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Reviewbrah Reacts To Cringey Comments

  • Published on Apr 13, 2021
  • I get a lot of comments on my channel every day and I decided to react and respond to a few of the most cringeworthy ones I found. I'm wearing a blue pinstripe suit from the mid 1990s and a 1990s necktie as well.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Year ago +1510

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    • Look At This
      Look At This 3 months ago

      I love you :)...screw the haters but you're your own man and take it better than most so more power to ya...I want you exactly the way your creator, whoever or whatever that may be, made you...don't change one bit bro :)

    • Joe Torres
      Joe Torres 3 months ago

      Where you from? I'd like to buy you a beer..I like your style friend. 👍

    • Garrett Boling
      Garrett Boling 4 months ago

      Remember some of us need you

    • christopher carrier
      christopher carrier 8 months ago

      No kidding..what nice people. He's such a good guy.

    • Me Reacting
      Me Reacting 8 months ago +1

      @Blue Green That would be fun!

  • Ghoulish Toad
    Ghoulish Toad Year ago +6538

    Who could hate him or say anything mean. he is so polite and quick witted. i adore his dry humor

    • Em K
      Em K Month ago

      He's such a likeable, classy guy, so honest and funny...the person insecure enough to insult him is really shitty.

    • king joe
      king joe 2 months ago

      Completely agree👍

    • Joe Torres
      Joe Torres 3 months ago +2

      He's cool, if you hate this guy it just means you hate yourself.. keep up the good work 👍

    • The StormBolt 2022
      The StormBolt 2022 3 months ago


  • Anne Fine
    Anne Fine 10 months ago +477

    ReviewBrah is a perfect mix of intelligence, sarcasm, and wholesomeness. Anyone that feels compelled to attack him must really hate themselves.

    • Benjamin Aswad
      Benjamin Aswad 2 months ago +2

      I was going to say something similar. I love this guy.

    • Near the knuckle…Bunnys
      Near the knuckle…Bunnys 3 months ago +2

      I agree

    • Ethnos Unlimited
      Ethnos Unlimited 6 months ago +15

      Jealousy comes in many forms, they hate their life, and he is living his

    • Bryanglass Glass
      Bryanglass Glass 8 months ago +15

      Amen, you hit the nail on the head, this man is a wonderfully intelligent human being, love him!!!!!

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell 10 months ago +728

    The words " I eat shake shack everyday " are not the words you wanna to utter before you try to intimidate someone lmao

    • DaCritical Gentleman
      DaCritical Gentleman 8 days ago

      @Allison Chains I am not talking about your friend and his situation. I am talking about a lot of people in general that don't have that luxury based on their living conditions. Again I am not advocating for people to eat fast food everyday, however I can understand the circumstances their in. That's all I am saying.

    • Allison Chains
      Allison Chains 8 days ago

      @DaCritical Gentleman OK but I also mentioned that he did have home cooked meals, he was just too lazy to warm them up.

    • DaCritical Gentleman
      DaCritical Gentleman 8 days ago

      @Allison Chains Actually in this day and age fast food is a lot cheaper than real food that you get in the market due to inflation playing a huge role. Most fast food places are in poor areas in the USA. They are there for a reason, I am not disagreeing with your stance that it is not healthy but you need to keep in mind on why a lot of people eat fast food on a daily basis. Many cities that don't have a proper water supply for their residents are going to more likley be eating fast food because water is well needed to cook food with and if the water supply is contaminated with led or other substances, then it would be hard to cook at home.

    • Derp
      Derp 2 months ago

      The first mistake is trying to intimidate someone in the Flash-Player comments in general lol. Nothing screams insecurity like a Flash-Player comment section tough guy.

    • Near the knuckle…Bunnys
      Near the knuckle…Bunnys 3 months ago


  • Manusha Sanganayake
    Manusha Sanganayake 11 months ago +292

    He transitioned so smoothly into that raccoon joke I didn’t even figure it out at first😂

    • Kassidy Nance
      Kassidy Nance Month ago +1

      He went, "Except on Tuesday night, when the neighbors..." and I didn't suspect ANYTHING 😂😂😂

    • Dave C
      Dave C 2 months ago +1

      You people think he's joking?
      What do you think those marsupial night vision eyes are for, if not for dumpster diving for discarded snacks?

    • Lorie Tapp
      Lorie Tapp 2 months ago +3

      I thought he was telling the truth at first so good job

    • Tom Cruise Control
      Tom Cruise Control 10 months ago +34

      His dry wit is effortless. You’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention.

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 11 months ago +803

    Haters talking mad shit, while reviewbrah is laughing and counting his Flash-Player money.

    • Mizuki
      Mizuki 2 months ago

      All the best for our reviewbrah LMAO.

    • MyName
      MyName 3 months ago +1

      And With 1.57 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS?
      Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh.

    • Crow
      Crow 3 months ago +1

      “I will wipe my tears with my money.”

    • King Malik
      King Malik 3 months ago


  • Brandon Riggle
    Brandon Riggle Year ago +7350

    I don't think you all understand the level of manliness this dude displays. The way he downplays all the cringe and nasty comments in such an innocent and friendly way is seriously the epitome of masculinity.

    • I27T I84
      I27T I84 2 months ago

      what does "manliness" have to do with anything? Women can be witty and intelligent and brutal when dissing trolls, too-- this isn't a "manliness" thing. toxic masculinity? now yes, your comment is that

    • Jesus can play guitar
      Jesus can play guitar 3 months ago

      @Matthew MacDonald I’ve seen I’m do it

    • The Office 2
      The Office 2 4 months ago

      If every man was like reviewbrah, we’d have world peace.

    • Sweet Songstress
      Sweet Songstress 4 months ago

      @RA9 huh

    • Sweet Songstress
      Sweet Songstress 4 months ago

      @DarqStalker wooly mammoth breaks fries with reviewbrah

  • Itz_Uguay
    Itz_Uguay 11 months ago +318

    "Sometimes I'll crawl up into the garbage can kinda like a raccoon-esque creature and go inside of it and then eat the snack in there and then leave." I'm dying 😂😭

    • Snippets
      Snippets 3 months ago +2


    • StrangeClouds
      StrangeClouds 3 months ago

      Was he joking or does he really do that?

    • Merlene Alt
      Merlene Alt 8 months ago +11

      “I don’t scrape my hands across the floor for 15 minutes before I eat.” lol

    • Tourmaline Ivy
      Tourmaline Ivy 10 months ago +29

      "But even after that I wash my hands when I'm done." 😂😂😂

    ANOTML 11 months ago +240

    “eat a disgusting dirty mouse”
    “no I can’t do that, that’s part of my lineage” 🤣🤣

  • Aimee Barrett
    Aimee Barrett 11 months ago +327

    This guy is so put together and his clothing matches his personality perfectly, it's like he's a character from a novel or comic.

    • Skywalker
      Skywalker 3 months ago

      He’s an old soul. Need more people like him in this world.

    • Chinese Slaves
      Chinese Slaves 8 months ago

      He’s very refined and eats as if he’s in a very classy restaurant. I think he’s found a common denominator for discourse. I was trying to figure out what was going on here, and that’s what I came up with. A testament of our times. I find it amusing.

    • Aimee Barrett
      Aimee Barrett 9 months ago +1

      @Chynna Doll personalities vary from person to person. As much as Iike him, I think it'd be boring if we had carbon copies everywhere.

    • Chynna Doll
      Chynna Doll 10 months ago +4

      You know, once upon a time, 99% of young men around his age always dressed and behaved like him. Now, sadly he is the exception, which is.....2021’s LOSS.

    • esils
      esils 10 months ago +5

      If Mr. rogers and Alfalfa had a love child 🤔

  • Ken A
    Ken A 10 months ago +34

    I'm damn near old enough to be your Grandfather....That being said, I find you to be a class act, well mannered, intelligent, personable, kind, out going and possessing a really nice laid-back attitude. God... your dad must be so proud of you. Your parents seem to have done a GREAT job raising you. God bless you and your future endeavors........ Kenny in Vegas

  • A Human 2
    A Human 2 Year ago +3421

    This man is too polite. How could you ever insult him?

    • Bobby Fisher
      Bobby Fisher 4 months ago +1

      hard training

    • Bryanglass Glass
      Bryanglass Glass 8 months ago +1

      A sad statement on today's intelligence and society, love him!!!!

    • brandon the pinocchio
      brandon the pinocchio 10 months ago

      @Køltira Memeweaver it’s a genius way to troll the common foolish troll. That is also how I meant by not getting offended it shows their comment was lack of purpose that being just stupid or juvenile yet coming back with more same comments being rejected by all till they stop, Very true. Their just trolling themselves and he’s disclosing them to thousands of his followers. It’s just funny.

    • Køltira Memeweaver
      Køltira Memeweaver 10 months ago +1

      @brandon the pinocchio Very true, plus you get the bonus of them getting more angry since they see it's not bothering you. That in turn causes them to respond with even more angry and dumb comments for the world to see lol.

    • wiLLiam
      wiLLiam 11 months ago

      @A Soshellist Turtle 🏴 the only thing u have said that i agree with

  • Joe Torres
    Joe Torres 3 months ago +24

    He's a cool guy, unhappy people spreading unhappiness is all it is.

  • Emily Loredo
    Emily Loredo Year ago +106

    Dude, your sense of humor is stellar 👌 just remember only someone with extremely low IQ and Self Esteem would write mean, rude comments to you. Keep your head up, king

    • Farwah Batool
      Farwah Batool 3 months ago +1

      i think people do it in purpose so he could say funny things about their comments :D

  • Smoking Beetles
    Smoking Beetles 11 months ago +209

    He's young and a bit of a relic at the same time. He's fascinating, possibly a genius if deliberate.

    • tatooine_dream
      tatooine_dream 2 months ago

      no, not "a genius if deliberate". his genius is authenticity.

    • TheKrusher66
      TheKrusher66 2 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing. I feel like he came from a different era (when people had manners.) I'm so glad to see all the support here in the comments. Some class acts here, for sure! 😊

    • Lisa Parker
      Lisa Parker 3 months ago

      Young and a relic... I like that 🐯

    • Turin Turambar
      Turin Turambar 8 months ago +5

      @Greg Bors he does not wear 1920s suits.

    • Greg Bors
      Greg Bors 9 months ago +10

      @cryptid_cactus Well yah, he obviously created a time machine so he could visit us from the 1920’s

  • Soup
    Soup 11 months ago +106

    This guy is the literal definition of wholesome.

  • Mr. Nono
    Mr. Nono Year ago +4070

    He’s more offended by the bad taste of food than their comments.
    What a legend.

    • FlyBait
      FlyBait 4 months ago

      Domain Expansion : Kitchen’s Nightmare

    • Brandon Jones
      Brandon Jones 4 months ago

      If i had to guess, probably years of being bullied and beat up during school made him emotionally tougher.

    • BeardedGhinzu
      BeardedGhinzu 10 months ago

      well that cooments are really weird, cause they don't realise that different people love different food
      someone loves a bit spicy, some eat hell fire itself) and etc

    • ramon
      ramon 10 months ago

      i felt a little bad about my comment when he said "I try not to be [too harsh on mayo]". dude really takes it to heart

    • Gay Snail
      Gay Snail 11 months ago

      Bro ur pfp is amazing

  • New Vill
    New Vill 10 months ago +59

    It’s just hilarious how he couldn’t hold his laugh while saying “High on life”😂😂😂 funny guy.

  • Leoś Adventures
    Leoś Adventures Year ago +67

    i love how he doesnt cares about those comments and he even make fun coments aboust him self , coolest guy ever

    • Mic Sloth
      Mic Sloth 8 months ago +3

      “i can’t eat a rat it’s part of my lineage, can’t do that”
      jaw dropping wit, i respect this man so much

  • Mark Rutledge
    Mark Rutledge 4 months ago +19

    The fact that he can find humor in these angry, horrible comments speaks volumes about his wit and intellect.

  • Michael Botha
    Michael Botha 11 months ago +26

    How could you dislike this guy, he just gives off such a cool and wholesome vibe

    THE ALMIGHTY BREAD Year ago +2001

    Just him laughing at their "mean" comments is enough to destroy them.

    • Ignorant Ethan
      Ignorant Ethan 3 months ago

      @cool person dnc

    • Charles Thomas
      Charles Thomas 4 months ago +1

      Their definitely pissed. They probably get mad at him for not liking certain foods😂😂😂they should put more effort into the gym instead of trying to hate on a guy who just wants to save you from eating garbage food.

    • BRUH
      BRUH 7 months ago

      Yeah but when he first read them his disappointment was immeasurable and his day was ruined.

    • Salty Soup
      Salty Soup 9 months ago +3

      Their bullets went back to them

    • Codynara Gaming
      Codynara Gaming 11 months ago +1


  • Omar Félix
    Omar Félix 10 months ago +26

    You're a national treasure, Reviewbruh. You take all these dumb insults like the champion you are.

  • Jamin Klingensmith
    Jamin Klingensmith 3 months ago +9

    This man is a class act. Taking the negative and brushing it off with his classic dry humor!

  • WHS
    WHS 11 months ago +10

    ReviewBrah is pure class. I love how he handles the trolls.

  • Katie Bell
    Katie Bell 10 months ago +9

    I just discovered you and I am laughing my tuchus off. I love how you throw those nasty comments right back in their ugly little faces. Good for you! Don't let them steal your joy. You are hysterical. Love it!

  • smagg
    smagg Year ago +2311

    Reviewbrah: I don't get it, where do people come up with this stuff?
    Reviewbrah, a couple minutes later: I crawl on all fours like a racoon like creature and eat the leftover pizza out of the neighbors trash

    • Joe Torres
      Joe Torres 3 months ago

      That shit was hilarious 😂!!

    • Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker 3 months ago

      @ItsSHAGGY bruh

    • Raul Menendez
      Raul Menendez 3 months ago

      he comments on his own videos I guess

    • Bradley Maggard
      Bradley Maggard 4 months ago

      @G.Supreme He is from Florida, we have some weird ppl in this state. So he may be dead ass serious. lol

    • G.Supreme
      G.Supreme 6 months ago +1

      I was lookin for this comment!! I feel like hes joking hahaha

  • Jeffrey Counts
    Jeffrey Counts 8 months ago +11

    I was crying from laughing so hard. This guy is hilarious - should do stand up comedy.

  • itsqhoul YT
    itsqhoul YT 11 months ago +139

    I'm not sure if he was kidding about the raccoon trashcan thing

    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago

      @Hellcat He might not be able to understand sarcasm, but I might gamble that you couldn't understand politics.

    • Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
      Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 4 months ago

      @Hellcat you're**

    • garfieldandfriends1
      garfieldandfriends1 6 months ago +1

      He's like the next level of Chris Broad's british sarcasm 😂

    • John Smith
      John Smith 9 months ago +13

      @Hellcat #StopAsianHate

  • NoNamesPlease
    NoNamesPlease 3 months ago +3

    I just discovered this channel. I'm an old guy, like, really old. ReviewBrah is like the newscasters of my day when we expected decorum, good manners, poise, and a high sartorial standard. Who could have a problem with that? Who are these people!?

  • Sparks Tron
    Sparks Tron 10 months ago +5

    The flying cookies really tickled me.
    Very absurd humour delivered in the dry deadpan manner is why I love this guy.
    Not many can truly turn a negative into a positive, but its done here to great effect and the sauce/bathtub comment was great especially the stirring off the sauce with a broom and setting the scene with candles.
    That one got me too and the response also summoning some devil haha, too good.
    Bravo wise one, i doff my proverbial hat to you.

  • Kali Dreamer
    Kali Dreamer Year ago +1523

    Reviewbrah’s imagination is severely underrated. His jokes are so whimsical and elaborate.

    • Flavio da Silva
      Flavio da Silva Year ago +3

      Reviewbrah is literally Hyper-Intelligent. He easily has an IQ of at least 135

    • Chad Drake
      Chad Drake Year ago

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh&hhhhhhhhzAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ah ah Ahhhh. This made me headbutt the ground

    • Kali Dreamer
      Kali Dreamer Year ago +3

      @KxNo He has a very playful, and detailed way of telling jokes

    • KxNo
      KxNo Year ago +1

      Whats with the dictionary you used, sorry my English dictionary is small.

  • Lobsta
    Lobsta 11 months ago +12

    I'm glad you have a sense of humor about these things. Keep doing what you're doing, your content is one of the best parts of my day.

  • Cuppy Cakey
    Cuppy Cakey 9 months ago +4

    You’re a comedic genius, and your positive attitude is something we should all learn from. You handle all of your criticism so well, it’s admirable.

  • R4zorcl4w77
    R4zorcl4w77 11 months ago +8

    This man's comedy is on a whole other level. It's so seriously blunt and yet still so sarcastic xD. Makes me laugh every time.

  • Allan Castillo
    Allan Castillo Year ago +123

    Threatened reviewbrah: "i don't think thats the right approach"

  • Featureman
    Featureman Year ago +1491

    One of the comments compared you to Christopher Walken and Pee Wee Herman and Eddie Cantor. That is a wonderful compliment if we look at the great acting and dancing of Christopher Walken and Pee Wee Herman's fun movies and TV shows. Best of all might be Eddie Cantor, whom I saw in person at The Hollywood Bowl in 1957. Eddie was a songwriter, singer, comic and actor. He was the first to record Santa Claus is Coming to Town. He was a movie star and a radio star. He gave a name to a cause called The March of Dimes which helped bring an end to the yearly polio epidemics. To me you look more like The Report of the Week. Maybe when the current restrictions are lifted you will decide to become a movie star or humorist. The world is better with your dry sense of humor, and of course, some mayonnaise.

    • Terminated Account
      Terminated Account 3 months ago

      I love you

    • Olivia
      Olivia 11 months ago

      A very Featureman comment

    • RoastBeefSandwich
      RoastBeefSandwich Year ago +1

      Thanks for your review of my comments comparing Reviewbrau with three talented showbiz people. It's the voice of Christopher Walken that I was making the comparison to, perhaps he is a chip of that block not unlike what happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his maid. If you have any influence I'd love to see him do some reviews of Frozen supermarket meals that many of us eat.*PS you are a wealth of information regarding Eddie Cantor!

    • Chibi
      Chibi Year ago +1

      I kind of appreciate you took the time to write this

    • Peewee pixie
      Peewee pixie Year ago

      More like the child of Crispin Glover

  • Jimadiah
    Jimadiah Year ago +75

    "It didn't taste that bad it was just kind of gross" 😂

    TIHS PID the REKCIL TILC 5 months ago +2

    I love how he turns someone's comment into a review while roasting the commenter in a classy way.

  • Logan Hurt
    Logan Hurt 11 months ago +3

    I have always heard of this guy, never watched him till this video......I'm sold, you sir are truly a polite intellectual savage. Good on you man, can't take peoples opinions to heart

  • —Co̷rruptCo̷lo̷rs—
    —Co̷rruptCo̷lo̷rs— 10 months ago +16

    Y’know, you’re just a good dude, man. You are just honest and you’re just, well to be frank a nice guy! I’m never gonna regret subscribing man

  • Obama Care
    Obama Care Year ago +1671

    "I don't know what gets people so fired up sometimes"
    *takes elegant sip of water out of giant wine glass*

    • Jacubo
      Jacubo Year ago +1

      For some reason I read this comment as “takes elephant sip of water out of giant wine glass”

    • zxorizonn_
      zxorizonn_ Year ago +2

      it's glorious

    • Marcos Medina
      Marcos Medina Year ago +2

      Lmal bruh im dead

    • Erika Molina
      Erika Molina Year ago +1

      @Obama Care Thanks 😂

    • Obama Care
      Obama Care Year ago +4

      @Erika Molina 8:52

  • AndyPalm 890
    AndyPalm 890 11 months ago +11

    I love how positive he is when reading negative comments

  • MorbidofReality03
    MorbidofReality03 10 months ago +5

    This guy’s sense of humor and sarcasm proves he is lord

  • TheKrusher66
    TheKrusher66 2 months ago +2

    What a refreshing change from the norm! You are so so unique. I love your style and your obvious internal strength and fortitude. Keep your sense of humor and don't ever change for anybody! The world could sure use more people like you. 😀

  • Ricky Rox
    Ricky Rox 4 months ago +3

    Hahahaha! You are awesome just the way you are. Don't change just because some people think you should be different. God wants you to be yourself.

  • bob p
    bob p 6 months ago +3

    He blindsided me with the Racoon joke ..That was priceless ..

  • gaargy1
    gaargy1 4 months ago +4

    I just came across this guy and while trying to figure him out, I absolutely lost it when he said, "the absolutely massive eyes". It was then that it hit me, his brand of comedy is extremely unique

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack 11 months ago +48

    My man said "Summon Cthulu". And I thought his taste had already reached the point of perfection.

  • Warwin Lee
    Warwin Lee 10 months ago +2

    You are a genius. Thanks for your wonderful opinions and your presentation.

  • Aadeesh Jain
    Aadeesh Jain Year ago +1378

    Reviewbrah reacting to his critics is truly the sign of an amazing food reviewer

    • Ultra Obscure
      Ultra Obscure Year ago

      @TheMenace lmao

    • jacob4189
      jacob4189 Year ago +11

      And making money from it as well. He’s literally turning their hate into profit. What a boss

    • Katakuri Fan
      Katakuri Fan Year ago


    • Elise Gaffga
      Elise Gaffga Year ago +9

      They aren’t critics, they are just haters. But yeah it is a sighn of amazing reviewer

    • vnthony24
      vnthony24 Year ago +2

      * an amazing leader

  • bryce carson
    bryce carson 10 months ago +2

    Thank you for this, this actually really helped my mental health a lot man and I mean that. The way you handle this type of thing is inspirational and I’m going to watch this when I’m feeling down

  • SchlachtCreme
    SchlachtCreme 9 months ago +5

    He must have a hard time shaving off that majestic moustache that grows from his manliness.
    Pure legend!

  • demitri gone wild
    demitri gone wild  11 months ago +5

    absoultely loved the jokes throughout the video. your great man!

  • Jordan Landman
    Jordan Landman 11 months ago +22

    The “I whip my hair back and forth comment” SENT ME🤣🤣🤣💀 so random! 🤣

  • Big Salt
    Big Salt 4 months ago +1

    I love reviewbrah so much his humor is hilarious and I am happy he isn't distracted by negative comments

  • James T.
    James T. 4 months ago +3

    4:40 I just wanted everybody to know that if they search "report of the week honey barbecue," the Flash-Player suggestion autofills "bathtub."
    That is absolutely hilarious.

  • jigsaw chan
    jigsaw chan Year ago +2

    I admire your attitude towards negativity in general. Your nonchalant reaction devaluates every hurtful comment immediately.

  • Obama's mother
    Obama's mother 10 months ago +1

    I love how he reviews inappropriate comments all professional and polite 🤣

  • Napoleon Cornelius Scipio

    Plot twist: he's actually a mafia boss, and he's chilling after he'd just put out a hit on his haters.

  • Mollie Sadoques
    Mollie Sadoques 11 months ago

    I think you are hilarious! I love how you read these comments and you seem to deal with all of the crazy comments so well.

  • Josh Benoist
    Josh Benoist 4 months ago +1


  • The pratthouse
    The pratthouse 11 months ago +1

    You are so hilarious man I loved this keep the good energy you’re an awesome dude

  • Tennessee Warminster
    Tennessee Warminster 11 months ago +1

    I really love your dry and goofy sense of humor!

  • Nice Try Skeleton
    Nice Try Skeleton Year ago +798

    The mental image of reviewbrah crawling on all fours to his neighbor's trash and eating their pizza is truly hilarious.

    • Tatsuya Radheya
      Tatsuya Radheya 7 months ago

      @Stephen Cole I absolutely have no idea!😂

    • Darcy Marie TCB
      Darcy Marie TCB 11 months ago

      Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Libby M
      Libby M Year ago +1

      I *cried*

    • Hema Kumar
      Hema Kumar Year ago +7

      @Stephen Cole Why would he be joking about that? It’s obviously true

    • Stephen Cole
      Stephen Cole Year ago +2

      Was he joking or being serious? This is the first video of his ive seen

  • Kevin DeLaurentis
    Kevin DeLaurentis 10 months ago +1

    How come I just found this guy today? He's great, funny, and one of a kind. Love his sense of humor.

    JIM BRAMBLE 4 months ago +4

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