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Trisha: My Thoughts
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  • ufallyg8r
    ufallyg8r 14 minutes ago

    Love your makeup sis! So beautiful! Those eyes!!!!

  • Kristen Leblond
    Kristen Leblond 2 hours ago

    Oh Gigi, how I love you!!! Your Birkin reminds me of those on going clowns coming out of a Volkswagon. I died when you pulled the wigs out!!! You are the best!!!

  • Mykola Famenko
    Mykola Famenko 3 hours ago

    The walks ... Karl is rolling in his grave

  • sienna garcia
    sienna garcia 3 hours ago

    Who is thé girl in red dress 8:37

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson 3 hours ago

    She is bs you

  • Frederic Buchanan
    Frederic Buchanan 3 hours ago

    You gotta shave while the hair's dry!!!😬

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson 3 hours ago

    Omg u look 40

  • Mohira Nozimova
    Mohira Nozimova 3 hours ago


  • LIzzy Acheff
    LIzzy Acheff 6 hours ago

    What a good makeup line announcement Gigi. What a good and interesting what's in my bag Gigi.

  • Jeannette Meola
    Jeannette Meola 6 hours ago

    Either Trisha played you for a fool or you’re totally fine with her making a mockery of trans and non binary people.

  • Nikki AN
    Nikki AN 8 hours ago

    We all have highs and lows Stop playing the victim and being always offended that shows insecurity Trisha is a mental patient Just ignore move on People joke about stuff everyday

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle 10 hours ago

    Gigi needs to collab with Jeffree

  • Rikki Bowie
    Rikki Bowie 10 hours ago

    This top😍, I need one please!!

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle 10 hours ago

    Loving that rainbow top

  • Sarah Mallonee
    Sarah Mallonee 13 hours ago

    Love ur shirt it's beautiful

  • sara
    sara 14 hours ago

    its UAE their country their rules. get out if you don't like it

  • Lee Francis
    Lee Francis 19 hours ago

    Trisha is the troll queen

  • Yeji Julia
    Yeji Julia 19 hours ago

    all this trolling.........i'm scared her makeup line is just a november fools day joke too lol

  • Roxy Moron
    Roxy Moron 20 hours ago

    Damn GiGi really cashed in. Her mother in law is the granddaughter of J. Paul getty and her brother is John Paul Getty the third. The one who was kidnapped. Shes married into a family of billionaries. Now we know why she changed her sexuality lol

  • joe franks
    joe franks 21 hour ago

    Why did those pictures of her products literally look so cheap that Ipsy is not it girl. Fart on me please

  • Disposable Email
    Disposable Email 21 hour ago

    "They're gonna cut your head off, gorge"

  • peyton leah
    peyton leah 21 hour ago

    Am i the only person in this comment section that isnt offended by this video? How Gigi feels doesn't offend me as a "biological woman." She has struggles and she's allowed to verbalize that. I don't think she was trying to take away that biological women have struggles with pregnancies and infertility. She's trying cope with her emotions, jeez.

  • AmandaC
    AmandaC 23 hours ago

    So question: Gigi didn’t get the bottom surgery... she’s in a lesbian marriage with a lesbian. How is her wife identifying as a lesbian if Gigi still has her bottom part ? I NEED to understand this. So don’t post hate comments... how does it make sense to identify as lesbian in their situation? As for Trisha... how the hell does she identify as her birth gender 💯 AND as male 💯? When you’re transgender, I thought you identify only as the opposite sex you were born? 🤔 Am I ignorant? Gigi.... please help us understand here... Thanks love

  • Kendra Rose
    Kendra Rose 23 hours ago

    Not interested... you being manipulated yoh...

  • Leanne Lewis
    Leanne Lewis Day ago

    As I was watching this I thought I’m surprised Gigi hasn’t come out with her own cosmetic line, and the bam 💥 you are :)

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly Day ago

    Who else came back to these old videos just for gigi to throw all the products on her bed

  • Pamela Corona
    Pamela Corona Day ago

    I just love u sweet!!!! Well said !

  • turtle mgurtle

    It writes itself

  • Lm
    Lm Day ago

    Gigi & her little brother 🤣

  • R
    R Day ago

    When Gigi used to be hot & girly 😩😩😩😩

  • Kelly Star
    Kelly Star Day ago

    Lol Gigi looks like buffalo bill after she dumps her face in water! Lol.....and why such a horrible wig for the gf?

  • The Scapegoat Mechanism

    Contrapoints brought me here. Hey, how’re you?

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Day ago

    Trish’s act trivializes trans people. Not cool.

  • Tabitha Claw
    Tabitha Claw Day ago

    Body positivity is this most important things and shame on you Victoria secret

  • Tabitha Claw
    Tabitha Claw Day ago

    To think that a company that so many girls and trans women go to telling us we can’t walk on the runway because we have different body types Disgusting Victoria Secret is where I got my first bra and never will go again Disgusting

  • Tabitha Claw
    Tabitha Claw Day ago

    Love this

  • MikeComplexion

    "You never know what's real"... ...said Gigi

  • LaviStrider
    LaviStrider Day ago

    “I’m like defrosting right now” 😂😂😂

  • Crystal Haberman

    Ok so I’m up in the comments, and I’m just gonna say this. If Trisha didn’t have the following she has and has worked for none of this would be relevant. She is loving her best damn life and as long as she is NOT hurting HERSELF or OTHERS along with the world. Her identity does not matter and is no ones business but hers. Just have some respect for people and realize that all that truly matters is if someone is happy within themselves.

  • Janessa
    Janessa Day ago

    Ok hi Gigi’s makeup like. Yesss finallyyyyy

  • Belle
    Belle Day ago

    she looks old but only 26😩

  • Meg sechrist
    Meg sechrist Day ago

    I love how everyone is literally saying “Trisha is or Trisha is this or that... Trisha is Trisha! It’s who she is and who the hell here thinks they know her truly. I don’t think she was trying to offend or upset anyone. It’s her story and I’ve watched her for a long time and I feel like it’s how she talks too. Leave it my lord... there’s actual problems in the world happening.

  • Chau Tieu
    Chau Tieu Day ago

    When I do think of Birkin I do think of Jeffree starr and Kris Jenner battling for the most birkins lol

  • lil john
    lil john Day ago

    Why is she orange?

  • Thảo•Nhi Chanel

  • chris sorsby
    chris sorsby Day ago

    86 89

  • Floris franken

    Gaga is that you?!?!???

  • Wowens Dale
    Wowens Dale Day ago


  • Beckaboo3397
    Beckaboo3397 Day ago

    Thank you GiGi , you’re such a beautiful sound. I commented in her first vid ,maybe I don’t hate , educate.💖✨✨

  • Panda
    Panda Day ago

    Holy cow her eyes are so GREEN, they're beautiful!!

  • Papa Sears
    Papa Sears Day ago

    ...... the surgery is totally reversible, it works for both sides

  • Dréa India
    Dréa India Day ago

    gaggggg this hair 😍

  • Lu Garc
    Lu Garc Day ago

    Okay but ya'll should know that Trisha is a troll (no I'm not defending her, she's a huge hot mess) She's clearly bored and wants the attention and merely exists to stir the pot. It excites her

  • Madison C.
    Madison C. Day ago

    i miss this gigi

  • Debra Cannon,RN,DSN

    One blonde to another. Lilly silk scrunchies are the best.

  • Daniel Figueroa

    The weed thing is an ash trayyyyyyy


    She pulled out her new house but ran out of time.


    @GiGi. You are such a lovable spirit. I wish you all the success in the world. You've earned it, you deserve it. You're a great life attractor, law of attraction in action! And love the white and gold design. It goes well with blonde.

  • Iris Rutano
    Iris Rutano Day ago

    Gigi... you needed to pack your self tanner! Those hands girl!!

  • Charles M.D
    Charles M.D 2 days ago

    Trisha the trashy troll.

  • Jacqi Reno
    Jacqi Reno 2 days ago

    Mary Poppins who?

  • Destin Gooch
    Destin Gooch 2 days ago

    one month "ani"versary

  • callyod
    callyod 2 days ago

    Gigi, Trisha is a troll, she's trolling everybody, everyone can see it!!

    • Cessily
      Cessily 10 hours ago

      Not to mention a pathological liar.

  • miaskittens D
    miaskittens D 2 days ago

    Gigi is very fortunate that a woman she turned out physically beautiful. Sadly a lot of men/boys are not so fortunate.

  • Angel Tarragon
    Angel Tarragon 2 days ago

    Gigi's purse is like The Doctors''s bigger on the inside.

  • Kyle Koala
    Kyle Koala 2 days ago

    Unsurprisingly, this video is nearly all about Gigi and very little about Trisha & the contents of Trisha’s video...

  • Civako
    Civako 2 days ago

    Okay...but what does it do?

  • No No
    No No 2 days ago

    Wondering if the background is a greenscreen so HARDDD

  • SerenaAlice
    SerenaAlice 2 days ago

    Gigi, PLEASE don't buy her bull.

  • toby schamburger
    toby schamburger 2 days ago

    yes. educate the ignorant. trisha = ignorant. please educate her.

  • killthecrowd9
    killthecrowd9 2 days ago

    I only noticed you were actually trolling when u pulled out the box of roses 😂😂 I was thinking tho hmm a whole pair of heels and a green wig ok

  • Laura Buckley
    Laura Buckley 2 days ago

    Thing is in a couple of weeks she’ll be back to showing her clothes haul and she’ll have forgotten all about being transgender, this time though she shouldn’t be allowed to

  • EYEoftheneedle
    EYEoftheneedle 2 days ago

    Her bag is like Hermione’s undetectable extension charm.

  • EYEoftheneedle
    EYEoftheneedle 2 days ago

    Studio fix powder was the first makeup product I bought wayyy back in high school, thanks to Gigi!

  • Chloe Bonaccorsi
    Chloe Bonaccorsi 2 days ago

    I didn’t know the famous Mary Poppins bag was also a Birkin bag. Lol

  • Zoe Heki
    Zoe Heki 2 days ago


  • karl zammit german
    karl zammit german 2 days ago

    thank you for telling you kind of scum not to come to dubai !we want to keep it clean from sickness !

  • Sarcastically_me
    Sarcastically_me 2 days ago

    Instead of respecting her new gender, you should be admitting her to a rehab/psychiatric hospital.

  • laleczka1987
    laleczka1987 2 days ago

    Wow Gigi you really don't care about the community, do you...

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H 2 days ago

    "I'm 1000% trans and I'm 1000% 'natural'." Umm... That's not- that's not how it works

    • Kai Ulumuri
      Kai Ulumuri Day ago

      Bigender is a thing. Denial is also a thing. This is a person who's still trying to figure out their gender identity.

  • Portia Monique
    Portia Monique 2 days ago

    Gigi’s body is SICK 😍😍😍😍

  • PinkandPurpleBullets

    Yeah I agree with lots of the comments, its not about being transgendered or not. She has a mental illness. Let's use that power to address this first.

  • Dzyen Reed
    Dzyen Reed 2 days ago

  • Beckie Ross
    Beckie Ross 2 days ago

    Oh ffs Trisha is not transgender. I would never ever tell someone they aren’t something they identify as but Trisha is just something else.

  • Holly
    Holly 2 days ago

    This is super upsetting. I just finished your Israeli video and I saw this apology and was okay so she does feel remorse for her beyond disgraceful portrayal and insensitivity of the israel community. Um wtf is this phony apology. So you start of with your "apology" end it with a belch just to let us all know you really dont give a f*** that you hurt other people then go straight into showing off some products you received.. Shocked, you almost got me, I was like omg maybe she isn't so bad and the last 2 videos were just a poor representation of her. Everyone makes mistakes. Um no. What a sad excuse of an apology. This honestly makes me sad.

  • Aussie Adam
    Aussie Adam 2 days ago

    Anybody else hear Gigi's oven timer ring at 07:45 ? My guess it was her time to wrap up. Oh and what's with the tampon ?

  • Holly
    Holly 2 days ago

    So I had never heard of you until I heard someone named Gigi gorgeous was doing a collab with ipsy. So I de ided to check you out so first on instagram I was like omg what a beautiful trans woman and I was loving it. But then I started watching a few of your videos and I'm beyond disappointed. I'm honestly shocked with your demeanor and how you carry yourself and how you portray yourself as if your just so much better than everyone else. Mocking other people. I mean are you serious!? You wouldnt want people walking around mocking you for who you are. Have some class and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Side note, definite skip this month for my ipsy. I fully support the trans community but do not support ignorant self centered people who feel as though their superior to anyone else. News flash honey your better than anyone else on this planet

  • Taylor Ross
    Taylor Ross 2 days ago

    Thank you for this. Someone in my life came out as transgender and It’s been hard seeing a point of view. I love you!

  • Ethany Yeah
    Ethany Yeah 2 days ago

    when she said 🤠 i felt that

  • Korro
    Korro 2 days ago

    Girl..All those stuffs in that Orange Bag???

  • Reg Tlives
    Reg Tlives 2 days ago

    No one is doing this to be an expert obviously but what she should have done was cut the hair short with scissors... because she was dragging your hair and the clippers couldn't catch it fast enough. Thats why it hurt

  • Roman King
    Roman King 2 days ago

    so easy for you to say "its not about how you look" lol gtfo gigi

  • Maraya Estilo
    Maraya Estilo 2 days ago

    You’re hot hot hot

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 2 days ago

    Gigi totally cheated and was looking at the strawberry yogurt lol

  • Travis Lynd
    Travis Lynd 2 days ago

    It took me until the wig part to realize this was just like jeffrees joking birkin what’s in my bag video

  • Hali Tsotetsi
    Hali Tsotetsi 2 days ago

    What beautiful words!

  • Krystal Quinto
    Krystal Quinto 2 days ago


  • Nya Boyle
    Nya Boyle 2 days ago

    i thought she was identified as a chicken nugget 😳

  • Anne Cook
    Anne Cook 2 days ago

    Neither of those blood pressures was ok. Gigi yours was high and you are so young.....see a doctor

  • Kathryn Whitbeck
    Kathryn Whitbeck 2 days ago

    I miss this kind of Gigi videos.