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BEST OF YES THEORY 2018 - Rewind Of Our Year
What's your first baby step going to be?
Here's our Rewind of the best moments from the Yes Theory family this year.
Only 2 more weeks of Seek Discomfort available:
This has been the most emotional and educational year of our life. We learned so much about ourselves, what it takes to run a Flash-Player channel and saw our dream come to life... But the truth is, this is just the beginning for us, and we're so excited to have you along for the ride.
It felt important to us to take some time to reflect on the year and create a piece that expressed what we learned this year. I hope you enjoy.
If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 60,000+ of our most engage...
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YOU GET TO CHOOSE 7 WINNERS OUT OF THE TOP 21 FINALISTS! Go vote!! 7 winners will each win $10,000. You can vote once per day, per email... Get to voting! If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 100,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: groups/15653... PERFECT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FOR Flash-Player: free 30 ...
We Created a $70,000 Internet Talent Show
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We are giving 7 of you watching right now $70,000... Send us your submissions here: Nominate a friend you think should participate! #LivingRoomsGotTalent A few weeks ago we won $70,000 in a Mr. Beast Hide and Seek Challenge. And since that point we've been trying to find ways we could use it for both positivity and giving back during these confusing and stressful times...
How I Won $70,000 in a Mr. Beast Challenge!!
Views 1.6M17 days ago
Thank you Mr. Beast for letting us compete in your challenge... Subscribe to Yes Theory! The Mr. Beast video we competed in: We competed in Mr. Beast's $70,000 Extreme Hide And Seek - Challenge... Watch until the end to see what happens! If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 100,000 of our most engaged and badass community members,...
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Time for a kindness challenge! Take a video of you doing a random act of kindness to someone, post a video of it on Instagram and tag @yestheory and @seek.discomfort and we'll pick one of you for a $400 gift card. Let's start a ripple effect of kindness together! If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 100,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here:...
A 9-Year-Old Taught Me How To Backflip in 72hrs
Views 943KMonth ago
DISCLAIMER: Do Not Try This At Home. New Seek Discomfort Drop Live Now for 72hrs: Matt attempts to overcome one of his longest, most daunting fears... The struggle was real. Thank you to our friends for helping us with this: Pasha: pashatheboss Nidal: nee.dal Adam: adam_frater If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which ...
I Let A 5-Year-Old Control My First Date!!
Views 1.1MMonth ago
Matt let a 5-year-old decide everything he was going to have to do on his blind date... This is what happened... Go to or text yestheory to 500 500 to get one free audiobook, 2 Audible originals and a 30-day free trial. Thank you so much to Parker being such an amazing host on this episode and Sage for being so open to this crazy experience... If you want to join the Y...
A Stranger’s Last 3 Months to Live
Views 2.1MMonth ago
When I met Xavier Romero in July of 2019, he'd been given 1 week left to live. He was suffering from a rare form of liver cancer and doctors had given up hope. After hearing his story, I knew I wanted to meet him. Little did I know Xavier would beat all the odds and that we would get to know each other and become brothers. Over three months of getting to know him, he taught me about what it mea...
Traveling On The World’s Most Dangerous Road
Views 2MMonth ago
We definitely should not have driven down this road... But while in Bolivia... We felt like we had no other choice but to go see it... Locally it's named "Death Road"... You'll understand why in the video. While working with Beautiful Destinations and the U.N. we learned a lot about how we can do better to reduce our carbon footprint. Check out their virtual guide video of our experience here: ...
They Cut Me Out Of Bad Boys...
Views 1.2M2 months ago
So... Should we make this movie?! New Seek Discomfort Drop: Available for 72hrs. Get your Cake Boy T-Shirts y'all!! Please help me keep the legacy alive, thanks. - Thomas (aka Cake Boy himself) A few months ago Thomas did an appearance in Bad Boys for Life. Once the movie came out... He realized he got cut. And his life was never the same after that. If you want to join ...
I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me
Views 2M2 months ago
Matt went vegan for 30 days and the health results were really surprising... Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ Our subscribers have already found over $1.3 MILLION in savings on stores like Target & Expedia. Thanks Honey for sponsoring today’s video! Veganism is a hot topic these days, will you get tired from it? Is it really hard to avoid animal products...
365 DAYS OF DISCOMFORT - Yes Theory Rewind 2019
Views 837K3 months ago
Seek Discomfort isn't just jumping out of helicopters and climbing a freezing mountain in shorts. It's about identifying what you need in your life and actively pursuing that fear or discomfort in the name of growth, fulfillment, and adventure. This year was extremely eventful for us and we just want to take a moment to thank our community and express how infinitely grateful we are for all of y...
Letting a Coin Flip Control Our Lives for 24hrs (DUBAI)
Views 1.6M3 months ago
Thank you to our friends at Google Pixel for sponsoring this video. As you can see in the video, Pixel 4 captures super high-quality photos and videos, making it the ultimate travel companion. Check it out here! #sponsored For this episode, we decided to bring back a beloved Yes Theory format... by letting chance control our lives for 24hrs... We dec...
A Stranger’s Email Got Me To Meet The Dalai Lama
Views 1.4M3 months ago
Thomas flew to India to ask the Dalai Lama one question... The Seek Discomfort Styles are still out for the Holidays! Thank you to My Life My Power Preparatory Academy for taking us along on this trip. Support the by getting bracelets here! What would you have asked the Dalai Lama? If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 100,0...
Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!
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We are selecting one person who makes a purchase from Seek Discomfort of ANY AMOUNT on Sunday, December 1st and another person on Monday, December 2nd to join us on an episode next year!! The odds should be pretty good so I'd definitely not miss out :) Check out our friends from Beautiful Destinations!! Their videos are INCREDIBLE:
The Iceman of Antarctica - Our $15,000 Bet
Views 1.6M4 months ago
OUR BIGGEST DROP EVER LIVE NOW ON Free Seeker (lightning bolt) necklace with every order of $35 dollars and more..Only available until next Sunday. Follow Anders' Journey: andershofman His Flash-Player Channel: Filming by: Bryce Pery (@Brycepery) and Herman Berger (@hermanberger) Editing by: Thomas Dajer, Ca...
Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber's Dream
Views 2M4 months ago
OUR BIGGEST DROP EVER LIVE NOW ON we will be giving out 4 Seek Discomfort Soundboxes to 4 people who order within the next 7 days each worth $900... DON'T MISS IT! A few months ago we published our 2nd ever documentary. For the promotion of it, we told you that we'd pick one of you who contributed to the documentary and make one of your dreams come true. We found this sp...
Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World
Views 8M4 months ago
Do you know what the least visited country in the world is?! My experience there was incredibly surprising. Get 2 months of Skillshare completely free by using this link!! Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! Yep, I travelled to what the internet deems the least visited country in the world. The reality is that the statistics behind this are far from perfect. Ma...
Throwing a Party in the Most Boring Town in America
Views 4.6M5 months ago
Yiiihaaa!! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more, and check out our sponsor for this video Honey: Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ Our subscribers have already saved over $1 MILLION on stores like Amazon, Newegg & Thanks to Honey for sponsoring this week's video! Yup. We tried to throw a party in the most boring town in America. Here's wha...
Epic Launch of the Yes Theory World Tour 2020
Views 849K5 months ago
To Vote for Yes Live in your city go here: To help us reach our goal of planting 20 million trees go here: Thank you to our incredible management team at One Day Entertainment for making this event possible. Thank you to ROW DTLA for letting us into your beautiful space with o...
Views 1.6M5 months ago
8 months after starting the construction of our new Yes House... We finally get to share the process with the world! Ammar assembled the most badass team to help him bring the vision of Yes House to life. This is the first step towards a grander goal to open more Yes Houses around the world. Yes House Build Team: Ammar Kandil (@ammar) Experience Designer and Creative Director Liam Cook (@Liamin...
I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America... 84HRS OF HELL
Views 2.9M5 months ago
Seek Discomfort // Lululemon Collab: LIVE FOR ONLY 72 HOURS! Watch Zac and Jay's video here! This... Was probably a terrible idea. We found out about this bus ride a few months ago and have been trying to find a time to do it... And the day... Was finally upon us. If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000...
2 Strangers Swap Lives Across the World for 72hrs!!
Views 2.4M6 months ago
Thanks to our friends at Google Pixel for sponsoring this video and helping us pull off this epic swap. As you can see, The Pixel 3 makes for a great travel companion, no matter where you're headed or why. Learn more about Pixel here: Learn more about Google Fi here: Also follow Staffan (@staffantaylor) if you want to be hit with a daily dose of positivity, love ...
Overnight on the Most Dangerous Bed in the World!!
Views 3.8M6 months ago
Waow... What an insane adventure... Go to or text yestheory to 500 500 to get one free audiobook, 2 free Audible originals and a 30-day free trial. New Seek Discomfort Drop: This was probably one of the most unexpectedly terrifying experiences we've ever had. (At least I've had.. (this is Thomas)). DO NOT try to do this on your own without proper...
Finding the Lost Largest Pyramid in the World
Views 3.1M6 months ago
Here is our second documentary. It’s a story about Ammar’s dream to climb the Pyramid of Giza and where that actually led him to...a dream he never knew he had, deep in the jungles of Guatemala. Thank you for those of you who supported the paywall for the past month, you made this doc and future ones possible for us. Thank you to all of you for supporting our dreams. Hope you enjoy the film now...
Our $70,000 Experiment
Views 1.4M7 months ago
Head over to to watch The Lost Pyramid. IT'S OUR BIGGEST PRODUCTION EVER! We've never undertaken such a massive film challenge ever in our lives before but it's truly been one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had telling a story. Ammar has had this dream since he's been 5 years old and in this documentary, you will hear how we accomplish it together......
I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)
Views 3.7M8 months ago
Documentary is coming out on August 11th! Be notified when we launch: Thank you Will for bringing us onto the set and letting Thomas cross a huge item off the bucket list. Also, a big shout out to the directors of Bad Boys For Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah for being such great sports. We had a blast. ...And yes, Thomas is now convinced he is a famous Hollywood ...
Views 2.4M8 months ago
Seek Discomfort bestseller collection is live for 72 hours! Thank you to Ocean Ramsey and her team at One Ocean Diving. To find out more, you can visit or follow Ocean at @oceanramsey. Water Inspired Conservation Group and One Ocean Conservation have introduced a bill that will prevent the purposeful killing of sharks and rays in Hawaiian water...
We Went to the Abandoned "Island of Death"... (ITALY)
Views 2.4M8 months ago
Go to to stay updated on our new documentary! Check out Josh's video: This week, Matt and I explored the island of Poveglia, one of the scariest and eeriest abandoned places we've ever been to. With over 160,000 deaths having taken place on the island, half of the island's soil is from human remains... We had our travel ha...
I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World
Views 3.2M8 months ago
Please Subscribe to see our videos right when they come out! It helps us lots and takes 2 seconds :) This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went. If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000 of our most engaged and badass community ...
STRANDED AT SEA FOR 24 HOURS (shark-filled waters)
Views 5M8 months ago
Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ Our subscribers have already saved over $745,000 on stores like eBay, Best Buy, and Target. Thanks Honey for sponsoring today’s video! Also thank you to Adventure Rib Rides..THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME We had our travel hacker friend build a site to get the cheapest flights online. Book your next tri...
I lived in a Luxury Airport for 4 days. Nobody noticed.
Views 9M9 months ago
DISCLAIMER: Do not try to replicate this. Even we entered the airport and missed our flight, however, we had the intention to travel 4 days later. It is not allowed however to enter without the intention of ever traveling. to get limited edition "Vintage Summer" Clothing! Each purchase of $20 or over comes with a free "Seek Discomfort" flag, so get yours before the drop ...
Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands
Views 8M9 months ago
Thanks to SeatGeek! Download the app and enter code YESTHEORY for $20 off your first purchase!” (restrictions apply) Send Luke some love @GoodVibesLukey We spun a globe and wherever our finger landed is where we had to fly to. Let's just say this was one of the most fulfilling journey's we've ever been on... If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000 of...
I Spent 24 Hours in Korea with No Money
Views 2.1M9 months ago
Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Get the first 2 months for In this week’s video, Thomas decides to see if it would be possible to survive on the streets of Seoul, South Korea with no money for 24 hours. We had our travel hacker friend build a site to get the cheapest flights online. Book your next trip here! If you want to join th...
Things are about to change
Views 1.1M9 months ago
HOW TO SUBMIT TO BE IN THE 100 DAYS OF SWEAT VIDEO: 1. Film yourself on your 1st, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th day of sweat 2. Label the videos this way: DAY - COUNTRY - NAME (Example: DAY 1 - LOS ANGELES, USA - AMMAR) 3. Send your videos to Text "I'm in" to 323-310-5420 to get updates from Ammar and Matt on #100daysofsweat To look into the science of...
The 12-Hour Race That Almost Killed Me...
Views 2.6M10 months ago
Matt takes on one of the toughest endurance events on the entire planet, the Ironman. The Ironman consists of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break. Thank you to Andreas Hem, the best filmmaker we've ever met. He filmed a lot of the footage you see here. You can find him on his incredible ...
Views 2.4M10 months ago
Season 9 of Seek Discomfort is out now for only 72 hours! For Ammar's 25th birthday, he decided to live like it was his last 24 hours alive. Ammar's biggest dream has been to bring all of his friends that he's made over the years together in one place. So he decided to give his friends all over the world a call to see if they would join him for one of the most unforgetta...
Views 3.4M10 months ago
Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people that sign up get the first 2 months for free: don't miss out! We get crazy DM's on Instagram all the time, so this week we decided...what would happen if one of us said "Yes" to the first one we came across? Thomas was chosen to go on this adventure and let's just say within 24 hours of accepting the chal...
I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours
Views 2.1M10 months ago
What would you do if you lost everything? Ammar decides to live on the streets of LA for 48 hours in hopes gain a better appreciation for the simple things that he takes for granted in life. All proceeds from this video will go to to provide care and support to youth experiencing homelessness. * Ammar was by no means trying to simulate homelessness or pretend like he k...
100 Subscribers Crashed My Date...
Views 1.5M11 months ago
Thomas recently got into a relationship and we wanted to welcome her to the family... Thanks again to Waive Car. Check them out here: Thanks to our friend Gustavo for making this an unforgettable experience. Check him out on IG @followgustavo If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: face...
We Created A Matchmaking Business
Views 1.3M11 months ago
Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people that sign up get the first 2 months for free: don't miss out! Ahhhh Finding love.... Probably one of the most common struggles we all face at some point in our life. Yet, as we've grown more connected online than ever before, a lot of people still struggle to make genuine connections with other people. So...
Views 1.7M11 months ago
Go to or text ‘yestheory’ to 500 500 to get a 30 day free trial, one free audiobook and 2 free Audible originals. I decided to delete social media for 30 days. It changed my life... I'm never going back to my old ways, now that i've seen the other side. If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can ...
We let a Stranger Become our CEO for 48hrs...
Views 2.1MYear ago
Season 7 of Seek Discomfort is out now for only 72 hours! We've always wondered what it'd be like to have a stranger run our company instead of us. So we put it to the test. We asked for your applications to become our new CEO and came upon one amazing candidate, Allen. His roles were diverse and he truly lived up to the test. You can follow Allen here: @allenalcantara I...
Our Landlord Is Destroying Our House...
Views 1.3MYear ago
Thank you to Wish for sponsoring this video, shop with them here: For our last episode in this house ever, we decided to celebrate it with our subscribers by letting over 60 of you come through our place and grab whatever you wanted. There were so many things hidden and left behind... Something different to grab for everyone. Thanks again to Wish for sending us so many additional...
Views 10MYear ago
Dislaimer: The following features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, the producers insist that no one try to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this film. We've admired the pioneering work of Wim Hof for years now from afar. This January however we got an opportunity to spend four days with him in the mountains o...
Turning our House into a Fake Hotel in 72hrs…(ft. Elle Mills)
Views 2.3MYear ago
Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to Honey for sponsoring this video. Join Honey for free at Honey’s 10 million members save an average of $28.61 a month on sites like Amazon, TOMS and Our house that we've lived in for 2.5 years, which has been a part of so many Yes Theory adventures, is being torn down. So we decided to transform it one la...
Views 2MYear ago
Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to Honey for sponsoring this video. Join Honey for free at Honey’s 10 million members save an average of $28.61 a month on sites like Amazon, TOMS and This episode was very special to us. Going all together to Japan was such a surreal experience on its own, so to have surprised a subscriber to come along, a...
Views 1.6MYear ago
We're back! First 500 of you to sign up to Skillshare get it for free for 2 months: G'luck! For our first episode of 2019 we wanted to help someone take the first big step in achieving their dreams. So, we saved up $10,000 and decided we'd give it to someone that would quit their job and pursue their passion. We ended up finding Matthew and Jenny and what ended up happening ...
Views 5MYear ago
This video was sponsored by Destination Canada who has just released an original series titled “Vacations of the Brave,” on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the show here: Find them on Instagram and Twitter @ExploreCanada and use #VacationOfTheBrave and #PrimeVideo to let us know what you think. Check out Explore Canada on Flash-Player:
BEST OF YES THEORY 2018 - Rewind Of Our Year
Views 2.1MYear ago
What's your first baby step going to be? Here's our Rewind of the best moments from the Yes Theory family this year. Only 2 more weeks of Seek Discomfort available: This has been the most emotional and educational year of our life. We learned so much about ourselves, what it takes to run a Flash-Player channel and saw our dream come to life... But the truth is, this is j...
PAYING OFF SUBSCRIBER'S STUDENT DEBT (and making his life dream come true)
Views 1.6MYear ago
Seek Discomfort only available for a few more weeks (100 world scratch maps for the first 100 to make a purchase from the site: Thank you to all of you who already ordered. Thank you to for the epic experience. NASA has no affiliation with this episode. This year has been the craziest year by far for us on Flash-Player. Building a community like the one ...
I Didn't Eat Anything for 5 Days... This is what happened
Views 7MYear ago
First 500 people that sign-up get 2 months for free: Our last season for our Seek Discomfort clothing line this year: Check out Sky's amazing content: Awesome Timelapses from Rehman Siddiq We do not recommend that you try this without properly information yourself first and informing the people around y...
Views 2.6MYear ago
For every purchase over $15 in the next 72 hours you get a free Yes Theory hat: This week we accepted a dare from strangers on the internet... Whether it was a good idea or not... Is up for you to judge. Thank you to BC for joining us spontaneously on this one... bc_serna?hl=en Props to Louis for tagging along and overcoming his biggest fear... flash-playe...
Convincing Strangers at Airport to Fly Somewhere Else with us...
Views 3.8MYear ago
Go to for our last season of the year! If you order now you're guaranteed to receive it before the holidays. Now for this episode... A few weeks ago we received a comment from somebody challenging us to convince a stranger at an airport to travel somewhere different with us... I told Ammar and for the fastest and craziest turnaround to date... We decided to go for it rig...
30 Days to Overcome the Biggest Challenge of my Life
Views 2.9MYear ago
The last Seek Discomfort drop of 2018 has just launched! Get yours here: Order it now to: 1. Have a chance to be picked to make an episode with us where we help you achieve your biggest dream 2. Get it before the holidays. For the past 4 years Matt has put 'Completing a Half Ironman' on his list of biggest goals. But he's always put it off due to fear and procrastination....
Views 2.9MYear ago
Special thanks to @newbalance for challenging us, letting us take their athlete on an adventure, and being great sports along the way. #NBHeat One of the most uncomfortable things you can do is let an inanimate object control your life. It's all based on randomness, and that's the reason we chose a dice. Ammar and Thomas got to take along New Balance Lacrosse star, Trevor Baptiste, while Matt s...
Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out
Views 5MYear ago
Get Honey for FREE: Use Honey to save $$$ this holiday season at Amazon, eBay, J.Crew, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, MVMT, and more What would happen if you dialed a random number and convinced the person on the other end to hang out with you for a day? Who would possibly say yes to a request? And is that person someone you could trust? We decided to find out for ourselves...
We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo
Views 18MYear ago
Mystery solved behind the viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways... Gotcha!.. (Instagram: @YesTheory) Thank you to Brad Sousa, our incredible Justin Bieber doppelganger, find him on Instagram: bradsousaa?hl=en Car provided by WaiveCar. All Electric Free Car-Sharing Program . Sign up at Waive.Car Thank you to Taylor from TaylorParker (Featsocks) for helping us with...
Views 3.1MYear ago
Follow 49th Parallel here! Their newly released EP! Their Flash-Player Channel: Instagram: @fortyninth.parallel Website: Special thank you to Dave B! Follow his music here! Thank you to the amazing videographers who came out last second to capture the show! Check them out...
Dropped Blindfolded in a New Country with No Money!!
Views 2.4MYear ago
Thank you to Skillshare: first 500 signups get 2 months for free: To take discomfort to a whole 'nother level, Thomas and Matt decided to blindfold Ammar, take him 3 hours away to a whole different country, Slovakia, and see if he could find his way back... If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 50,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can...
Views 3.4MYear ago
To see Will's Jump from his live-stream, checkout: After 6 months, it happened. From a dream Ammar had in his sleep to actually bungee jumping out of a helicopter with Will Smith. It FREAKING happened. Over 25,000 of you commented on his channel when we put up the challenge and it led to this. Thank YOU, YES FAM. There are so...
The Most Dangerous Helicopter Ride in the World
Views 2.4MYear ago Season 5 of Seek Discomfort is LIVE for only 72 hours!! Before the helicopter bungee jump with Will Smith on his 50th birthday, happening September 25th, we decided that Thomas and Matt would partake in a risky stunt of their own. Needless to say it was the experience of a lifetime. For this stunt and subsequent commercial to take place, we got the help of some of the mos...
Views 4.8MYear ago
Thank you to Skillshare: first 500 signups get 2 months for free: Starting college can be a very scary experience... So to surprise a new student who’s been kind to others in the process... We went around a University’s campus to find an unsuspecting stranger... to pimp out that person’s dorm room... here’s what happened. Thank you to Andreas Hem for helping us filming and edi...
Views 2.5MYear ago
Matt and Thomas thought it would be a good idea to walk across a country without a map... Join Honey for FREE at Save money on all your favorite stores such as Amazon, J.Crew, Gymshark, Walmart and more. If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 50,000 of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: groups/156535611858034/...
24,901 Strangers Run the Circumference of the World
Views 704KYear ago Thank you to every single one of you who participated in this first edition of Yes Theory Runs The World. Even if you didn't make it in this video, we are beyond grateful that you ran and submitted. You inspire us more than you'll ever know. The Jump with Will Smith is happening September 25th and we can't wait to do it with all of you in mind. Love you. Those insane edi...
Letting a Monkey Decide which Country we Fly to...
Views 2.1MYear ago
Season 4 of our Seek Discomfort Clothing Line is Available here: don't miss it! So while in Budapest, we wanted to find an interesting way to travel to a random country in Europe... And we found one. We reached out to the Budapest Zoo, one of the oldest Zoo's in the world that works closely with wildlife preservation. Definitely worth checking out if you're ever in Hunga...
Update on the Jump with Will Smith…
Views 1.2MYear ago
To sign up go to and click 'Yes Theory Runs The World'. Once you've filled out the form and submitted it, we'll email you the link where you can send your video. Those insane edits were done by our main man Andreas Hem. He's got a great youtube channel which you should check out here: If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which i...
Views 1.5MYear ago
While we were in Thailand back in May, we got the opportunity of a lifetime. The most venerable Thai monk, Phra Maha Vudhijaya Vajiramedhi, allowed us to spend a day with him and got TD to become a monk for 24 hours. He and everyone at the Center were beyond kind and welcoming and it'll definitely be an experience we'll never forget. Thank you so much to: Cherntawan International Meditation Cen...
Flying to a New Country w/ No Money & Surviving for 24hrs!!
Views 1.8MYear ago
Check out to get around your city like Ammar :) Check out and subscribe to the super talented Andreas Hem: Ammar who usually thrives with convincing strangers to join him on wild adventures struggled hard for the first time! He thought he'd be able to fly to a completely new country without money and convince people there to give him ...
Asking Subscribers to Drive Us Across Europe!!
Views 2.2MYear ago
2 Month Free Trial for the 500 people that sign-up to Skillshare: Thomas and Matt somehow ended up in Saarbrücken, Germany and needed to get back to Budapest, 1,100 km away. They decided to get some of our subscribers to join them and roadtrip across Europe. Marteen and Eric picked them up and soon enough, they were off on the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you to these two in...
Views 4.3MYear ago
Remember to join Honey for FREE at It'll save you tons of money. Big thank you to Book A Street Artist ( for helping us find our musical talent, Mathias ( Special shoutout to our Hungarian friend Viki for all the help and support (@viki.dkny) Also, thank you to the Mercure Budapest in Buda for letting us ...
Finally... WILL SMITH!
Views 3.8MYear ago
After months of anticipation...we finally met the man, the myth, the legend...Will Smith. And the announcement he dropped is epic. Wait till the end :) Will's Flash-Player Channel: Shout out to these guys for all their help: Jeff Blank @pursuethedelicious Aidan Tanner @aidan Zac Alsop @ZacAlsop Max Rantz-Mc Donald @livetothemax The shoes we gift...
Flying Strangers for a Surprise Honeymoon!!
Views 1.1MYear ago
The first 100 people to sign up to Blinkist with this link are going to get a 1-week free trial: - you'll also get 20% off if you want a full membership!! 3 Book Recommendations: • Antifragile by Nassim Taleb • Willpower by Roy Baumeister • Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday Peter and Jill are just recently engaged. We met them while we were out in Thailand and they were so...
Instagram Followers Control our Lives for 24 Hours!! (Thailand Edition)
Views 1.4MYear ago Our second drop of the Seek Discomfort clothing line is up for 72 hours. Get yours fast (link above)! We were in Thailand so you know we had to do another of our Instagram Followers control our lives. Thomas and Matt went at it again and it was un-freaking-real. Enjoy! Thank you to Villa Chiang Mai for letting us crash for the night! Every Friday we...
Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!
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For all you introverts out there, this one's for you. Be one of the first 500 people to sign up to get access to 2 months of Skillshare for free: Here is TD's Instagram: thomasdajer Our editor, TD, is an introvert. He's a badass who just happens to like his own space and his own close-knit group of friends. So, we wanted him to experience some discomfort while w...
Throwing a Rooftop Pool Party for Strangers in under 24 Hours!! (Thailand Ep.1)
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When we first arrive somewhere and don't know anyone, our solution is to go out and make friends. And what better way to make friends then throw a rooftop party? Shout out to the following incredible people for making this possible: (These are their Instagrams)... Tubtim: @tubtimofficial Sing Sing Theater: @singsingtheater.bangkok Khan Thaitanium: @khanthaitay DJ Tob Bangkok Invaders: @djtob 72...
Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands...
Views 8MYear ago
We threw a dart at a map... Then flew there to complete 2 challenges... Here's what happened. Find Matt and Thomas on Instagram here: @MattDajer and @ThomasBrag Shout out to Kaden from the Yes Fam for suggesting the idea, to Julien Solomita and Colin Duddy from Waffsicle for having done this before us...check their videos out here: and of ...
Swapping Lives with a Subscriber for 24 Hours!!
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Ammar swapped lives with one of our awesome subscribers, Kali, for 24 hours and ended up in Atlanta...check it out :) Yes Theory Fam Facebook Group: groups/156535611858034/ Get awesome helicopter flights around LA with Robin Petgrave: Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, and living a more fulfilli...
Views 2.5MYear ago
Derin is finally back for an episode where we made him say yes to everything for 24 hours... He will come back occasionally in episodes but has to stay in Canada for now (full explanation in the video). Hope you enjoyed seeing him again as much as we did! Follow Derin on Instagram here: bobbyderin Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a busi...
Challenging Kendrick's Producer to Make a Track in 24 hours!
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Sign-up for Skillshare here, first 500 sign-ups get 2 months free: LINK TO THE FULL SOUNDTRACK: Thanks to every one who contributed to making this track come to life: @iambekon @craigofbks @caloway_thedonuts @serg.thedonuts @konsciouskrieger Follow Bekon on Instagram, and if you are a producer, send him a DM and he'll send you the stems to remix his ...
Yes Theory is hiring (here is why)
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Here are the details for the 2 applications: 1st POSITION: Graphic Designer Position (Working Remotely- PAID) : Who do we want? A creative unicorn with exquisite taste who brings a unique perspective to the table. He/She has the willingness to observe, adapt, execute, and refine creative elements in a very fast-paced environment... Oh and the only thing that should match your creativity is your...
Asking Uber Drivers to Skydive on the Spot!!
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If you were in that Lyft line, would you have said YES? Thank you to our good friends at Skydive Perris for another amazing skydiving experience. If you want to check them out, go to their site: Thank you to Gracie for helping me film this one. @Gracie_Norton on instagram Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking disc...
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Rep the movement Follow the Seek Discomfort instagram for limited offers: @seek.discomfort
Living the last 24 hours of my life
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Thank you to our good friends at Skydive Perris for another amazing skydiving experience. If you want to check them out, go to their site: Hope you enjoyed watching how I would live my last 24 hours. It was easy to overthink this but I'm really happy with how things came out. Thank you for watching! Go tell Thomas @ThomasBrag on Instagram what you would have done for your...
my dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately
Views 3.6MYear ago
We disabled comment to respect Ammar's privacy. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of love and support. Publishing this video is one of the most nerve-wracking moments I've ever experienced in my life... I hope my story can help someone in a similar position. If you want to get in touch with me: instagram: @ammarxz
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Follow us on Instagram here: yestheory We've let our Instagram Followers control our lives for 24 hours... And we've been on blind dates... So what happens when we combine both?.. This video is that experiment, enjoy! Don't miss the next episode where we use Instagram and especially don't miss our big announcement on Sunday! Here is Houston's Instagram: houstonkraft...
Throwing a Party for Strangers from the Internet!! (Craigslist,Tinder and Bumble)
Views 2.9MYear ago
This all started with a question: can you trust strangers you meet on Craigslist? Thank you to Sweet Green for providing the freshest food for the party. Make sure you try them out whenever you’re near one! People are generally wary of strangers they meet online. Whether it's on craigslist or any dating app or website. So we decided to fight that fear by throwing a party for only strangers we c...
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Get the $5 (free shipping) Dollar Shave Club started pack here: Love y'all This week we thought it'd be a good idea to surprise our friend Conor with the help of our friends from the Bucket List Boys with a Labour Pain simulator... Check out the bucket list boys here: Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on ...
GETTING TATTOOED BY A 12-YEAR-OLD (Youngest Tattoo Artist in the World)
Views 3.7MYear ago
While in Panama we thought it'd be a good idea to get tattooed by Ezrah Dormon... The youngest legit tattoo artist in the world. Find him here: His brand new Flash-Player Channel! His Instagram: eztheshark Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, and living a more...
Challenging a Strangers to give a TED Talk in a Foreign Country.
Views 1MYear ago
Big announcement about Will Smith at the end... But first, we were invited to give our first TEDx Talk... So we thought it'd be interesting to ask a stranger... To come give the speech with us. Here's the full Ted Talk: Find Morgan on Instagram here: MorganBradley9 Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from st...
ABANDONED IN MADRID WITH NO MONEY FOR 24 HOURS (ended up on national radio!)
Views 1.6MYear ago
Welcome to the 3rd episode of Abandoned in a City with No Money... and this time, it's @thomasbrag 's turn, who struggled HARD in Madrid, Spain. Watch as he awkwardly walks around the city too scared to ask for help. Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, and living a more fulfilling life: PERFECT ROY...
Asking a Stranger to go on a Date across the World!
Views 9M2 years ago
Ammar is usually the one setting us up on dates, so now it was turn to go one. But it had to be different. It had to be spontaneous. So he went on Bumble, matched with an awesome girl named Tali and asked her if she'd go on a spontaneous trip across the world within 48 hours. The rest was the adventure of a lifetime :) Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting...
Turning our Backyard into the #1 Restaurant in Los Angeles!! (Rated 5-Stars on Google)
Views 2.8M2 years ago
Yes Table ended up reaching 11,500 5 star reviews on google maps after the episode went live on the channel. google took it down after 3 months for not being a “real restaurant” 😂 We thought it'd be a good idea to turn our backyard in a restaurant... and invite strangers to come eat. Our goal was to end up as the #1 rated restaurant in the city of Venice, California... and give people one of th...
Views 2.3M2 years ago
Get your free audible trial for a month 1 credit for a free book: or text "yestheory" to 500-500 Born to Run by Christopher McDougall changed my life and I can guarantee it will change yours. Go get audible and download that book. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback @ammarxz on instagram. Ammar has struggled with discipline and focus for his whole ...
Went to Germany to build THIS!
Views 1M2 years ago
Real Life Guys' Channel: From all of us here at Yes Theory, our hearts go out to Johannes and Philipp...please send them messages of love and support, they're an incredible group of young guys who actively push themselves to live their most fulfilling lives. Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business,...
Getting Strangers To Tell Other Strangers "I Love You"!!
Views 476K2 years ago
Since we had so much fun telling strangers that we love them, we decided to share that feeling with other strangers by getting them to tell strangers that they love them! Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, and living a more fulfilling life: PERFECT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FOR Flash-Player: free 30 day ...
Views 2.6M2 years ago
Hope you enjoyed watching something a little different.. I haven't been this vulnerable and felt so nervous making a video before but here it is... Lana's Instagram: @LanaBlakely and Thomas: @ThomasBrag Thank you to Norwegian Airlines for being so convenient and letting us book Lana a ticket last second. Love ya If anyone out there is struggling with a heartbreak or has become closed off emotio...
Views 6M2 years ago
Improve any skill with curated tips from the best in the world: There's nothing more spontaneous than a 6-year old kid. But give him $1000 and he takes it to the next level. That's why we asked our friend if we could have his six year old son control our day for 24 hours. The result was freaking outrageously fun. Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned f...
Views 2.1M2 years ago
Thank you to Bungee America for the incredible bungee experience. If you're ever in LA, this is THE thing to do: Follow us on Instagram to be part of the next adventure: yestheory We flew out 5 subscribers from around the world to surprise them with an epic mystery experience... Jumping off an abandoned bridge in the middle of the California Desert. We sele...
1 million subscribers..NOW WHAT?
Views 457K2 years ago
We are so incredibly happy to see this tribe grow and we can't wait to watch you guys connect with each other and leave a massive, positive mark upon the world. We love each and every single one of you. Thank you. Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, and living a more fulfilling life: PERFECT ROYALT...
Views 2.2M2 years ago
Watch Will Smith's full video: Last week we challenged Will Smith to go bungee jumping out of a helicopter, something very few would do... and he said YES!! Watch as we freak out. This is going to be one of the most incredible events the internet will see in 2018. Buckle up and get excited for a big fundraiser and epic experience. Love you all, can'...
Surprising Strangers With a Flight Above The Oscars!!
Views 1.4M2 years ago
Would you have said yes? Follow us on Twitter: yestheory Thank you FlyNyon for an unforgettable oscars experience. Highly recommend taking a flight with these guys: Thank you Josh (@_joshupshaw) and Lianna (@Liannalavender) for taking a leap and saying yes. Every Friday we send you a 1-minute read on what we've learned from starting a business, seeking discomfort, an...


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