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  • Jay. PEG
    Jay. PEG 14 minutes ago

    Those same journalists praise Antifa. The real jokers.

  • Zak Maslen
    Zak Maslen 14 minutes ago

    “You break the rock you face the hawk” 😂😭

  • skLaszlo
    skLaszlo 15 minutes ago

    yo wait if I read a book about murder am I 60% more likely to burn a library?

  • Valee _333
    Valee _333 15 minutes ago

    You get 6 loaves of bread

  • LoudWhiteBoy
    LoudWhiteBoy 16 minutes ago

    Carson is so wholesome

  • skLaszlo
    skLaszlo 16 minutes ago

    I interacted with a journalist once and now I'm a fucking loser :(

  • Reggie the bunkler
    Reggie the bunkler 16 minutes ago

    It feels weird to watch Charlie like this, where are his lushous locks?

  • James Davey
    James Davey 17 minutes ago

    I'd also like to mukbang carson

  • azada83
    azada83 17 minutes ago

    Nope. Too much cringe. I'm tapping out.

  • RedTheYiffer Furry Filth & misc stuff

    I imagine Charlie being the cool uncle who's a mess and he inspires you to be a mess too and you respect him a lot but your parents want you to stay away from him.

  • Jun Tipid
    Jun Tipid 22 minutes ago

    They should create an operator that uses the moisture we all just got from this gameplay

  • Businessboi
    Businessboi 23 minutes ago

    It’s not rape it’s surprise sex

  • dank memes for your health

    Almost all of my favorite youtubers in one of my favorite games. Nice.

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 28 minutes ago

    Im taking a shit

  • Alexander Cipher
    Alexander Cipher 29 minutes ago

    I tried to fuck my bed once. It ended a bit too well...

  • Ephixxy
    Ephixxy 30 minutes ago

    My name is bikini bodhi and I defend scummy business practices so I get brownie points from ubishit lmao

  • Yoshi24
    Yoshi24 30 minutes ago

    Can't believe there is so many paid actors, luckily Billy has a massive brain and exterminates them so he doesn't need to pay them.

  • K playz
    K playz 32 minutes ago

    me ask mop: what is 9+10 mop:21? me:you stupid.

  • Vera Chang
    Vera Chang 33 minutes ago


  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 34 minutes ago

    He’s using bicycle lube 😂

  • brisk
    brisk 34 minutes ago

    i fucking love raisin bran

  • Anxzey
    Anxzey 36 minutes ago

    Ur playing with raccoon and yumi

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 36 minutes ago

    “I look like a dork”

  • kr4zyy
    kr4zyy 36 minutes ago

    Beaulo probably died so many times cause everyone was so unpredictable 🤣

  • Altares V.
    Altares V. 37 minutes ago

    *Cuts open patty and proceeds to bleed out* "Mmmmm, medium rare" I'M FUCKING DYING XD

  • Dude0351
    Dude0351 38 minutes ago

    I 100000000000000000000000000% agree and you are friggin hilarious

  • ᏚᴘɛċṭŗєWྂoིʟƒ


  • Xyloceptre
    Xyloceptre 43 minutes ago

    Keanu dominating in R6 seige trending on gaming.. I'm throbbing..

  • Robert H
    Robert H 46 minutes ago

    Best Chef on Flash-Player*

  • Semen Demon
    Semen Demon 47 minutes ago

    When he kills mr pit

  • Dice Highroller
    Dice Highroller 47 minutes ago

    awww poor SMii7Y

  • I am confused
    I am confused 50 minutes ago

    why did this video make me angry ._.

  • Lethal Napkin
    Lethal Napkin 51 minute ago

    wha? this is unranked?

    S3NJIRO 51 minute ago

    I thought he couldn't see blood on twitch

  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck 52 minutes ago

    I guess jamskii didn't win

  • Tico Bitch
    Tico Bitch 55 minutes ago

    I love you :l

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 55 minutes ago

    Not gonna me this job looks fun af

  • NEETmoreAnime
    NEETmoreAnime 58 minutes ago

    Saying "I won" in a team game. xD

  • The Dee Production

    In the end he tried so badly not to laugh whats pretty unusual for him.

  • Seth Bellott
    Seth Bellott Hour ago

    Look at there phones bro

  • Cathy
    Cathy Hour ago

    Sans what are you doing

  • Spotos
    Spotos Hour ago

    Charlie: puts on Snapback Enemy Team: Why do I here boss music?

  • UltimateDuck97
    UltimateDuck97 Hour ago

    Depending on the viewer this is either either a really good video or a really terrible video

  • Onion Boi
    Onion Boi Hour ago

    Ah yes the 3:27am energy of a Cr1t1kal video I subscribed for

  • Tame Doggo
    Tame Doggo Hour ago

    prepare the... *fetus*

  • Pillow
    Pillow Hour ago

    for those who dont know Strange Addictions are fake

  • Kinzie.-
    Kinzie.- Hour ago

    damn charlie you're so fucking good

  • Toxic Audio
    Toxic Audio Hour ago

    Content i never knew I needed

  • Minecraft Chicken Nugget

    He looks like he has Downs syndrome

  • Geno Mars
    Geno Mars Hour ago

    This is a crossover I did not see coming

  • Joe the human
    Joe the human Hour ago

    Its nice to see my favorite youtuber playing my favorite game. Hope you had fun man

  • Businessboi
    Businessboi Hour ago

    1:30 the one dude on the enemy team in casual who won’t die.

  • UnoReverseCard
    UnoReverseCard Hour ago

    Who would win? Buello, sieges best player who is capable to out-gun and out-play any player or A frost mat

  • cenahater5002
    cenahater5002 Hour ago


  • DrSipp
    DrSipp Hour ago

    Billy drives a tundra like the god damned civilized barbarian he is. Good choice, billy

  • The_OG_Zombiekiller

    Really wished they got the audio of Charlie coming back while being left behind.

  • Dokenime
    Dokenime Hour ago

    6:02 I thought they tazed the fucking bobcat

  • John Browning
    John Browning Hour ago

    What a believe all wamen ass cop

  • Magic Potato
    Magic Potato Hour ago

    they should have had godly in this tournament

  • Logan Hawkins
    Logan Hawkins Hour ago

    I don't know man. I mean, while yes, movies and games don't directly cause violence, I would say that they do desensitized some people. I personally don't see the appeal of horror movies, specifically slasher films. The entire plot tends to revolve around the murder of teens and young adults. I feel it romanticizes what can be pretty heinous crimes that actually do happen in real life.

  • 10000 subs with no videos

    Are we forgeting that racooneggs was in this?

  • Debbie Burton
    Debbie Burton Hour ago

    I mean come on in my early 40s and in the Uk.. We were all young teenage girls once and we had crushes.... But that's all it was A CRUSH ...this is obsession it's getting dangerous for everyone involved .. My mom told me the Beatles stopped touring because of this behaviour .....its about time this was dealt with ...stupid people oh an this is a job... So is being a WAG dumb ass females thinking getting married is a fukin job

  • ForEva Maeva
    ForEva Maeva Hour ago

    2:58 um no I think she just realized how bad her entrance was

  • UndyingWar
    UndyingWar Hour ago

    I don't find this very relatable. But I guess that's cuz I've never sat down and read an email from discord...

  • EpicPyle
    EpicPyle Hour ago

    hOoDa mAtH

  • Socxpop
    Socxpop Hour ago

    This interview feels alot like the Eric Andre show

  • Slittrax
    Slittrax Hour ago

    We want more!

  • White Eyed Wolf
    White Eyed Wolf Hour ago

    My feet are wide. Do they come extra wide?

  • Ian_I told you so_ Smith

    Great, my life is completely fucked now.

  • twi57ed
    twi57ed Hour ago

    Goddammit BigMoist got some moves Pog

  • Mechafinch Personal

    Pizza Time lost?? IMPOSSIBLE

  • cedddkkddkk
    cedddkkddkk Hour ago

    Badger and Cr1tikal in one video... oh my loins.

  • White Eyed Wolf
    White Eyed Wolf Hour ago

    Accents aren't cool anymore. At least not after this.

  • Allen Tiu
    Allen Tiu Hour ago

    How bout a little more

  • PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    “Apparently the homeowner has a trap in the bathroom.” oh, don’t you worry. I’ll take care of her.

  • Ç Ř Ø Ņ Č H Man

    i need a team mate like u

  • Dan Lutfi
    Dan Lutfi Hour ago

    Let's make a creepy movie villain who makes finger family videos with eerie subtle changes in content that actually hints at their past crimes

    ZENTRIX Hour ago


  • White Eyed Wolf
    White Eyed Wolf Hour ago

    Prank on the book

  • Sunset Assassin
    Sunset Assassin Hour ago

    Thanos did nothing wrong.

    RED VS BLU Hour ago

    Came for the laughs, but stayed for garo

  • JTH
    JTH 2 hours ago

    lol how did u get to play with these guys

  • FixedKarma
    FixedKarma 2 hours ago

    This is actually really bad as you could make a game that completely bricks your computer or installs a bunch of viruses that like circle jerking each other to the point were your bitcoins are all gone

  • AssRash Daddy
    AssRash Daddy 2 hours ago

    Dude the perverts in the bathroom complaint is about the transgender bathroom situation. Can’t believe you didn’t get that

    THEBRAINLESS ONE 2 hours ago

    Damn. I didnt know he was bald.

  • FinnSalsa
    FinnSalsa 2 hours ago

    Error knife?

  • flatdietsoda
    flatdietsoda 2 hours ago

    I hear anomaly

  • pvp
    pvp 2 hours ago

    Another timedeo's outro?

  • Thicc Magicc
    Thicc Magicc 2 hours ago

    Again with that fuckbubble hairstyle. These guys make me wanna mail my vomit to joe biden

  • FixedKarma
    FixedKarma 2 hours ago

    Anyone realise that the big bulk test at the top of the article said pre-birth to 11 years old *Pre-Birth*

  • High Altitude Reviews

    The way you talk and crack jokes reminds me of Cold Ice off Goon.

  • High Altitude Reviews

    Think about how much this fat fucker much eat to stay that big while working that hard everyday.

  • Naasir Ali
    Naasir Ali 2 hours ago

    Great opening statement can’t wait for the joker movie 🃏🤡

  • Dato Playz
    Dato Playz 2 hours ago

    7:05 SMII7Y!!!

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz 2 hours ago

    "White people."

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin 2 hours ago

    I genuinely appreciate the code leoco reference

  • Felvincc Dy
    Felvincc Dy 2 hours ago

    i feel attacked

  • MrTntsupreme
    MrTntsupreme 2 hours ago

    I'm really enjoying these R6 videos and streams the past few weeks, it's nice to see you've been enjoying it too! Keep up the good stuff!

  • Bugra İnce
    Bugra İnce 2 hours ago

    Helal brom biliyon bu işi

  • Dr.Drama
    Dr.Drama 2 hours ago

    Jameskii was so full of himself saying how they would win. Well there was one thing he didn't anticipate for. The master of sex toy combat baby !