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  • Madison Pierce
    Madison Pierce 11 minutes ago

    Just imagine hating or making fun of a 15 year old who’s way more successful then you are at an adult

  • LottieBeauty
    LottieBeauty 11 minutes ago

    12:31 why did I look in the mirror to see if I could see myself 💀

  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn 12 minutes ago

    To the people reading the comments: be yourself and love who you are and have a wonderful day 😃👍❤️ ☀️

  • Helenah
    Helenah 19 minutes ago

    “like why does it smell like pumas” 😭 I can’t

  • Shelby Weatherly
    Shelby Weatherly 19 minutes ago

    Is there something wrong with me that I actually like the smell of the morphe setting spray??😟

  • Brittany Bowmaster
    Brittany Bowmaster 30 minutes ago

    Girl.. just found your channel!! Omg your hilarious.. editing is on point.. personality is so fun!! Subscribed 😍

  • Sajata Hines
    Sajata Hines 37 minutes ago

    What color is the gloss?

  • katie therrien
    katie therrien 38 minutes ago

    I’m so sad for your skin ! You’re poor skin take it off !

  • Polly
    Polly 39 minutes ago

    Baby, you should use sunscreen even if the moisturizer or foundation has SPF in it ❤️ ‘cause only their protection isn’t enough

  • Catto_hugs everyday
    Catto_hugs everyday 52 minutes ago

    In Bengali, the word "Ayna" means mirror. Kind of an apt name for her, don't you think? I mean look at her skin tho!😍😍

  • katie perrella
    katie perrella 54 minutes ago


  • cc05jc
    cc05jc Hour ago

    Expensive brand targeting young girls....*cough* too faced *cough*

  • Zovesta Storm
    Zovesta Storm Hour ago

    I feel like this can be a touchy topic because we can't choose what we're attracted to. We CAN'T. If we could, why would anyone have "chosen" to be gay in the '40s, '50s, '60s? I'm straight. I have a preference for men. I would never, EVER date a woman... I'm ruling out a whole group of people. And you can't say "well that's different, that's sex, not race, it doesn't count"--sir, I think I could get along better with some women than I could men of certain cultures! But. BUT. Putting DOWN a group of people and not respecting them because you aren't attracted to them is reprehensible. I've dated men outside of my culture (and race). I have a strong preference for men of my own culture (emphasis on culture here--physically I may find men of a certain look more attractive, but it's the shared set of values, norms, and experiences that actually makes me care about someone and be willing to have more than one date). That doesn't mean that I, like Jackie, wouldn't love a man who falls outside of my own culture if he's perfect, of course. Chris Brown deserves to be called out. I've always noticed the anti-black women vibe you see a lot and it's disgusting. I've been reading the comments and I absolutely agree with respects to the "preference" regarding black women or mixed women, which is absolutely an example of colorism. And I agree with Jackie on so many points. But I want to make sure we aren't crossing the line into judging people for things they cannot help. I don't think men of other cultures are bad or are not worthy of respect, I'm just not ATTRACTED to them, and I think it's unfair to shame someone for that. Our respect for people shouldn't be dictated or judged by our willingness to romance them, y'know?

  • KenzieStanGossip XoX

    There’s more dark shades

  • Enetimi Agbegha
    Enetimi Agbegha Hour ago


  • MsUnaverage
    MsUnaverage Hour ago

    Stopped watching when I heard the moisturizer didn't have any SPF 👎🏿

  • Rochelle Christine Siapno

    I automatically like the video whenever she does "jackie jackie jackie jackie JACKIE JACKIE.."

  • Rochelle Christine Siapno

    I automatically like the video whenever she does "jackie jackie jackie jackie JACKIE JACKIE.."

  • Taty G
    Taty G 2 hours ago

    Jackie: I KNEW IT WAS ROSE Me: that damn rose

  • Andrea Balk
    Andrea Balk 2 hours ago

    omg you look the best

  • Taty G
    Taty G 2 hours ago

    No cap, I love you Jackie. My face youtube to watch ❤

  • Hanieh Kachooee
    Hanieh Kachooee 2 hours ago

    I don't even care about skincare products and I rlly don't know why youtube suggested this video to me, but girl you had me watching a 30 minute video about a subject I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT. ✨✨✨✨✨

  • Cahaya Bintang
    Cahaya Bintang 2 hours ago

    You looks gorgeous babe! 😍

  • That’s Megan
    That’s Megan 2 hours ago

    omg you guys are beyond beautiful!! Headwraps and Hijabs are so beautiful.

  • Katie Vasili
    Katie Vasili 2 hours ago

    I just discovered you and you're absolutely hilarious. Subscribed!

  • Jennifer Lestin
    Jennifer Lestin 2 hours ago

    Seeester! I love your videos but this one is Top 5 for me. It’s time to update my makeup bag with some drugstore finds

  • nic pace
    nic pace 2 hours ago

    that lightest skin tint would match her, why on earth didn't she tried it? that's a pretty dumb move for a beauty guru.

  • Sophie Shaw
    Sophie Shaw 2 hours ago


  • First Last
    First Last 3 hours ago

    These stencils look so childish..

  • Snazzy Avocado
    Snazzy Avocado 3 hours ago

    Lol I’m actually so happy she made a line for kids though. There are no skin care brands out there that are made FOR teens. I think that kids don’t need and shouldn’t use things that are very harsh and chemically anti aging type of things that adults use.

  • anelisa just anelisa

    Why'd I try to smell that darn powder through the phone 😭😭😩

  • Florence Bitisho
    Florence Bitisho 3 hours ago

    "There's this little homie called Gravity, and Gravity be tryna drag people" 😂😂😂

  • Esparencia Peritah
    Esparencia Peritah 4 hours ago

    Someone support my channel too please. Thanks

  • Sarah-Kate Fitzgerald

    I have REALLY OILY skin so I need that moisturiser!

  • Jasta Ykotuce
    Jasta Ykotuce 4 hours ago

    i wonder if she comes back to read the comments after a while

  • Emilie Brooke
    Emilie Brooke 4 hours ago

    So is bleaching your skin permanent?, or do u have to do it repeatedly...? Trying to get some education on the black community and what they go through and this channel has helped me understand a lot.. my boyfriend is black and I got kicked out by my dad because of it and was homeless for like a year or so I tried explaining how he needs to except that the world is changing and learn not to see color on people but he just got more upset with me but I’m living my best life and me and my boyfriend are still together going on 2 years we plan on having kids and getting married one day and proving my dad wrong and make him regret everything he said and if he try’s to be in my life in the future when we are successful i will say u didn’t except me then do don’t try to now and I hope u realize u were wrong and ur mind set is off badly when it come to people of all skin colors . 😕❤️

  • Stephanie Massey
    Stephanie Massey 4 hours ago

    Amazing.. can you put together a basket of products you used To achieve this look? Soooo many products n sell it please

  • Crystal Zag
    Crystal Zag 4 hours ago

    I'm sticking to my plantain head and charcoal mixture for teeth whitening. It's tried and tested by my ancestors

  • 손보배
    손보배 4 hours ago

    That pigment is an absolute disaster

  • smiles4u
    smiles4u 4 hours ago

    I'm late, but thank you, Jackie!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Jada
    Jada 5 hours ago

    i’m not tryna come for you it’s all love but i think you think you’re a lot darker than you actually are

  • KrysDior
    KrysDior 5 hours ago

    “ In whose house hold Millie Rock.” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caragh Oboyle
    Caragh Oboyle 5 hours ago

    I don’t know whether to be freaked out my boyfriend bought me that seem necklace yesterday just rose gold and I put it on my story... now this was in my recommended ... oh fuck😂

  • Izzy Goodin
    Izzy Goodin 6 hours ago

    What’s Jackie’s zodiac sign?

  • Gaming Counter
    Gaming Counter 6 hours ago

    To much orange in the skin tint. Should be more of a yellow undertone.

  • SlytherinKitten-
    SlytherinKitten- 6 hours ago

    So red omg

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar 6 hours ago

    18:08 had me dying. XD

  • Gary Javier
    Gary Javier 6 hours ago

    GORGEOUS. really love this look

  • SlytherinKitten-
    SlytherinKitten- 6 hours ago

    I alrdy know this is gonna be funny before watching

  • Alyssa Murphy
    Alyssa Murphy 6 hours ago

    It amazes me how red/orange makeup companies think darker women of color are... Like, why is it in like every other foundation review video I see with a woman of color doing the review, the foundation they're using always looks so red on camera? Is it just bcus it's on camera? Like, does it look a lot different in person? Or am I just tripping? Lol

  • Cass Lamarche
    Cass Lamarche 7 hours ago

    Do. Not. Comment. On. Colourism. If. You. Are. White. We are always included and accepted and unfortunately not all skin tones are. I love watching your videos Jackie. It makes me more aware of the issues that I don’t always see because I am a white woman. You are gorgeous and I am so glad that you are still around and speaking the way you feel. You’re bomb!

  • IgniteBeauty
    IgniteBeauty 7 hours ago

    The beginning of the video 😂😂

  • FateOfTheElephant
    FateOfTheElephant 7 hours ago

    Lol he rolled his eyes

  • Megatron
    Megatron 7 hours ago

    Afrikana grande 😻

  • Faith Lrom
    Faith Lrom 7 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how gorgeous Jackie is?? Like she’s beautiful with and without makeup. Straight up goaaaals

  • not allowed
    not allowed 7 hours ago

    Im stuck in my bathroom because i read a webtoons...

  • Kishispirit iMakeup
    Kishispirit iMakeup 7 hours ago

    I love that you shouted out my Phoenix Fam! So proud of those girls!!

  • emily mcbee
    emily mcbee 7 hours ago

    You fucking play too much oh Lord.

  • GreysAnatomy4LIFE
    GreysAnatomy4LIFE 7 hours ago

    How does she only have 3 mil wtf... l mean ik why....it would be a lot easier if she was white. But still its bizarre she literally has a collab with fucking Anastasia. Blows my mind.

  • Maggie Kennedy
    Maggie Kennedy 8 hours ago

    *Jackie puts the skin tint on* me: say sike right now

  • Giselle Cottrell
    Giselle Cottrell 8 hours ago

    But remember Jackie, SPF has a lot of oil, which causes teens to break out more easily

  • Shay Leonia
    Shay Leonia 8 hours ago

    Am I naive to be considering Groupon for microblading?

  • mikayla
    mikayla 8 hours ago

    that pause before “spackle” though.

  • Misty Van Pelt
    Misty Van Pelt 8 hours ago

    I haven’t watched one of your videos in a hot minute, totally forgot how much you talked Jackie 🤣. Still looking good girl!

  • Valeria Chavez
    Valeria Chavez 8 hours ago


  • Lucas
    Lucas 8 hours ago

    I just subscribed not only is this an honest review but the fact the closed captions perfectly match what you are saying is amazing for those HoH/deaf. Thank you.

  • Melissa Trenchfield
    Melissa Trenchfield 8 hours ago

    No sah Jackie that deh bb cream nah gwaan wid ntn 🤣🤣🤣

  • grace helen
    grace helen 8 hours ago

    jackie aina's dictionary transluscent- trshusan dollars- doulahs

  • Melissa Trenchfield
    Melissa Trenchfield 8 hours ago

    Thyme is a herb and it’s spelt thyme lol

  • Wintry Summers
    Wintry Summers 9 hours ago

    This entire video had me laughing!! Y'all should collab again!

  • cadence mensforth
    cadence mensforth 9 hours ago

    everyone is saying that the skin tint (or whatever it was idrk) smells like feet/dirty socks

  • Mayia G.
    Mayia G. 9 hours ago

    1:45 - 2:00 Sold me. I’m subscribing.

  • Amanda Michelle
    Amanda Michelle 9 hours ago

    I laughed soooo hard! Definitely subscribing 👏🏻

  • Leomaris Dominguez
    Leomaris Dominguez 9 hours ago

    I can't stop watching your videos!!! BEST personality on yt!

  • Charlotte LaRochelle-Compton

    Girl that tinted moisturizer made you look burnt... not cute

  • certified space bisexual

    the editing on this killed me

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn 9 hours ago

    See’s the thumbnail and title. Me: What a clickbait, THIST TRAP. -CLICK Don’t mind if I do. Thanks girl.

  • belleclover
    belleclover 10 hours ago

    I still can’t get over the editing😂 Btw could you do a Diwali tutorial?❤️

  • Julie Bui
    Julie Bui 10 hours ago

    IT cosmetics is a joke for their shade range. They've been in the game for how long now? With no progress? And the owner had the nerve to publicly speak at a meeting about not excluding anyone

  • Kely Fernandes
    Kely Fernandes 10 hours ago

    its funny that that's her "airplane makeup" for me that's the night out makeup

  • masnxx
    masnxx 10 hours ago

    i love millie but she got us fucked up w these products😭

  • icon i c
    icon i c 10 hours ago

    Jackie: That’s not edible Also Jackie: Holds it’s in front of Jade’s mouth

  • Imani
    Imani 10 hours ago

    "It's swatch time it's swatch tiiiime" ok auntie come thru with the vocals

  • xo Tanae
    xo Tanae 10 hours ago

    3:36 go off !!

  • Butterfly_Eff3ct
    Butterfly_Eff3ct 10 hours ago

    I think it would’ve been better if she just stuck to the skin care instead of making makeup

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius 10 hours ago

    Jackie: *Reeveev* Me: _Revive_ Idk y this cracked me up 😂😂😂

  • piper anderson
    piper anderson 10 hours ago

    i just found your channel through this video and i got to say girl YOU FUNNY AS HELL HAHAHHAHA I BE GIGGLING

  • Lucifer Broke
    Lucifer Broke 10 hours ago

    this is my turning point. I'm now a JAckie Stan.

  • Daniela Orozco
    Daniela Orozco 10 hours ago

    girl i just found you and i love you hahahahaha

  • Sydney Rae
    Sydney Rae 10 hours ago

    hi i think i love you

  • Trai Diallo
    Trai Diallo 10 hours ago

    Listen... Seeing NicoleTV used in this video, at the right time.... Just yes... I love whoever edited this video... I approve the sarcasm... 🤣🤣

  • Jade Leigh
    Jade Leigh 10 hours ago


  • Alina Em
    Alina Em 10 hours ago

    i see “honey” a lot 😂🍯

  • gabby p.
    gabby p. 11 hours ago

    omg i loooove this woman she makes me laugh xD

  • Willow Louise
    Willow Louise 11 hours ago

    no one is that colour skin tone ??

  • Erica Felix
    Erica Felix 11 hours ago

    That Nicole clip ayeeee she mad funny

  • Clouds XD
    Clouds XD 11 hours ago

    She said I’m so wam bam bam 💥 and I said 🤸🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Remil Angeline
    Remil Angeline 11 hours ago

    why hasn’t jackie made a “jackie jackie jackie” intro song it’d be a bop

  • Happy Lil' Housewife
    Happy Lil' Housewife 11 hours ago

    3:58 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤪

  • Desilex Thermitus Jean- Baptiste

    Fentyyyyy by Rihanna