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Tiffany Haddish Arrested On Suspicion of DUI!; Allegedly Found Asleep At The Wheel

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • Tiffany Haddish is facing a DUI charge after cops say she was dozing in the driver's seat of her vehicle early Friday morning in Georgia ... TMZ has learned.

    Law enforcement tells us Tiffany was arrested by Peachtree City PD officers around 4 AM ET. Although she was getting booked for DUI, the comedian still managed to smile for the camera when cops snapped her mug shot.

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  • What's Happening
    What's Happening  Day ago +1

    I apologize-- I mispronounced Bob Saget's name.. I've always remembered him as Mr. Danny on the Full House. So sorry..

    MMMC CLARK Day ago +6

    If you are sleeping WITH YOUR KEYS STILL IN THE IGNITION it's so consider as a DUI. You MUST take the keys out the ignition, to avoid an DUI. It doesn't matter if you pulled off to the side of the road. YOU MUST TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF THE IGNITION. Because with the keys still in the IGNITION, The law says its consider a DUI. Because you still have the intent to drive.

  • Renee Hampton
    Renee Hampton Day ago +11

    She did the right thing and that was to pull off the road if she couldn’t drive.

  • Helen Holland
    Helen Holland Day ago +7

    "Stay Prayed up Tiffani. God will comfort you during your Sorrowful times. Take care of yourself. YOU ARE LOVED!"❤

  • TheTimeisNow
    TheTimeisNow Day ago +1

    Tiffany has suffered a lot of loss. I can just imagine she's going through a lot of pain. Glad she or no one was hurt too.

  • 22 diva
    22 diva Day ago +3

    Tiffany is a strong we all have a season I truly dont believe it's just Common he were just a season of foolishness Push Sis Push the world love you! there's been a lot of close people to her heart first her grandmother I'm sending you Light, Peace and Love, Happiness 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Natalia’s World
    Natalia’s World Day ago +1

    Prayers to her ❤️

  • Caramel Cutie
    Caramel Cutie Day ago +1

    Praying for Tiffani 🙏🏽

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker Day ago +5

    She's in pain 🙏 Great Commentary ❤

  • peaceful peds
    peaceful peds 19 hours ago +1

    Tiffany lawyers can speak for her. She should remain quiet until after her court hearing. She will plead guilty and will be under court supervision and probation. Make no mistake, this is serious. DUI, mug shot, police photo id is this what Hollywood success is. Hope she gets the help- grief, alcohol and drug counseling. She has been headed in this direction for sometime.

  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson Day ago +3

    Some great things is about to happen for her.

  • Ms.sweettea banks

    Shake it up and shake it off Tiffany we love you sister take care of you.🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • IronCowgirl* Bree
    IronCowgirl* Bree Day ago +1

    Geezus....when will these celebs ever freakin learn? They have all the money ever needed and so many other resources out there like Uber, Lyft, etc...so sad! Good ppl make bad choices!!

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis Day ago +3

    With Common history, I would have not dated him . I believed he fooled around with Quad Web just before Tiffany. Common is just not a man to stay in a long term relationship...he do not like to commit. She should have checked his history. I feel that she is really heart broken over this,,please do not let this man consume your life

  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown Day ago +4

    Common is not all that to be getting a DUI. CHYLE PLS.

  • Tyrician Kelly
    Tyrician Kelly Day ago +4


  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson Day ago +4

    She really is having a hard time after that man. She should be ashamed of herself. No man is worth it.

  • Brushcrawler
    Brushcrawler Day ago +1

    Only Tiger Woods can DUI and walk 🚶‍♂️

  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown Day ago +3

    Sad. Happy and DRUNK. TYLER PERRY, TALK TO HER !

  • Soulstar Musiclover

    Poor Tiffany I think alot if her problem has to do with the way Common ended their relationship which was a Mitch move by way of his publicist. He needs to just come on out the closet.