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Neil Diamond Acoustic Christmas Official Trailer
'Acoustic Christmas' is available now in North America and worldwide November 4th.
Buy or stream:
Vinyl coming Friday, November 18th.
The album features new recordings of holiday classics and original songs by Neil. This new collection was produced by Don Was (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan) and Jacknife Lee (U2, R.E.M.), the pair behind Diamond’s 2014 acclaimed Melody Road.
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Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”
Views 3.1M10 days ago
Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” with updated lyric for safety during Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe out there!
'Hot August Night III' - Out Now!
Views 4.1KYear ago
Enjoy! Available on 2CD/2CD DVD/2CD Blu-ray/Download/Stream -Team Neil
Hot August Night III - Out 8/17/18!
Views 15KYear ago
In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original summer evening at LA's Greek Theatre, 'Hot August Night III' brings Neil back to that fateful stage in 2012 to perform 31 of his greatest hits-out 8/17 on 2CD, 2CD DVD, 2CD Blu-ray, download & streaming! Pre-Order: More info:
Neil Diamond Acoustic Christmas Official Trailer
Views 65K3 years ago
'Acoustic Christmas' is available now in North America and worldwide November 4th. Buy or stream: Vinyl coming Friday, November 18th. The album features new recordings of holiday classics and original songs by Neil. This new collection was produced by Don Was (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan) and Jacknife Lee (U2, R.E.M.), the pair behind Diamond’s 2014 acclaime...
Neil Diamond Returns To Erasmus Hall in Brooklyn, NY
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Pre Order 'Melody Road' on Amazon and get special access to tickets for the Neil Diamond 2015 Tour On September 29, 2014 Neil Diamond Returned to his Erasmus Hall in Brooklyn, NY for a Very Special Performance. Directed and Produced by Possum Hill Follow Neil Diamond: NeilDiamond NeilDiamond NeilDiamond


  • Kath Jones
    Kath Jones 10 minutes ago

    Thanks for taking the time to entertain withe the greatest song ever

  • One2mic Review
    One2mic Review 13 minutes ago

    Alternate lyrics. Verse 1 Where it began, I can’t begin to knowing, But then I know, it’s growing strong. Verse 2. Was in the spring, Then spring became the summer, Who’d have believed, it stayed so long. Prechorus. Hands, Washing Hands Reaching out, Don’t touch me, I won’t touch you Chorus Sweet Caroline, remember times that felt so good. I’ve been inclined, to believe they never could. Verse 3. I look at the night, it’s looking twice as lonely. We fill it up, with only two. Verse 4. And when I hurt, hurting runs off my shoulders, But it really hurts, I can’t hold you.

  • T Hobbs
    T Hobbs 19 minutes ago

    He saved my life when I went to his concert at the Greek Theatre in 1972.

  • idowickedtkd
    idowickedtkd 20 minutes ago

    If you didn’t “bum bum bum” along who even are you

  • Mcleanization
    Mcleanization Hour ago

    Brilliant 👍

  • carefulpilgrim
    carefulpilgrim 2 hours ago

    Thank you Mr. Diamond! May the Lord bless and keep you!

  • ben red
    ben red 2 hours ago Self Quarantine (to the tune of Sweet Caroline) by Joe Vels - with lyrics

  • Daniel Nee Music & Acting

    Great song ❤️👌

  • Suri Shetty
    Suri Shetty 2 hours ago

    Beautiful. God bless.

  • Erik B
    Erik B 2 hours ago

    Great mr Diamond greetings from the netherlands 👍🇳🇱

  • plutosorbitoutthere
    plutosorbitoutthere 3 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Wendy Cragg
    Wendy Cragg 3 hours ago

    Still fantastic x

  • junathan9
    junathan9 4 hours ago

    You are so sweet! Thank you so much Your fan club from Thailand!

  • Ken Heard
    Ken Heard 4 hours ago

    Neil great to see you. I saw you live on the campus of Nichols state university in 1969 in south Louisiana, better known as Harvard on the Bayou. I always loved your music . Things have changed so much from the free and easy years. Those were great years in this country.Peace love and happiness. My friend.

    ANDRES CARRASCO 5 hours ago

    BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank Kempa
    Frank Kempa 6 hours ago

    Thank you Neil! You had me singing along with you. God bless and stay safe! Virtual hugs to you! 👍🏻

  • Bucci
    Bucci 7 hours ago


  • Karen Montoya
    Karen Montoya 7 hours ago

    I’ve always loved your music. God bless

  • rowdyraven2003
    rowdyraven2003 7 hours ago

    Your so beautiful... Thank Y ou..

  • Rob Wille
    Rob Wille 7 hours ago

    Cool song good job. I just watched the movie The Jazz Singer today what a great movie I have seen it well over 30 times

  • Cindy Czornohus
    Cindy Czornohus 7 hours ago

    What a great video from a great performer! Love you Neil Diamond ,your sweet dog and this classic song, changed just slightly for our trying times. I smile every time I hear the original and this time was no exception. ❤️

  • Shawn 'SSDirk' Schultz

    Neil Freaking Diamond ladies and gentlemen....still got it and that iconic voice still singing

  • Carlos Dyer
    Carlos Dyer 8 hours ago

    Thanks! Your still the man !

  • Paul Cavasino
    Paul Cavasino 8 hours ago

    ...❤️GOD Bless You Neil !!!!👍👍💜🇺🇸 Our Family Here in Connecticut Has Loved YOU, & Your Meaningful & Inspirational Music Over the Last 50 YEARS !!!...You’ll ALWAYS.... Be AMAZING,...& Hailed as One Of America’s True Unique TALENTS of All Time / Hall of Fame Greats !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Collin S Bueno
    Collin S Bueno 8 hours ago

    Thank you Neil... With tears in my eyes at 65, from the Mountains of Baja California Gracias Amigo

  • robert gullickson
    robert gullickson 8 hours ago

    Thank you Neil. We love you.

  • Showgirl to Farmgirl

    Thank you, you are a treasure

  • ZetteBones22
    ZetteBones22 8 hours ago

    I ❤️u Neil Diamond!!! Ur the best!

  • stevie six
    stevie six 8 hours ago

    Hahahaha.. Love it. Thank you .

  • mickyunit
    mickyunit 8 hours ago

    Thank you, Neil! 💕💕

  • Serena
    Serena 9 hours ago

    Thank You Neil!! Stay Safe and Healthy!! You sound great!! 🙏😷💙

  • Robert Rodrigurz
    Robert Rodrigurz 9 hours ago

    I love you bro!

  • Charlotte Kuehne
    Charlotte Kuehne 9 hours ago


  • Kristyn Johnson
    Kristyn Johnson 9 hours ago

    Love you!!!

  • Diane M
    Diane M 9 hours ago

    I have always loved you and now I find that I STILL DO LOVE YOU...BLESS YOU

  • Brian Breedlove
    Brian Breedlove 9 hours ago

    Thank you, Mr Diamond!

  • rla26368
    rla26368 9 hours ago

    You’re still wonderful Mr. Diamond. I love this!! Thank you!

  • Hansmeister Schulz
    Hansmeister Schulz 10 hours ago

    Man this guy still has a GREAT voice! Thank you for posting and bringing encouragement to your fans! Blessings and praise Jesus

  • Barry Riches
    Barry Riches 10 hours ago

    God bless you Niel..😀👍

  • Jan Reynolds
    Jan Reynolds 10 hours ago

    Oh my, I just had a flashback of the crush I had on this Diamond. Thank you so much for that voice, talent, and humor during our cabin-fever days. Take care and stay safe. ✌

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams 10 hours ago

    😊 that was sweet

  • Jennifer Schwartz-Owens Thompson

    Smiles2U! 😃& All. 😃 Big Fan... Shout Out!!! for Starlyn Moon.. small Flash-Playerr..she also has a Instagram and Tik Tok. Appreciate Followers.. Please. Many Thanks!!! Starlyn..Mamma Loves You.. SO Much! 😃😘❤👍💐

  • Lynne Smith
    Lynne Smith 10 hours ago

    So good to see you!! Have lots of great memories from your concerts which my daughter and I attended whenever you were close enough for us to go! Love ya!! 💕🥰

  • Lauren Tucci
    Lauren Tucci 10 hours ago

    Thanks Neil, ba ba ba

  • Leone Dolliver
    Leone Dolliver 11 hours ago

    Ah Neil, thank you so much! I’ve always been a great fan! I will do my best to stay stay healthy if you’ll do the same...take care!

  • Tina M Fam
    Tina M Fam 11 hours ago

    I love you Neil!!

  • kim 67
    kim 67 11 hours ago


  • joadhenry
    joadhenry 11 hours ago

    love you man!!!

  • Yvette Bennett
    Yvette Bennett 11 hours ago

    Mr. Diamond, I smiled as soon as you spoke and started singing this song and I am still smiling. Thank you for doing this. ❤

  • Chad Hauntz
    Chad Hauntz 11 hours ago

    Catchiest PSA ever

  • The Nonsense Buffer
    The Nonsense Buffer 11 hours ago

    Awesome, sir 😷👍...

  • Cynthia Williams
    Cynthia Williams 11 hours ago

    You have always been my favorite... You sound the same as I always remembered. I sure have missed your music.

  • Tara J. Fitzgerald
    Tara J. Fitzgerald 11 hours ago

    Awesome 👏 thank you

  • Trace S
    Trace S 11 hours ago

    Ah, that iconic voice. Thank you ♡ needed the chuckle!

  • Shirley Whitelaw
    Shirley Whitelaw 11 hours ago

    Thank you Neil!😍

  • Richard Maunder
    Richard Maunder 11 hours ago

    Thank you. :)

  • Victorious One
    Victorious One 11 hours ago

    Love you Neil from Canada bless you for your music

  • Valerij A. Legasov
    Valerij A. Legasov 12 hours ago

    Nice song, thank you so much! All the best from the Czech republic, God bless...

  • Amy Lumet
    Amy Lumet 12 hours ago

    LOVE YOU TOO, @NEILDIAMOND! YASHER KOACH!! We met at the 1983 Oscars at Sue Mengers’ home at a party for my late father, who was nominated for the Verdict. You were so lovely to my sister and I.. God bless you! CHAG PESACH SAMEACH ❤️

  • Thea Stewart
    Thea Stewart 12 hours ago


  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 12 hours ago

    I saw him at a coffee shop in Heaven one time!

  • calmshore films
    calmshore films 13 hours ago

    Love you neil. Stay well!

  • M M Bourget
    M M Bourget 13 hours ago

    I love him!Always have, thank you

  • Nick j
    Nick j 13 hours ago

    the most stupid human on the planet.

  • Jon Oates
    Jon Oates 13 hours ago

  • F S
    F S 13 hours ago

    It looks as though his guitar has caught fire.

  • Diana Woolnough
    Diana Woolnough 13 hours ago

    Always love this man....Thankyou Neil for thinking of all of us.

  • Jane Meyer
    Jane Meyer 13 hours ago

    Gosh I just love you so much

  • jeremy vandyk
    jeremy vandyk 13 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Charles Shelbourne
    Charles Shelbourne 13 hours ago

    I saw this sung by the couple who rewrote this a few days ago,

  • Jack London
    Jack London 14 hours ago

    Thanks Neil great! And good to see you! God bless you all

  • David Jermy
    David Jermy 14 hours ago

    Thanks Neil. Holly Holy. I played today. Keep well old friend. Thanks for all the great music.

  • BK Binj
    BK Binj 14 hours ago

    Thanks Neil. Now I'll go wash my hands.

  • Steve Bricker
    Steve Bricker 14 hours ago

    Never tire of your tunes!!! I’m a believer..🎶🎶

  • jraoul711
    jraoul711 14 hours ago

    Sweet Neil.... that was gem. A real diamond.

  • Nancy
    Nancy 14 hours ago

    I am so fortunate to have seen him in his last tour, just before his diagnosis. What an amazing performance. He was wonderful and is one of the most gracious and talented performers of all time. Thank you for sharing your music with us once again.

  • Petrus Chingado
    Petrus Chingado 14 hours ago

    Icon Legend Epic..his name is Neil🍷

  • Carol Jordan
    Carol Jordan 14 hours ago


  • bluzshadez
    bluzshadez 14 hours ago

    This is the best version of a parody done by the actual singer! Corona Virus version of a song to the highest level!

  • Sarah-Jane The Person
    Sarah-Jane The Person 15 hours ago


  • G S
    G S 15 hours ago

    You’re a top man 😎👍

  • Jackie Morton
    Jackie Morton 15 hours ago

    We love you Neil! Just as good as ever. Saw you in Vegas MGM in 1999!

  • Tracey Morgan-Willcox
    Tracey Morgan-Willcox 15 hours ago

    Neil Diamond still has a great voice - love it - take care Mr Diamond

  • Bobby Luz
    Bobby Luz 15 hours ago

    Even idols are idiots!! 🤷‍♂️

  • Biff66
    Biff66 15 hours ago

    So good! So good! So good!

  • Chris Slade
    Chris Slade 15 hours ago

    Wonderful version of a great record. What a voice! Thank you for keeping our spirits up in these difficult times Mr D. Take care and stay safe 🙏

  • Toecutter
    Toecutter 15 hours ago

    We love you too Neil!!! 💜

  • Nani T
    Nani T 15 hours ago

    Absolutely fantastic, you gave me so much joy with your music and beautiful voice throughout my life. May God bless you. 🙏

  • Valerie Daryl
    Valerie Daryl 15 hours ago

    Hi Neil! Thank you so much for doing what you can to entertain your fans at this time. It just makes my heart feel so warm to see that! My grandfather (Papa) was your biggest fan. He passed away some years ago now. When I stumbled upon this video I began to reminisce about him. When I shared this video with my mom (his daughter) along with a message that I wished he were here to see Neil reaching out to his fans like this she informed me that today is his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA, wherever you are, and Thanks again for the special experience, Neil! Wishing you health & happiness. Valerie

  • David Wyatt
    David Wyatt 16 hours ago

    We love you Neil... As a mobile DJ this song is still a staple at EVERY event we do. Now I want this version. You da man Mr. Diamond.

  • MJK0703
    MJK0703 16 hours ago

    Thanks, Neil.

  • Eunice Custodio
    Eunice Custodio 16 hours ago


  • Jenny Medina
    Jenny Medina 16 hours ago

    Aww thank you for this🤗

  • Katherine Bopp
    Katherine Bopp 16 hours ago

    LoveYou , thank you.

  • Tracey H
    Tracey H 16 hours ago

    Beautiful Neil, thank you. Greetings from Liverpool, UK. Stay safe ❤

  • Jan S
    Jan S 16 hours ago

    I love thanks!!!

  • Jams Jon
    Jams Jon 16 hours ago

    Hey, creo que ustedes necesitan esto, Espero que te ayude.

  • Tracee Smiddy
    Tracee Smiddy 16 hours ago


  • William Perrigo
    William Perrigo 16 hours ago

    Ducking Awsome! Best song ever! But I am touching you. I’m a Vulcan!