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  • Scrublo Fo
    Scrublo Fo 9 seconds ago

    0:22 the pill it suffering it’s in pain coffee is the only one who can defeat it rip dissolved sleeping pill

  • Pheonix Matlock
    Pheonix Matlock 28 seconds ago


  • m0m0f0 YT
    m0m0f0 YT 42 seconds ago

    Ah finally a asian meal I can eat

  • Yellow Snow
    Yellow Snow 56 seconds ago

    i'm eating while watching this-

  • Snow derp
    Snow derp 57 seconds ago

    Damien pronouncing Koichi Hirose hurt my soul

  • Foxplush
    Foxplush 58 seconds ago

    “Watch her whip and nae nae ohh- and her arm fell oof” -Damien 2019

  • david nugget625
    david nugget625 58 seconds ago

    Made the mistake of not using Adblock.... never ever doing that again.

  • Kottonkandy09
    Kottonkandy09 Minute ago

    Remember kids, you can’t spell Wario without WAR. War never changes.

  • Adrienne Kaio
    Adrienne Kaio Minute ago

    5:19 Yep, definitely sharpie. It’s on the counter.

  • P R O R Ë T A R D
    P R O R Ë T A R D Minute ago

    E e e e e e e end e e e e e e e

  • earth making
    earth making Minute ago

    find rock sharpen rock find stick make rock axe break tree use tree to make brick find firewood make fire burn brick stare at fire wait till ash fire come seek place to bulid house for winter warmth mark circle dig out circle take brick seek mud fill circle with mud put brick on mud put brick on brick make small brick tunnel seek dirt but on eater side of tunnel put more brick on there so make wall more dirt make dirt hard use mud to make wall of brick make hight take stick and put in warmth tunnel we made make stick enter cover stick with mud put brick on mud make roof with bick use bamboo to make chimney put mud on chiney use stick in wamth tunel make warmth tunnel fire seek leafes seek pebles sit on leafes dig hole put mud in hole put rock around hole seek moss put moss outside of shelter put pebles around shelter put grass and stuff around shelter take water fill rock hole put your fish in hole pond feed fish make fire in tunnel go in shelter and stare at hole pond of fish

  • HollynVids Kolleck
    HollynVids Kolleck Minute ago

    In the into I hear:Dice’s theme Me: owo wut dis?

    XTRA_STRANGE 2 minutes ago

    My dumbass thought that that was Hitler 10:43

  • Claudia Borges
    Claudia Borges 2 minutes ago

    I rarely suffer with images, but.... Jeeeeez these hurt a lot

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 2 minutes ago


  • Leoh
    Leoh 2 minutes ago

    6:28 I thought they said doing the crab...

  • CCCareless
    CCCareless 2 minutes ago

    roses are red vileots are blue i have one like but y is it blue?

  • R P
    R P 2 minutes ago

    Thank you for sifting through the garbage in that subreddit to bring us only the blessed of blessed images

  • quiet gamer
    quiet gamer 3 minutes ago

    The reason manatees are no longer endangered is be cause they are now extinct

  • The Cat
    The Cat 3 minutes ago

    If a camp's bathroom rules are "if it's yellow, let it mellow," and "if it's brown flush it down," then what if a kid ate a brown dragon fruit to make their piss brown, and ate a yellow dragon fruit to make their shit yellow?

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir 3 minutes ago

    10:17 "I am Grootato!"

  • Jeromey Mascarenhas
    Jeromey Mascarenhas 3 minutes ago

    Did you change your microphone?

  • Agar McAwsome
    Agar McAwsome 4 minutes ago

    12:23 scared the crap outta me because i thought my monitor broke

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes 4 minutes ago


  • HabitsRabbit
    HabitsRabbit 5 minutes ago

    As a huge star wars nerd..that is 100% watto. I was actually saying that when the picture first showed up.

  • Uniworks
    Uniworks 5 minutes ago

    This is one of my favorite subreddits

  • Municow Succ
    Municow Succ 5 minutes ago

    congrats potato

  • MarshMelloSmore 2
    MarshMelloSmore 2 5 minutes ago

    Damian we love you

  • FloAnd
    FloAnd 6 minutes ago

    incest is a game for the whole family

  • ChaosPxl
    ChaosPxl 6 minutes ago

    Cursed Comment of today: Ness: *uses PK* Lucas: *uses PTSD*

  • Silmapuoli
    Silmapuoli 7 minutes ago

    0:53 joke fell dead flat like my grandma down the stairs.

  • DOPEdude 909
    DOPEdude 909 7 minutes ago

    The gay joke was 200 IQ

  • Mada Faka
    Mada Faka 7 minutes ago


  • Claudia Borges
    Claudia Borges 7 minutes ago

    1:52 "strange"? Oh what's that on squirtle's hands?

  • Thorn productions
    Thorn productions 8 minutes ago

    Dis gud

  • Sodoo O
    Sodoo O 8 minutes ago

    HAHAHA Domestic Abuse is funny

  • bionabot 7234
    bionabot 7234 8 minutes ago


  • Xxomega DragongamerxX
    Xxomega DragongamerxX 8 minutes ago

    12:11 I worry for peoples mental health and I have depression

  • Red
    Red 9 minutes ago

    Geezee is just damien + content that doesn't belong on emkay. which is amazing.

  • waRR waRR
    waRR waRR 9 minutes ago

    So no fuck sister? Okay then. Come here little cousin.

  • Yeetus De Feetus
    Yeetus De Feetus 9 minutes ago

    0:00 Thats some “MEAT BEAT MANIA” Only certain intellectuals can understand

  • KitterCatow
    KitterCatow 9 minutes ago

    Who also always dances when the intro song plays?

  • Jack Mazeika
    Jack Mazeika 9 minutes ago

    12:40 reminds me of Yoshihiro Kira from jojo

  • Sensei Xavi
    Sensei Xavi 9 minutes ago

    Who else notices that he always changes the thumbnail? Or am i crazy?

  • IM A K1LL3RN00B_B055
    IM A K1LL3RN00B_B055 9 minutes ago

    Damien: I like square egg because it reminds me of Minecraft Also Damien: I like fortnite Everyone: *Impossible...*

  • tall butter
    tall butter 10 minutes ago

    12:34 yoshikaga kira was here

  • MrSolarguard
    MrSolarguard 10 minutes ago

    7:00 Damien turning an already cursed comment even more cursed

  • The cheese cake dude
    The cheese cake dude 10 minutes ago

    11:15 I now know what the insides of a kangaroo feels like HELP ME

  • Serqothis
    Serqothis 10 minutes ago

    7:30 but I use ily for I'm leaving you so its also end

  • Acro Glock
    Acro Glock 10 minutes ago


  • That Guy Jared
    That Guy Jared 10 minutes ago

    5:51 "So anyways, I started damaging....."

  • The Yangem
    The Yangem 11 minutes ago

    12:16 Alright, had no idea that 4chan was so cultured.

  • Ewok Da Silva
    Ewok Da Silva 11 minutes ago

    Dude, you really thought there could be only 954 hours in a whole year? That's like less than three hours per day.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 11 minutes ago

    So the moral of this story is Don’t trust feminist vegans

  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan 11 minutes ago

    You should try the anime personification of battleships.

  • DTRaiden
    DTRaiden 11 minutes ago

    Look at the shadow of the cat on the door, "BATMAN".

  • Luxxy
    Luxxy 12 minutes ago

    9:53 *Roblox School Shooter Simulator*

  • Jáck The Jàugàr
    Jáck The Jàugàr 12 minutes ago

    I was was watching this and when he said Alexa intruder alert my Alexa said I have no calls coming in and did not realize she was responding to the video until I started reading comments

  • yoda with 1,000 subscribers

    hate to inform you, but the dog smiling at the dogbones was, infact, photoshopped 😔

  • Why would I want to wake up It’s useless

    I love him too much

  • ashleigh phyco
    ashleigh phyco 13 minutes ago

    I had a student in my school steal carpet

  • Meap 9898
    Meap 9898 13 minutes ago

    At 3:42 there is a Persona 4 meme this game will never die

  • Jelli
    Jelli 13 minutes ago

    This message will repeat

  • Synetra Parker
    Synetra Parker 14 minutes ago

    4:57 Anybody else see her eyebrows

  • Arya the Schattig
    Arya the Schattig 14 minutes ago

    1:20 those are baseball fields Emkay XD (dunno if this is a woosh thing or not but guess I'll find out soon enough)

  • moroc333
    moroc333 14 minutes ago

    Whip and nae nae? More like whipin nana

  • Vintage Zombie
    Vintage Zombie 14 minutes ago

    Guys, I think Damien is retarded. First 160 kph, not 160mph. Most cars can’t even go 160 mph Second doesn’t realize that college is spelled wrong? And he doesn’t realize that the “HOWE” home thing is just flipped upside down? God he’s dumb

  • Therealcrazybee 111
    Therealcrazybee 111 15 minutes ago

    Animals can't be gay bittttch

  • gamerboi 52
    gamerboi 52 15 minutes ago

    10:17 Is it crazy that's my wallpaper?

  • Mo Bubbles
    Mo Bubbles 15 minutes ago


  • Lord Bepis
    Lord Bepis 15 minutes ago


  • CptYesterday93
    CptYesterday93 15 minutes ago

    13:56 - Seems like I need to go to mad lads too - I printed QR Code stickers of the Rick Roll URL and stick them anywhere in public.

  • V1NESY
    V1NESY 16 minutes ago

    You would think putting chips in all of your cups would cost more than people sneaking in a free refill here and there.

  • Trevor Bourgeoisie
    Trevor Bourgeoisie 16 minutes ago

    Thank you I really appreciate that fan art idiot

  • Laties X Latias
    Laties X Latias 16 minutes ago

    *silently unsubs*

    MISFIT BRIT 17 minutes ago


  • Italian Gamer
    Italian Gamer 17 minutes ago

    12:04 Paradise for me <3 Wait..Sonico isnt here....doh xD

  • Arthur Peres Rodrigues dos Santos

    WARNING: There is a FAKE Geezee, that have less than 10 thousand subscribers so dont fall for the trick.

  • Hamsterghini
    Hamsterghini 17 minutes ago

    12:48 squidward is almost 50 years old

  • Mmm yes this is cheesecake indeed

    I know I’ve already commented here, but I cannot get over the fact that somebody has that much spare time to draw something as disturbing as that lapras. Lemme just take a break to BLEACH MY EYES.

  • Depressed Player
    Depressed Player 18 minutes ago

    Haha I'm planet Morty because I liked my own comment

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 18 minutes ago

    3:47, yu is her cousin- which she calls big brother so uhm- oh lord no-

  • The Bushy Boy
    The Bushy Boy 18 minutes ago


  • pengU1n guy
    pengU1n guy 18 minutes ago

    A thougthg taeht thheh ffreerrssshhh aavvouuoacaadooyu wases goutnr beeeey thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghggggheerree

    • pengU1n guy
      pengU1n guy 17 minutes ago

      Oh sorry i meant I tjought thata the 'freeshs avoucadouo' was gouna be ther

  • saucy boy
    saucy boy 18 minutes ago


  • Empty_Boi
    Empty_Boi 19 minutes ago

    *something very interesting*

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 19 minutes ago

    Pin me please

  • Dinosaurcar
    Dinosaurcar 19 minutes ago

    Not as cursed as a WW2 solider.

  • Hamsterghini
    Hamsterghini 19 minutes ago

    11:28 _ANALYSIS_

  • Irene Kittle
    Irene Kittle 19 minutes ago

    1:23 Me: Me: Me: Joe mama: Me: Oh SHUT UP

    • Irene Kittle
      Irene Kittle Minute ago

      Btw thank you for the like yesterday Damien. 👌_/\_(=-=)_/\_👍

  • Legendary Moose
    Legendary Moose 19 minutes ago

    The last one my brain made me think that those were moving like an eye illusion

  • Amyr Alnajjar
    Amyr Alnajjar 19 minutes ago

    I also thought it was seth the instant I saw him omg that's like sooo quirky. Sksksksksksksks

  • Jack Mazeika
    Jack Mazeika 19 minutes ago

    3:41 coochie

  • spooky627
    spooky627 20 minutes ago

    I finished *nut* and the only way this day got better is watching emkay

  • Michael Thonsom
    Michael Thonsom 20 minutes ago

    6 adds really.

  • Emerald Comet
    Emerald Comet 20 minutes ago

    The bookmark one... THE TORTILLA WAS STILL THERE

  • YaBoiPktendo
    YaBoiPktendo 20 minutes ago

    3:20 Hey, I know were thats from!

  • Dio Lemmen
    Dio Lemmen 21 minute ago

    Y are all comments nowadays just people saying exactly what's being said in the video, Like ya'll readin the comments instead of watchin the video?

  • That one servant of Satania who wishes Miniladd won

    3:18 Is it bad that I read the whole comic that this is from and enjoyed it _intimately?_

  • comrade general
    comrade general 22 minutes ago

    Wasnt it once comment awwards?