Renée Zellweger Waited Four Hours In The Cold To Meet Jimmy Carter

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • 'Judy' star Renée Zellweger is a big star but she still gets stars truck by her heroes like President Jimmy Carter, who she once waited four hours in line to meet. #Colbert #RenéeZellweger #Interviews
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Comments • 315

  • day light
    day light 22 days ago

    She's a class act

  • Yvette Tellez
    Yvette Tellez Month ago +1

    She is a delight!!❤❤❤

  • DirceSiqueira
    DirceSiqueira Month ago +1

    She´s a very smart woman in a subtle way.

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine Month ago

    she is sweet... has probs making eye contact... prob nerves... but so sweet!

  • Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson Month ago

    So glad she is back with "Judy", a beautiful human being. So great to learn more about her, see her depth and humility.

  • Dagmar Niemann
    Dagmar Niemann Month ago

    I love Renée!!!!

  • underyourskin
    underyourskin Month ago

    Consume less? That won't happen.

  • valar
    valar Month ago

    She got some plastic surgery undone and looks more like her old self here.

  • Goth Goddess
    Goth Goddess Month ago +2

    She’s so soft so gentle ugh I want a hug from her but I’m very awkward and I’m assuming she is too lmao :)

  • Reideerrivas Rivas Rivas

    oscar oscar

  • Carlos Robledo
    Carlos Robledo Month ago

    She is adorable .... she seems shy looking down quite often .... she is a classy lady ! 😘❤️

  • Marilyn Taylor
    Marilyn Taylor Month ago +3

    She is wonderful - what a beautiful personality.

  • Ben M
    Ben M Month ago +1

    A wonderful interview with a wonderful woman. I appreciate her President Carter story. He's the only president I'll go to Washington DC for to attend his funeral procession. His profound goodness has inspired me all these years. Especially given our epically degenerate parasite-in-chief, I will surely weep upon President Carter's passing.

  • Colineo
    Colineo Month ago

    I just adore Renée. Could listen to her talk all day!

  • Cole Mark
    Cole Mark Month ago

    Renee as Judy Garland knocked it out of the park. You were awesome, Renee. Thank you for your talent and courage.

  • MR
    MR Month ago +1

    she is a wonderful woman

  • S. Jackson
    S. Jackson Month ago

    She is sooo boring.

  • Michelle Topham
    Michelle Topham Month ago +15

    She's just such a lovely person. Can't wait to see Judy.

  • Mike White
    Mike White Month ago +1


  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +3

    She looks SO good! I remember a year or two ago when she was all over the news for “getting plastic surgery” and being “unrecognizable” and she said she was just living her best life. Boy was she right.

  • Loved, cherished & healed

    Falling in love w/ RZ the more interviews I watch for Judy... can't wait to watch it. Don't know the other Oscar contenders but I want her to win!

  • roxxylala26
    roxxylala26 Month ago +4

    Is it me or was Stephen blushing a lot in this interview. I think, he has a thing for Ms. Renee Zellweger.

    • Patty Gomez
      Patty Gomez Month ago

      roxxylala26 I wasn’t even paying attention to Stephen. She is mesmerizing and adorable. I think I have a crush on her. You could see she was just a little uncomfortable being in front of that many people.

  • HPMcQueen
    HPMcQueen Month ago +6

    She deserved an Oscar for Down With Love.

  • Harper Harlowe
    Harper Harlowe Month ago +2

    What's not to like...???!

  • Joanna Peters
    Joanna Peters Month ago +2

    What a sweetie.

  • Britt Magadini
    Britt Magadini Month ago +4

    She is class all the way...gorgeous, stylish (oh that dress!) and so articulate. Can't wait to see Judy!

  • Blaise Arwyn
    Blaise Arwyn Month ago +1

    *JUDY* is fantastic & Renée does beautiful work.

  • saucermcfly
    saucermcfly Month ago +2

    How sweet! I hope Renee gets another opportunity to meet Mr. Carter properly!

  • Linda Berenson
    Linda Berenson Month ago +1

    I loved her Jimmy Carter story!! Wish he talked about it more with her. She sweet and smart and talented!

  • M i c h e l e
    M i c h e l e Month ago

    I love her but what was that? was she drunk or was she stoned?

    • Fénix Creciente
      Fénix Creciente Month ago +1

      Possibly shy & somewhat nervous doing this high-profile unrehearsed interview...

  • Sherry Nichols
    Sherry Nichols Month ago +2

    She is precious! So genuine!

  • 6atlantis
    6atlantis Month ago

    I’d love to see the kinds of fuck faces she makes in bed.

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank Month ago

    What's the deleted video at the end of this segment's playlist???

  • Rebecca L
    Rebecca L Month ago +1

    She is a lady!

  • Kathy Dockins
    Kathy Dockins Month ago +1

    I love Jimmy, too! And I had my own similar embarrassing moment at a George Takei book signing when I thanked him for his public service in San Francisco -- then remembered when I got home that it was Los Angeles. Sigh.

  • Ok
    Ok Month ago

    Ellen pompeo’s twin

  • 12schoolies
    12schoolies Month ago +1

    I seriously doubt RZ would wait even 4 seconds to meet our current POTUS (Spanky Bone Spurs)

  • Victor Castro
    Victor Castro Month ago

    by your next birthday, you approach the end of her story.

  • Zeynep Oner
    Zeynep Oner Month ago +1

    That turned out to be a great interview 🙏

  • George Dennie
    George Dennie Month ago

    I never heard of Jimmy's book signing drawing such crowds with at least a 4_1/2 hour wait line out onto the sidewalk in the snow and cold after coming four hours early is still embrace by one so resourced as Zellweger. Clearly, the revolution will not be televised and clearly there is hope for humanity.

  • Eric Ryan
    Eric Ryan Month ago +4

    Just when I thought I couldn't love her more.

  • Eli Peter
    Eli Peter Month ago +1

    That was incredibly charming.

  • Hili P
    Hili P Month ago +4

    She is just so lovely and obviously super smart and talented

  • MrBitchPimp
    MrBitchPimp Month ago

    Just love how she starts teasing Stephen about Sir Jackson :) A slight blush on Stephen there :)

  • WSR WeeklyPicks
    WSR WeeklyPicks Month ago

    ugh constipation is an energy

  • John Zyp
    John Zyp Month ago +7

    Jimmy Carter still rides a bicycle while plump Trump can’t do it.

  • aseretk
    aseretk Month ago +7

    I love Renee Z a little bit more after hearing about her crush on president Jimmy Carter! Her intelligence shines throughout her interview!

  • OneSpiritOneWorld
    OneSpiritOneWorld Month ago +3

    Love this woman. Such a great actor and person. And still so beautiful. Hear she’s 50 but, boy, she’s still a hottie.
    And she made me go and watch video on Jimmy. And made me appreciate him more.
    But she seems so vulnerable in this video. Makes me want to hug her and tell her how marvelous she is...

  • henryahoy
    henryahoy Month ago

    what a delightful woman

  • spookmineer
    spookmineer Month ago +1

    Missed opportunity to say "you had me at hello".

  • charles stuart
    charles stuart Month ago

    Love to invite her over for dinner - and there are very few celebreties I would offer this invitation.

  • Fadllan Fitrah
    Fadllan Fitrah Month ago

    Jimmy Carter had her at hello

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell Month ago

    Rene Zellweger AND "Botox Meets Sucking On Lemons"

  • N e v I l l e N I c o l

    Her story took about 4 hours to tell

  • none business
    none business Month ago

    ouch. and it was a cute story too. love you renee

  • none business
    none business Month ago

    omg. she admires jc so much. now i love her. and she is a brilliant actress who can make you laugh hard and cry hard. she is all that

  • rampart rod
    rampart rod Month ago +8

    I have so missed her jimmy cater is a good man unlike the crap we have now

  • Lilly Fitzgerald
    Lilly Fitzgerald Month ago

    She is wonderful! She really is.

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    What's wrong with her mouth?

  • Felix Choi
    Felix Choi Month ago

    Wow! They don’t all age well.