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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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  • Alexander Quijano
    Alexander Quijano 9 seconds ago

    Great now everyone hates America

  • get noob
    get noob 18 seconds ago

    You made an actual video that doew not somehow connect to death or how we can't leave earth and we will die a sad death. Im impressed

  • Nayreel
    Nayreel Minute ago

    You're a bunch of great people. Please continue.

  • Mr.Krabz
    Mr.Krabz 2 minutes ago

    The Drug War is Absolute Garbage. Just an Excuse to expand state power over the individuals choice in consumption. And to fill Prisons with non violent offenders who will unable to get a job with their record. Then they have to rely on state services like food stamps to live instead of being able to be self sufficient. Ttyl Drug war hurts people, The entirety of it is a waste of money. The DEA is a waste of money, prisons should be less full and not full of non violent people. And it will reduce the amount we all pay in taxes, which is theft.

  • Treepalds
    Treepalds 3 minutes ago

    We can Make The "big future" If theres: -No wars -All Human Are Smarts -atheist and Realize the world

  • School for Life
    School for Life 4 minutes ago

    Cut working hours in half, from 8hs per day to 4hs. Same wages, subsidized by the state and financed by higher taxes on the top earners. Humans do not need to work anymore, free time is a gift and should be viewed as such.

  • Zachary Fair
    Zachary Fair 9 minutes ago

    0:01 black holes are the most powerful thing in the universe Thanks: are you sure about that?

  • Lilac The Dragon Girl
    Lilac The Dragon Girl 9 minutes ago

    2:36 Hey, I know someone who can run faster than the speed of sound!

  • Rockk
    Rockk 10 minutes ago

    So most of these problems are for people who are already prone to getting those problems anyway, I've been smoking for 16 years now I have not developed any psychosis or schizophrenia, it's less risky to drive high on weed than to drive drunk, tobacco causes cancer at a much faster rate than marihuana and it doesn't cause intense withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking, most of the problems society has with marihuana would disappear if it was legalized so I don't get what the big deal is to let people smoke weed

  • Headie Drip
    Headie Drip 10 minutes ago

    So is this call of duty world war 3? Lemme be a cell it looks fun.

  • ウチハShisui
    ウチハShisui 10 minutes ago

    Thank you America for making drug problem worst with fuckers lacing drugs with research chemicals or selling them as disguise illicit drugs

  • Jahaziel Maldonado
    Jahaziel Maldonado 11 minutes ago


  • Gino Osses Pellegri
    Gino Osses Pellegri 11 minutes ago

    Thank you for this :)

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 12 minutes ago

    Tank you for this video

  • Shiba inu Master
    Shiba inu Master 17 minutes ago

    I first though about a war using special medicaments and drugs in armored conflicts, so soldiers would be more powerful and feel less pain. But i twas wrong

  • Steffen W.
    Steffen W. 19 minutes ago

    Thank you again for this kind of video.

  • randimation
    randimation 20 minutes ago

    can humans geneticly modefy them selves?

  • nes
    nes 21 minute ago

    It kinda does something... like a lot... but it’s not really in a way that we would expect

  • Amx -KiLlEr-
    Amx -KiLlEr- 22 minutes ago

    And then we have phages

  • Jhonny de Sousa
    Jhonny de Sousa 23 minutes ago

    Thank you for this video 🥰🥰🥰

  • Jhoanna Caraballo
    Jhoanna Caraballo 23 minutes ago

    After this video I called my grandmas...I haven’t feel so happy in a while

  • AtomicMan 1000
    AtomicMan 1000 23 minutes ago

    what would happen if there wasn't a filter ? what are the evidences that there is a filter ?

  • LionsPhil
    LionsPhil 23 minutes ago

    1:08 oh god it's a Möbius question mark

  • 韓國瑜伽老師
    韓國瑜伽老師 23 minutes ago


  • Curtis King
    Curtis King 30 minutes ago

    First that bird at 00:30 had no reason to be that thic and second you make great videos and I appreciate the effort that goes into them 10/10 would reccomend

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 32 minutes ago

    They should change the title to how to become comedian

  • Ma. Cecilia Obligado
    Ma. Cecilia Obligado 34 minutes ago

    Spongebob lives way deeper than you think

  • Chexier
    Chexier 35 minutes ago

    Guns don't kill, science does.

  • Cristiano Strini
    Cristiano Strini 39 minutes ago

    I think nuculear weapons should be used for nuclear energy

  • M B
    M B 41 minute ago

    People are happy While nothing happen to then, after that the dont forget

  • AtomicMan 1000
    AtomicMan 1000 43 minutes ago

    I know a good material to become a tether ! It is the Carbon Nano Tubes ! what do you think so ?

  • FaMaWaRs -
    FaMaWaRs - 43 minutes ago

    Sorry for my horrible english. The effect of echantillon, it's effect of the explosion of all nuclear bombs in your videos on this

  • 江育維
    江育維 45 minutes ago

    the only thing we can do is to wait for anti vaxxers to die off.

  • Ninjaneer
    Ninjaneer 46 minutes ago

    7:19 You say that like human-made journalism is any good.

  • Agustín García
    Agustín García 48 minutes ago

    Bellsprout ❤️

    HİLAL YİĞİT 50 minutes ago

    Its getting hard to have children in normal ways anymore. It is another reason also.

  • Electrobrine
    Electrobrine 50 minutes ago

    Isn't anyone going to mention how after seeing his blinded soldiers tsar Samuel had a heart attack which he died from which can also add to the theme of the video.

  • Squeaky Nigger
    Squeaky Nigger 50 minutes ago

    Don’t show this to Karen.....

  • Lights
    Lights 54 minutes ago

    I wanted to buy one to thanks your work but it is sold out. I am happy people like your products, I'll wait then :)

  • AtomicMan 1000
    AtomicMan 1000 Hour ago

    What is empty made of ? I have been asking this question for a long time.

  • Gaian Symbiote
    Gaian Symbiote Hour ago

    I am that

  • Daniel Uribe Aranda

    Very nice! Thanks

  • Kimmy Cassie
    Kimmy Cassie Hour ago

    I started writing a diary a few months ago and I like how I get to see what happened in each day and sometimes I see things I didn't appreciate before.

  • Sup3rN0va
    Sup3rN0va Hour ago

    Its so mindblowing that such a small black hole can have an explosion radius 3 timer larger than hiroshima bomb

  • Andrew Lainson
    Andrew Lainson Hour ago

    A DMT god once showed me this story several years ago. My mind can now be blow on command. sick.

  • Omeika
    Omeika Hour ago

    “So I’m a god..?” “No, you’re a foetus”

  • GalaxyGuy14
    GalaxyGuy14 Hour ago

    Me: **gets grazed** My immune system: Now this is an avengers level threat.

  • The Last Of Us is here.

    Stop the video at 0:20 And flip your phone 180 This is the earth

  • Rahcle D
    Rahcle D Hour ago

    Man, I fucken love this channel

  • Ruikun Xu
    Ruikun Xu Hour ago

    Summing up the entire video in 3 words: Apes together strong

  • La Osvalda
    La Osvalda Hour ago

    [Happy bark]

  • Alvin Ko
    Alvin Ko Hour ago

    its illegal because we want to tempt the cockroaches to eat the pesticide

  • Argent 2
    Argent 2 Hour ago


  • Mohamed Ameri
    Mohamed Ameri Hour ago

    0:27 Here, the root of your problems sir.

  • James King
    James King Hour ago

    1:40 Tardis cameo!

  • Alexander Cross
    Alexander Cross Hour ago

    This video didn't cure all of my problems instantly, i am now sad.

  • click bate is my dad

    I could listen to him talk about anything and still be grateful!

  • Nichsa 444
    Nichsa 444 Hour ago

    Forget software and hardware very improved to robotic low quality

  • Geleeuw
    Geleeuw Hour ago

    Well it would reflect sunlight

  • Nichsa 444
    Nichsa 444 Hour ago

    Reaper still needed

  • mj santos
    mj santos Hour ago

    Thank you for this video :)

  • sepehr Tabari
    sepehr Tabari Hour ago

    Who got goosebumps?

  • Player Arak
    Player Arak Hour ago


  • Hatice Karataş
    Hatice Karataş Hour ago

    Türkçe çevirisini yapabilir misiniz İngilizcem yetmedi:(

  • michael ekdal
    michael ekdal Hour ago

    The most incredible display of gratitude I ever witnessed was in the Flash-Player videos of Emily Hayward. Her story will break your heart and make you cry, but there is some possibility that it will change your life.

  • Yitong Liu
    Yitong Liu Hour ago

    Hong Kong

  • frostydowns
    frostydowns Hour ago

    "Most people don't eat enough fruit and veg anyway" I feel personally attacked.

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl Hour ago

    Phages : our new superweapon

  • aakansha bhatnagar
    aakansha bhatnagar 2 hours ago

    Aliens are not killing us because they also wanna see how the Kardarshian empire falls

  • Rob Morlan
    Rob Morlan 2 hours ago

    Humanity -the human race; human beings collectively. In most biological respects, humans are like other living organisms. ... Primates-the classification of similar organisms that includes humans, monkeys and apes, and several other kinds of mammals...Monkeys, like humans, tend to modify their movements to act in unison with those around them say researchers. Monkeys unconsciously mimic one another just as humans do says a new study. The most general consideration in evaluating comparisons of animal and human behavior is that a functional basis for the claimed similarity be established. Human and animal behavior is not as different as once believed. In fact, All Earth's Living Organisms, operate in direct correlation to the Biological Imperitive. Evolutionary Biology began with Cosmology, this is where Evolution expands from, Abiotic/Biotic. All humans can ever know, is one side of the coin. The Biotic aspect, yet it is the Abiotic aspect, that is animated - Life!

  • Jailson Cordeiro
    Jailson Cordeiro 2 hours ago

    Your vídeos about personal inteospective are fantastic! Please make more. I am from Brazil

  • 林耿
    林耿 2 hours ago

    Yet the population is still growing! lol.

  • Mage Joshua
    Mage Joshua 2 hours ago

    Thank You

  • Fernando Alatorre
    Fernando Alatorre 2 hours ago

    Just so you know, your translation for the title in Spanish is wrong. ✌

  • Mayuresh Indapurkar
    Mayuresh Indapurkar 2 hours ago

    0:45 The rice analogy wasn’t helpful 😒

  • ManHeimAwesome
    ManHeimAwesome 2 hours ago

    I like the addition of sources sited in real time on the bottom corner of the window. Keep up the great work researching and compiling all this data into easy to digest and visually pleasing videos that anyone can watch and learn. My 7 year daughter and I love this channel. We have both learned a lot since subscribing, big thanks to everyone on the, in a nutshell, (kurzgesagt) team. (Subscribing since before the name change.) 😉

    KCOWMOO 2 hours ago

    it very terrible why we have to live in world run by psychopaths with such guns aimed at each other

  • Brandon Matthew
    Brandon Matthew 2 hours ago

    It'd be really weird if bacteria started becoming immune to phages the moment after humans started using em, then over using em as we do.

  • Nutcracker Sam
    Nutcracker Sam 2 hours ago

    Concequences of gratitude in a nutshell:none

  • try thrusting
    try thrusting 2 hours ago

    The videos get better and better. Keep up the good work in 2020 too!

  • Shitgrinder
    Shitgrinder 2 hours ago

    Nice damage control for gullible morons. Never trust anything associated with funk or state media in general. hurr look at fat bird xDDD

  • Shubham Karkhanis
    Shubham Karkhanis 2 hours ago

    Is this the real life?.....Is this just fantasy?

  • Shadowic_gaming
    Shadowic_gaming 2 hours ago

    I am really starting to think that kurzgesagt is a bird...

  • Dinesh Prasad
    Dinesh Prasad 2 hours ago

    So sad,my hope of being Ant man is vanished now😭😭😭

  • Joe Alineri
    Joe Alineri 2 hours ago

    Great but the pharmaceutical companies will probably never make this treatment mainstream so they can keep selling antibiotics to patients with resistant bacteria. It is more profitable for the companies if there are more people will illnesses...

  • 張博鈞
    張博鈞 2 hours ago

    2:12 Taiwan's flag

  • ChargeCity
    ChargeCity 2 hours ago

    I see Kurzgesagt avoided crediting religion for an individual's development of gratitude... common Kurzg, I know you guys hate religion but it has had a very positive impact of countless lives around the world

  • Armand Bohm
    Armand Bohm 2 hours ago

    Well, Cogito, ergo sum, (Rene Descarte) is maybe not true? maybe

  • Jairo De Jedi
    Jairo De Jedi 2 hours ago

    But what if you already have autism?

  • Andres Henao
    Andres Henao 2 hours ago

    And if the universe acts like a fountain (coming from 2D) expansion produced by only one type of atom.

  • RomiWadaKatsu
    RomiWadaKatsu 3 hours ago

    Other channels: buy our shit to make your life 1000% better! Me: fuck off shills Kurzgesagt: you absolutely don't need this but if you want we made a pretty journal with cool quotes in it Me: SHUT UP AND GIVE IT TO ME

  • Andres Henao
    Andres Henao 3 hours ago

    And the universe rules (forces) come from the 2D (gravity, electromagnetism, Atomic weak force, strong force).

  • Håkon Vestby
    Håkon Vestby 3 hours ago

    Yeah alcohol is more dangerous

  • Tommy TV
    Tommy TV 3 hours ago


  • Samuel Penderbayne
    Samuel Penderbayne 3 hours ago

    please more self-help vis than 1 per year!

  • AlAmer- الأمير

    الحمدلله على نعمه القناعه

  • Havva Ersöyleyen
    Havva Ersöyleyen 3 hours ago

    Not Turkish Subtitle?

  • Tommy TV
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  • Andres Henao
    Andres Henao 3 hours ago

    Search about "Schumann resonances" they speak about earth rotation aceleration And the 4D.