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The VFD that isn't
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The Weird World in RGB
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Exploring the World of E-Ink
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Space Heater Nonsense
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The Time-Lapse VCR
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  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 5 minutes ago

    If you wanted to get way more into electronics on this, you could build your own UPS based on that battery, that way she wouldn't even have to move a plug. But this seems good for a quick'n'dirty thing that works

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn 10 minutes ago

    In my city all lamps are turned off after midnight. Perfect to see the stars or the moonlight from my garden.

  • A wild Filing cabinet
    A wild Filing cabinet 18 minutes ago

    God. I really wanna put this into my little ‘02 civic and blast it at idiots going down the road

  • haha funni
    haha funni 25 minutes ago

    Hair stands straight on end, Eyes bulge out of sockets and shoot around room. Jaw drops through floor and all teeth fall out of gums. Suds fly out of mouth and I fall onto the floor into convulsions. Limbs dissolve into the floor. My final words words are, in a 30's New York accent, I choke out,"Hot Mama, now THAT'S a dame!"

  • T-Rex Hunter
    T-Rex Hunter 31 minute ago

    Professor Farnsworth is named after this guy. The joke is also he is a tv character and is named after the person who made the medium that he exist on.

  • Amiibo Alec
    Amiibo Alec 33 minutes ago

    Was your microphone having some issues at the start? I got a lot of popping and it made me worry my headphones were broken not even 2 months after purchase

  • Young Diab3t3s
    Young Diab3t3s 36 minutes ago

    No nut November

  • stephen john baldwin
    stephen john baldwin 39 minutes ago

    Re: convection vs fan....I would say that at least you can direct a fan .

  • KodeKraft RC
    KodeKraft RC 49 minutes ago

    I liked it better when it was your weird little hobby. There was more quality back then

  • Andy's Shop
    Andy's Shop 53 minutes ago

    My questions about street lights have been answered. 11:39 there was a light down the street that was doing this and now I know why! Eureka!

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 57 minutes ago

    The one thing you missed is that for whatever reason, HDMI audio, especially with ARC, has _huge_ latency vs plugging an optical cable into your TV. I don't know what the technical reason is for this, but it's a major problem for anything latency sensitive like rhythm games or multi-room audio

  • crapcbm
    crapcbm 57 minutes ago

    in the early 90s there was optical network, while the iBMs in the offices uses token-ring or TNC hahaha but problem was, these thin optical cables broke very fast

  • SpeakerPolice
    SpeakerPolice 59 minutes ago

    Also I wanna see that giant disc TV made, the one that breaks the sound barrier by six orders of magnitude

  • SpeakerPolice
    SpeakerPolice Hour ago

    Hello, fellow Lepai LP-2020A+ user! I love that little amp.

  • Car Rookie
    Car Rookie Hour ago

    One day google will make a toaster and call it the “Chromium Toaster”

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 Hour ago

    I agree, the regular flashy bulbs suck. Twinkling lights are much more pleasant. And they are more rare from my experience -- we have LED lights now, all white, but they're a warmer white. As for what you call the strands -- I just call them mini string lights. Well, originally I did... Now they're just string lights, as opposed to the larger incandescent sets that everyone had 20 years ago. But a long time ago, the big ones were just "string lights" and the little ones like you were wearing were just the mini set.

  • Smack2k
    Smack2k Hour ago

    Hey, Great did you hook up go from VCR to Capture Device and the connections in between?. if I were to use this with a PC to Capture, would it go VCR to Composite-HDMI Box to USB-HDMI Capture Device? What if the TV you are using only had Composite output on it? If Iwanted to use this method with the devices listed what would my setup be? Thanks for the assistance..

  • M &Ems
    M &Ems Hour ago

    I have a very effective air conditioner. It's called my freezer, where I freeze tons of ice packs and place them around the room. Preferably with a fan circulating the air. Maximum efficiency, for sure.

  • Andy's Shop
    Andy's Shop Hour ago

    Our house (we live in the USA) has GFCI outlets but also the GFCI circuit breakers as well, which makes almost every outlet in our house a GFCI.

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 Hour ago

    7:46 Please tell me you did a clever edit and didn't try that shot 289734923 times Edit after reaching the end of the video: Oh my God you actually did it repeatedly XD

  • JudenNibbas
    JudenNibbas Hour ago

    I got jump scared.

  • Vegas Cuervo
    Vegas Cuervo Hour ago

    7:46 How the hell did you time that so perfectly??

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme Hour ago

    Every driver should watch this

  • Ks Ss
    Ks Ss Hour ago

    I've studied and used most of the bits you cover. Good job. Keep at it.

  • Emerald Blaze
    Emerald Blaze Hour ago

    3:14 jump scare actully i got scared XD lol

  • Grant R
    Grant R Hour ago

    This is absolutely brilliant. What a guy.

  • groenekever
    groenekever Hour ago

    netherlands we have the PPT T65 and W65 (T for table. W for wall) we conected them to digital networks now and the stil work ;)

  • i like rice
    i like rice 2 hours ago

    **jaw drops to floor**

  • Stevie Cooper
    Stevie Cooper 2 hours ago

    I’m in Australia 🇦🇺 (Melbourne) We call a heat pump a reverse cycle air conditioner. I’m my home we have ducted gas heating, and two aircon units. I’ve always wanted to work out which way I would calculate to find out which is cheapest to run. The gas heating works very well, and very quickly because it’s ducted I suppose. The two AC units take a while to warm the room. It rarely gets below 5oC in Melbourne.

  • saladnuts
    saladnuts 2 hours ago

    You gotta appreciate those led displays though, example of someone realizing the most complex is not always the best/most efficent. In the case of 3 or 4 floors it saves leds and logic to do that.

  • Seth Layton
    Seth Layton 2 hours ago

    You got a new subscriber when you made the AHOOGA noise.

  • Growly Bear
    Growly Bear 2 hours ago

    8:54 watt meter shows 1337 for a moment. LEET! Also I heat my bathroom with a Dell PowerEdge 2600 running Linux.

  • chakky
    chakky 2 hours ago

    We have an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE portable AC from the year 2000 or so. It's as tall as and probably weighs as much as your average 3-year-old child, lol. And presumeably costs as much to maintain😂

  • Random by L
    Random by L 2 hours ago

    Jokes on you i don’t have a toaster

  • LR210
    LR210 2 hours ago

    the thumbnail made me think of callmecarson

  • einar Hoas
    einar Hoas 2 hours ago

    I have a kithenaid toaster at home which doesnt have a lever but you do have to press a button for it to start toasting your bread But I love it

  • Michael McCann
    Michael McCann 3 hours ago

    Minor third not chord

  • stevshow
    stevshow 3 hours ago

    Using bleeped out f-words is so cool.

  • Mr BenjiBoy
    Mr BenjiBoy 3 hours ago

    I remember there was this phone in a library once, in the most weird spot possible, so I assumed it was a decoration and decided to call 911 in front of my friends and it actually called.

  • A. P. M
    A. P. M 3 hours ago

    Thank you for getting this message out. The all red turn signals are an active danger to society.

  • Griffin Riches
    Griffin Riches 3 hours ago

    what would the circlet look like for scientific purposes

  • Gecko o
    Gecko o 3 hours ago

    Yes, like you said you cannot refer wikipedia, but you can use it as starting point.

  • wayne jones
    wayne jones 3 hours ago


  • Timex
    Timex 3 hours ago

    all total BS... put a 40 amp dc motor and a 24v 1000 amp out alternator and it will; charge with out all this plug in crap

  • BH Prototyping
    BH Prototyping 3 hours ago

    Im listening to this video using this same method. i did it because i wanted Zero Noise introduced from my computer. because if i plug my headphones/speakers into my computer directly i get this quiet humming sound.

  • Florian Käß
    Florian Käß 3 hours ago

    I Rally dont like automatic light control, because drivers rely on it to much. Y can't the lights just be always on? It really wouldn't be of any hurt for anyone. And no-one can tell me, it uses to much fuel. In a car with 100kw even 500w of Led lamps is like 0.5% more fuel consumption. That's hardly noticeable in everyday life.

  • Stephen Sparks
    Stephen Sparks 3 hours ago

    Instant favorite of all time list!

  • General Dex
    General Dex 3 hours ago

    You look like Robbie Rotten’s basement-dweller brother

  • Diego Acosta
    Diego Acosta 3 hours ago

    4:12 oh. That's why her cheeks make a sound

  • MrWitchblade
    MrWitchblade 4 hours ago

    If the blue isn't good enough to burn your eyes out, then it just isn't blue enough. lol. 😆 And why so few colors? Multi-output leds at each point is what we need. That way we can program which colors we'd like to see. Merry Christmas. 🎄 (not b****y holidays) (suck it coke) and now back to our normal programming. :)

  • Victor Pelufaz
    Victor Pelufaz 4 hours ago

    He kinda looks like captain disillusion

  • Jim Mea
    Jim Mea 4 hours ago

    this guy looks like the one from man vs food had a child with Robbie rotten

  • Ja Broski
    Ja Broski 4 hours ago

    *And now gary*

  • Eric Ashby
    Eric Ashby 4 hours ago

    9:55 - a wild Lepai LP2020A+ appeared

  • videodistro
    videodistro 4 hours ago

    Yes, DBX, NOT Dolby X. Yikes. :) We used Dolby A, DBX and Dolby SR in the recording studios. Multiple tracks would build up noise quickly so reduction could be helpful. We also had Dolby B and C encoders for creating CDM's (cassette duplicating maters). You had to include the Dolby (warble) reference tone on the tape for the duplicaters to set the exact levels for recording otherwise the decoding would not work right.

  • patdthomas
    patdthomas 4 hours ago

    I grew up in a house that was built in 1920. It originally had a coal fired furnace but had been converted to oil sometime before we moved in. It had that nasty stinky oil tank in the basement and cast iron radiators in each room. Larger rooms had two. They made the most eerie sounds on a cold winter night. The hot water in the pipes would expand and tap while the radiator's relief valves popped, hissed and whistled. I was 6 years old and was convinced the house was haunted.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 4 hours ago

    I've had that Ah-Ooh-Ga horn on a few of my old cars, including a 2000 Buick LeSabre and a 1995 Ford Ranger. The Ranger had a wooden box, so it completed the look.

  • Ramdileo. sys
    Ramdileo. sys 4 hours ago

    AWESOME video @Technology Connections .. as usual....... this CED must have been something US only ah.???........ I never heard about them until now .. at all.......... if I now about LaserDisc = Pioneer = Japan..... but these never ..

  • Der Stock
    Der Stock 4 hours ago


  • videodistro
    videodistro 4 hours ago

    In our recording studio using professional high end recorders, we would peak bias instead if over biasing for record. Specs called for 3 dB over bias to give more headroom before tape saturation and distortion. Since we were very careful to keep record levels below peak, we got more high end and openness during record. That and very careful head alignment made for excellent recordings. While we never mastered anything on cassette (of course) we did use them for reference copies.

  • Riche Bright
    Riche Bright 4 hours ago

    You need to have somebody 3D print the other knob for that radio.

  • Sincere Thomas
    Sincere Thomas 5 hours ago

    Were you bored ?

  • Titus Rowell
    Titus Rowell 5 hours ago

    reminds me of the ring

  • Anton Slavik
    Anton Slavik 5 hours ago

    Flash-Player has been pushing this video on me for 4 months now lol

  • kitsuna77
    kitsuna77 5 hours ago

    "if you're trying to sleep in the room with one of these" I like that white noise, it will put me to sleep

  • /^\inutemen/^\edia
    /^\inutemen/^\edia 5 hours ago

    You can probably enamel over the sharpie for longevity

  • Gui Arisato - AngeLord

    My first computer had a LightScribe burner and I was super excited about it... However, I was never able to find the discs here in Brazil. The burner tho is in my new PC at this momment! A little bit of legacy still lives on.

  • Riche Bright
    Riche Bright 5 hours ago

    So, you're saying it was witchcraft. Got it.

  • /^\inutemen/^\edia
    /^\inutemen/^\edia 5 hours ago

    Yes I read all that. It's why I'm even subbed to your channel. To learn the intricate details.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 5 hours ago

    Happy honking: Hjonk hjonk

  • Alex Mint
    Alex Mint 5 hours ago

    As a photographer who uses LED bulbs, I often have to lengthen my exposure times to keep the exposure the same between shots. At 1/60 you're likely to get a darker shot, but at 1/4 it's basically completely eliminated as the light and dark averages out.

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot 6 hours ago

    I'd rather put a Train Horn on a car. That'll show 'em.

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 6 hours ago

    NSCFL: Not so compact fluorescent lamp nice

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 6 hours ago

    Duuurrrr! Infra red led's are by their very nature er um hot.... just a few in each stop light would alleviate this problem- is there no one else thinking this, it could also work in the amber and green as IR leds can be invisible to the human eye! It's not rocket science just lateral thinking! hey what do I know !

  • rockattack
    rockattack 6 hours ago

    Clothes dryers and laundry machines all over Europe and Asia are electric only. No gas. That's an American thing.

  • AerialPhoto Eutin
    AerialPhoto Eutin 6 hours ago

    do you only heat with hot air in Amerika?

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell 6 hours ago

    This would be great for electronic speed limit signs

    THEGHOSTSLAVE 6 hours ago

    Installed one of these as the primary horn on my friends old pickup, always a good time.

  • Chobaca
    Chobaca 6 hours ago

    Nothing about the ecological effects of light pollution?!

    • Chobaca
      Chobaca 6 hours ago

      Oh my bad. Spoke to soon. Could have been a bit more though.

  • Real Shaoran
    Real Shaoran 6 hours ago

    Oh wow, nice video. In 2014 I visited my cousin that lives in California and this was my first time I visited the US (I come from Germany). And one of the first things that irritated me on the road, was that the blinking lights are shared with the break lights. That threw me off several times, I didn't like that at all.

  • dexjec
    dexjec 6 hours ago

    Let me get this right. Spend hours and hours searching drift stores for mediocre 90's speakers, buying replacement parts, fixing these things, only to get something that sounds "fine to me"? Alright, but call it what it is; a hobby project. And that's fine, I've done it, it's fun! But not really that cheap if you count in working hours. Especially when something cheap and proven, like a pair Mackie's is just few mouse clicks away.

  • Mumba Mumba
    Mumba Mumba 7 hours ago

    2:18 I too can project a sound out of a hole.

  • MedK
    MedK 7 hours ago

    0:07 3:14

  • TheGamingPanda
    TheGamingPanda 7 hours ago

    i like the captions

  • H K
    H K 7 hours ago

    No clue if this is in Australia but I'll check.

  • Destroyer Death
    Destroyer Death 7 hours ago

    Oh man your neighbors must love you

  • Phillip Stucker
    Phillip Stucker 7 hours ago

    I get the impression you started writing this video around 2016?

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 7 hours ago

    You just confirmed everything I suspected!

  • Paul Christensen
    Paul Christensen 7 hours ago

    Kitchenaid makes an automatic toaster.

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 7 hours ago

    Try living in Chicago area during winter and you'll only see snow covered lights that are the new blinding LED ones. The older intersections don't need any of that crap and work all the time, unless of course said idiots crash into the poles or there's a power loss lol. Also FYI 99% of accidents are On purposes not actual Accidents. You should try and do a video on the idiot people that buy these new 20 million candle watt headlights in these new cars. You can't even see at night when on coming traffic is filled with these morons. Especially the blue and violet headlight donut hole heads that buy this nonsense. I drove for years in all weather with incandescent headlights with no issues and could see just fine at night, so what happened? Since when did blinding oncoming traffic become a good thing?

  • Johnathan King
    Johnathan King 7 hours ago

    waste of money and resources.

  • Woogoo336
    Woogoo336 7 hours ago

    Really interesting. I never knew what those lamps and black cylinder was for over traffic lights.

  • DustyReaver :Rebel:
    DustyReaver :Rebel: 7 hours ago

    i love TOSlink

  • unwanted_paradox
    unwanted_paradox 7 hours ago

    Props for the Doug DeMuro reference lol

  • LectronCircuits
    LectronCircuits 7 hours ago

    CED must be resurrected and reintroduced at all costs. Cheers!

  • Veronica Kolbasuk
    Veronica Kolbasuk 7 hours ago

    0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07 0:07

  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz 7 hours ago

    Me: "This video seems interesting" First 5 seconds: "Air conditioners are pretty COOL" Me: Aight ima head out

  • uriahedwardsmusic
    uriahedwardsmusic 7 hours ago

    Future proofing successful

  • Mr. Kevbo
    Mr. Kevbo 7 hours ago

    I put one of these on my retro-esque sidecar rig. I wish I could find a well made one. The main issue seems to be that the armature windings break where they attach to the commutator segments. Instead of being soldered into slots, the segments have a tab that bends over and crimps to the wire...nicking the wire and creating a stress concentration that soon enough fails. There is zero slack in the wire, so it is really fussy to try to fix it, so my repairs have tended not to be very long lasting either.