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  • Rahsaan
    Rahsaan Minute ago

    You know this is old when Denzel has his dreads🥺

  • King Element
    King Element Minute ago

    Lmaoo yooo DC straight violated B.Simone. She a good sport tho. Respect.

  • Outlaw Noahhh
    Outlaw Noahhh 4 minutes ago

    This ain't no wildstyle without Conceited cutting the beat but this was still funny asf 😂

  • ggonzalez101010
    ggonzalez101010 4 minutes ago


  • Shay- Shay Mackie
    Shay- Shay Mackie 5 minutes ago

    3:17 (turn ur mouth into a daycare

  • McKeal Lyons
    McKeal Lyons 6 minutes ago

    Royce is literally the most unfunny person to ever be on this show. He took Shawty’s crown

  • John Joel
    John Joel 7 minutes ago

    DC is the type of guy who shows up and you know it’s gonna be fun no matter the motive😂

  • Duane Kroneck
    Duane Kroneck 8 minutes ago

    What the hell is life bro I'm so scared

  • joeynumbas
    joeynumbas 9 minutes ago

    Denzel was mad about Justina comin at him ☠️

  • iSaetanic
    iSaetanic 10 minutes ago


  • Tyler Ayala
    Tyler Ayala 10 minutes ago

    DC the GOAT

  • J.
    J. 11 minutes ago

    Rick James, though!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 12 minutes ago

    Litt lol

  • BourneOnTheCut
    BourneOnTheCut 12 minutes ago

    He looks more like Freddie Gibbs

  • Mr Riderskip
    Mr Riderskip 13 minutes ago

    Commenting for the second time. My comment got automatically deleted.

  • Patience Loredo
    Patience Loredo 13 minutes ago

    "Keep dancing look at your titties move"WTF I'm dead

  • Tina Nick
    Tina Nick 13 minutes ago

    That dance at the end tho

  • Badoskie 1
    Badoskie 1 17 minutes ago

    DC didn't attack the audience today, cause he came prepared 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcel Müller
    Marcel Müller 17 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie Justina was whack, yes I know Denzel is the guest but come on she can do better.

  • Guzzidam
    Guzzidam 17 minutes ago

    Chico been rly agressive recently. Kinda worried

  • Aldrian Valenzuela
    Aldrian Valenzuela 22 minutes ago

    DC just got his own medicine

  • MC LoGiC
    MC LoGiC 27 minutes ago

    #Dc yung fly just still my favorite #MYNIGGA

  • Iv. Zack
    Iv. Zack 28 minutes ago

    Nicks got a fake bandanna on 🤮 supreme never made One

  • unRage
    unRage 29 minutes ago

    0:54 You can see in Denzel's face he was warming up and about to blow, but then he relaxed, cuz feelings might've been hurt.

  • denzel Adjei
    denzel Adjei 30 minutes ago

    This episode was fireee 😂😂🥴

  • Klemen Škoberne
    Klemen Škoberne 30 minutes ago

    I love it when they get together roastin each other

  • Trevor Reed
    Trevor Reed 30 minutes ago

    Bruh DC is a fool foreal

  • denzel Adjei
    denzel Adjei 33 minutes ago

    My boi denzel

    NENE MUCHLOVE PA 34 33 minutes ago

    Dc is a mess lmmfao😄😂😄😂

  • DJ Jacktor
    DJ Jacktor 36 minutes ago

    No one win from DC🔥🔥

  • The AVD
    The AVD 36 minutes ago

    Give me a beat... DJ Big head🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 37 minutes ago

    Bahaha bzzzz zzz

  • xero_ theory
    xero_ theory 38 minutes ago


  • Itz_Just _Sy
    Itz_Just _Sy 41 minute ago

    01:15 had me roll'n when Chico Bean called himself Charlie Murphy then kicked him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Praxedes Mubanga
    Praxedes Mubanga 42 minutes ago

    Y is justina and dc on de same team

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 43 minutes ago

    Denzel went hard

  • Praxedes Mubanga
    Praxedes Mubanga 43 minutes ago

    Justina looking good.

  • Stevisha Campbell
    Stevisha Campbell 46 minutes ago

    Denzel Curry always spittin bars🔥🔥

  • lee ok
    lee ok 46 minutes ago

    The myverse bar was crugers bar vs concited nice bite

  • דביר פרי
    דביר פרי 47 minutes ago

    4:05 I am seriously going that a lot from now

  • JBAuthentic1
    JBAuthentic1 50 minutes ago

    1:26 When ur ex asks if u wanna get back together

  • KoS Music
    KoS Music 50 minutes ago

    All def digital Roast Me is better #Facts

  • JBAuthentic1
    JBAuthentic1 51 minute ago

    When they said Denzel is dope they were talking about Washington 😅

  • JBAuthentic1
    JBAuthentic1 53 minutes ago

    1:50 When ya girl ask do u want some head while u lay down?

  • Luca Dorsay
    Luca Dorsay 54 minutes ago

    Lupe is one the best lyricists ever, but sadly nowadays people don't pay attention to lyrics You don't know what you're missing if you haven't yet heard *Tetsuo and Youth* and *Drogas Wave*

  • Chance Hill
    Chance Hill 57 minutes ago

    Denzel's hair look similar to Medusa's

  • Ah Yessir
    Ah Yessir Hour ago


  • C Stylez Bitch
    C Stylez Bitch Hour ago

    Jess got some lips on her b

  • Demetrie Alger
    Demetrie Alger Hour ago

    Denzel gonna be more successful than all them

  • Snaryou Barney
    Snaryou Barney Hour ago

    Dc be keeping us all entertained, this show would be trash without DC

  • Klk L
    Klk L Hour ago

    *this should be named Dc and Mac get lit*

  • sandia emmanuel
    sandia emmanuel Hour ago

    2:45am dead

  • Tommmyyy
    Tommmyyy Hour ago

    Denzel 🔥

  • the boss list Period Pooh

    Hit man gone

  • Laila Anderson
    Laila Anderson Hour ago

    YOOOOO KARLOUS AT 1:15 lol

  • Kai loves jimin And taemin

    DC's way of delivery makes it 2× funny

  • Itz YaBoiNali
    Itz YaBoiNali Hour ago

    Denzel showed no mercy

  • Jaz Bad Azz
    Jaz Bad Azz Hour ago


  • Jaz Bad Azz
    Jaz Bad Azz Hour ago


    HEYY YOUTUBE Hour ago

    Dc don’t even crack back anymore he’s ass he be getting his ahh flame

  • Swifty Bars
    Swifty Bars Hour ago

    Get dababy on here

  • Derrick Greezy
    Derrick Greezy Hour ago

    3 nigga

  • Leighla Siafa
    Leighla Siafa Hour ago

    I love her rapping

  • desh1oak
    desh1oak Hour ago

    Soon As I Got That Tatoo MF I Got Rich 🔥🔥

  • sarah larew
    sarah larew Hour ago

    something here seems very rehearsed tho...

  • Tracy M
    Tracy M Hour ago

    This title should have been DC and Big Mack going at it...Lol!

  • SpacyRhombus
    SpacyRhombus Hour ago


  • Shut up
    Shut up Hour ago

    Damn they roasted nick cannons brother for the whole game. I can't even imagine how much abuse DC would have given out about his shoes😂😂

  • Izy SZN
    Izy SZN Hour ago

    Justina said: fuck an emotion

  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan Martin Hour ago

    DC has a lame flow since he started his own way of rapping. He is good but won't work long.

  • Austin B
    Austin B Hour ago

    It’s old bc Denzel has dreads in this 😂😂

  • I'll get you Bish

    That Groot line killed me

  • ciano
    ciano Hour ago

    Beat was trash

  • Gokul Ravindran
    Gokul Ravindran Hour ago

    DC always steals the spotlight

  • Zereғ ۵ 『Emρεrσr』

    Denzel Curry is in the anime Carole and Tuesday streaming on Netflix and Hulu watch now!

  • xX2kLegendXx
    xX2kLegendXx Hour ago

    Lol I got pissed how the crowed up played curry like 🙁

  • Carlos Casanova
    Carlos Casanova Hour ago

    R.I.P. Gerald "Buddie" Tiller

  • abdulahi a
    abdulahi a 2 hours ago

    Daniel is hella cool

  • Samuel okunfolami videos

    I'm starting a charity to fund Justina's medical bills after Denzel's brutal assault on her , one like equals one prayer🙏

  • M1R2S
    M1R2S 2 hours ago

    Anyone know where to watch these new episodes?

  • Duong kuac
    Duong kuac 2 hours ago

    JV enough for now thu

  • Stanley St surin
    Stanley St surin 2 hours ago

    Dc is the funniest person on wild n out

  • Shut up
    Shut up 2 hours ago

    Why does chicos beard look like it's been glued on ? 😂

  • AceHi808
    AceHi808 2 hours ago

    Vocals be like lol

  • kabelo
    kabelo 2 hours ago

    i swear Hitman Holla really likes playing AF 😂 😂 😂

  • Rob's Reactions
    Rob's Reactions 2 hours ago

    Bro Desiigner belongs there!

  • Vintage Vontae
    Vintage Vontae 2 hours ago

    Big Mac stepped up

  • sarah larew
    sarah larew 2 hours ago

    Rumours has it, he still aint black!

  • Flush Abesei
    Flush Abesei 2 hours ago

    Wildn'out cast is amazing they are all fun cool and talented

  • Yujin Son
    Yujin Son 2 hours ago

    Why he look like a mountain goat tho😭😂😭😂😭😂

    ONE_IS_A_NUMBER YT 2 hours ago

    Justina is ugly as fuck she look like a fucking granny that sucked a dick

  • Agxrgod
    Agxrgod 2 hours ago

    DC will forever be a legend on this show

  • Timothy Leggett
    Timothy Leggett 2 hours ago

    Do anybody know the name of those shoes Charlie clips have on? 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Thomas Gater
    Thomas Gater 2 hours ago

    B Simone 😍

  • Mrage1976
    Mrage1976 2 hours ago

    I get why they call him big mac. Cuz he look like the grimace from mcds lol no... 😂🤣😂

  • TSM_HYPER 802
    TSM_HYPER 802 2 hours ago

    Why is nick always looking like a genie?

  • TSM_HYPER 802
    TSM_HYPER 802 2 hours ago

    Conceited Patrick’s wasn’t good at all

  • Supi Aulakh
    Supi Aulakh 2 hours ago

    When they threw it in the air Mimi was like “What they lookin’ at?” 🤧💀 love her