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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • Smit Patel
    Smit Patel 2 hours ago

    Where is part 6?

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Its the front bumper the one that isnt for the 458

  • The Human Stain
    The Human Stain 2 hours ago

    The dogs ears make me smile.....😀

  • Music is Life
    Music is Life 2 hours ago

    Cutting and removing so many brackets makes me wonder, if the integrity of the whole front is still given, when doing 200mph?

  • Genin
    Genin 2 hours ago


  • James Te Huna
    James Te Huna 2 hours ago

    I don’t know why but I like the standard Ferrari better than the wide body

  • 19993gt
    19993gt 2 hours ago

    Sorry bros..... I hope you get all the ad revenue from partnering up with this co. To produce this content... but I can’t stay any much longer😊☺️☺️... I’ll be back when you work on that duramax or the zl1, maybe even the viper! Keep hustlin’ love the other content! This just seems like a long ass commercial for this parts company. For real tho, how many people are dying for information to buy exotic parts for cars they don’t have... ayeee thooo, get that bag 💰💵💴💰

  • kenya'an
    kenya'an 2 hours ago

    ill be more than happy to take that broken iphone off your from africa

  • 19993gt
    19993gt 2 hours ago

    I just watched this video. Even though I’m not a wide body Ferrari fan. Your welcome goonzquad. Can’t say I’m not a fan even when I’m not a fan...

  • 04Interc3ptorP71
    04Interc3ptorP71 2 hours ago

    It's a cool looking kit. But the structural integrity of the front end is compromised.

    • Sirens
      Sirens 2 hours ago

      No its not, that bar they cut is non structural, its only there for the stock fender to have something to bolt on to. And now this fender doesn’t need it so it gets cut out.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson 2 hours ago

    Haha I’d be so scared to cut into a car worth a house ahaha damn! But sounds like you guys have it all under control!! This channel has blown up. I’ve been around since the Jeep rubicon build. Love the content keep it up! Btw I’m from Australia

  • Raheel Nasar
    Raheel Nasar 2 hours ago

    You also need to tell for how much did you buy it

  • Steven Hastings
    Steven Hastings 3 hours ago

    Telling everyone they broke the iPhone reckon apple may start to advertise through them sneaky free plug 500k 1mil view's per episode

  • Mikko Talvitie
    Mikko Talvitie 3 hours ago

    Who in the world would want a wide body for Ferrari. Beautiful car turned into trash.

  • Shane Peterson
    Shane Peterson 3 hours ago

    Dang I haven't watched the channel in a really long time...since the Hellcat build I believe. What the heck...Ferrari's now?? What?? And I also see a damn Lambo parked out front...shit, I've missed a lot obviously. Talk about shooting for the moon and hitting the damn guys blow my mind!! Wow!! Y'all are something special...and I've said that from the beginning...some extra exceptional young men...and some damn fine mechanical geniuses!! Hell work!!! I knew from watching your channel early on, you guys had some special talents...but y'all have way exceeded all expectations of what you're capable of doing!!! Wow!! I tip my hat...damn, I have too, cuz my mind is frickin blown!! Lol!! 😎👍

  • Kamil Nowak
    Kamil Nowak 3 hours ago

    Can You guys check weight of deleted elements?? And make some camparision between new parts and old (about the kilograms?)

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 3 hours ago

    I like the colors on the iphone X but the sound sounds weird

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 3 hours ago

    Your dog is growing like a wet gremlin

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 3 hours ago

    Nobody : GZ boys : DOOOOOD

  • Rianon Dal Bianco
    Rianon Dal Bianco 3 hours ago

    Downstar Hardware 😍😍

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Lol TJ hyped up making a cut for 4 videos straight GS come along and chop 20 seconds in no F given

  • Joanna
    Joanna 3 hours ago

    has a real one and fits perfectly with the owerfenders)

  • Jhonrey Salamat
    Jhonrey Salamat 3 hours ago

    Hey make some bloopers when the end of the video so we cannot board at last because when we watch a part of a video and last part is peace so make some bloopers before peace

  • Neil Fastfreddie Anderson

    Always keep an airline near by for minor flames and cooling

  • Liam Mcgrath
    Liam Mcgrath 3 hours ago

    That other headlight looks faded compared to your new one

  • Curt love crime
    Curt love crime 4 hours ago

    The honda drift car looks better that's legit

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 hours ago

      I know from experience, someone damaged a multi thousand pound tank periscope at work.

  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 4 hours ago

    Guys, y'all need to go ahead and go ahead and maybe stop doing projects that are exactly like other Flash-Playerrs. Come on, y'all have to know?

  • Clay N
    Clay N 4 hours ago

    That looks like it should be hanging out on the blvd with all of the ricers now. I dont like it at all.

  • king inamo
    king inamo 4 hours ago

    Im from philippines but i want to get that iphone

  • Huxxy
    Huxxy 4 hours ago

    Wow, chopping up a 458.

  • Maureen Sommerfelt
    Maureen Sommerfelt 4 hours ago

    Looks phenomenal, taking your time, alignments, step by step, analyze, don't compromise quality, perfect job done right!

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 4 hours ago

    Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass do not bend easier when hot or cold. You can only soften them by annealing them, so just heat it to a dull red and let it cool then bend it. You should also use Dzus fasteners on the hood and bumper, not pins.

  • Wilfred Williams
    Wilfred Williams 4 hours ago

    Good new music.

  • BlackehartRC
    BlackehartRC 4 hours ago

    what happened to thomas?

  • Rio Sikumbang
    Rio Sikumbang 4 hours ago

    Swap grill bumper Stock to widebody ferrari....

  • ElGringo
    ElGringo 4 hours ago

    By “production times” do they mean model years? Because the difference is one was made in July and the other made in June. Molds stay the same until they make revisions to the look. That almost never happens within a single model year.

  • Arthur Schultz
    Arthur Schultz 4 hours ago

    I would kill myself if I bought a car from these total hacks

  • Shazia Mohamed
    Shazia Mohamed 4 hours ago

    Stock car looked much better

  • Rhulani Mapengu
    Rhulani Mapengu 4 hours ago

    goonzquad who edits ur videos

  • Bloodhound Z71
    Bloodhound Z71 4 hours ago

    Check out tj hunts build maybe check with him on some pointers

  • John Mones
    John Mones 4 hours ago

    Two Finger Special GTR...Deal

  • robert hesse
    robert hesse 4 hours ago

    I know from experience, someone damaged a multi thousand pound tank periscope at work.

    DAVID EM 4 hours ago

    God bless

  • Orlando Da Silva
    Orlando Da Silva 4 hours ago

    Fix the gap using fender flares on the bumper section.

  • arf nwr
    arf nwr 4 hours ago

    Downstar hardware

  • John Mones
    John Mones 5 hours ago

    I LOVE TWO FINGERS TOO...also...Thats What She Said....hahahhahh

  • John Philip Agbunag
    John Philip Agbunag 5 hours ago

    deym son!

  • Tommyxp420
    Tommyxp420 5 hours ago

    I bet if someone from Ferrari seen this that had a cow.

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith 5 hours ago

    U guys should invest in a nice camera. It would make the cars look better tbh

  • Tommyxp420
    Tommyxp420 5 hours ago

    Man yall came a long way from the 5.0 yall doing ferraris now! Man that's crazy. Much respect and appreciation for yalls passion and hard work.

  • John Mones
    John Mones 5 hours ago

    You got the wrong BUMPER for the car...check out TJHUNT on Flash-Player...he's working on the same exact car

  • Randy Huls
    Randy Huls 5 hours ago

    “We’re probably gonna definitely 100% know exactly” - that one needs to go on a shirt 😁

  • Adam Mann
    Adam Mann 5 hours ago

    Iphone 11 is due out this friday!

  • Ronald Eron
    Ronald Eron 5 hours ago

    I swear that dog it’s too cute 😭

  • Mthobisi Dlamini
    Mthobisi Dlamini 5 hours ago

    You don't seem like you know what you're doing :(

  • Liam Gill
    Liam Gill 5 hours ago

    Youse should whatch tj hunt he's doing a wide body on a 458

  • jca998
    jca998 5 hours ago

    "Out takes"??? = Exhaust ... wow, then we all wonder why the US is ridiculed and our school system fails, you don't have to go to college and get a degree but at least don't sound like a neanderthal...

  • Hr patel 0779
    Hr patel 0779 5 hours ago

    Paint the spyder red

  • Staredown Games
    Staredown Games 5 hours ago

    Wow, "Absolutely Amazing" work, fellas!

  • Stacy Ernst
    Stacy Ernst 5 hours ago

    Hey guys. Love the channel. Next video should be outtakes of the stuff you do wrong. A.k.a drop a phone!!!!!! Just saying. Funny stuff.

  • Restoration Cowboy
    Restoration Cowboy 5 hours ago

    I really dont understand why people bother disliking..Keep up the good work! Greetings from Norway :)

  • WorldFamosHBK !
    WorldFamosHBK ! 5 hours ago

    nice meeting you at mcdonald’s saturday night lol

  • Rhosig Dan
    Rhosig Dan 5 hours ago

    10 minutes ?

  • Dennis Loughnane
    Dennis Loughnane 5 hours ago

    MAX'S EARS!!

  • Mjay
    Mjay 5 hours ago

    You guys should really upgrade to a proper vlogging camera. I recommend the Canon G7x Mark ii.

  • 186scott
    186scott 5 hours ago

    Here is an idea for your next build, you should take a really slow fwd only car and make it into really fast fwd race car

  • TTSolley
    TTSolley 5 hours ago

    If u want some ideas. U should watch tj hunt, he is doing a gt3 widebody and he just cut the fenders and then mounted it.

  • Halftrick
    Halftrick 5 hours ago

    Glad to see the ferrari getting some love. Great collaboration with Ferr

  • Jai Kingi
    Jai Kingi 5 hours ago

    You guys should have a ferrari each so billy has the spider and his brother can have the wide body ferrari (i said billys brother bc i dont know his name :S) but pls dont take parts off the wide body one it looks dope and you should ad a wide body on the spider. -your fan Jai

  • Pablo Zazueta
    Pablo Zazueta 5 hours ago

    Are the headlights on the race Ferrari wider then the stock Ferrari?????

  • Ian Manzoni
    Ian Manzoni 5 hours ago

    8:55 Full slav mode, adidas top, 2001 bmw, short hair. Lmao

  • Kerry Clark
    Kerry Clark 5 hours ago

    How many times can they say amazing??? Come on guys, find another adjective.

    APPLE SAUCE 5 hours ago

    What ever happened to the burned Lambo

  • mr wavey
    mr wavey 5 hours ago

    Go to your. Camera settings on your iPhone and put it in HD it will help with the quality keep up the good work

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    Exact same thing as tj

  • robert keen
    robert keen 6 hours ago

    Just playin in the shop. Love watching every video man. Life changing motivation thanks..

  • Avery Locke
    Avery Locke 6 hours ago

    First it was b is for build now its tj hunt😂

  • Seeking _xotics
    Seeking _xotics 6 hours ago

    Why don’t you go to a near by Ferrari dealer and ask if they have 458 challenge car so you can get a better understanding

  • Gary Packwood
    Gary Packwood 6 hours ago

    The STOCK vs. MODIFIED argument has been around since last century and is the way to start a fight in a rural beer bar. Old guys know there is no answer because of personal preference yet they pester young guys just to see if they can fire-up the young guys to fight. Before cars they played the same game with breeds of horses. And right now they are trying to get the young guys in the rebuild channels to start slugging it out with the best man winning. Would it be possible for everyone in the rebuild sector to laser focus on being creative and successful and NOT fall for these stupid games?

  • InsideOfMyOwnMind
    InsideOfMyOwnMind 6 hours ago

    So is the Spider going to stay white or will it be red?

    AL CAPONE 6 hours ago

    maybe TJ HUNT can help you whit the body kit he has te same fenders wit the proper bumper like so the boys see this

  • Aliffuddin Zainal Abidin

    Another way to have a Ferrari nowadays 😂😂

    FARGO GEMINI 6 hours ago

    I’m interested to know how much that windscreens going to cost you

  • Motor Head
    Motor Head 6 hours ago

    I wish u guys would actually finish a project & drive these cars stop babying these cars their met to be driven at the track or drag strip if not sell some & let me buy one so I can show u how to drive these suckers sorry not trying to be mean but come on we want these cars on the track

  • Dallas Kicklighter
    Dallas Kicklighter 6 hours ago

    It seems like you know your shit really well. On damn near anything with a motor and more. Did you just start wrenching one day and gain a ton of knowledge by trial and error or did you go to school? Or have family that were mechanics? Damn good work for your age. But even some older mechanics can’t do what you do.

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 6 hours ago

    With the bumper fitment, i would look into if they used smaller or thinner headlights, or mounted the stock ones at a higher angle, as if it was an inch shorter or thinner or both, the bumper would line up perfectly. like do they NEED turn signal indicators that I think are built in to the 458's headlights now with the GT3's? also see if you can find some photos of some GT3's that have been in fender benders, as maybe theirs no brackets on the top of the headlight on the GT3, so its pushing the upper fender further out than the bumper. like see if you got a spare wrecked one and cut the upper bracket off and see if it fits then

  • Nikon
    Nikon 6 hours ago

    More aerial shots!

  • Roger E
    Roger E 6 hours ago

    Wow the moment you switched to the X the video quality shot up!

  • James Maroon
    James Maroon 7 hours ago

    Hey Goonzquad. I would just question the frame integrity on the red Ferrari since you cut those frame pieces up top. I don't know if you have thought about that or not.

  • Dennis Vivian
    Dennis Vivian 7 hours ago

    Yes this the shit all coming together on your project and learning on the wide body image if you had to cut your own car like that and hope so from all here to all there Australia

  • gulboro
    gulboro 7 hours ago

    Como cargarse 2 coches para intentar arreglar 1...

  • balba negra
    balba negra 7 hours ago

    Down star heard ware bro

  • MR PRO
    MR PRO 7 hours ago

    Those who like Lamborghini give a Like👇

  • Cole Madden
    Cole Madden 7 hours ago

    name in viper

  • David Ellison
    David Ellison 7 hours ago

    I see V-Tuned in U Two GIRLS FUTURE!!!! What U 2 Girls are working on is above Ur Pay Grade! WOW!!!

  • Luis Omar Lovell Miranda

    Goonzquad your 458 italia its more special because its a "Pirifarina" version, i think its more fastly and more weird... but the other red 458 its a regular

  • Kieran Slapman
    Kieran Slapman 7 hours ago

    He’s just waiting tj and learning from him

  • KevTech Source
    KevTech Source 7 hours ago

    Should of left it stock. Look a lot better. That wide body to be honest is ugly as hell.

  • William Sharp
    William Sharp 7 hours ago

    This seems like a complete disaster to me! Hacking up a Ferrari and then piecing it back together with half ass manufactured brackets randomly placed?! This car is now a completely devalued junk!

  • Nathan Day
    Nathan Day 7 hours ago

    Hey you guys paint the spider Red it looks good in that red