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  • RayBen555
    RayBen555 42 minutes ago


  • Cristian Mares
    Cristian Mares Hour ago

    Is it me or am i crazy for thinking that the price was very low on this car? It is a race car afterall and by the look of the rear suspension it has a very very good setup.

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan Hour ago

    OMG Tavarish, please get a good quality dust mask like a 3m silicon respirator. Your lungs really don't like aluminium dust! Otherwise a great vid and fun build. Thanks. Oh yeah Jared is cool, thanks Jared!

  • News Catch
    News Catch Hour ago

    This is bullshit clickbait u put the car there for views spastic

  • mccrackenphillip

    Roadkills loss I think they lost some good fans pulling off Flash-Player my self included no cable

  • Chance Windham
    Chance Windham 2 hours ago

    That paper mask the camera dude is wearing is not doing him any favors. Get the man a respirator for fucks sake.

  • i_ Build's
    i_ Build's 2 hours ago

    Great to see you back again Tavarish. BTW I'll bet I was the first to wear one of your "I am the Warranty" shirts in a cadaver lab!

  • Allen L
    Allen L 3 hours ago

    Freddie, Thank-you for saving that historic vehicle. I hope it has many more miles out on a track.

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks 3 hours ago

    that car is sexy... what kind of rims are those?

  • JD Ortiz
    JD Ortiz 4 hours ago

    Best episode ever ‼🏆👏👌 you & Jared str8 killed it (& awesome little tribute in the end)👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍻✌

  • Sydney Butler
    Sydney Butler 4 hours ago

    So is it pronounced "shirron" or "kai-ron"? I've heard the second one most often.

  • Seveneleven slevin
    Seveneleven slevin 4 hours ago

    That's why we want to get involved blabla. Nothing to do with the loads of free advertising or the potential 20K costs.

  • Flak Jack
    Flak Jack 4 hours ago


  • n g
    n g 5 hours ago

    This is what you have to do with the Bentley. facebook.com/thisisdestiny.pro/videos/617559822106594/

  • dajauhnpullam
    dajauhnpullam 5 hours ago

    This channel used to be good now he barley uploads n i stoped watchin

  • Gary Hayes
    Gary Hayes 5 hours ago

    I know you're young. It's a 3rd gen not Fred Flintstones car

  • Kirby Garcia
    Kirby Garcia 6 hours ago

    Damn my heart broke when tavarish got rid of it.

  • Father Derek
    Father Derek 6 hours ago

    Am i the only guy that heard July???

  • TAP001
    TAP001 6 hours ago

    What a cool old Camaro. Love it.

  • Adam Lesandrini
    Adam Lesandrini 6 hours ago

    You said two days in the title. Lies!! Click bait! You said in the video this took over five million years! I feel scammed! Lol

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone 7 hours ago

    If that was a car from the 1960s or 1950s it might be pretty easy to get running. With all those electronics and all that water intrusion, electrical problems are going to be fun to deal with.

  • michael faulkner
    michael faulkner 7 hours ago

    This car reminds me of indian land lords

  • michael faulkner
    michael faulkner 7 hours ago

    The douche bagginess of your point of view. bought a cheap s500 that didnt run, explains the options in a S class as "if you got 8 buttons you got it loaded, if its got 6 buttons you got the poverty spec S class. your hollow on a whole nother level.

  • Andy Reid
    Andy Reid 7 hours ago

    Definitely a 305.

  • JLamond219
    JLamond219 7 hours ago

    That is a VAT key..LOL....old school

    AZURE KULAPATHI 7 hours ago

    Why would anyone burry a car?

  • GearrahHereMan
    GearrahHereMan 7 hours ago

    Reminds me of Days of Thunder. Awesome car

  • Jack Harlor
    Jack Harlor 8 hours ago

    that car has too many fluid leaks 1:00:00

  • Kevin House
    Kevin House 8 hours ago

    Thanks for saving her

  • Waldo
    Waldo 8 hours ago

    Says I won’t give it any power, floors it once on the road.

  • Ramon Abundiz
    Ramon Abundiz 8 hours ago

    Damn this video was long but I seen it all. Giggity

  • le nguyen
    le nguyen 8 hours ago

    anh không chạy xe này nữa thì có thể ship cho tôi ở việt nam chứ sao làm vậy tiếc quá trời

  • Mark Mega Maestro
    Mark Mega Maestro 8 hours ago

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  • madmax2069
    madmax2069 9 hours ago

    What's up with the driver's side quarter panel right above the tail light after they applied the protection ? You can really see it in the sunlight at 8:32 looks like they either didn't spray it in that spot correctly, or someone put their arm or something on it before it was dry.

  • BabyJohnYo
    BabyJohnYo 9 hours ago

    wow the making of this video was july and he posted it september.

  • The Frey Factor
    The Frey Factor 9 hours ago

    I died a little bit inside when he misspelled camaro on google.

    • The Frey Factor
      The Frey Factor 7 hours ago

      I only say that because I’ve actually seen it on Craigslist. I wanted to see you do more to it. Hated to see it go.

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish 8 hours ago

      That's the joke

  • anwar almirabi
    anwar almirabi 9 hours ago


  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley 9 hours ago

    Great job guys and the vlog was all some

  • Sam Rizvi
    Sam Rizvi 10 hours ago

    Take this thing to Celtics macfarlin for real racing

  • Noise From Ryan's Basement

    Dude. This was a FANTASTIC episode.

  • Dakota Neubert
    Dakota Neubert 10 hours ago

    Dude i love this thing PLEASE LET ME BUY IT OFF YOU!!

  • Peter Gozenya
    Peter Gozenya 10 hours ago

    I really like the paint-sticker design. It turned out looking awesome. I want to turn a couple laps in it..

  • Dakota Neubert
    Dakota Neubert 10 hours ago

    This thing is bad ass!!

  • Locutz M
    Locutz M 10 hours ago

    1500 for a muscle car !! i would've jumped on that asap too bro learn how to fix it , in the end it would be my dream car

  • ethan spaziani
    ethan spaziani 10 hours ago

    Well fuck roadkill then

  • Blubberbean
    Blubberbean 10 hours ago

    Disaster, nah it was just underground for a year

  • Lou Gigliotti
    Lou Gigliotti 10 hours ago

    we built 2 cars, #70 and #90 I won the SCCA world Challenge championship in 91 and 92 in these camaro race cars. We also finished 1-2 in the 24 hour of Mosport in Canada in the SCCA world Challenge series. these cars both have 100% of our innovations that we designed for the Camaro Market with LG Motorsports.

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish 8 hours ago

      It was an AWESOME car, Lou!

  • Kevin Perron
    Kevin Perron 11 hours ago

    "Adding lightness"

  • Snugglez Brah
    Snugglez Brah 11 hours ago

    Super rare car. Be nice with it. Motors came blue printed, balanced and marked to show it has been gone through. No AC or radio. 1LE was a crazy package for the 90’s. “bUT iT Is JuST a 3Rd GeN iT isN’T woRTh $500”... this one is and will continue to go up.

  • donnan huggler
    donnan huggler 11 hours ago

    How much power did that thing turn out?

  • crissyb00
    crissyb00 11 hours ago

    yay.. another unfinished project

  • dl87z28
    dl87z28 12 hours ago

    This car so deserves a better home.

  • Matt Bowles
    Matt Bowles 12 hours ago


  • Denny50 ,XXX
    Denny50 ,XXX 12 hours ago

    I know a LG Motorsports here in Anna, Texas. I don’t know if it’s the same place but that’s what it reminded me of. They also specialize in GM and Chevy racing.

  • D. S.
    D. S. 12 hours ago

    Funnest video in a long time. Really enjoyed it Tavarish!

  • RemyFN
    RemyFN 12 hours ago

    You give me hope...

  • porkpig350
    porkpig350 12 hours ago

    what a great video Freddie !! that car has heart and soul !!

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez 13 hours ago

    When you and your dad bond over a car video this happens 😍😍🐱‍💻

  • SirSquash
    SirSquash 13 hours ago

    Throwing money into a trashcan is pointless. It's still just a trashcan at the end of the day.

  • Dimi Plays games
    Dimi Plays games 13 hours ago

    it’s a 5.7 350

  • Dan Olympiadis
    Dan Olympiadis 13 hours ago

    It says 5.0 or 5.7 on the block just below the distributor.

  • 1997 Toyota Supra
    1997 Toyota Supra 13 hours ago

    Hi I'm Tavarish And welcome to Jackass

  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin 14 hours ago

    Today I key my back up hood!

  • 11bravo 01A
    11bravo 01A 15 hours ago

    that car is perfect for the American Iron "CMC" series

  • William Perry
    William Perry 15 hours ago

    My favorite video from this channel. I loved this!

  • Maty Mateo - Roblox Events and more!

    i have a passion with lego too, my parents say its a waste of time and money, but since i like it they do wanna make me happy, i've been saving up for almost a year to get this chiron but no e, when i saw the land rover my mind changed

  • Brandon Andrew
    Brandon Andrew 15 hours ago

    Black shirts and Florida sun don’t mix. Sweet video!

  • Den Men
    Den Men 15 hours ago

    Его канал по русски можно прочитать как "Таварищ"

  • ESCK
    ESCK 16 hours ago


  • itsComicKid
    itsComicKid 17 hours ago

    why did you sell it ?

  • Ali Məmmədov
    Ali Məmmədov 17 hours ago

    Send Azerbaijan

  • Michael Mejia
    Michael Mejia 18 hours ago

    While you were there you should have upgraded the fuel pump instead of just replacing it. Any future mods and the pump won’t send enough fuel.

  • Cooldudestudio
    Cooldudestudio 19 hours ago

    And now it will have 500 hp by the end

  • Kourosh mardani
    Kourosh mardani 19 hours ago

    ok so it wasnt click bait

  • Aj Kamaxim
    Aj Kamaxim 20 hours ago

    My nigga jared

  • Justin Vallace
    Justin Vallace 20 hours ago

    Get with fasterproms tune it

  • Hops And Lead
    Hops And Lead 20 hours ago

    Man, great car. Got yourself a good deal, too. Smoke em if you got em!

  • Dom Klatt
    Dom Klatt 20 hours ago

    Where do you find these things?

  • Karson Barnes
    Karson Barnes 20 hours ago

    My brother had a '92 Bonneville that had the same key. It was like $130 to copy it because of that damn chip... Needless to say he made due with his one key

  • Justin Pwoell
    Justin Pwoell 22 hours ago

    if thats an actual z1e thats not your normal camaro those were specially made cars from canada they only made a handfull of them i think they know of just over 100 of em left it was the stock car class killer

  • Connar Downes
    Connar Downes 22 hours ago

    bit of a waste really it needs to be restored back to its scca world challenge history

    DMS REPAIR 22 hours ago

    what people wont do to get a 5.5 mil. views, underground range completely set up, why would you do that when you can scrap, part it out, donate it or burn it, putting it under ground is the last option, nice set up to get 5.5 mil. views

  • Joshua Fonollosa
    Joshua Fonollosa 22 hours ago

    Love the Dedication to Jessi! She was awesome!

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson 22 hours ago

    Damn...I'm alive to see the day somebody who works on cars doesn't know what an lt1 looks like and also doesn't know what tpi is. Fffuuuuuggggg!!!

  • How to Not
    How to Not 23 hours ago


  • Denzel Mark Wahyudi
    Denzel Mark Wahyudi 23 hours ago

    wtf, that's overpriced too much. I thought its only $1000-$500

  • ga gamba
    ga gamba 23 hours ago

    If Jared and Oscar of B is for Build get together, it's game over for everyone else.

  • Gaz Bee
    Gaz Bee 23 hours ago


  • WickedSickah
    WickedSickah 23 hours ago

    The video that made me subscribe and the rest is history

  • Anthony Mason
    Anthony Mason 23 hours ago

    37:17 mullets around the world grew from that moment alone

  • trinitrotoulen

    Terrible sound .... i understand its hot... when you speak its tolerable, but when the guest speak its incredible loud... next time give to your guest a microphone too.

  • Yummoz
    Yummoz Day ago

    That Ace Ventura reference thou

  • Hayden Croft
    Hayden Croft Day ago

    Keep up the awesome work thanks for the awesome content

  • novoiperkele
    novoiperkele Day ago

    Wtf? Why didnt you smoke the old tires?

  • Ferrari Scuderia

    Super impressed, and great job. Liked and subscribed!

  • novoiperkele
    novoiperkele Day ago

    Sounds like you need a cam.

  • sachelle babbar

    Change the channel name to "Tavarish's Growing List of Uninteresting, Unfinishable Projects and Paid Advertisements". I am also going to avoid sponsors like the plague, but I also can't imagine what the person receiving those influencer emails from Tavarish think when they think they are getting strongarmed into "collaboration". Tavarish isn't wrenching. He's sitting in his office all day looking up companies to hit up for free stuff and trying to find people to work on his cars for free, the latter of which there's an endless supply of.

  • 호수자
    호수자 Day ago

    The car locked me in the ground. It's going to be amazing. 차가 나를 땅속에 가두었다. 정말 굉장할 거야.

  • Toys Like To Talk Too

    What a video , amazing you got her running, there's people like me in Europe would never see car like this if not only on TV NASCAR races etc. Love your videos like this 1000❤️ for Freddie 👍👍👍👍

  • Travel on time Ltd

    Excellent work dude