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  • Levi Howe
    Levi Howe 7 hours ago


  • White Raven
    White Raven 7 hours ago


  • Jaden Tai
    Jaden Tai 8 hours ago

    You are stupid letting people eat the big fish

  • Nick Paul
    Nick Paul 8 hours ago

    When he picked up the worm I thought he was going to eat them

  • Tyronious_ 603
    Tyronious_ 603 8 hours ago

    Weird question, what kind of pants is Rob wearing, look kinda like Kuhl?

  • PsYcHo_FiXeR
    PsYcHo_FiXeR 8 hours ago

    Jan 11 is when I was born that's crazy

  • FascistFish
    FascistFish 8 hours ago

    3:11 That’s relatable.

  • Seth Digby
    Seth Digby 10 hours ago

    Hey 1 rod what kind of fishing rod and reel would you recommend for trout and smallish salmon for example coho salmon or some sockeye? I was thinking the stradic 1000 and the saint croix premier

  • Colorado Fly Guy
    Colorado Fly Guy 10 hours ago

    I got a notification when he did the 1rod special 😂😂😂

  • Tim Roland
    Tim Roland 10 hours ago

    Dude if you soak those strips of fish over night in a bowl of water and ice with some salt. It will take that strong taste out. The next day dump that water out and wash the fish off you will find it taste better. Do it for 2 days changing out the water twice it will be even better.

  • SmallWaterFisherman!
    SmallWaterFisherman! 11 hours ago

    "Get In The Booooat!!" = A 1Rod t-shirt slogan for sure. If it's not already in the works, #TrademarkASAP!!

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      All-America Trucks 9 hours ago

      SmallWaterFisherman! Check out my Boat and Off-road Videos ⚡️

  • SmallWaterFisherman!
    SmallWaterFisherman! 11 hours ago

    Reggie is a Googan by default :-) Great to see him back fishing with the best! Keep up it up 1Rod!!

  • kingmezs23
    kingmezs23 12 hours ago

    When you spend a day skipping because you see Reggie and assume it's an old video, then realize he's in merch and this is the real deal. BOUT TIME MAN!

  • Billy-Jo Courchene
    Billy-Jo Courchene 13 hours ago

    Catch a surgeon

    • All-America Trucks
      All-America Trucks 9 hours ago

      Billy-Jo Courchene Check out my Boat and Off-road Videos ⚡️

  • emil hansen
    emil hansen 14 hours ago

    The video’s with reggie is Awesome 🔥

  • Delux Swan
    Delux Swan 15 hours ago

    That was just for enidea for yous all .

  • Donte Lucas
    Donte Lucas 15 hours ago

    Is it just me or is reggie a ame😂😂

  • Subs Please
    Subs Please 16 hours ago

    Fish poops on hand Serves him right for smoking

  • Nightcore Songs
    Nightcore Songs 16 hours ago

    That we call toman

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 17 hours ago

    i hate anyone who has lowrance electronics. noobs.

  • Antony Ramirez
    Antony Ramirez 18 hours ago

    Picked up my first googan bait because I love your channel. It's also my first spinner bait. New at baitcasting. Hope to do well

  • Fuzion Mobilegameplay
    Fuzion Mobilegameplay 19 hours ago

    3:27 this guys definitely pregnant, ok big mama

  • Dallas Kicklighter
    Dallas Kicklighter 19 hours ago

    Get in the boat!

  • deceptive _trippy
    deceptive _trippy 19 hours ago

    9:03 one rod said fucking oml

  • Harley Weeks
    Harley Weeks 20 hours ago

    I'm trying to go out some time

  • theyoungcommander
    theyoungcommander 20 hours ago

    Kill it.

  • Isaac Flores
    Isaac Flores 20 hours ago

    Hey bro love your vids throw my fishing crew a Shout out TNS Team No Skunk 830 fishing eagle pass texas come on down and fish the river with us some time

  • Jeremy Doshier
    Jeremy Doshier 21 hour ago

    How TF do you have the hiccups for 24hrs??? Lol

  • jay johnson
    jay johnson 21 hour ago

    Dude u need to take your Ritalin!!

  • My name is Deznootz
    My name is Deznootz 22 hours ago

    Idk how but I used to always snag fish

    BADBASSBROSTV 22 hours ago

    In the summer of 2020, U have to come to SoCal for some tuna fishing!!!

  • Fish Cutting
    Fish Cutting 22 hours ago

    Finally, the day has seen the registration!

  • Fish Cutting
    Fish Cutting 23 hours ago

    I'm trying to sleep

  • heroofalltime
    heroofalltime Day ago

    I figured Reggie told you to f off or something lol

  • Lillian Tan
    Lillian Tan Day ago

    “Oh it’s slimy” Me: Your gonna get frogs on your hand 🐸

  • Dale Quinlan
    Dale Quinlan Day ago

    try decaf dude

  • Dakotah Younger

    Literally no one: Him: Pets a large mouth bass

  • Mark Lu
    Mark Lu Day ago

    Imagine when 1rod did his “Happy Gilmore” he just chucked the rod into the water

  • Vell Plays
    Vell Plays Day ago

    Your baby is soooooo cute!

  • Jeremy Doshier

    That guy seemed nice and harmless enough. I think he was excited about your fishing Mike...

  • Jose Mari Cuevas

    What's ur rod and reel bro?

  • Timothy Winburn

    Wow dude, not to long ago you was tossing Googan baits in the trash now your wearing the gear...sad...they did you dirty and you sold out big time...smh

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      All-America Trucks 9 hours ago

      Timothy Winburn Check out my Boat and Off-road Videos ⚡️

  • river rat
    river rat Day ago

    why didn't you just go to the grocery store and buy some chicken livers and frozen squid, if you needed great catfish bait? could've saved a lot of time.

  • David Robinson

    that's kinda scary that you have lamprey bites on reggie's catfish(2:25 footage)! How long have you been seeing fish like this in your area?

  • jadon Ram
    jadon Ram Day ago


  • john hetcel
    john hetcel Day ago

    a bullet spider

  • Knotso Nice
    Knotso Nice Day ago

    1rod is a tool

  • Micah Amano
    Micah Amano Day ago

    Bruh ned rigs have plenty of action lol

  • B Y
    B Y Day ago

    Crappie are NOT crap fish!!

  • Preston Bozeman

    That is the worst filet job I’ve ever seen in my life 😂😂😂

  • Dorian Sheppard

    You need to get a haircut 1 rod 1 reel fishing

  • K Boone
    K Boone Day ago

    Try casting down stream

  • mysteries Phanto

    I went fishing one day I Had my ugly stick lite pro what a nice reel and a 20 dollar jerk bait that look realistic I was fishing for an hour or so and was not catching anything so I was about to switch my lure over that was until I saw a guy with a bait casting rod with a spinning reel attached to the rod I laughed to my self thinking like this guy is such a noob.then he pulls out a slice of pizza 🍕 I’m thinking he is about to eat it no he takes it and use it as bait I 😂😂😂 so hard I was farting while laughing that was intel he pulled up a 10 pound bass 😟 nature’s a bitch.

  • DreadSporeGaming

    7.53 that’s a spotted snapper or rose snapper

  • mbspro95
    mbspro95 Day ago

    7:38 it says: "Allah is a faggot"

  • Reynaldo Salazar

    WE LOVE REGGIE!!!!!!

  • Cameron Becker

    Regey cout a channel catfish

  • michael stone
    michael stone Day ago

    what gopro do you use exultant picture

  • parker Heagerty

    I haven’t even watched this video.... but I guarantee it sucks

  • parker Heagerty

    Find a different hobby... fishing isn’t for you

  • parker Heagerty

    You are legit the worst fisherman out there

  • parker Heagerty

    I hate your videos, and you should stop making them immediately.. Find another hobby

  • 10,000 sub with no vids YT

    Reggie start a channel

    • All-America Trucks
      All-America Trucks 9 hours ago

      10,000 sub with no vids YT Check out my Boat and Off-road Videos ⚡️

  • Mason Williams

    Bro chew with your mouth closed.

  • Penguin Gaming

    I feel bad

  • Stephen Karol
    Stephen Karol Day ago

    Reggie, I’m having a baby is February! It’s an exciting time! Good luck you and your family, Sir!

  • 南冰 南冰
    南冰 南冰 Day ago

    hi, thanks for your reading, this is your fan's letter. my name is Leon ,I come from china I need your help, I will go to CA fishing from Dec 29 two Jau 6, but I can't find good fishing spots,could you tell me some? I want fishing for : halibut, sea bass ,rock-fish, and crab and freshwater fish :trout, bass I just know these fish, if you know other types, could you give me some advice. or we can be going to fishing together. I'm looking forward to your reply. my email address: Sunnynanbing@gmail.com

  • emil hansen
    emil hansen Day ago

    What a cool name for a Lake loch Raven

  • Timko Timi
    Timko Timi Day ago

    Like for the helgramite gift

  • Ludakritz
    Ludakritz Day ago

    Always sounds like he has a monster lol

  • Leap Year
    Leap Year Day ago

    Reggie in the HIZZOOO000ooo👍🏻

  • Jaden Souder
    Jaden Souder Day ago

    Bass tracker 170 same one I have

  • Alessandro Melotti Melotti

    1rod1reel gets salty when he isn't catching fish and wants the person with a fish on their line to lose it

  • Angel Andres
    Angel Andres Day ago


  • Tom Vo
    Tom Vo Day ago

    1rod: wait where's all your line?! Reggie: I casted too far.... I lost it!! 😭😭🤣🤣😂

  • Timothy Vangg
    Timothy Vangg Day ago

    You should, fly Reggie out to see the squad. take him fishing somewhere it warm for bass!

  • Craig Cabaluna

    Great video 👍

  • Chris Realz
    Chris Realz Day ago

    My birthday is on January 17

  • David Maynard
    David Maynard Day ago

    Made a lot of people happy that day🌱

  • big chapo
    big chapo Day ago

    I think circle hooks set them self right?

  • Dirty
    Dirty Day ago

    It was a Muslim prayer blanket. It was Arabic writing.

  • B Y
    B Y Day ago

    You can't find an ultra-light casting rod??? I bought an Okuma 8' ultralight SST-C-802 UL when I started fishing again after taking a decade off. Caught lots of Surf Perch and Corbina using a Wally Marshall WMR5 reel this summer

  • Toledo_Bend_Derrick

    Anyone know this lake?

  • mountain state fly tying

    Not a tiger..just a stocked brown..imo bows fight way harder than browns..at least wild bows...u should deff fish some wild streams in pa..spring creek,,little j,,fishing creek,,penns creek..yellow breaches,,yellow crwek,,big spring creek....u ever wana check out some oa streams or wv hmu man dead serious...I know this vid is old but offer always open...trout is what I do..mostly w a fly rod..I tye flys and sell them as well...

  • krakenFishingAdventure

    cooking tip you go into egg first then flower that way you dont get that soggy mess lol

  • My name is Deznootz

    You should do live bait vs artificial bait and add all of the pounds and ounces together and see who wins!

  • My name is Deznootz

    The snake that you called a gardener is actaully called a garter snake and there non venomous Also all snakes are swimmers just some that have water in their name or are known for being in water are found closes to water

  • JoseG817
    JoseG817 Day ago

    Been watching 1r1r for a while first time seeing reggie 😂

  • John
    John Day ago

    I’m tired of that Buffalooooooooo!!! Commercial. 😩😩😩

  • My name is Deznootz

    6:35 I stopped playing and laughed because It sounded like a tornado alarm but it didn’t stop

  • YAMEZ93
    YAMEZ93 Day ago

    Are you guys (googans). not with favorite fishing anymore!?

  • Kedric Buckley

    I want a baitcaster so bad

  • My name is Deznootz

    1r1r:i don’t yeah I don’t eat fish Guy: Ljhfhjdncwdcnwdcn 1r1r: let go Lol

  • jake coburn
    jake coburn Day ago

    was it just me or was it hilarious last catfish video with reggie when 1r1r killed the fish?

  • My name is Deznootz

    Reggie caught a channel because they have pointy dorsal fins and whitish yellowish on the side and where I live we on,y have channels

  • jake coburn
    jake coburn Day ago

    Hey rod I love your content and i would love to know if i could go fishing with you sometime/ It would mean so much to me im 13 and your the person that helped get e into fishing thank you so much keep up the good work!:)

  • Manuel Barrera

    You should try fishing with my brother in law... THAT is dangerous on every occasion.

  • Manuel Barrera

    4:20 --> Oh he's definitely getting eaten haha! I love it.

  • Manuel Barrera

    I like how you handle your fish Morgan, with LOVE .

  • Manuel Barrera

    2:45 --> It's ACTUALLY GOOD haha!