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Amazing FOOD ART Challenge
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Funniest ASMR Fails !
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  • Sharko Polo
    Sharko Polo Hour ago

    Who else is watching this after watching “videos that will destroy your faith

  • Aloha x Queens
    Aloha x Queens Hour ago

    5:33 that kind of look like genji from overwatch

  • Sheyanee Weetra
    Sheyanee Weetra Hour ago

    Teal and blue

  • dennis Simeona
    dennis Simeona Hour ago

    Azzyland your gross and this is a gross video

  • Kitty snow Wolf
    Kitty snow Wolf Hour ago

    At 2:48 I thought it was a squashed frog 😂😂

  • Brandon Duncan
    Brandon Duncan Hour ago

    My favorite fruit is strawberry

  • XxTdog 1612xX
    XxTdog 1612xX Hour ago

    I am born 2008

  • Melchor Capiña
    Melchor Capiña Hour ago

    Ewwwww your sooo grouse i hate out⁉⁉🤢🤢🤢🤢👎👎😡😡

  • layla rae Trevor

    This is how much times azzy said "awwwwwwww" with out her noing 👇

  • Matilda Troy
    Matilda Troy 2 hours ago


  • Matilda Troy
    Matilda Troy 2 hours ago

    Love you

  • lpsfurrygamer stuff
    lpsfurrygamer stuff 2 hours ago

    Maybe she was born like that🤔

  • Matilda Troy
    Matilda Troy 2 hours ago

    I love you do you have a boy friend do you kiss

  • Clay Phillips
    Clay Phillips 2 hours ago

    I just by mine

  • Chikin nuggets
    Chikin nuggets 2 hours ago

    Hey Azzy, i really hope you see this, i have 2 scheeps and they are clumsy af! And they like to me..ehmmm...nevermind that! But they also come inside of they have the chanse and 1 always go lay on my bed and the other one always sits on my chair...👁👅👁

  • lauren smith
    lauren smith 2 hours ago

    You've not seen me do that to ketchup because I don't like ketchup

  • Two Fabulous Girls
    Two Fabulous Girls 2 hours ago

    I texted my teacher and got DETENTION!!!!!

  • XxAlly_PlaysxX
    XxAlly_PlaysxX 2 hours ago

    Azzy the ring that made the black and wight ears it a pet brush :/

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams 2 hours ago

    the answer was 12 because 11 are over 28 DUH

  • Anant Gandhi
    Anant Gandhi 2 hours ago

    azzy is showing some black stuff

  • Lauren and Troy Holt

    I have the mallterpill colors in my eyes. :-)

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee 2 hours ago

    It is not bad its very good

  • Emily Emily
    Emily Emily 2 hours ago

    I have concret at my house

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S 2 hours ago

    I am so scared of popping balloons!!! I don't understand how some kids pop balloons for fun 😬😬😬

  • Molly Pollock
    Molly Pollock 2 hours ago

    If u fell off a flat earth gravity would pull u bake up

  • Roblox Only
    Roblox Only 2 hours ago

    I didn’t even say it once like if you did too.


    You are my favorite Flash-Player!

  • lego prodoctions
    lego prodoctions 2 hours ago

    Theck my channel plss

  • UnicornGirl 2310
    UnicornGirl 2310 2 hours ago

    I have vitiligo!

  • Emily Grant
    Emily Grant 2 hours ago

    If this is blue you love Azzy 👇❤

  • Melony Smith
    Melony Smith 2 hours ago

    I don't have a pool no good look for me

  • taya is taya
    taya is taya 2 hours ago

    I want to stop people from bullying me and others

  • Skylines_Gacha
    Skylines_Gacha 2 hours ago

    I’m eating Oreos lol

  • Mousumi Akhteru
    Mousumi Akhteru 2 hours ago

    I am eating chocolate HAHA I will share here! 🍫

  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams 2 hours ago

    1 000 000

  • Jennifer Jimmy
    Jennifer Jimmy 2 hours ago

    Azzy I love you and I am a girl from Singapore and my name is jennifer pls come to Singapore

  • Morius Dahwat
    Morius Dahwat 2 hours ago

    OMG I'm Your biggest fan

  • Kiara the Gacha Queen

    It said WAS so she WAS 13

  • Lorelai Pickett
    Lorelai Pickett 2 hours ago

    i have a cat that looks exactly like Zeroe... sorry for spelling his name wrong. My cat is black and has greenish yellow eyes. BTW I love you and Zeroe!!!!

  • Diva Diva
    Diva Diva 2 hours ago

    i love it 10000 like

  • Gamer Puppy
    Gamer Puppy 2 hours ago

    The bird is smart

  • Dakota_ Myst
    Dakota_ Myst 2 hours ago

    Very different hope you enjoy acting out a different character! ♥️

  • ravella yuvan
    ravella yuvan 2 hours ago

    azzy please ALL THE YEARS have 28 days

  • Jason Radley
    Jason Radley 2 hours ago

    Btw nice nails

  • Faithful Saigbe
    Faithful Saigbe 2 hours ago

    You devel worshipers 😈😈😈😈😈😈halloween is celebrating the devel you probably have not given your life to christ I am unsubscribing and I am removing my like😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Jaiquan Cool
      Jaiquan Cool 2 hours ago

      it's devil not devel plus halloween is about dressing up and candy and going out to party why hate halloween

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 2 hours ago

    I'm a kid and I can't watch this because there is curse words and you show to much skin

  • The rainbow Gacha
    The rainbow Gacha 2 hours ago

    I saw my dad cry the first time when I was 3-4 years old

  • Audrey Harsley
    Audrey Harsley 2 hours ago

    I’m gonna wear an inflatable dinosaur suit.

  • Lyn Orong
    Lyn Orong 2 hours ago

    I hace a crush in bts this is not the 1st time i have watched bts i know what does bts mean bangtan boy scouts i know all there songs.1st song idol 2nd song fire!!!!!!!;; And i know all there names kim nam joon! kim soek jin! min yoongi! jung hoesoek! park jimin! Kim taehyung!!!!!!! Jung jungkook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;;!!!!! BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrochetBy Lizeth
    CrochetBy Lizeth 2 hours ago

    That last one you said made me think. Cuz in Mexico you not only have to pay to go to College, but you have to pay to go to Middle School, High school. Sometimes even Elementary. And thats just said because you see most kids dont make it past like 6th grade cuz theyre parents cant afford to give them a higher level of education. Love you anyways ❤

  • mystic edits!
    mystic edits! 2 hours ago

    The day u posted this is littraly mah birthday!! Anyway ur vids is so nice❤❤

  • Ruby Miller
    Ruby Miller 2 hours ago

    teal and grey

  • Jade Beech
    Jade Beech 2 hours ago

    Ye u can have my sister's i am the only boy

  • Ieva Bakutyte
    Ieva Bakutyte 2 hours ago


  • sally selena
    sally selena 2 hours ago

    Azzy: I wasnt counting at a- Oh my hair is messy!I definitly wasnt counting

  • Brooklynne Andrew
    Brooklynne Andrew 2 hours ago

    She was 14 and it was her birthday so she was 15

  • Amanda Natal
    Amanda Natal 2 hours ago


  • Lilly Moss
    Lilly Moss 2 hours ago

    Who herd azzy say wow with the cotton candy one

  • Lilly Moss
    Lilly Moss 2 hours ago

    Who herd azzy say wow with the cotton candy one

  • Grace Ardron
    Grace Ardron 2 hours ago

    It was 15

  • James Proud
    James Proud 2 hours ago

    i'm not going to halerween

  • Diva Diva
    Diva Diva 2 hours ago

    i like that song so cool

  • Megan Mullan
    Megan Mullan 2 hours ago

    Very Krrt

  • ayemyat khine
    ayemyat khine 2 hours ago


  • XyannesSimpleLife
    XyannesSimpleLife 2 hours ago

    in the cat one that the person said they buried the cat but the cat looks like its just sleeping

  • taylor johnson
    taylor johnson 2 hours ago

    Is Jordi your editor?

  • Unicorn_Lover :D
    Unicorn_Lover :D 2 hours ago

    I like how azzy is yellow,white for angel and the other girl is red and black for devil 😈

  • Trang Nguyễn
    Trang Nguyễn 2 hours ago

    A friend in my school have this kind of eye where on the left eye he has blue but a little yellow and the other eye is full yellow and everyone in the school are his friends even the youngest kids and now he is about to leave the school next year cause he is in 5th grade

  • Kittyanime 777
    Kittyanime 777 2 hours ago

    Yep meh phone ALWAYS FALLS ON MY FACE

  • Robin Kitching
    Robin Kitching 2 hours ago

    AZZY!! U r sooooooooooooooo pretty but I'm not 😭 I love ur vids (btw I'm on my dad's Google account

  • WillowVerse ఌ
    WillowVerse ఌ 2 hours ago

    “When they polish it the true beauty comes out” That got me 😂 when the head popped out. I can’t 😂😂😂

  • Georgia Howard
    Georgia Howard 2 hours ago

    This is about The one where it is about Jackie whiting out a question. Jackie is my little sister and she has autism so she struggles at school. That was when she was 10 now she is in hight school and is also now a teen mum and I am so proud of her. She still struggles at school but her teachers help her a lot more.

  • Mo W
    Mo W 2 hours ago

    I am a zombie cheerleader for Halloween and I also hate balloons when they pop

  • Xyrayne Aeon Rapadas

    4:40 youtuber named mark rober

  • Kids club Or squad
    Kids club Or squad 2 hours ago

    Its my favorite

  • Hannah's World
    Hannah's World 2 hours ago

    1:32 Azzy forgot her eyebrow again...

    ASIA HM 2 hours ago

    How dare you cheat on Azzy! But if you are Mary azzy ok I am fine

  • MikaelaRM Gacha
    MikaelaRM Gacha 2 hours ago

    KFG is Kentucky Fried Goats

  • Jose Arechiga
    Jose Arechiga 2 hours ago

    Blackpink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them and BTS

  • 1 and only shaylee the pug shayleethepug


  • DeAnna Terry
    DeAnna Terry 2 hours ago

    The girl with the soap present shouldn't be that sad bc she can make slime with the soap

  • Sophia Read
    Sophia Read 2 hours ago

    Your hair Doo actually looked good

  • Kids club Or squad
    Kids club Or squad 2 hours ago

    Azzy said wow in a low voice on the airplane one

  • ღкεωlנυlzღ kk

    90% of the comments are like : tHis is tHe NuMber oF tiMes AZzy sAid _____ / LOoked like tHis 😮😲 👇/ LeAve a liKe if YoU aLso ____. *UGH* yall just asking for likes

  • Lilly Sings
    Lilly Sings 2 hours ago


  • Mimiandskylar Bffs
    Mimiandskylar Bffs 2 hours ago

    i have a fear of poping balloons

  • Chloe Cake
    Chloe Cake 2 hours ago

    6:20. Josh 😂 😂 😂 it’s Jacob

  • Pyl Dbo
    Pyl Dbo 2 hours ago

    The kid with the truck I wanna sue him and he is on drugs

  • Crystal Xox
    Crystal Xox 2 hours ago

    There was actually one time where i was calling my friend then i wanted my phone then i couldn't find my phone so asked my sis to help me then she said your phone is right infront of u calling

  • _roblox_life_ Xx12:30xX


  • _roblox_life_ Xx12:30xX

    I love you

  • Symphony Edmonds
    Symphony Edmonds 3 hours ago

    Did you need to wear about *me counting * *1 2 3 4 * 5 necklaces wow anything for fashion right 😅😃😂

  • Sumedha Wathore
    Sumedha Wathore 3 hours ago

    Not hating but you lost already

  • Roebot
    Roebot 3 hours ago

    If anyone ever says that you are not worth it, or that you aren't pretty, or crap like that, tell them to go $&!@ themselves, and that you are better than they will ever be. That girl deserves every doughnut she wants. Like the person below me

  • Klara C
    Klara C 3 hours ago

    I would be scared

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 3 hours ago

    O he's crying cause his parents kissed apparently I didn't look good and only he can give mom a kiss

  • Miriama Taipeti
    Miriama Taipeti 3 hours ago

    Good prank azzy and hi jelly😃✌ love you azzy and jelly dorne

  • Useless Gamez And Artz

    *i saw pink and white ;-;*

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 3 hours ago

    OMG it's the same boy AAAAAAAaaaaa