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  • Boris G
    Boris G Hour ago

    Because apple has class and is above these things

  • Bethany B
    Bethany B 2 hours ago

    If you’ve created a good product, you shouldn’t have to criticise your competitors in your marketing campaigns. Good products speak for themselves. Samsung is pathetic, constantly putting Apple down. Have a little more faith in your own products, Samdung! 😉😜

  • Morahman7vnNo2
    Morahman7vnNo2 4 hours ago

    I use MS Photos for a lot of stuff...but I have to admit, paint is lighter and much more efficient to use.

  • Morahman7vnNo2
    Morahman7vnNo2 4 hours ago

    Oh man, I am so jealous of all the freedom and opportunity the Chinese. Let get on look up on DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia how I can apply for Communist citizenship.

  • Morahman7vnNo2
    Morahman7vnNo2 4 hours ago

    Because European tech companies realized decades ago that they couldn't complete with the Japanese on the consumer level, so they focused more on industrial clients. Maybe Poland can become a "tech heaven".

  • Aasish Kshetri
    Aasish Kshetri 5 hours ago

    I phone always compare ois vs android cpu etc...coz they cant compare related to display änd other

  • MIKE2111ful
    MIKE2111ful 6 hours ago

    I have used nothing but Android for my entire life and I can confidently say that Android sucks balls and is overrated af the only reason I keep buying them is because I'm cheap as fuck lol

  • chazyronnie
    chazyronnie 6 hours ago

    Specs don’t mean shit if your OS is garbage like Android and Windows

  • Axceusbays
    Axceusbays 8 hours ago

    Now yes , in the last event apple talks and compare her chips with Samsung, Huawei, lg and pixel , lol

  • rasmokey4
    rasmokey4 8 hours ago

    They don't need to compare bc they have mindless fans!!!

  • Echo
    Echo 11 hours ago

    The only reason why people still buy iphones is because of apples reputation apple has a really good reputation but androids have only recently gotten better than iphones

  • camelCased
    camelCased 15 hours ago

    There was time when Android phone as such was geeky and for enthusiasts, but it got picked up by mainstream. I guess, it's important to reach some balance when innovating - testing on geeks and then thinking how it can be nicely packaged and marketed to reach mainstream (if it's possible at all - because there might be some features and properties that are too geeky to be appreciated by mainstream in any shape or form). Also, I don't like where the economy is going. Sometimes it seems to me that the chase of the holy grail - producing with the cheapest resources possible - will only strengthen our consumerist attitudes and we'll prefer cheap, short-lived products to something that lasts, thus creating more and more waste. Programmers nowadays are so used to the idea that devices get more powerful each year, so they can be lazy and don't need to try to write efficient code. And so the chase continues - more features, more power, more code (written in a hurry to release the product "yesterday"), who will make it cheaper, don't care about longevity, we want it sooner than the competitor... I'm afraid to think where this will lead us.

  • 95thRiflesOCI
    95thRiflesOCI 16 hours ago

    Apple does not compare itself to other android devices because thats exactly why. iOS is different from android you cannot compare these.

  • Mr.Bird1
    Mr.Bird1 17 hours ago

    Grüße aus Frankfurt XD

  • Shubham Kashyap
    Shubham Kashyap 18 hours ago

    Not a Apple fanboy but one thing nobody can deny that they pushed design and user experience to its limit . Google my favorite company made internet easy for every person. Microsoft (Personally i hate them) have taught the world how to be opportunist.

  • Mahesh Raju
    Mahesh Raju 18 hours ago

    Nokia is better than i phone

  • Arafath Shafin
    Arafath Shafin 18 hours ago

    now i see , u were completely right

  • tommy lee
    tommy lee 19 hours ago

    TSMC taiwanese company makes A12 A13 for apple. Apple designs it but doesnt have the technology to make one. Its like saying I can design a spaceship to the moon. I can design anything like apple but i dont have the technology like apple

  • Bonham Romain
    Bonham Romain 20 hours ago

    They made a bunch of ads roasting android lol look up apple roasts android. This video is all fake news. But good video non the less.

  • BeatThe D3viL
    BeatThe D3viL 20 hours ago

    Bixvy was really bad when introduced with s8 series; but got better over iterations of the galaxy releases.

  • Björn Brinkmann
    Björn Brinkmann 20 hours ago

    Gutes Englisch kaum Akzent. Ich höre erst überhaupt, dass Du aus Deutschland kommst nachdem Du es gesagt hast. 🤣 Vorher konnte ich den minimalen Einschlag einfach nicht einordnen.

  • Mardy
    Mardy 20 hours ago

    I like the inconsistency windows 10 has in it's design in a way. It gives the OS some character, something only something that has been progressively updating for many years could have. Certain tabs are almost nostalgic and they bring you back to the old days. I don't find it to be a hindrance in day to day use either. But it does make the system very versitile as it gives you multiple ways to get the same thing done.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 22 hours ago

    I used Android all my life and I am looking to join the Apple eco system. Why? Because fuck Android.

  • Eden Jr
    Eden Jr 23 hours ago

    Little update... they finally did mention their competitors on apple event sept 2019 🙈

  • Dhika Wikibi
    Dhika Wikibi Day ago

    The last flagship I bought is s7e, because I thought I can hold on to it for 5 years ahead. I was wrong, just like mid range you are pushed to replace it for whatever reason Max 3 years. So I used iPhone SE now

  • Blue LemonTM
    Blue LemonTM Day ago

    Actually in the Apple Event in 2019, Aplle compared the A13 chip with other chips.

  • corey taylor
    corey taylor Day ago

    They compared their new chip that’s in their phone with top selling phones that are out now.

  • Clash with Nithin

    I hv an iPhone 6. I love it!

  • Anonymous Cloud

    Well this explains why puffin web browser absolutely requires your location

  • Khara Rosal
    Khara Rosal Day ago

    iPhone is simply amazing 😉 👊🏼🤘🏼


    I'm an android user and fanboy. But let's be honest. Apple just don't compare their self to other tach giants is that they have their own echo system. And they don't depend on google android. And they trust their capability of showcasing their units without compairing it to the other.

  • Javier Martinez

    They can compare because they are always behind simple as that

  • MusicalHippo
    MusicalHippo Day ago

    Well actually apple constantly compares themselves to Android in their apple events especially when comparing speed to Android or how many people use which os

  • zwr9ne0fh8pk4bt635245

    Just replaced a Consumer Cellular Doro KaiOS flip phone. The worst phone I've experienced since Blackberry. Does NOT bode well for KaiOS. First encounter. Last encounter.

  • sirfer6969
    sirfer6969 Day ago

    It was really sad to see cyanogen go down...i used their os on heaps of phones and loved it

  • Senn Lens🇲🇾

    Apple competitors are the previous iPhone, previous iPad, previous iPod Touch and previous MacBook and Mac PC. Apple doesn't like to compare with other branded competitors like Samsung, Huawei, etc.

  • We The People
    We The People Day ago


  • Rotulino Rolon

    Europe labor laws are restrictive to importing talent from abroad and protective of local workers ...

  • KimiDesu
    KimiDesu Day ago

    Android phones are out of the question. We’re busy making fun of people who still use the 6.

  • Denisa
    Denisa Day ago

    apple doesnt compare because they are smart and already know their phones are the fastest. everybody knows that iphone were, are and always will be faster.

  • nii_amart
    nii_amart Day ago

    They just did that in the recent iPhone 11 presentation by comparing their A13 Bionic chip to others.

  • Saumadip Das
    Saumadip Das Day ago

    Nothing is better than the good old android one.

  • Keshav Garodiya

    Well all this changed in Septemberr of 2019 as apple compared itself to Pixel and Samsung and called the iPhone 11 the best smartphone not the best iPhone

  • Walid 1400 years ago

    Actually they did this year!

  • JeffTheWinner
    JeffTheWinner Day ago

    So that's why on my S10+ when a text message comes in it does the same animation at the top as when you get an achievement on the xbox 360.

  • Abu Hamza Muharemović

    Windows 7 looks consistent throughout, yet it doesn't take 3 seconds to see that this piece of shit OS is inconsistent.

  • Karolis Čižauskas

    The way he talks is half the reason i watch the videos.

  • Naina Seven
    Naina Seven 2 days ago

    buy iphone this year so you get better than the last year, if you dont buy, your last year phone still get software update.. apple never make confusing with the phone series..

  • Daniel Vera
    Daniel Vera 2 days ago

    they might not be saying the name(s) of their competitors or showing side by side images/specs in ads, but they are comparing when they put "your phone" in an ad (as they did in apple switch ads) or list "the best (feature/experience) in a smartphone" as they do on their website they compare during launch events companies always compare with each other, not saying its bad...just companies always do

  • Li Guo
    Li Guo 2 days ago

    now they do

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 2 days ago

    Microsoft always had problems with mobile devices they can't get it right no matter how many Billions they throw at it They simply can't get it right Nokia a a good example it could have been what is Samsung of today. They even call the gaming console as Xbox X and S. Those Microsoft people are educated social Morons.

  • Semere Huluka
    Semere Huluka 2 days ago

    Apple always compares OS update rates of iOS Vs Android. Check literally every WWDC video on Flash-Player.

  • Siddhant Nayak
    Siddhant Nayak 2 days ago

    They did it now

  • Deepanshu
    Deepanshu 2 days ago

    I feel nokia also don't compare with other

  • Average Burrito
    Average Burrito 2 days ago

    To be honest I think companies roasting eachother is epic like Wendy's vs McDonald's for example.

  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 2 days ago

    Well they just compared their chips to Samsung and Google for their latest keynote

  • b888
    b888 2 days ago

    Dumb hardware maker?! WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE COMPANIES?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU TO CALL THAT?! Hardware is what drives the phone.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 2 days ago

    I like stock Android, I actually switched to it from MIUI

  • NAYER Abu Soud
    NAYER Abu Soud 2 days ago

    # برنامج ترجمة الوثائق و الكتب : # تحدث اي لغة في العالم بكبسة زر

  • Jeremy Gonzaga
    Jeremy Gonzaga 2 days ago

    It's because apple does not go as low as to compare others.

  • Runcorn Physio
    Runcorn Physio 2 days ago

    They did talk about comeptitors in iPhone 11 launch event!!

  • Hydrik
    Hydrik 2 days ago

    Because they’re loyal and not annoying Android kids

  • kookitoo islem
    kookitoo islem 2 days ago

    Well now they compared their iPhone 11 cpu with snapdragon 855 and the Helion vpu

    • kookitoo islem
      kookitoo islem 19 hours ago

      @Shugg Filmz And Studio well looks like iPhone 10s sells hits them hard There is an image of apple presentation in this article

    • Shugg Filmz And Studio
      Shugg Filmz And Studio 21 hour ago

      Did they really compare during the iPhone presentation or it's just Flash-Playerrs comparing. Apple does not mention anyone during their presentation

  • Marlon Roluna
    Marlon Roluna 2 days ago

    I don't have a money to afford that phone, but i want it 😭

  • 王众伟
    王众伟 2 days ago

    他说的这么客观,居然还有人喷, I can't understand those people.

  • uplibra coin
    uplibra coin 2 days ago

  • moom earl
    moom earl 2 days ago

    as long as it has the apple logo the business is still running sis

  • Gameboy 1996
    Gameboy 1996 2 days ago

    Wow.. since Apple was founded they have compared their products to other.. please do some research.. you are a big Flash-Playerr .. 😂😂 even at the 1st iphone launch they compared it with Motorola, blackberry etc . 🤦🤦

  • Tony OP
    Tony OP 2 days ago

    They talked about their competitors this year.

  • 得救者
    得救者 3 days ago

    SAMSUNG phones got this problem: Freezed and Auto Restart 😆 So, far my previous old Zenfone 2 and R9s got no such problem till today

  • Jaden Bright
    Jaden Bright 3 days ago

    Looks like OnePlus worked out.....I love my 7 Pro and the enthusiast community is strong

  • crix
    crix 3 days ago


  • AR S
    AR S 3 days ago

    It’s simple, cause Apple (just any other brands) just copy others’ innovation and make it look like an improved version on their gadgets, duh cause they have their own OS to maximize it. Moreover, they would claim to have that innovation/s by making it their own and selling it as royalties. Business greed in short.

  • Sedauer
    Sedauer 3 days ago

    Hiii!! I know you're just hunting for clickbaits since you pretended to forget that Apple's 2nd most famous campaign is the Mac vs PC ads. I just want to point out that Apple talked about Android in September 2019 #AppleEvent. This video kept popping up on my feed. (I don't care if you want to argue that PC doesn't mean Windows).

  • AmyX
    AmyX 3 days ago

    The iHome and iCharger stuff - confusing but legal to be named that way.

  • I don’t know a name

    It could also be because in Europe it is illegal to compare stuff in commercials android phones also don’t do that here

  • Clear Mind
    Clear Mind 3 days ago

    Thanks to iCook

  • Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf 3 days ago

    Watching this on my OnePlus 7 Pro :(

  • I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely

    I agree with your video man. 100%

  • I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely

    Their competitors don’t matter ^_^. I agree. They don’t matter.

  • coffee 7
    coffee 7 3 days ago

    pure bullshit .. they do talk about them ,alots ..

  • Kisah Lain
    Kisah Lain 3 days ago


  • Perama Fernando
    Perama Fernando 3 days ago

    Not to mention win 10 is a bit slow compared to win 7. I thought Operating Systems were suppose to get better as time went on. Also if you're using a win10 laptop the battery dies fast as suppose to a win 7 laptop

  • Bom Da-dara
    Bom Da-dara 3 days ago

    But... Steve Jobs did compare back in ‘07. Didn’t he?

  • M A N D A L A
    M A N D A L A 3 days ago

    I cant talk about other coutries, but finland where nokia and linux come from. Nowdays people here focus on making games.

  • Joey Numbers
    Joey Numbers 3 days ago

    For someone who doesn't use Microsoft office, having those apps preintsalled on the phone is a negative quality.

  • Random God
    Random God 3 days ago

    I like bezel fck off

  • FightingFights
    FightingFights 3 days ago

    Why'd I buy a phone that can intentionally do less?

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 3 days ago

    @9:44 It is only a trap if you think of enthusiasts as people who don't want compromises in a smartphone. That is not true and that is why OnePlus is successful in producing value for money flagship devices that offer the least amount of compromises and have budget oriented and enthusiasts covered. That means "enthusiast" could charge a premium if they were on the bleeding edge on anything without tangible compromises.

  • The Raddest Scorpion

    Your problem is thinking enthusiasts = hardware geeks = angry little men And so it blinds you to the biggest example of them all: Apple. The biggest IT company in the world proves your hypothesis wrong. 6:25 also proves you're wrong.

  • Jave Lester Odvina
    Jave Lester Odvina 3 days ago

    Apple brainwashing is top level than any other companies.

  • Stereotyped Me
    Stereotyped Me 3 days ago

    Smart.. Focus on what's profitable for long term.

  • Nehco Oahnait
    Nehco Oahnait 3 days ago

    They learned from Trump’s previous Huawei ban...

  • gokul balagopal
    gokul balagopal 3 days ago

    Apple compared new a13 chips with snapdragon and kirin

  • sharma
    sharma 3 days ago

    This idiot saying apple dont compete hahahaha most steve jobs videos are about how slim there phones or macs are compare to others...... your videos suckkkk shit youtuber

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored 3 days ago

    Apple just don't want to talk about it, because they know they're no.1 in their dreams. Android is and always will be no.1 Shame apple hasn't even got rid off their shitty notch 🤣

    • M h
      M h 3 days ago

      Just Bored lol look at all the androids that copied apples notch including the google pixel Samsung made fun of apple for removing the headphone jack when they did that they made fun of the notch witch they made a small notch the notch is not a problem don’t judge a iPhone unless you used a iPhone are 100 times better than android first live smart phone apple the. Android copies first live smart tablet apple then android copies than Apple Watch than Samsung comes and makes a galaxy watch then AirPods than samsung copies apple go to apple store and try the newest iPhone and compare it to Samsung’s newest phone if You buy a iPhone it can get updated from 5-6 years unlike Samsung 1 year its dead and old lol the 7 is still relevant and its 4 years old WHAT A SAM-SHEEP

  • Dufffaaa93
    Dufffaaa93 4 days ago

    Will Reddit get stories?

  • Khaled Abdou
    Khaled Abdou 4 days ago

    2019 keynote compared the processor with other flagship android phones So I think because this time they are sure they have 1 thing wins when comparing but why compare if I will loose

  • GamerDrO
    GamerDrO 4 days ago

    I’m just using safari

  • Mon Jaja
    Mon Jaja 4 days ago

    Samsung is more advanced than Huawei. It will take decades to outreach Samsung by Huawei Besides from smartphones Samsung has another businesses like Appliances which improve and help do our job faster. Samsung also excel in hospital industtry. They have machines like ultrasounds mri ct scan that can be useful compared to smartphones . SAMSUNG IS MORE ADVANCE