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We're ACTUALLY Gaming
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"Flight of the Conch”
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Rock in Rio!!!!
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Area 52
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The Disney 50 Challenge
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Where's Jablinski???
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Never Before Seen
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Jack Gray
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Bottle Cap Challenge
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Golf Time Traveler
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Creamed at E3
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We're in Europe Y'all
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Jablinski Perfect
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Jack Goes to Canada?
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What's Jablin's Jables?
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This is a Game
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your aren't
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let's do this
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ASMR (feat. Awkwafina)
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Jumanji 4
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Ninja responded...
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Del Gato
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We're FINALLY Gaming
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School of Rap
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Braces of Destiny
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Round One review
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1 mil
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Hello, Jack Black Here.
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  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 14 minutes ago

    what a great collab :D never thought i'd see that!

  • Danko
    Danko 40 minutes ago

    He's funny. He should become an actor.

  • Danko
    Danko 41 minute ago

    Congrats. 😀

  • Malakas Mangtrip
    Malakas Mangtrip 58 minutes ago

    Cant believe that this is the same guy who created Tribute

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot Hour ago

    Best channel ever🤘😎🤘

  • Lo Daughtry
    Lo Daughtry Hour ago

    Do a downhill San Francisco run it a be legendary

  • jsk8drummer
    jsk8drummer Hour ago

    Shoulda also called in Daewon and Chris Haslam for this mini ramp sesh. Wouldve been sick.

  • Andy Botwin
    Andy Botwin Hour ago

    I just found out what jablinski games are and this is the best thing ever created

  • rlm rlm
    rlm rlm 2 hours ago

    this is just like going to your friend's house during the weekend but with Tony Hawk

  • Five nights at Harrys

    Yes Danny yas queen

  • LexC
    LexC 2 hours ago

    Hey Jack!! Please tell me which diet it is so I can join you and do it at the same time!! Thanks

  • Roy Wight
    Roy Wight 2 hours ago

    I hope his genius son overcomes his shyness. He should be the most confident kid coming up with this youtube thing with his respected father. Black Jr has a big future infront of him

  • Wade B
    Wade B 2 hours ago

    Its impossible to hate Tony! Coolest dad ever.

  • The Emerald King
    The Emerald King 3 hours ago

    That's so cool being able to play as yourself in a videogame!

  • Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

    Repent from your sinful ways and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be Saved, these two have made their allegiance with satan. It is never to late to repent

  • NPNtube
    NPNtube 3 hours ago

    Actually TWO living legends in one room!

  • Mr. Lund
    Mr. Lund 4 hours ago

    So you support Ninja. Be carefull he dont accuse you for something like he and yolandi did in Australia.

  • Nathasilp Krutchucheep

    4:34 กระเด้ง?

  • Luke Sandars
    Luke Sandars 4 hours ago

    I love jack black!!!!!!!

  • Khalid Ibrahim
    Khalid Ibrahim 4 hours ago

    Tony Hawk is legendary come back home my friends!

  • Cringe&BluePilled
    Cringe&BluePilled 5 hours ago

    This game looks like AIDS

  • luckyjinxer
    luckyjinxer 5 hours ago

    Jack White is actually funnier than JB here

  • Tommy Spadaccini
    Tommy Spadaccini 5 hours ago

    Ahahahah this video Is so funny! that guy Is the Tony's son?

  • Maiyah Toxic
    Maiyah Toxic 5 hours ago

    now that was a workout my jiggly parts

  • Maiyah Toxic
    Maiyah Toxic 6 hours ago

    I would give my life away just to be a shadow of Jack Black

  • Ivan Ahumada
    Ivan Ahumada 6 hours ago

    jack: hamburguesas... all i hear (as a young latin who loved year one is..) Enmebaragesi says he saw you in the garden. 00:12:11 Really? Well, what if I told you that Enmebaragesi was a liar? 00:12:14 I saw him eat the forbidden fruit. 00:12:17 Oh, that. edit: timestamps from the movie not this dope video.

  • Nathan Z
    Nathan Z 6 hours ago

    I guess he showed up because he smelt... what the rock.... was cookin'

  • Djamel Eddine
    Djamel Eddine 6 hours ago

    Heyyyy 🖐👱‍♀️

  • keywest302
    keywest302 7 hours ago

    Are you kidding me Jack, who in the world is giving thumbs down. Your awesome Jack

  • TheBlock1sout
    TheBlock1sout 7 hours ago

    I only dislike pd this video to get the dislikes to 969

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 7 hours ago

    "I don't want an afterthought brussel sprout!" LOL

  • The Fading Melody
    The Fading Melody 7 hours ago

    14 yr old Marzia had EXCELLENT taste. I’m pretty sure Shallow Hal Jack Black was my first crush too, but I was like 8 or something

  • When in doubt Braap_it out

    What wouldve been funny if jack robbed all his diamonds then burnes down the house and meatball

  • Maxssx3
    Maxssx3 7 hours ago

    I'm 30 and when i was a kid, Tony Hawk was already a thing. He's 51 now. Men, sure time fly really fast when you think about it.

  • freshislandart
    freshislandart 8 hours ago


  • ETFTW_xbox gamer
    ETFTW_xbox gamer 9 hours ago

    You should play volgarr the Viking it's an old school 8bit game

  • Wumbo Time!
    Wumbo Time! 9 hours ago

    Skinny legend

  • Klutchyy
    Klutchyy 9 hours ago

    Other than your bratty spoiled kids i love you jack

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex Ochoa 9 hours ago

    Wholesome hours

    TOLEDO PABLO 9 hours ago

    Um do you mene jumanji 3 because zatru is not a jumanji movie

  • andrew unsworth
    andrew unsworth 9 hours ago

    Your a living legend 👍

  • Fernando Maron
    Fernando Maron 9 hours ago

    Jablinski coolest man alive

  • ICEboy114 ICEboy114
    ICEboy114 ICEboy114 9 hours ago

    Y’all remember when the guardians of the galaxy ride was called the Hollywood Tower of Terror

  • Lukas Muler
    Lukas Muler 9 hours ago

    07:10 The kid's face is like: I wish I was playing Fortnite right now

  • vahnthemann raseru
    vahnthemann raseru 9 hours ago

    2 washed up people in one spot. jeez.

    JEDI GHOST 9 hours ago

    The timing 5:03

  • Tyblorg
    Tyblorg 10 hours ago

    Ah Griffith J. Griffith. The man who went crazy and shot his wife in the eye. Who later gave L.A. the haunted property he swindled from the hands of a dying man.

  • RedRum 187
    RedRum 187 10 hours ago

    Kung fu Pandception

  • Dee Tee
    Dee Tee 10 hours ago

    Jack Black is fast like a Jazelle.

  • A Jack
    A Jack 10 hours ago

    Love it!

  • The Miners Table
    The Miners Table 11 hours ago

    My youtube experience just went to a whole new level.... Sweeett!

  • Fidel Vapes
    Fidel Vapes 11 hours ago

    5:11 javale mcgee

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 11 hours ago

    This isn’t the first time Jack Black has been around pro skaters bruh, remember pretty sweet?

  • Jon paul
    Jon paul 11 hours ago

    I'm going to fight Logan Paul

    • Jon paul
      Jon paul 11 hours ago

      any place any time come find me

  • Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez 11 hours ago

    Proud of you Jack Black and what you have accomplished. :)

  • Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez 11 hours ago


  • MiSTer Walrus FPGA
    MiSTer Walrus FPGA 11 hours ago

    lollapalooza gonna try and get them to honor this one.. too much money on the table ^ - ^

  • Dee Tee
    Dee Tee 11 hours ago

    Tony is the beyest.

  • kaeden0
    kaeden0 11 hours ago

    Awesome video, jB

  • Doctor Jones
    Doctor Jones 11 hours ago

    Donkey... sounds like "monkey"... That might be where the translation was lost. Either way, an interesting question.

  • Victor T.
    Victor T. 12 hours ago

    ??? wonder if the guitarist doesn't feel the shock(vibration) because he shreds the guitar to much

  • PhantomGamer28
    PhantomGamer28 12 hours ago

    I forgot how fun Jack Black was

  • Edward Smerums
    Edward Smerums 12 hours ago

    Não entendi nada, mas é bem legal.

  • Bright and shiny Bright and shiny


  • Victor T.
    Victor T. 12 hours ago

    Very nostalgic to see tony skate again...sooo many dope games he needs to release a massive open world skate game with today's graphics

  • Maggot13159
    Maggot13159 12 hours ago

    Your kids are hilarious in the back ground

  • N M
    N M 12 hours ago

    so süüüßßß

  • obsesi droid
    obsesi droid 12 hours ago


  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 13 hours ago

    Truly the most annoying unfunny guy on the internet. Jack Black seems to have some kind of extreme Tourette's Syndrome. I clicked just for the cringe.

  • scruffehh.
    scruffehh. 13 hours ago

    Please make my day a little better by posting on friday aka the same day im watching jumanji

  • Jack Hollins
    Jack Hollins 13 hours ago

    Kiss the lip Prepare for slip!

  • Mark Suchy
    Mark Suchy 13 hours ago

    Wake up jabols, I think I got something you can jabol to

  • Mat Iou
    Mat Iou 13 hours ago

    will tony still skate at 70?

    THE DAILY RIFF 13 hours ago

    Best video on the internet. So much joy and respect between these guys.

  • LetsTerriblyPlay
    LetsTerriblyPlay 13 hours ago

    JB gonna be in the next Tony Hawk game clearly. Or maybe TH an unlockable character in the Jumanji game lol

  • monk833
    monk833 13 hours ago

    Thanks Jack, Already love the channel :D :D :D

  • Allison Moon
    Allison Moon 14 hours ago

    "Should I call an ambulance?" 😅😅

  • T Rocka
    T Rocka 14 hours ago

    4.33 million subscribers. Blowing out all the “gamers” besides ninnjuhh

  • Johnny v
    Johnny v 14 hours ago

    Jablinski come to Colorado & jam with your average Joe and roast some fantastic nuggets 😁

  • filipstruhar
    filipstruhar 14 hours ago

    Somehow its interesting watching after Once upon a time in Hollywood

  • Mr. Clark
    Mr. Clark 14 hours ago

    JAck doesnt seem like Dad but everybodies best friend lucky kids

  • Vandaleyes
    Vandaleyes 14 hours ago

    Is there a way Jack Black can die yet?

  • Tom Kro
    Tom Kro 14 hours ago

    Tony looks like a grandpa

  • Down Hell Games
    Down Hell Games 14 hours ago

    Jack subtitles in spanish

  • MisterDutch93
    MisterDutch93 14 hours ago

    He's such a dad.

  • Cha-Ka
    Cha-Ka 14 hours ago

    This channel is one big jumanji ad

  • Ed Ricker
    Ed Ricker 15 hours ago

    3:04 - I screamed louder than your son.

  • Kevin Alonso
    Kevin Alonso 15 hours ago

    You're probably never going to read this, but you're awesome man.

  • The Daycare
    The Daycare 15 hours ago

    Just shot Arizona tea from my nose when fake nick jonas showed up.

  • The Daycare
    The Daycare 15 hours ago

    So today I learned that Jack Black has a Flash-Player channel. I am relatively pleased.

  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val 15 hours ago

    This should actually be the credits of the movie

  • Cankle's Fupa
    Cankle's Fupa 15 hours ago

    What a life!

  • Hideki
    Hideki 15 hours ago

    Jack is literally me playing Pro Skater

  • A. Brounsuzian
    A. Brounsuzian 15 hours ago

    Keep em' in tight

  • Jack xd
    Jack xd 16 hours ago

    So this is where you filmed jumanji 3

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 16 hours ago

    Love the nacho lover refrence

  • bagel
    bagel 16 hours ago

    Jealous of all those unopened toys.

  • paulerxx
    paulerxx 16 hours ago

    9:30 lol

  • Doctor Jones
    Doctor Jones 16 hours ago

    I know that Jable's kids seen him do all those JB-Antics a billion times... but honestly how can they be tired of it. I've been watching it for 20 years, and it doesn't get old.

  • Hank Storm
    Hank Storm 16 hours ago

    so weird seeing old tony on his board