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HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 227
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It's Fight Season On DAZN
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  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 16 minutes ago

    Curb your clout!🔥🔥🔥 NJ stand up!!!!!

  • Roosevelt Buckley
    Roosevelt Buckley 54 minutes ago

    Yeah yeah yeah just another mexican begging for american money

  • Roosevelt Buckley
    Roosevelt Buckley 56 minutes ago

    Go russia go russia

  • Roosevelt Buckley

    Joshua will win

  • Roosevelt Buckley

    British fighters are embarrassing losers

  • Fresh Mann
    Fresh Mann Hour ago

    Wilder is going to F**k you up for referencing him like that. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE REMATCH.

  • Tcharles Stone
    Tcharles Stone Hour ago

    Who’s here for Hogan vs Charlo?

  • b spoon
    b spoon 2 hours ago

    jaime can’t box ive been saying it a loooonnngggg time this proves it aint no way he won this

  • Alma Rosa Espinosa
    Alma Rosa Espinosa 2 hours ago

    Otra pelea comprada del cagada alvares jajajaja

  • Jaziel Centeno
    Jaziel Centeno 2 hours ago

    I'm just gonna say that cotto in he's prime was danger. In this fight i feel a cotto weaker than canelo, but still got that intelligent fight that represents him

  • Marcos Zarate
    Marcos Zarate 2 hours ago

    Idk but the Mexican butterbean is coming for you AJ

  • Mali Bacje
    Mali Bacje 2 hours ago

    Love this guy.

  • Yahweh Tsidqenu
    Yahweh Tsidqenu 2 hours ago

    That dude lost this fight

  • Sam lee
    Sam lee 2 hours ago

    Vaya robada le hicieron a Cotto,el negocio es el negocio.


    Usyk can fight!

  • Aaron Kang
    Aaron Kang 3 hours ago

    If andy was muscular. He would be even more better.

  • The One
    The One 3 hours ago

    So we’re paying $10-$20 a month, and you’re posting fights on Flash-Player? Tf

  • Jermaine Jimjam
    Jermaine Jimjam 3 hours ago

    Sims has got a very unique style of boxing that I have never seen before. wow

    MACATTCK 23 3 hours ago

    Death stare at 4:58 to 5:02 😂🤣👏👏

  • Friendo Friendo
    Friendo Friendo 4 hours ago

    2:20 Yeah, right, promote the Kovalev vs. Canelo fight and name him Pulev.

  • Duron Arnold
    Duron Arnold 4 hours ago

    These fights were rigged big time

  • Nurken Bektursunov
    Nurken Bektursunov 4 hours ago

    Если биг драма шоу означает намеренно получать удары для зрелища, то это большая ошибка. Люди хотят видеть как Гена вырубает всех, издевается, не дает в себя попасть, показывать красивый бокс и мастерство. В ином случае начнет терять фанатов.

  • FROGO Creature
    FROGO Creature 4 hours ago

    Can't wait to 👀 AJ eating Jalapeños again.

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice 4 hours ago

    All those muscles and no chin 🤣

  • Murph X
    Murph X 4 hours ago

    I think Sergiy Derevyanchenko won that match.

  • Rene Diaz
    Rene Diaz 5 hours ago

    Esa fue una de las peleas que le robaron a Miguel Cotto , máximo podía ser un empate, y como Cotto era el campeón debieron darle la Victoria

  • Luis Arellano
    Luis Arellano 5 hours ago

    uzyk will get handled as a heavyweight

  • Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 5 hours ago

    Beterbiev will walk through both Gvozdyk and Bivol a lot easier than people think and he'll finally get the respect he deserves.

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams 5 hours ago

    If EVERYONE is juicing, its FAIR!

  • Victor Tapia
    Victor Tapia 5 hours ago

    Should be illegal to ware you trunks that high scared

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 5 hours ago

    Will there be any Ring Girls? Will they have to walk around the ring between rounds wearing a Hijab? These are important QUESTIONS that demand an answer but The World is going to sit back and Laugh

  • ES AN
    ES AN 5 hours ago

    Fury has so much wisdom.

  • hdhejehwkaje
    hdhejehwkaje 5 hours ago

    One reason I will never LOVE boxing is cause the judges and sometimes refs. Seem so bias sometimes

  • jesus rivera
    jesus rivera 5 hours ago

    If only he could do this to top contenders.. Father Time is catching up to him

  • Lewis 10
    Lewis 10 5 hours ago

    Crazy to think pacquiao fought and knocked out a prime cotto , and canelo couldn’t knockout a old washed cotto . Pacquiaos greatness is one of a kind

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 3 hours ago

      Floyd beat a prime cotto first. He also fought cotto at 154 and didn’t drain him to 147 like pacquiao.

    • Gorila Bueno
      Gorila Bueno 4 hours ago

      you can't compare pacquiao with anyone

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 5 hours ago

      Pacquiao was juicing my friend everyone knows that😂 now name the fighters who HAVE knocked out an old washed up cotto.

    • garden shine
      garden shine 5 hours ago

      and canelo is hella overrated.

  • Gelson Monteiro
    Gelson Monteiro 5 hours ago

    Chupa mano foi brincar com brasileiro bom de briga kkkk,

  • Francisco Lara
    Francisco Lara 5 hours ago

    The ref lowkey wanted to celebrate lol

  • Cesar David Diaz Mesones

    Gano coto

  • Ruby O'Donnell
    Ruby O'Donnell 6 hours ago

    Love to Patrick's family, so sad, R.I.P.

  • boxin6head_chamauko
    boxin6head_chamauko 6 hours ago

    Derevyanchenko won that fight!

  • Vernon Alexis
    Vernon Alexis 6 hours ago

    Who is Steve Rolls please! gas up this guy ggg fight a hard hiring charlo hurd lara pls

  • Gabbar Singh
    Gabbar Singh 6 hours ago

    Is this a joke...

  • Jose jaime Rodriguez

    Andiy Ruiz si pelio así secombense laguente y canelo no nos acombensido para nada

    ROADWORK BOXING 6 hours ago

    It’s awkward AF. Doesn’t work Man. Take it out.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 6 hours ago

    Looks like Sergiy should’ve won🤷🏽‍♂️

  • P 100
    P 100 6 hours ago

    That’s how you win a championship literally take it from the champion instead of bogus scorecards going to challengers..If the fight is close the champion should always win

  • Hobby Junkyy
    Hobby Junkyy 6 hours ago

    Haney would ko Ryan

  • gr59ey
    gr59ey 6 hours ago

    Bandejas repping jersey the right way

  • Alexor Espinoza
    Alexor Espinoza 6 hours ago

    this ring walk is very underrated. tbh esta perro

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz 7 hours ago

    For some reason I think if they fight GSP Wins that fight

  • blazeovich
    blazeovich 7 hours ago

    Serves you for being so cocky.

  • Diego R.
    Diego R. 7 hours ago

    Alvarez has always fought slumps, until now. Let’s hope things go well still

  • manuel arce
    manuel arce 7 hours ago

    Canelo was like 20 pounds heavier than cotto.and still couldnt knock cotto out

    • Abdul Kayum
      Abdul Kayum 3 hours ago

      @Austin Roccaro manny

    • jmiami89
      jmiami89 5 hours ago

      Austin Roccaro Manny did.

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 5 hours ago

      Name the fighters and no have knocked cotto out.

    • garden shine
      garden shine 5 hours ago

      canelo is over boasted by his fans

  • junglism 09
    junglism 09 7 hours ago

    million percent

  • LowKeyPoppi
    LowKeyPoppi 7 hours ago

    AB would beat him 🥊

  • Meder Osmonov
    Meder Osmonov 7 hours ago

    I dont know why people hyping canelo, he is always boxing with the boxers who are not in prime with cotto, ggg, lara, mayweather and now with kovalev, however mayweather schooled him, he is not top fighter, he has not the mind and spirit of warrior, he lost lara twice to triple G, mayweather, even with cotto was close fight the only thing why canelo is famous just lots of mexicans in America. But believe me in Europe, in Russia, in Central Asia, in China, in South Korea nobody know him and respect him. GGG is well known boxer in rest of the world than him.

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 5 hours ago

      Wow spoken like a true casual. Stick to mma. If you talk about canelos resume than you have to trash loma Spence Crawford ggg charlo and Andrade.

    • jmiami89
      jmiami89 5 hours ago

      Meder Osmonov FACTS‼️‼️

  • P S
    P S 7 hours ago

    I hate mvp, glad he got hooked up with a ko and a few more after 🖒

  • LilGrimey5Star
    LilGrimey5Star 8 hours ago

    People haven’t lost this much money on a bet since The Rabbit vs The Turtle race 🤯

  • Michael Syres
    Michael Syres 8 hours ago

    Poor David, clearly chocked up with the passing of Patrick Day. May the family he leaves behind find comfort and may he rest in peace.

  • Alagander
    Alagander 8 hours ago

    The manager got so flustered, he started translating everything back in English. I mean the ring interviewer talks in English, and the manager translates it back in English, and Usyk in his head is like "Ukrainian please?".

  • Jeff A.E.
    Jeff A.E. 8 hours ago

    Canelo's W over Cotto is the best W over Cotto. Margarito used plaster. Pacquiao drained him, ALLEGEDLY juiced too. Mayweather and Trout beat a seriously faded Cotto. Cotto got injured vs Sadam. Cotto was brought back and rejuvenated by Roach when he fought Canelo, he was the best he's been prior to getting beat up by Margarito

  • Layla LaJoie
    Layla LaJoie 8 hours ago

    totaly political its just fight

  • Jerad Morss
    Jerad Morss 8 hours ago

    The lesson to be learned from this is in boxing never underestimate a chubby Mexican

  • Jose Crespo Jr
    Jose Crespo Jr 9 hours ago

    Cotto out pointed an 185lb Canelo

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 4 hours ago

      He gave cotto a boxing lesson dude. Watch round 8

    • Jose Crespo Jr
      Jose Crespo Jr 5 hours ago

      Austin Roccaro you gotta open your eyes and cover your ears.

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 5 hours ago

      😂😂😂 you gotta throw away that black and white tv you got my dude😂😂😂

  • Jesse Andrade
    Jesse Andrade 9 hours ago

    DAZN needs a better video editor.

    SH CHANG 9 hours ago

    3G becomes more powerful but more slow.... hé Will never win someone fast...

  • Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    the guy you gotta worry about is the guy goin full throttle with nothin to lose.

  • roberto torres
    roberto torres 9 hours ago

    " if you were dreaming it up" huh??? 🤔

  • freddy ybarra
    freddy ybarra 9 hours ago

    Thats right

  • Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect 9 hours ago

    Vergil will be the new boogeyman

  • Nolan Sanchez
    Nolan Sanchez 9 hours ago

    Well, I think we all saw that one coming

    FURBYDROID! 10 hours ago

    Pinche luchador

  • Dub Line
    Dub Line 10 hours ago

    Very rarely do I see white americans make it far in modern day boxing. I hope for this guys' sake that he can be the exception.

  • evgen gunzenov
    evgen gunzenov 10 hours ago

    50 проебал бабло😂

  • Cesar Porras
    Cesar Porras 10 hours ago

    Canelo looked bigger compared to Cotto, also Cotto passed his prime here

  • David Isaac West
    David Isaac West 10 hours ago

    Boxing masterclass of sweet-science by 2 all-time greats. Classic jabs & power punching at mult-levels, balanced footwork, head movement. Size & power matters. Canelo @ + 10-15 lbs simply too big, too strong. Despite Cotto supreme skill & experience, he couldn't prevent Canelo from walking thru & breaking him down in pocket & on the ropes.

  • DW International
    DW International 10 hours ago

    @2:57 cheeky by @Johnson.

  • chris ghost
    chris ghost 10 hours ago

    Great fight, can't wait 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯🔥🔥

  • J C
    J C 10 hours ago

    People forget that Cotto put a weight clause. Not only that y'all say Cotto wasn't in his prime but neither was Canelo. Canelo is now in his prime. Compare 28 yr old Canelo to this one and you can easily see which one us far superior.

    • Austin Roccaro
      Austin Roccaro 5 hours ago

      Ggg and Jacobs outweighed Canelo so what.

    • garden shine
      garden shine 5 hours ago

      canelo still outweighed him, the overboasting doesnt make him look better just saying

  • Kc Br
    Kc Br 10 hours ago

    Are we Dancing?

  • Helen Scott
    Helen Scott 11 hours ago

    this was great!

  • Tyler2Wheel
    Tyler2Wheel 11 hours ago

    This is what happens when you think you’re king from wakanda and take opponent for granted 😂

  • T Shah
    T Shah 11 hours ago

    Ruiz in 7 rounds

  • killac918
    killac918 11 hours ago

    Top interview

  • Oscar Medrano
    Oscar Medrano 11 hours ago

    Due to "Bones", Aaron was a few grams short of winning this fight.....🤔🤔😐😐

  • Thomas Nikkels
    Thomas Nikkels 12 hours ago

    Just fight Tyrone Spong

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 12 hours ago

    Just because someone is over weight don't mean they don't have power and apparently Andy's got power

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 12 hours ago

    Gotta give andy alot of credit getting up and kept punching Anthony get in a chole fight and didn't know what to do

  • CamelJockey91
    CamelJockey91 12 hours ago

    I feel that this guy worked hard for a long time to become truly recognized and when he had his limelight moment it was the right time, the right age before he got too old the following year and he fought the right fight and then got robbed in broad daylight. Now since the rematch with Canelo that I feel he did lose or was at least a draw I think he is in a desperate fight against time to reclaim something he can no longer achieve or at least in dominant fashion. He is risking his career to further losses and controversy to prove something to himself. It’s sad honestly and I think boxing politics are to blame. I respect him for the heart but I don’t want to see one of my favorites go out like this. On a side note. This new training camp and style of his stinks. I like that he added some speed to his arsenal but his old way of fighting and the way he handled Canelo in the first fight was so simple yet masterclass. It wasn’t the flashiest bit of boxing but it worked.

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 13 hours ago

    Canelo beat the breaks off cotto..I see people saying it’s a draw ,they clearly know nothing about boxing...

    • Jordan RepGamez
      Jordan RepGamez 5 hours ago

      El Chapo no buddy wats embarrassing is when Floyd beat the breaks off canelo now that was an embarrassment

    • garden shine
      garden shine 5 hours ago

      @Yuukiharu Barzahd facts canelo fans overhype what canelo actually cant do. back then i bet you this kid said "He's gonna knock cotto out"

    • Yuukiharu Barzahd
      Yuukiharu Barzahd 11 hours ago

      I think cotto did well and there is a pretty clear bias towards alvarez, not saying who I think won just stating facts

  • slumville trap
    slumville trap 13 hours ago

    I hope he knocks ruiz out cold!!

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 13 hours ago

    Canelo wins: Kovalev is washed up. Kovalev wins: Canelo is a hype job.

    • Victor Maldonado
      Victor Maldonado 2 hours ago

      @Ross Cowan ward still has it, still at his best because his last fight beat Sergey(low blows occured but fight was ending)

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan 13 hours ago

      Hes been boxing since he was 15 as a pro....... long past a hype job. I would of loved to see Canelo v Ward but Canelo now v Ward 7 years ago

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 14 hours ago

    Cotto must have known that this was going to be a step too far. Canelo had already dismantled Trout and Lara by this stage.

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan 5 hours ago

      @garden shine Canelo has been fortunate in a few decisions. All subjective tho

    • garden shine
      garden shine 5 hours ago

      when you try to overboast canelo, it really doesnt work. trout was a really close fight (Trout even won 7 rounds no joke) and if canelo fought cotto at the time that trout did, cotto would chop him down.

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan 13 hours ago

      I thought his fight with Trout was pretty close. Love Canelo tho

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 14 hours ago

    Fake commentary

  • Russell Warner
    Russell Warner 14 hours ago

    Ha ha! When you try to showboat you leave yourself vulnerable

  • Son Hanu
    Son Hanu 14 hours ago

    20 minute intro for a 30 minute fight

  • Markuz07
    Markuz07 15 hours ago

    Mike Tyson was also named after Tyson Fury, the dosser.

  • Sammy Long
    Sammy Long 15 hours ago

    Just like McGregor, Gallagher was doing so well.... Until he wasn't.

  • Charles Griffith
    Charles Griffith 15 hours ago

    Pacquiao vs Canelo 😂

  • Tom Abela
    Tom Abela 15 hours ago

    Cleanest fight I've seen