotallyCarbon
    TotallyCarbon Year ago +17

    So as a British person I know the intricacies of mincemeat Vs mince meat, mince pies Vs minced meat pies. But I still don't know what on earth "Kosher salt" is 😅

    • Oregon Cranky Senior
      Oregon Cranky Senior 15 days ago

      Table salt can have iodine in it and also something to keep it from clumping. Kosher salt is: salt. That's why I bake with it.

    • TessHM
      TessHM Year ago +2

      @kaelang12 it's the type of salt traditionally used in kashering.

    • kaelang12
      kaelang12 Year ago +1

      @vaiyt is that type of kosher meat different from other kosher food? I assume the meat is already kosher; if I put kosher salt on lobster, I highly doubt someone who's Jewish would be able to eat it

    • Foxy Cinnamon Kitten
      Foxy Cinnamon Kitten Year ago +3

      Rock dandruff

    • TotallyCarbon
      TotallyCarbon Year ago +4

      @vaiyt Ah, we just call that "sea salt" or "salt flakes."

  • Jess Stange
    Jess Stange Year ago +3

    I love how he has a hat on when he's dealing with the meat but not really any other time

  • Pixel Bytes
    Pixel Bytes Year ago +6

    He saved us the pain of watching him attempt to eat the hard tack

  • Alejandra Menendez
    Alejandra Menendez Year ago +1

    I wanted to win the Omaze giveaway so bad!! But thank you for these episodes! They made me smile. I love LOTR!

  • redrevelry
    redrevelry Year ago +1236

    man now I'm thinking about having a LOTR-themed party, maybe for one of the solstices... imagine the *aesthetics*

    • M-o-r-g-a-n
      M-o-r-g-a-n Year ago

      If you do, be safe my gamer!

    • Goatamatix
      Goatamatix Year ago

      With misty mountains cold in the background

    • FlutePlayer777
      FlutePlayer777 Year ago

      Do a shortbread for the lembas bread. It was so tasty.

    • Katrina Andrews
      Katrina Andrews Year ago

      I threw my son a Middle-Earth themed party for his 14th on the summer solstice. It so much fun!

    • Lock~and~Paint
      Lock~and~Paint Year ago

      @Clotted Scream how about grilled orc?

  • Damian Silvas
    Damian Silvas Year ago

    Man, you're production is and has always been nice. Great features, content, editing. But I originally got into this channel FOR the mythical/magical foods. Your substitution for "lobster soul" from the Adventure Time episode was well thought out and inspiring; your submissions for the most likely suspected secret ingredients on a Krabby Patty were also well-researched and fun to watch. I guess I just came for fictional food, not fictionally featured historical food.

  • Gaby Schneider
    Gaby Schneider Year ago +1

    i always imagined lembas tasting kind of like madeleines... the long shelf life is the magic part

  • shannon oneill
    shannon oneill Year ago +1

    lembas needs to be revisited. there's a couple pretty good (and rather easy) recipes out there.

  • Brady Lange
    Brady Lange Year ago +1

    I've always wanted to try Lembas Bread!

  • Boxvoko
    Boxvoko Year ago +1488

    I think hobbits would be incredibly miffed at the notion that they would get a smaller pie because of their size!

    • Nehfarius
      Nehfarius Year ago +3

      On the other hand, some hobbits would stay positive, as this size means they can eat more of them. :p

    • Viva
      Viva Year ago

      Agreed! When I think of a Hobbit size pie I think of one gigantic pie for one single Hobbit.

    • theacp127
      theacp127 Year ago +4

      Considering they eat as much as 4 men they'd eat all of those in about 3 seconds

    • Alexis Grunden
      Alexis Grunden Year ago +14

      They're the perfect size for a formal tea, with a large platter just _stacked_ with them; just big enough to fit two or three on a saucer. But yeah. It'd take a LOT of itty-bitty mince pies to satiate a handful of hobbits. For a more casual tea or for dessert, it's far more efficient to bake a couple of full pie-sized minces, and just carve slices~

  • Gardens&Games
    Gardens&Games Year ago +1

    Love the shoutout to the Townsends. It's always cool to know that one person I'm a fan of is themselves a mutual fan of another.

  • Gastronomic Adventures

    Waiting for part 2! It’s such a feast!

  • Iamthegreen
    Iamthegreen Year ago +2

    Mincemeat pies were originally made with "mince" or "humble" which was cheaply sourced ground meat or animal organs like liver, flavoured with a bit of fruit and spices. As the industrial revolution kicked in, and fruit and spices became cheaper, the amount of meat gradually decreased, and the amount of fruit increased, until the only thing left in "mincemeat pies" was fruit, spices, and some beef suet or fat to bind it all together.

  • Tove Nitschke
    Tove Nitschke Year ago +101

    What brits call “mince meat”. Aussies, Kiwis, and Brits: hold my tea

  • Gocty360
    Gocty360 Year ago +1014

    Who else was so glad when Babish mentioned Townsends?

  • Ted The kazoo man

    6:38 while we do refer to this as minced pies, we don’t call the things on the inside minced meat.
    Apart from that absolutely amazing minced pie filling!

  • Rosy the Mochi
    Rosy the Mochi Year ago

    Whenever they mentioned seed cake in the books or the movies I pictured a hobbit sized cake with a bunch of different seed types in it: chia, peanuts, macademias, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc

  • Kyle Tekaucic
    Kyle Tekaucic Year ago

    If I recall correctly, the "mincemeat" refers to how in the process of making these pies, the fruit and nut mixtures would be ground in a meat grinder along with suet to create an extra-smooth and spreadable paste.

  • hen ko
    hen ko Year ago +61

    “Under the broiler or as the as the Brits call it...the grill.” Adam Ragusea: whips his head around

  • radred609
    radred609 Year ago +945

    Wait... a broiler is just a grill?
    Every american cooking show makes so much more sense now!

    • J N
      J N 19 days ago

      We will also grill/BBQ in the snow too 😁

    • Null Point
      Null Point 20 days ago

      @LeelDuttis a grill is a grill, it's a terrible shame to only use it for barbeque.

    • LeelDuttis
      LeelDuttis 22 days ago +1

      @Null Point Yes, it’s also what we call an outdoor grill in the UK. I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about that

    • Joe Waters
      Joe Waters 27 days ago +1

      @Bobby Hempel the concept of regional dialects seems lost on you

    • A R
      A R 2 months ago

      But those arent barbecue

  • Lorrie
    Lorrie Year ago

    I have read the series at least 15 times over the last 45 years. Never thought to prepare the dishes. Great idea!

  • MothEye
    MothEye Year ago +2

    8:14 hobit size and human size are the same when it comes to food portions, hobits may be smaller in stature, but they *love* food.

  • Austin Ling
    Austin Ling Year ago

    This makes me happy. Also big congrats on 7 mil.

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    I really love this cooking show. The pacing is awesome. The vibe is fun.
    But I really want to throttle someone every time the tiny whisk comes out.

  • Phoebe Lazaro
    Phoebe Lazaro Year ago +371

    I'm British and my grandmother's famous mince pie trick is to add about a tsp of fresh orange zest to the pie crust, also about 2 tbsp of the juice, makes it crumbly and compliments the flavours of the mince meat! Absolutely delicious. Tradition in my family. lol I don't know why it's called mince meat either

    • islandercirce2
      islandercirce2 4 months ago +6

      There's another Flash-Player channel that delves into food history & did a story on the origins of mince pies. It's called "Tasting History with Max Miller" & is very informative & entertaining.

    • Zach Bahamutson
      Zach Bahamutson 7 months ago +8

      @KattriellaDoesStuff thank you. I was curious why it was called mincemeat pie when there was no meat in it.

    • Cait Hemburrow
      Cait Hemburrow 9 months ago +11

      @KattriellaDoesStuff my family still adds the meat. Pork or veal are best

    • Emily Janet
      Emily Janet 10 months ago +19

      Also instead of butter, folks would often use beef suet!

    • KattriellaDoesStuff
      KattriellaDoesStuff Year ago +66

      I'm a bit late here, but from what I understand, the "meat" part of mince meat was once, in fact, actual meat. Specifically, old meat that was most definitely past it's prime. The fruit flavors were (supposedly) strong enough to help cover up the unpleasantness that is expired meat. It was meant to try to avoid food wastage in hard times, especially during war times or famine when you literally couldn't afford to let things go to waste.

  • Karrington O'Rourke
    Karrington O'Rourke 9 months ago

    Your minced meat pie was interesting!
    In my family minced meat is actually meat (they used whatever they caught- usually venison) along with berries and nuts. I think it’s gross but…we make it every thanksgiving to keep the tradition alive (with beef).

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    Lakin Lovett 7 months ago

    I said I could make hobbit food for a party and am a bit overwhelmed already but I think your video is gonna help a lot. thank you so much!!

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    The reason that it is called mincemeat is because traditionally it did contain meat. Originally it was a fermented mixture of meat and fruit (yum?). It was weirdly common to make sweet desserts containing meat in the 16th century. Towards the end of the 19th Century the meat started to disappear from the recipes. Also in Britain it is traditional to add large quantities of brandy to everything associated with Christmas. The alcohol also acts as a preserving agent that allows the mincemeat to be stored.

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    "under a broiler or, as the brits call it, a grill"
    *so thats what a broiler is*

    • LeeNeedsFriends
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    • LeeNeedsFriends
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      so ive only just seen the fact this got replies and likes, thanks youtube lol

    • CaptHayfever
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      @KO: See, we typically only say "frying" when it's submerged in oil (partially or wholly); grilling doesn't do that.

    • Hugh
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      @Anna Lee you've answered your own question

    • Anna Lee
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      What do you call a barbecue then? Americans call it an grill

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    I believe it’s called mince meat because when meat was very expensive and only the wealthy could really afford to have things like pork they would put a bit of the minced meat in the pie with the fruit and nut mixture to essential show their guests how wealthy they were, the more meat the more wealthy.

  • Magic Rogue Productions

    I am currently making the honey cakes for my DnD session tonight. I accidentally put way too much flower in, but I think I salvaged it. They're baking for a second time now and I tasted one before the second bake and the cooked section tasted pretty damn good. Plus even if they aren't great I'm hopeful that the icing will make up for it.

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    I think "hobbit-sized" foods would be slightly larger than human portions...

    • TheBoldImperator
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      @Shannen Libres They are fat. The only hobbit who isn't described as portly is Smeagol, for understandable reasons (rocking that raw keto diet 7000 years before it was cool). The film version rather whitewashed this.

    • Shannen Libres
      Shannen Libres Year ago

      how are they not fat honestly hahaha

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      So American fast food sized?

    • The Gaming Paladin
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      indeed, Bread with Butter, Cheese and Cured Meat, Fruit as fresh as you can get, those would just be the Appetizers.

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    Carum Sarene 5 months ago

    When I made Lembas Bread I went the hard-tack route as well, but used brown sugar and honey in addition to the regular ingredients. I got something that was an odd mix of hard tack and sugar cookie. It was enjoyable.

  • Rich Meyer MIS
    Rich Meyer MIS Year ago

    I have made this twice and it is delicious. However both times I had to double the dry ingredients on the crust; I think there is a typo. A 2:1 butter:flour ratio is pretty high for a tart crust.

  • Who am I? No one knows

    In Australia minced meat is “ground meat” so a minced meat pie is savoury and usually beef

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      Orcs are aware of the concept of what a menu is, to the point where they actively use it in their speech.

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      steampunker7 🤣

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    Which they never last that long😔

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    Hey, Babish--my son and I made your entire two-part LotR meal for our little family for New Year's. Wish I could post a picture. Our Hobbit Room is pretty awesome. :D

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    In my experience, mince pies have a closed top. A big part of the experience is how much pastry crumbles all over the floor. It's why we only really eat them at Christmas.

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    May your food be well seasoned with Nutmeg, Andrew.

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    • Jon Bridges
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      @The One and Only Michael McCormick Fair enough. Thanks for the info!

    • The One and Only Michael McCormick
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      @Jon Bridges They sure used to. It was called mincemeat first. Christmas pies used to have beef suet and meat in it, in addition to dried fruits, spices and distilled spirits.
      Eventually, the meat part got kind of weened out, but the name remained the same. They mean the same thing.
      I assume that mincemeat pies crossed over during British colonization, and the name stuck, even as the name in the UK changed.

    • Jon Bridges
      Jon Bridges 11 months ago

      @The One and Only Michael McCormick But UK mince has no meat in it and is different to UK mincemeat, so why would US mincemeat be the same as mince?

    • ButterdCrump3ts
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      As a Brit, it *hurts*

    • Sax Garcon
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      @The One and Only Michael McCormick sorry, I didn’t realise!