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  • Theodore Scherette
    Theodore Scherette 44 minutes ago

    m-MMM!!! Gotta love inflation!

  • House of Matrix
    House of Matrix 55 minutes ago

    The song at 8:01 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  • obsolete18
    obsolete18 Hour ago

    I knew Geoff was the fist one from the podcast years ago

  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon Hour ago

    i was worried that only the first episode was going to be on youtube. I think that would be the straw that made me sign up for rtfirst

  • Ori Machin
    Ori Machin Hour ago

    I really wanna see dusk bois vs Jack for this

  • B lank
    B lank Hour ago

    초월번역이네 아'주사'랑 사'진찰'칵

  • inehereng68
    inehereng68 Hour ago


  • inehereng68
    inehereng68 Hour ago

    The song starts at 11:07

  • Tamara Berry
    Tamara Berry Hour ago

    Captions would be so nice that’s my only comment I’m hard of hearing

  • B U
    B U Hour ago

    Simiar to a show in the UK called Would I Lie to You.

  • Viscotel 26
    Viscotel 26 2 hours ago

    I remember Geoff talking about the barber thing on a podcast lol

  • Blank 06
    Blank 06 2 hours ago

    I thought season 9 was gonna be about Lopez taken over the entire universe and learning English I mean think about if he was just floating around in space all alone but was at the start of the universe he would know too much but this seasons better.

  • B1rday
    B1rday 2 hours ago

    Rooster teeth would be my dream job for so many reasons. Trying to get Jessica to fall in love with me is far too high up there

  • FinalFantasyArtist24

    Jessica's chaotic energy is giving me life XD

  • Neil Tyrone Valdez
    Neil Tyrone Valdez 2 hours ago

    The plapapus is still so cute in the start

  • Fire_Drifter Audio Novellas

    Secondary Target! Take the shot, Ruby! Take the shot! XD

  • Johann Ravenstein
    Johann Ravenstein 2 hours ago

    Geoff should have said he had a flock of seagulls

  • B1rday
    B1rday 2 hours ago


  • Jessie James Tan
    Jessie James Tan 2 hours ago


  • Haku Myoukouin
    Haku Myoukouin 2 hours ago

    did she just note clip though the wall

  • Dorfhexe
    Dorfhexe 2 hours ago

    I remember Geoff telling the waiter story before on some podcast

  • Issei Hyoudou
    Issei Hyoudou 3 hours ago


  • jaffar721
    jaffar721 3 hours ago

    I'm pretty positive I've heard both of Geoff's stories before.

  • Orcwordlaugh
    Orcwordlaugh 3 hours ago

    Ugh...second episode and they already resort to Fiona. At least she should know the rules for this game.

  • burns0100
    burns0100 3 hours ago

    We need a champion match down the line with people who fooled the most and never became a CHUMP! Same with the contestant, those who guessed who was truthful or lying the most.

  • Edesome96
    Edesome96 3 hours ago

    So happy that I got the last two right because I had an inkling for both them and so glad they ended up being right. 2nd game when Fiona made the mistake of calling the football helmet a "football hat," that made me think she was the one telling the truth because why would you make a mistake like that if nothing was there? And was so happy when it turns out that there was something there and she was telling the truth. For the 3rd game notices holes in Chad's and Fiona's stories. One Chad said that he later learn that some furries refuse to speak which I've never heard of being a thing in the furry community (though if it is a thing do let me know). And when Jessica asked the first question to Fiona she seemed to change the subject and say something that was different to what was being asked, making me suspicious of her. So figure Fiona was telling Chad's story and Chad was telling Fiona's story and was right. :D

  • Bec 6054
    Bec 6054 3 hours ago

    Chris and Zach are a dynamic duo that could actually take on the world 😂 Oh and Blaine is here too 😋

  • random_harvey
    random_harvey 3 hours ago

    Anyone else see the girl with her father, she has silver eyes and the grim reaper was a girl, but the grim reaper disappeared so she has no more mom

  • Jessie James Tan
    Jessie James Tan 3 hours ago

    My youtube premium is f**king worth it for this

  • NLferdiNL
    NLferdiNL 3 hours ago

    The final audience question is a bit bad. How can the audience guess who it is if they're only hearing one person tell about it.

  • Timilehin Olaokun
    Timilehin Olaokun 3 hours ago

    I just noticed chibi Ruby has a tan while regular Ruby is pale

  • Themurloc
    Themurloc 3 hours ago

    I’m so sad that there has to be 2 liars for the object in the box segment cuz I wanna see all those things

  • Anomalocaria
    Anomalocaria 3 hours ago

    this is a good show. it's like Would I Lie to You but with idiots. <3

  • Dawn CL
    Dawn CL 3 hours ago

    I just realized i might have seen a video of Fiona explaining the furry situation. Something about them wanting a belly rub maybe? Not sure.

  • LJ DeWitt
    LJ DeWitt 3 hours ago

    I love this show and I love Jessica

  • The Golden Sealion
    The Golden Sealion 3 hours ago

    Ghost World DID have Steve Buschemi in it though, Gus was wrong

  • D Nooch
    D Nooch 4 hours ago

    We need new games too so it can all be mixed about. Maybe something like “drinker and sinker” where everyone has something to drink (2 are water but ones some actual drink) in black cups with lids on. Esentsllt they all have a sip and the guesser has to ask questions while the others fake it

  • A Guy Who Likes Penguins

    Yang best girl

  • Slayo710
    Slayo710 4 hours ago

    Oh I'm so happy Jeremy got a gameshow. This is awesome.

  • edwin Padilla
    edwin Padilla 4 hours ago

    GOD DAMMET JEREMY! Zip up your jacket!!!

  • Warkupo
    Warkupo 4 hours ago

    I'm mostly watching to see if Jeremy wears that sweet leather jacket for the entire season.

  • Aiko Desales
    Aiko Desales 4 hours ago

    Any of you guys noticed some similarities between Monty and Ozpin?😂 I don't know why but it feels like it.

  • nowimdone19
    nowimdone19 4 hours ago

    Wow I can’t believe this was 7 years ago

  • B3stNoobEver
    B3stNoobEver 4 hours ago

    Show aside, really digging Fiona's look.

  • Michael Wagner
    Michael Wagner 4 hours ago

    I feel like this is actually just an elaborate way of letting fiona practice lying for GMOD :-P

  • Tyler DeVenny
    Tyler DeVenny 4 hours ago

    Ah yes even Flash-Player recommended knows LASO is back

  • godzilla :king of the monsters

    How about the new recruit face of with master chief

  • Devon Farnum
    Devon Farnum 4 hours ago

    14:04 In all these years, this will always be the funniest moment of the entire Minecraft series

  • Symbiotic AgentOfCarnage

    I love Chump!

  • Anankke
    Anankke 4 hours ago

    i Love Yang voice <3

  • TheScinja
    TheScinja 4 hours ago

    Fiona is such an obvious liar though, how did she not catch on?

  • Luig117
    Luig117 4 hours ago

    Gus back in Drunk Tank days: "My retirement plan's a shotgun." Gus now: "I'm vegan."

  • HâCKêR MåN
    HâCKêR MåN 4 hours ago

    Good show 👍

  • Alexander Gudschinsky

    Seriously, this is the cutest. Tai didn’t need medicine to make his girls feel better. He just needed to keep them warm and happy and loved!

  • Gregorius Fernando
    Gregorius Fernando 4 hours ago

    The restraint is the funniest part.

  • Big Bear
    Big Bear 5 hours ago

    Good thing that pill was not a suppository.

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith 5 hours ago


  • Game_ Central
    Game_ Central 5 hours ago

    *imagine a gun in my hand* *PEEEEEW*

  • UselessBlue
    UselessBlue 5 hours ago

    I really do love this show, can't wait to see it when it picks up a bit and you guys get more funding! Super excited.

  • John Terran
    John Terran 5 hours ago

    This was such a strong follow-up to episode 1. Jeremy is nailing this.

  • Pommy
    Pommy 5 hours ago

    Jeremy, Either pull one zipper up, or pull the other one down. My OCD, haha

  • canid song
    canid song 5 hours ago

    Awe, they broke Gavin

  • Jacob Elson
    Jacob Elson 5 hours ago

    I will 100% watch this every week!

  • Devon Wilson
    Devon Wilson 5 hours ago

    This is turning into a fantastic gameshow, I'm definitely going to be following along.

  • Imp Again!~
    Imp Again!~ 6 hours ago

    Geoff's fact was so on brand for him, too. I would have been shocked if he was the liar. This is my new favorite Rooster Teeth show

  • PerpetualCamel
    PerpetualCamel 6 hours ago

    This show is so funny! I really like the format

  • Taha Jafar
    Taha Jafar 6 hours ago

    The card shuffling has to stop more of a distraction and noise maker

  • Lazy Fox Plays
    Lazy Fox Plays 6 hours ago

    Geoff: “In Wako. I was in the army.” Jeremy: “You’ll see me there soon!” Wha? Wako or the army?

  • Evan Hunt
    Evan Hunt 6 hours ago

    2:26 Roadrunner reference Brilliant!

  • Ryan Gallagher
    Ryan Gallagher 6 hours ago

    Awesome show, but I still think the What's In The Box segment is too much of a momentum drain in its current format. There's not much for the contestants to do but describe pretty blunt details about an object that may or may not be there, and there's not many interesting ways for them to lie even as wild as these objects are. It doesn't seem to give the question asker much to ask and they've seemed to just guess so far. The initial descriptions of the objects are always great, but it slows down pretty hard when the questions come around. Maybe if they objects were wild things that had some sort of connection to the person and they could ask about their relationship with the item and its history, with one person's weird item being theirs while the others are making up histories related to their fake item and they have to figure out which of the three is real, or something else like that. Potentially, a fake story could be tossed into the envelopes just to keep people on their toes and make it so two people could be telling the truth. That round's great so not really a necessity, just a random thought so there's another guessing option. Great show on the whole though, loving it and wanting to see much more!

  • TG Murray
    TG Murray 6 hours ago

    This is pretty funny

  • Alexinho Tovar
    Alexinho Tovar 6 hours ago

    Geoff told the hair salon story on an old podcast. I knew right away it was him 😂

    • Alexinho Tovar
      Alexinho Tovar 5 hours ago

      Come to think of it, I think he told the denny’s story too

  • Victor Chong
    Victor Chong 6 hours ago

    Being able to turn into a bird, it aint that bad. Have you seen Medivh from warcraft? YOU MUST RALLY YOU PEOPLE AND HEAD WEST!

  • Death36669
    Death36669 6 hours ago

    Gets better and funnier

  • RFFrules
    RFFrules 6 hours ago

    in love with this show, chad really had me the first round

  • FPSGamer48
    FPSGamer48 6 hours ago

    Reminder: This is how Bungie announced Halo Chess would be added to Reach! Was through that clip

  • Charlotte Ellis
    Charlotte Ellis 6 hours ago

    Jeremy calling Fiona beautiful was so wholesome :')

  • King of Scipii
    King of Scipii 6 hours ago

    My childhood

  • Game_ Central
    Game_ Central 6 hours ago

    I always watch this before the year ends. Year 5

  • nickmoney
    nickmoney 6 hours ago

    Geoff has told that story to exact detail on another let's play or podcast. I knew that one before he said anything further.

  • Cox
    Cox 6 hours ago

    Is geoffs sweatshirt from his collection? I really like it but I can’t find it there

  • C Nish
    C Nish 6 hours ago

    This show is fun and I want more!

  • James Nauman
    James Nauman 7 hours ago

    I want them to use the chump sound effect every time Jeremy says, chump. Then in the end, they have a chump song set to the tune of jump around.

  • Ianforcements
    Ianforcements 7 hours ago

    God, finally someone agrees with me about Parasite. I felt like I wanted to just hit fast forward the whole last section of the movie.

  • Eagl3xStrik3
    Eagl3xStrik3 7 hours ago

    For hte last game, shoudln;t the contestant get a point for each aspect they get right? Looks like you must be right completely in order to get a point and that's more diffcult than getting some of it right.

  • Zack Kinney
    Zack Kinney 7 hours ago

    Jeremy, you're my favorite oh AH and I've been here awhile and remember some of your first videos here. You're doing great, one recommendation for you is to perhaps watch how much you sway back and forth.

  • C R
    C R 7 hours ago

    I still say Jeremy needs a Rimmy suit to properly host.

  • Kabriel Schuster
    Kabriel Schuster 7 hours ago

    Honestly, I love this show. It seems like it could help to bring lesser known personalities into the spotlight.

  • Jayden Reid
    Jayden Reid 7 hours ago

    "A football hat", Fiona Nova 2019 Or, more commonly named, a helmet, or football helmet.

  • Muerto Nite
    Muerto Nite 7 hours ago

    Fiona's was too polished right off the bat

  • Chad Lancaster
    Chad Lancaster 7 hours ago

    We need a "Best of 2Spooky" comp now

  • C R
    C R 7 hours ago

    Fiona's immediate reaction to Jeremey calling her beautiful was both hilarious and adorable.

  • Auzurial citric
    Auzurial citric 7 hours ago

    Realizes im a furry oh no... Im so sorry.

  • x9x9x9
    x9x9x9 7 hours ago

    i need them game show background sound!!!

  • Eagl3xStrik3
    Eagl3xStrik3 7 hours ago

    Isn't Pushing the envolope and whatver the intro game was essentially the same thing? I was expecting another What's this do?

  • zoz
    zoz 7 hours ago

    Like your shirt Jeremy