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SML Movie: Taken Away!
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Logan plays Quick Draw!
Views 1.8M2 years ago
SBL Plays: The Sims 4
Views 1.9M4 years ago
4K Mario Plush Test
Views 776K4 years ago
Non-Stop 2 Trailer
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SML cut scene
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SBL: Double Rainbow WTF
Views 450K9 years ago
SBL: Help?
Views 288K9 years ago
Views 165K9 years ago


  • FaZe PoKy
    FaZe PoKy 5 minutes ago

    If I hit 100 likes on my comment I will reveal my phone number

  • PA2023 Evie A
    PA2023 Evie A 9 minutes ago

    I’d poop and rub it on my neck to get my head un stuck

  • funnyvideobuds pageandb.w

    My virginity

  • Chica The chicken
    Chica The chicken 10 minutes ago

    Bring back Rosalina

  • Jamesbrian Marinas
    Jamesbrian Marinas 11 minutes ago

    Stupid cody is a cool name for a cat

  • Dalton Kelly
    Dalton Kelly 17 minutes ago

    Cheese 🧀 yeah

  • Millo The gamer
    Millo The gamer 20 minutes ago

    Afk47 time

  • Lamb_FlameMan K
    Lamb_FlameMan K 22 minutes ago


  • Aland Hawar
    Aland Hawar 26 minutes ago

    This is how many spagetios bowser jr spild \/

  • Carolina Nery
    Carolina Nery 27 minutes ago

    Logan you need to do a video on the Jackie Chu family

  • Jamesbrian Marinas
    Jamesbrian Marinas 27 minutes ago

    No wifi

  • Jesus Rayos
    Jesus Rayos 27 minutes ago

    Who won the prize from the sticker the teacher said on the first day of school

  • Jennifer Mosquera
    Jennifer Mosquera 31 minute ago

    1:24 he cheats on you because your a FAT PIG

  • wayne griffin
    wayne griffin 32 minutes ago

    at 5.19 was the funnest part

  • River Cook
    River Cook 33 minutes ago

    I thought black yoshi could not spell

  • TDplayzz
    TDplayzz 34 minutes ago

    My parents would do nothing if I did what junior did since I wouldn't do it.

  • Horrofan Cogger
    Horrofan Cogger 35 minutes ago

    6:52 white baby or black baby because at the end he says Batman again?

  • Javien King
    Javien King 36 minutes ago

    I live in Florida

  • MurphTV
    MurphTV 39 minutes ago

    I swear Cody is sooo annoying in this epsiode

  • Aware Gaming
    Aware Gaming 40 minutes ago

    sml idea: juniors life story. form baby to adult

  • FusedWolf 778
    FusedWolf 778 40 minutes ago

    Junior said hey Siri and my Siri popped up lol 😂

  • Jiminitutot
    Jiminitutot 41 minute ago

    The only thing that I lost is my crush 😞😞😞

  • Coolman436
    Coolman436 41 minute ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, this video was so cool, Flash-Player thought it was to. (Just so they don’t demonitize Logan again)

  • Ethanethan Zeng
    Ethanethan Zeng 42 minutes ago

    1:13 is that a fucking orange humping a author orange?!

  • Abdullah Alameri
    Abdullah Alameri 47 minutes ago

    R.I.P Carpet 20(idk when they moved in) till 2019

  • Micheal Sams
    Micheal Sams 48 minutes ago

    He does not no what the fuck to do I did 200 surgery's

  • Pennapa Deesiri
    Pennapa Deesiri 49 minutes ago

    A lucky penny is maybe a fake or true?????

  • Pennapa Deesiri
    Pennapa Deesiri 50 minutes ago

    ยก ไนรพ รรกว

  • Aaliyah Mcgrattan
    Aaliyah Mcgrattan 54 minutes ago

    *pees on jeffy* jeffy:suck my pee pee

  • Frgsnipes
    Frgsnipes 56 minutes ago


  • Razet_Bear08 Gaming
    Razet_Bear08 Gaming 56 minutes ago

    Mine so poopy sandwich

  • ツZeql
    ツZeql 59 minutes ago

    SML Idea: Bowser jr. The thief I love your videos btw

  • Wolf Clan
    Wolf Clan Hour ago

    If this happened they’d whoop me..... yup u know what skin color I am

  • David TheRockGame

    if i did what junior did then my mum and me can clean it up :)

  • Mariela Garcia Rico

    Bro when he breathed into his dads ear I felt like I could smell jeffy a breath🤮 Plus I brushed mah teeth

  • Ben Huang
    Ben Huang Hour ago

    At 6:46 I started chanting "Spill the beans! Spill the beans!"

  • 0w0_ not so creative

    Pause and read this) am i the only one who saw hair in the bowl. 11:23

  • Marx the Galactic Ambition


  • AngryBirdsSwagPlush


  • AngryBirdsSwagPlush


  • Hello Friends
    Hello Friends Hour ago

    This is how many times Cody said you sounded upset on the phone 👇

  • TheGrandpaGamer
    TheGrandpaGamer Hour ago

    Sml idea Mario sees the bills are rising from tv water and xbox so Mario makes everyone pay rent or not he kicks them out and shrek woody black yoshi and bowser and bowser jr and chef pee pee gets kick out and the make a camp in the back yard then they call Brooklyn t guy and take his clothes so it lookes like there doing his Jones when they are watching tv eating cheesecake and playing a box and trains

  • robloxfan RTE
    robloxfan RTE Hour ago

    In 7:34 junior kinda when out of character

  • Mosiah Peter
    Mosiah Peter Hour ago


  • Orion Comeau
    Orion Comeau Hour ago

    Anyone else notice the Jumanji game?

    CRY BABY DEVIN Hour ago


  • Orin Desouza
    Orin Desouza Hour ago

    Make a sml movie called Junior gets famous

  • cayson smith
    cayson smith Hour ago

    Top story today superbowserlogan teaches kids how to cut out carpet.

  • Conner
    Conner Hour ago

    Beat the living crap out of me

  • Athfi Halim
    Athfi Halim Hour ago

    Video Idea: TricKEN ChicKen

  • Michel Jimenez
    Michel Jimenez Hour ago

    My worst punishment is when I couldn’t use my phone for a week

  • sani's Awesome life

    What did Bowser mean when he said he'll throw chef pee pee over the border

    • sani's Awesome life
      sani's Awesome life Hour ago

      Someone reply to me if you know the answer 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Mastercreeper 12


  • Mastercreeper 12

    I got a ad when I was watching a google chrome ad in your video

  • swag daboi
    swag daboi Hour ago

    Meat beat is mine

  • Silas Elias
    Silas Elias Hour ago

    Should have named this ghetto spegetios lol

  • Unicorn girl squad Only girls

    Why is Cody acting girly or is he girly

  • Isaiah Hopkins
    Isaiah Hopkins Hour ago

    I feel lucky because my prediction of how the video will end was right XD

  • Night wolf
    Night wolf Hour ago

    Sunday was my birthday and what I think is funny is that I spilled Coke on the carpet and it almost strained

  • saud AlSheikh
    saud AlSheikh Hour ago

    go bomess

  • melina gotera
    melina gotera Hour ago

    Can you please subscribe to time spender puppets it the same thing as sbl its plushies and please like so logan can see this

  • Jinos Fakhir
    Jinos Fakhir Hour ago

    my pet will be a bunny

  • Dillon Mitchell
    Dillon Mitchell Hour ago

    I love spaghetti o's but I'm allergic to them ),:

  • Joshua Nintendo Switch Master

    They will take my electronics throw them from a cliff and make me watch

  • Curtiesha Tate
    Curtiesha Tate Hour ago

    Login we love you

  • RealChallengez
    RealChallengez Hour ago

    Am I the only one who saw Mario on junior bedroom 2:57

  • Shivani Ramsammy

    SML idea jeffy's pool

  • Dylan Knoblaugh
    Dylan Knoblaugh Hour ago

    After how did you get the stain out

  • jasminelau888
    jasminelau888 Hour ago

    If i had the magical pencil i turn myself into a vsco girl sksksksksks and a op

  • 4p 1
    4p 1 Hour ago

    2:01 any1 noticed the crayons?

  • Kadie The Prankster
    Kadie The Prankster 2 hours ago

    VIDEO IDEA💡 how about mr.goodman goes broke

  • 5th Grade Students
    5th Grade Students 2 hours ago

    This mite be the only episode that had a happy ending

  • Lactating Lamb
    Lactating Lamb 2 hours ago

    Being born

  • Pewdiep1 e
    Pewdiep1 e 2 hours ago


  • eggstint in
    eggstint in 2 hours ago

    Jeffy doesn't get mad in this video lol 😀

  • Not_tyzie Yeet
    Not_tyzie Yeet 2 hours ago


  • BN TV!
    BN TV! 2 hours ago

    video idea toKENs!! of cody

  • eggstint in
    eggstint in 2 hours ago

    A seal argh

  • Andrew Townsend
    Andrew Townsend 2 hours ago

    My parents would ground me for life and I would have to go to my friends house for 2 weeks

  • Jordyn Fields
    Jordyn Fields 2 hours ago

    She would kill me 😋🤬

  • predado 357
    predado 357 2 hours ago

    Chinese Food.

  • Leah Borg Finn
    Leah Borg Finn 2 hours ago

    SML Question Who is you're favourite character? I have a lot of favourites Jeffy Goodman Brooklyn t guy chef peepee Junior and bowser

  • predado 357
    predado 357 2 hours ago

    10:36 You Can See Tito.

  • Fatima Gandawali
    Fatima Gandawali 2 hours ago

    Do not listen to junior and Joseph Listen to cody

  • beach babes649
    beach babes649 2 hours ago


  • Zachary Inman
    Zachary Inman 2 hours ago

    Please react to Flash-Player or called Zachary Inman the one with the Michael Myers mask that is me I am at 18 subscribed and I need your Flash-Player advice

  • Christ Benedict Arends

    When bowser turn the fan on it made me laugh🤣🤣🤣

  • Smat Livingstone
    Smat Livingstone 2 hours ago


  • Mo bine
    Mo bine 2 hours ago

    Make a Jeffy video

  • Zacarias Zac
    Zacarias Zac 2 hours ago

    They would just.....ooofff they would just throw all my stuff away

  • Flosmash
    Flosmash 2 hours ago

    One thing that I want more than anything? World peace

  • Cyrah 9
    Cyrah 9 2 hours ago

    Isnt there a taKEN film and SML video

  • Travis 12345
    Travis 12345 2 hours ago


  • David white
    David white 2 hours ago

    My mom would give me several wopens then KILL ME!

  • Kenzie Yaputra
    Kenzie Yaputra 2 hours ago

    1:24 just like the rap that he Made i hit it on my head so its extramental

  • ll TrillXzX ll
    ll TrillXzX ll 2 hours ago

    Video Idea: HeartbroKEN

  • The pokemon region
    The pokemon region 2 hours ago

    new spelling correction backpack=bakpak

  • Phuc Vo
    Phuc Vo 2 hours ago


  • Judy Neuhaus
    Judy Neuhaus 2 hours ago

    Wonder how that pencil got in

  • Braeden Levins
    Braeden Levins 3 hours ago

    Sml idea: Jeffy’s TikTok Jeffy wants to download TikTok to watch girls shake their butt. Mario says no, Jeffy does it anyway.