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Our $70,000 Experiment
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Things are about to change
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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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The IRON MAN of Music
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  • DaysoffwithShar
    DaysoffwithShar 4 hours ago

    my mom and I had a conversation about dreams today. she said "you're always going to go through pain when it comes to chasing your dream, but eventually in the end you will look back and just smile." Ammar, your story really touched me. watching this, I felt like I was with you in your pain. When you cried, I cried, and when you smiled I smiled as well. God bless you in everything you do. Keep shining bright for the world to see.

  • Luke tee
    Luke tee 4 hours ago

    my god hurry the fuk up and give us some facts...its all emotional fukn bullshit for 20min FML cunts

  • Srijan Kumar
    Srijan Kumar 4 hours ago

    What a series I really appreciate your efforts guys from bottom of my heart 💓

  • oliver pedersen
    oliver pedersen 4 hours ago

    props to u guys, holy fuck

  • Jeuk Krabben
    Jeuk Krabben 4 hours ago

    Guy’s this is the best doc i have ever seen. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 4 hours ago

    Hello, Humans. “You a communist? Huh? How’d you like it, man? They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel. Do you wanna be like a sheep? Like all those other people? Baah! Baah!” - Tony Montana. (Scarface 1983) TERRANCE OUT

    NICHT DA 4 hours ago

    WOW i never expected that outcome when i started watching. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR RELEASING SO MUCH PAIN FOR SO SO MANY PPL ON EARTH, wich is exactly the reason why that security guy didnt want you to go up on the pyramid in egypt. YOU DID IT ANYWAY! all my love and respect for that <3 .

  • CHaOS FrozenIceBladez

    54 mins of a 7 day trip is not enough. I demand a reedit and longer !!!!! Jkjk anyways it was awesome!!

  • Aaron Worsnop
    Aaron Worsnop 5 hours ago

    I feel happy to have been here watching since 30-40k

  • Liam McGreehan
    Liam McGreehan 5 hours ago

    I thought he wasn't connected

  • Jenni Bautista
    Jenni Bautista 5 hours ago

    Is no one going to mention that luke looks like an Australian version of zac efron

  • Winny Been
    Winny Been 5 hours ago

    This is so incredible! And I'm just so happy all of you made it back home alive

  • L.J. Elements
    L.J. Elements 5 hours ago

    This is definitely one of the best documentaries in existence!!🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 thank you so much for making this!!

  • Gary Greely
    Gary Greely 5 hours ago

    There have been articles recently of special photography that is being done that shows the mass amount of area that the Myans home and pyramids take up. There is so much more to find out. They were a civilization before their time. I am so impressed that Yes Theory took on this endeavor along with those that they got to go along. You all have experienced something that most of the world will never be able to experience or see. Thank you so much for showing this video. I am very grateful. Keep up the fantastic endeavors.

  • SebaS
    SebaS 5 hours ago

    She was soo nice :D

  • Miss Benefit baby
    Miss Benefit baby 5 hours ago

    The cut on Matt's nose makes him look like a younger Jon Bernthal, but like...skinnier.

  • Shiv Kumar
    Shiv Kumar 5 hours ago


  • Lexa
    Lexa 5 hours ago

    Well, not going to lie, seeing Ammar’s face as he crested the top of the pyramid made me tear up...damn it! Whos cutting onions?!

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen 5 hours ago

    Mine is 9 hours 37 mins.. Shame 🔔 shame 🔔 shame 🔔

  • Jesse Shivas
    Jesse Shivas 5 hours ago

    only u didnt add that hundreds of thousands of people were sacrificed on this temple

  • One who FroM BillioN

    Great work bro's.. 🙏🇮🇳

  • Silke
    Silke 5 hours ago

    I literally just woke up from a surgery on my nose (nothing cosmetic I swear) l have two tampons shoved up there and lm not supposed to sniff but this is making me cry big time. Such warriors you guys are. Especially amar. I look up to this so much.

  • Drippy xYvonne
    Drippy xYvonne 5 hours ago


  • vedant puranik
    vedant puranik 5 hours ago

    does it loose ur weight

  • Kimberleen
    Kimberleen 5 hours ago

    Well done!! Im so happy you had a dream and you never gave up and you ended up with the largest forgotten pyramid in the world. You all should be proud of what you have accomplished.

  • Joe Walker
    Joe Walker 5 hours ago

    I like that whenever they got all got there they acted like they created a great accomplishment by getting there and getting to the top of that thing they did nothing the people who built it did something not them

  • Vikas Raj
    Vikas Raj 5 hours ago

    When i fricked my girlfriend for the first time 35:26

  • Logan Whitten
    Logan Whitten 5 hours ago

    This is the most entertaining video on Flash-Player don't even try @me

  • patrick771
    patrick771 5 hours ago

    why didn't you just climb the pyramid in egypt and show the "permit" afterwards when you get cought? :-)

  • Nolan Young
    Nolan Young 5 hours ago

    Yo I remeber watching the trailer for this and I totally forgot about it lol

  • Madeleine Billie
    Madeleine Billie 5 hours ago

    what’s horrid is that all of those reefs would have been colourful at one point and now its bleached

  • Straight Spittin
    Straight Spittin 5 hours ago

    ANy stories of what the pyramids were mostly used for/their purpose there?

  • Eddy Spaghetti
    Eddy Spaghetti 5 hours ago

    Thought guy was spitting bars at first

  • Rain Peace
    Rain Peace 5 hours ago


  • Gerard Untalan
    Gerard Untalan 5 hours ago

    21:26 omg had goosebumps because of the music 🎶

  • Jerald Talledo
    Jerald Talledo 5 hours ago

    Drone guy is lit! What a great future for you with that mad skill!

  • YaBoi Cole
    YaBoi Cole 5 hours ago

    Loved it

    JACK DYER 5 hours ago

    Low key glad I didn't pay for this. love your guys content but this was pretty anti-climatic. The best part was the rope swing end credits.

  • Devin Zevallos
    Devin Zevallos 5 hours ago

    God bless you Ellie!! A true inspiration! Had me in tears watching how much of a blast she was having skiing down the mountain 😭😭& thank you yes theory for everything that you do, you guys are incredible♥️🤘🏽

  • Themotoblogger
    Themotoblogger 5 hours ago

    Just finished my 100th day! I'm a Video editor, I barely find time to do other activities in my life, I've been struggling with Mental Health Issues and Motorcycling helped me a lot to deal with it and since I started working full-time I've never been able to find an alternative for that until I saw this Video. I took out my social media from my life and found a huge amount of time for working out and even read books. I've tried and failed to attain this discipline over the years but this video helped me a lot. Can't thank you guys enough! I'm gonna keep seeking discomfort and do this thing for the rest of my life. Love from India! And Congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! #100daysofsweat

  • Xavier Bell
    Xavier Bell 5 hours ago

    i had a lockdown at school today, this video cheered me up thank you.

  • Johan Fredriksson
    Johan Fredriksson 5 hours ago

    Why can't this happen to me :'(

  • CSS Books
    CSS Books 5 hours ago

    Come to Pakistan and u won't be disappointed. Better tourist place than India

  • Assault Rocky
    Assault Rocky 5 hours ago

    This is lit bro been waiting for ages!

  • Charlie Mattison
    Charlie Mattison 5 hours ago

    Amar your such nice person and to actually wish your dad the best shows the type of person you are. Good on you you bloody amazing person.

  • Sombanana Ya
    Sombanana Ya 5 hours ago

    That car must smell like crap

  • Sielyn Gem
    Sielyn Gem 5 hours ago

  • chloe lalala
    chloe lalala 5 hours ago

    Next go to Pakistan

  • chloe lalala
    chloe lalala 5 hours ago

    You went to india and you didnt try the masala dosa! 😝

  • Goon Bags
    Goon Bags 6 hours ago

    So can fix someone’s depression and make them want to be part of the world .... that would be a good achievement ..... but good on you guys for the positive message the world !!

  • Co Co Hong
    Co Co Hong 6 hours ago

    thought I was going to hate this video but actually really enjoyed the respect you gave the religion and the culture. thank you

  • Cami lpm
    Cami lpm 6 hours ago

    This is so incredible and amazing I wanna experience this someday

    YUXCAT 6 hours ago

    lmao drama

  • Conrad Watson
    Conrad Watson 6 hours ago

    I aspire to do the things you do, and hopefully it can come true

  • Conrad Watson
    Conrad Watson 6 hours ago

    Great job guys. Proud

  • Gian
    Gian 6 hours ago

    Forsure need another one with the same people

  • Miguel Nicomedes
    Miguel Nicomedes 6 hours ago

    do this in the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 6 hours ago

    Holy shit

  • playboi jake
    playboi jake 6 hours ago

    i thought he was rapping in the beginning


    I hope I could come here but im at Malaysia

  • purplepaintpot
    purplepaintpot 6 hours ago

    YES :) So much mutual support and positivity. Sending you love ❤️

  • Malvinya Bakous
    Malvinya Bakous 6 hours ago

    i cried so mch

  • Rico Castro
    Rico Castro 6 hours ago

    Idk how I’m just recently finding out about Yes Theory, but these findings are awesome and uplifting. You guys keep crushing it 👏🏽

  • Matthew Waldman
    Matthew Waldman 6 hours ago

    a truly historical moment with no mid rolls. You guys have changed the world for everyone with goals of inspiration instead of capitalizing on it. Thank you for everything you guys do.

  • Adam Iskandar
    Adam Iskandar 6 hours ago

    i litteraly just went into my bedroom and hid inside my closet for 1 minute until i sweated lol

  • chuba lemtur
    chuba lemtur 6 hours ago


  • Pieter De Necker
    Pieter De Necker 6 hours ago


  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass 6 hours ago

    Top gear (now the grand tour) could probably drive a car through here

  • StyFocused LoL
    StyFocused LoL 6 hours ago

    Johnny really showed off

  • Sam Peterson
    Sam Peterson 6 hours ago

    How did they keep their camera/drone batteries alive for the days they were trekking and also getting footage? How on earth did that work?

  • Brizuly
    Brizuly 6 hours ago

    You gotta go inside and do the lever puzzle to get that treasure!

  • Smidz Og
    Smidz Og 6 hours ago

    This was the most awesome thing I’ve seen all year! Love the work you guys do!

  • Emily Abey
    Emily Abey 6 hours ago


  • Our Pranks
    Our Pranks 6 hours ago

    Those drone shots were mad good 😍😮

  • Riley LoO Shaw
    Riley LoO Shaw 6 hours ago

    Is there a name for this pyramid

  • Our Pranks
    Our Pranks 6 hours ago

    Logan Paul has left the chat hahah but nah seriously this video was insane the good was that I didn’t get any adds which was epic, good contents boys.

  • Kanchan Prasad kp
    Kanchan Prasad kp 6 hours ago

    Dude you just did a Discovery Documentary Unknowingly...🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ Love from India..

  • Riley LoO Shaw
    Riley LoO Shaw 6 hours ago

    One day I’m doing this exact trip

  • Soroush Mafi
    Soroush Mafi 6 hours ago

    Hmmmm, People are really sad, they would do anything ... ANYTHING!!!! to get famous and get paid from youtube... just crying the whole video and pretending that they had to do something like this... 80% of people in the world are living like this out of LA.

  • Daniel Davidson
    Daniel Davidson 6 hours ago

    I thought this was Dora The Explorer

  • Indah Asri
    Indah Asri 6 hours ago

    this should be a trending


    Who else watch this on Yestheory Website?

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Everything was amazing! I totally want to try that!! I love it!!!! Yes theory if y’all have any new adventures let me know please😊

  • TheElisha27 Elisha
    TheElisha27 Elisha 6 hours ago

    Imagine this was in a movie theater

  • autumn breeze
    autumn breeze 6 hours ago

    this is amazing!

  • Just sayin
    Just sayin 6 hours ago

    soooo rent a grandma site, that exist?

  • GixxerPH
    GixxerPH 6 hours ago

    what is the name of this place anyone? Thank you <3

  • Bryan Ramos
    Bryan Ramos 7 hours ago

    WOW SUCH A RUSH OF EMOTIONS OMG 49:33 "this is for every kid out there to dream the wildest they can, to dream the biggest they can." :''') Can anyone ID this song pls? It reminds me of such a special time in life and would like to listen more often

  • David schloss
    David schloss 7 hours ago

    was this just the perfect set up for a horror movie?

  • M A
    M A 7 hours ago

    Peep Ammar’s pecks

  • M A
    M A 7 hours ago

    Love Perry’s DragonballZ blanket

  • ADRN
    ADRN 7 hours ago

    so inspirational

  • N Yip
    N Yip 7 hours ago

    The cinematography is fucking magical I’m almost crying

  • matt melia
    matt melia 7 hours ago

    37C and 90%+ humidity...that's an average day here in Shenzhen! you guys should come visit!

    CHEDDA 7 hours ago

    Johnnyfpv! yeee!

  • Nvlpy
    Nvlpy 7 hours ago

    Luke es igualito a Mr.ego jaja

  • GloMaze
    GloMaze 7 hours ago

    Loved the video OMG you guys inspire me

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 7 hours ago

    Hehehe when you’re a car guy and immediately recognize that the drone creator captured some formula drift clips

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 7 hours ago

    Saudi guys fly their cars to london during sunmer to catch some sexy chicks and have fun

  • Joline Cosman
    Joline Cosman 7 hours ago

    Fantastic!! A dream gone wild with people who are now your family!! Absolutely amazing!! You all are brave and awesome!! You will never forget!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😊😊😊😘