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WWE Raw Goes 3:16!
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AEW All Out Predictions
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  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 22 seconds ago

    Ali deserves it.Please don't drop the push right now.

  • q perry
    q perry Minute ago

    WWE paperviews come around too fast!!!! Didn’t even know it was yesterday AEW has the right idea, build a storyline and do a paper-per-view ever two or three months

  • Chuck Chastain
    Chuck Chastain 4 minutes ago

    Will Ronda Rousey return??

  • Bipolar Bear
    Bipolar Bear 5 minutes ago

    Adam how much cocaine did you do to make your nose so red?

  • Kristian179
    Kristian179 5 minutes ago

    heath slater & skittles the perfect tag team!lol

  • Henry R.
    Henry R. 7 minutes ago

    Seth always celebrates that way. It's almost a signature. It's why that spot worked so well.

  • ketxxx1
    ketxxx1 7 minutes ago

    Orton match bored the piss out of me, started talking about football and other wrestling stuff during it.

  • Hawks CjC
    Hawks CjC 13 minutes ago

    The nWo in WWE was destroyed along with Nash's knee

  • Klaus
    Klaus 14 minutes ago

    They’ve to take the title off Kofi soon. Giving it to someone like a Joe or Drew would be perfect as they can easily pull off being a legit and dominant champion better than Kofi and everyone knows they’ve paid their dues.

  • JimmyCalrissian
    JimmyCalrissian 16 minutes ago

    Give Braun a legit reign with A title. ANY title

  • warren smith
    warren smith 16 minutes ago

    Sorry but kofi as champion is becoming unbareable to watch 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • Mark W
    Mark W 18 minutes ago

    Tazz became a commentator because of nagging injuries, get your facts straight

  • rosado360
    rosado360 19 minutes ago

    can we get the bludgeon brothers fsce off against the viking raiders please

  • Chi-town657
    Chi-town657 19 minutes ago

    Fact check: Ambrose didn't request his release. He didn't renew his contract. He worked it until the end. So when he debuted in AEW, wwe couldn't do anything to stop him.

  • Riv era
    Riv era 20 minutes ago

    they should make a list of wrestlers we didn't know are in aew

  • Corey Jason
    Corey Jason 21 minute ago

    I'm so tired of Becky Lynch...

    • JimmyCalrissian
      JimmyCalrissian 14 minutes ago

      Corey Jason last night made me tired of Seth. I was hoping it was Braun’s time. I still like Seth. But I want him to drop the title

  • Jon Turvey
    Jon Turvey 23 minutes ago

    Seen a whole bunch of people trashing Cass, once a coke head always a coke head etc. He's talked about his depression, anxiety & mentioned "Other Things" I have a mental health condition that cause me to have psychotic breaks which are usually triggered by what look like seizures which are actually completely non epileptic. Due to the way the U.S Medical System is run, I HIGHLY doubt he's had a prolonged EEG to test for that & if he didn't want to see a psychiatrist he doesn't have to. I hope now the police escorted him to a Hospital he can be forced to have an evaluation at the very least. After everything I've read over the last couple months I am POSITIVE theres a more serious mental health condition hiding within all this.

  • Gar R
    Gar R 23 minutes ago

    New Day should turn heel and attack Kofi. Have Kofi be all happy he won and sorta kinda ignore the tag title loss. Thus having them attack Kofi out of frustration. There should be another Orton match where they cost Kofi the title. Kofi has a gimmick change so he can be more edgy because he will be booed out of existence if they continue the dumbass pancake shit. That doesn't work when you're the damn champ. Honestly Kofi, Seth, and Lynch need to lose. Today's crowds don't like long title fueds. It's not like the old days, everything has way more exposure so people tire quickly.

  • Freddie Johnson
    Freddie Johnson 23 minutes ago

    The ref should be fined for taking a nap not Becky are we to believe a chair shot to the shoulder is enough to knock a referee out cold for 5 minutes and also did it not occur to anyone backstage to send someone out to check on him rather than wait 5 minutes vfor Becky and Sasha to get back from their mustard break? If anything it makes it look like they don't care about the health of the referees. Then when they did make it back he some how managed to roll out of the ring so they could have it all to themselves because they disturbed his slumber.

  • Jester Gaming
    Jester Gaming 26 minutes ago

    Hey, remember when Baron Corbin's gimmick was that his matches only lasted 20 seconds and the crowd in Full Sail would count the matches down?

  • metal Assassin
    metal Assassin 26 minutes ago

    I have noticed that you guys are wearing "metal" shirts I hope you guys are not posers and really like the bands!

  • ballin302008
    ballin302008 31 minute ago

    So the fiend is getting a title match after one match. That's bullshit

  • Alan Smithee
    Alan Smithee 33 minutes ago

    The Nexus' burial is arguably their own doing. They didn't get permission to trash the ring and everything around it. Vince was furious at them and we know what happens to a push when Vinnie Mac gets furious.

  • Nacht Bogen
    Nacht Bogen 34 minutes ago

    Since randy lost and it was a boring match I dont see how they could justify a hell in a cell match. Now if he won and partnered with the revival to continue to torture Kofi and the new day further until both teams ultimate victory in hell in the cell.

  • Dylan Ogg
    Dylan Ogg 35 minutes ago

    I enjoyed the WWE Championship Match. But looking back on it. Yeah, it was REALLY DAMN SLOW. At least the right guy won.

  • Matthew Raines
    Matthew Raines 38 minutes ago

    The medium dog. I quite like that. Thanks for the shoutout guys!

  • Jimboola
    Jimboola 42 minutes ago

    I like to think Harper was kept in a janitors closet with 'Fake Rowan'. 🤔

  • Wolfe911
    Wolfe911 42 minutes ago

    Becky vs Banks in a chair on a pole on a forklift. Book it for stupidity.

    • Wolfe911
      Wolfe911 26 minutes ago

      @WhiskeyBrewer lol

    • WhiskeyBrewer
      WhiskeyBrewer 30 minutes ago

      Russo would blart into his wank sock in seconds

  • Kamso Nwafor
    Kamso Nwafor 43 minutes ago

    I commented on harper some videos back. I'm glad I was right

  • jtymusic100
    jtymusic100 43 minutes ago


  • anshul akhoury
    anshul akhoury 45 minutes ago

    Simon Miller had mentioned Harper in his booking video for Reigns attacker storyline.

  • Bo Jordan
    Bo Jordan 46 minutes ago

    Its sad people paid so much to go to a live event just to sit there and record it on their phone

    • Michael Cotignola
      Michael Cotignola 15 minutes ago

      Right? People sitting in the front row should be paying attention, not texting.

  • Thud Thorgi
    Thud Thorgi 49 minutes ago

    Randy was more over than Kofi. The crowd boo'd when Seth beat Braun. They boo'd when Kofi won. They boo'd when Becky won. Get the title off all three as fast as possible. They have all over stayed their welcome as champion. I was going to say Bayley but then she actually turned heel and spiced up her character a bit.

  • anil
    anil 50 minutes ago

    Bryan should start Wyatt family again. They can even bring in Strowman. It can then evolve into a storyline of fiend vs bryan for leadership. Lots of potential!

    • Adam Shadows
      Adam Shadows 41 minute ago

      The Wyatt Family gimmick was fun, but it's run it's course. The gimmick needs to stay in the past. Braun, Bryan, and Bray are A LOT better off doing what they're doing now.

  • Adam Sifford
    Adam Sifford 52 minutes ago

    I don't how good you look you can't get but so far with a name like Dolph Ziggler???

  • David Febreeze
    David Febreeze 53 minutes ago

    Your videos are constantly getting worse

  • SAY UNCLE!!!
    SAY UNCLE!!! 54 minutes ago

    The skulls mouth should be agape on that Soyboy Club shirt. It suits you.

  • Ryan Burger
    Ryan Burger 54 minutes ago

    was the fiend yelling " braun" that's what everyone is saying, i think it was "run" ?

  • Alan J. Ramirez
    Alan J. Ramirez 56 minutes ago

    Im bored with Kofi. I want a new smackdown champion.

  • Doc_ Parichay
    Doc_ Parichay 57 minutes ago

    He was heel against punk.we all hated him and loved punk

  • Tatt2ed Bonez Tv
    Tatt2ed Bonez Tv 59 minutes ago

    I missed they show last night. Thank y’all for catching me up!!! New original music uploaded to my channel. Check it out. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • ATK Da Youngin
    ATK Da Youngin 59 minutes ago

    4 am in California and whatculture is still the best Flash-Player channel

  • The Saint
    The Saint Hour ago

    could somebody just assassinate vince and hire some different fucking writers already?

    ULATAN Hour ago

    If Ali impressed the bosses backstage after his match with Elias, I wonder what they thought of Buddy Murphy after he had that great match with Reigns? Oh that’s right, they didn’t watch that week. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Darth Monkey Ballz

    SR: I'm gunna burn it down BS: Get these hands The Fiend: get my slippers I'm gunna put this show to bed boys.......

  • Alexander Vasquez

    Agree with everyone except Finn Balor, think there is a lot in store for him

  • Photography by Liam Anderson

    you know its an amazing match when you literally dont care who wins because theyre just that good. That was me with the last match. What a match!

  • KOS Bebot
    KOS Bebot Hour ago

    Don't be dissing mah boi Randy :(

  • Lexx Röxx
    Lexx Röxx Hour ago

    I was for luke Harper in that match against bray wyatt. I think it was Title match or title shot.. I forget by my god I was impressed with luke Harper in one match

  • o3zero3
    o3zero3 Hour ago

    I guess I'm the only one that knew Luke would show up. Wow!

  • Terentius Brunneis

    So another tag team formed that tag team tournaments looking pretty optional now

  • Kai BuscusHD
    Kai BuscusHD Hour ago

    I wanted Seth to turn heel and go crazy when he lost the title

  • Dashie41
    Dashie41 Hour ago

    Clash of Champions more like Clash of Disappointment

    • Dashie41
      Dashie41 51 minute ago

      @Brycen Edwards nah i didn't like it found it a boring show

    • Brycen Edwards
      Brycen Edwards Hour ago

      I thought it was good.

  • idcWHAT uthink
    idcWHAT uthink Hour ago

    The strowman and Rollins match was actually good but that Kofi Orton match I almost fell asleep to

  • Kai BuscusHD
    Kai BuscusHD Hour ago

    Guys Becky is the WWE2k20 cover star. Right now she has a resistance buff to plot

  • Juice9512
    Juice9512 Hour ago

    The refs ain't worth a shit anyway

  • Mark Lupo
    Mark Lupo Hour ago

    I am not a fan of this new run of using old finishers. Talk about a prime example of the current lack of creativity in WWE.

  • Fer Ach
    Fer Ach Hour ago

    That’s The man I wanted 👏👏

  • Ümit Yatan
    Ümit Yatan Hour ago

    That means sasha is new champion at HİAC unfortunality dammit

  • Thomas Till
    Thomas Till Hour ago

    Who's getting a big "pooosh" soon Andy

  • Mat Demaz
    Mat Demaz Hour ago

    Love that Onslaught shirt!

  • Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    It's a kayfabe fine. Lol. You believe it's a real fine? Haha

  • AJ Mainiac
    AJ Mainiac Hour ago

    These non Simon videos are really rough to watch.

    • JimmyCalrissian
      JimmyCalrissian 15 minutes ago

      Johnny Death Simon has his own channel. It’s not all wrestling news but he has one

    • dragon kunn
      dragon kunn 26 minutes ago

      Exactly bro

    • Johnny Death
      Johnny Death 33 minutes ago

      I know they should give simon his own network

  • SmashbrosGod 111

    Who let the fiend in, Bray

  • nethmal upashantha

    What The ..............???????

  • Game Revolution
    Game Revolution Hour ago

    Harper appearing was so obvious

    • Kevin Nelson
      Kevin Nelson 52 minutes ago

      Mike Bee maybe he does maybe he doesn’t, but half the stuff he guesses right anybody could guess right if you just pay attention. The problem is fans want to believe every bad thing they hear about WWE because of their own bias and the company knows that and use it to their own advantages. Just like the whole Sasha thing. Even though we saw no evidence of her lying on the floor and crying, everybody took it as gospel truth just because some “insider“ said she did. Even when other wrestlers were like that did not happen some fans chose to believe it for some reason. At the end of the day no one knows what those wrestlers are gonna do except for themselves.

    • Mike Bee
      Mike Bee Hour ago

      @Kevin Nelson I mean Meltzer obviously has a lot of inside friends and is right more often than he's wrong by a large margin. We just don't talk about all the times he's right. With that said it's quite obvious that one of those friends purposely worked him and fed him incorrect information just for this reason. You can't account for people you trust lying to you for their boss and to help a story. It happens in this business I guess.

    • Kevin Nelson
      Kevin Nelson Hour ago

      Jc Tejada It was if you don’t believe all the rumors the “insiders” claim are real.

    • Jc Tejada
      Jc Tejada Hour ago

      It wasn't, everybody was expecting danial Bryan to show up

  • Donald Mckinney
    Donald Mckinney Hour ago

    The Randy Kofi match was not bad . Y'all be reaching

    • Larry Jackson
      Larry Jackson 14 minutes ago

      Reaching for the remote control when we see Orton maybe. That match sucked balls.

  • OliverMiller
    OliverMiller Hour ago

    Andys bald head has more spots than the randy kofi match

    • Vinny Mac
      Vinny Mac 17 minutes ago

      Yeah prob should of worn a hat

  • storm
    storm Hour ago

    Poor jobber

  • Raymond Yeung
    Raymond Yeung Hour ago


  • e6otrip
    e6otrip Hour ago


  • Donna Padgett
    Donna Padgett Hour ago

    Good morning!!😊

  • Fatalroadie
    Fatalroadie Hour ago

    Can Phil talk any softer? I had to crank my volume up to hear him then Adam was SCREAMING LOUD compared with Phil

  • Hebikira
    Hebikira Hour ago

    Look what culture, you really have to stop being so spoilery on your thumbnails, I still haven't had the chance of watching clash of champions yet but based on the thumbnail I can see exactly what happend...

    • Freddie Johnson
      Freddie Johnson 53 minutes ago

      @Hebikira I personally don't find it an issue as I know if I haven't seen a show and I don't want to potentially spoil it I won't check my Flash-Player feed just incase something happens to be there you could say the exact same thing about WWEs own Flash-Player channel most of the time.

    • Hebikira
      Hebikira Hour ago

      @Freddie Johnson I understand that belive me I do, you could agree that but you can make a thumbnail that is more vage, thake the thumbnail of culthaolic for example, is tremendously more vage and is still a news outlet.

    • Freddie Johnson
      Freddie Johnson Hour ago

      It's not their fault they are simply reporting on something that has happened they are a news outlet at the end of the day, just in the same way as you would see a spoiler by going on a wrestling news sight, just avoid going on places where you are subscribed to wrestling news.

  • Mitchell Yard
    Mitchell Yard Hour ago

    You really need to stop spoiling the shit in your thumbnails I wake up go on Flash-Player and this is the first thing I see as I look for something to watch quickly before i start watching the pay per view

    • Freddie Johnson
      Freddie Johnson Hour ago

      Don't go on Flash-Player then where you probably watch a lot of wrestling related videos and are possibly going to see spoilers not rocket science

  • ADSpongy
    ADSpongy Hour ago

    All titles on the line but only the tag titles changed hands

  • Manuel Dordic
    Manuel Dordic Hour ago

    Whait when Okada uses the Rainmaker up to 5 times to defeat an opponent.. Thats good stuff? But the stomp looks weak against braun strowman?

  • JBPlaysGames
    JBPlaysGames Hour ago

    "MaTcHeS arE boRING iF rANdY oRTON iS fIGHTing bEcUZ hE dOESNnT dO flIPS And IS TalLer thAn 6Ft" Get these clowns off the screen. Orton is a great wrestler, smooth, makes wrestling look easier than it really is. You bring too much personal feelings into your show, it really ruins it. This is why Simon M gets more views when he presents. Loads better.

  • Sean Mcmillan
    Sean Mcmillan Hour ago

    NJPW , AEW, and IMPACT have the unpredictable element that made so many of us fall in love with wrestling in the '80s and '90s . Best thing about the WWE since they buried the Miz, Bobby Lashley, Ashuka, and Finn Balor is the Fiend

  • christopher houlihan

    The fecking pop the fiend got was crazy Seth your time is up my boy the fiend will end you at hell in the cell

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf Hour ago

    People weren’t annoyed with the Becky and Sasha ending. People are just tired of kofi he’s not a good champion. Without the rest of new day he’s got nothing.

  • Andrew Finlay
    Andrew Finlay Hour ago

    Kofi Orton was really good!!! The match was slow paced cause Orton is a devious psychopath who was playing with his prey

    • jeff wolf
      jeff wolf Hour ago

      Andrew Finlay yeah I like that. He’s old school.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Hour ago

    real combat sport exists just saying

  • Mega Mijit
    Mega Mijit Hour ago


  • TheAdamwalters
    TheAdamwalters Hour ago

    In kayfabe why wouldn’t the wrestlers go on strike with the fiend going round scaring everyone

  • Cristan Medina
    Cristan Medina Hour ago

    I thought that the KotR final was going to be in clash of champions

  • Cristan Medina
    Cristan Medina Hour ago

    That beard is epic

  • Bobby Rivera
    Bobby Rivera 2 hours ago

    Luke Harpers return was great but lets be real, were is he gonna be in a years time? honestly..... :/

  • Joseph Feleppa
    Joseph Feleppa 2 hours ago

    Is Rusev still with the WWE (haven't seen him in months)? If so he should go to NXT.

  • DerHerrDerWinde
    DerHerrDerWinde 2 hours ago

    Is this list a very late aprils fools joke?

  • Nelson CEP
    Nelson CEP 2 hours ago

    Did you seriously say Zayn's current gimmick is "good stuff?" It was good mic work for a singles competitor, this garbage during the IC match was worse than the usual commentary. I actually wanted Michael Cole to drown Sami out.

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Fans don’t know what they want. As soon as a popular babyface gets pushed they start to boo him.

    • He's A Beast He's A Goon He's A mfkn Goblin
      He's A Beast He's A Goon He's A mfkn Goblin 53 minutes ago

      @Freddie Johnson cause they're stupid idiots. WWE is damned rather they listen to fans or not

    • Freddie Johnson
      Freddie Johnson Hour ago

      That's because everyone hates 50/50 booking but at the same time they want everyone to be pushed at the same time and for everyone to get titles because they all deserve it for some reason... Can't understand why everyone is unhappy with that logic myself.

  • The BamaBoy
    The BamaBoy 2 hours ago


  • Derikk Robles
    Derikk Robles 2 hours ago

    Definitely need to get Samoa Joe on this list... The fans are behind him & know what he can do, but WWE doesn't realize what a gem they have with him

  • Josh Creepa
    Josh Creepa 2 hours ago

    Yeah you guys. Tell Simon his opinion is wrong. Nice one.

  • Marshall Campbell
    Marshall Campbell 2 hours ago

    Who’s this Johnie sinns looking geezer

  • Cocheny Sanon
    Cocheny Sanon 2 hours ago

    Here's one: TEST big boot. Good luck kicking out of that one,test basically ripped head off lol.

  • CPowTV707
    CPowTV707 2 hours ago

    If the Fiend loses at Hell in a Cell.... We riot!!!

    • king nikhil
      king nikhil 54 minutes ago

      CPowTV707 he won’t tho let’s be very honest here

  • Steven Brazzell
    Steven Brazzell 2 hours ago

    HHH was the greatest heel of all time

  • Varmando Varuso
    Varmando Varuso 2 hours ago

    Luchasaurus vs Kenny Omega for the aew title would be aewsome!