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  • Nam Nguyen Dinh
    Nam Nguyen Dinh 4 hours ago

    how can I insert the Sim card, please guide me detail, tks you.

  • Arjun. v.krishna
    Arjun. v.krishna 7 hours ago

    My phone is honor 5a super phone

  • kill that beat
    kill that beat 8 hours ago

    Oh God this guy is so boring

  • Iconic_Sneaky
    Iconic_Sneaky 8 hours ago

    How good is the bass?

  • Junni June
    Junni June 9 hours ago

    When does it come out for phones?

  • tony Gunk
    tony Gunk 10 hours ago

    I have a pair but my eyes are so bad they don’t really work, but oddly when my contacts are in things seem to be more clear

  • F B I
    F B I 10 hours ago

    watching this on my macbook

  • Helga.
    Helga. 10 hours ago

    Two years ago MPOW were the only earbuds of this kind on the market and they were selling for around $250 AU, but they had sound drop outs which were a real problem. So it amazes me how much better and cheaper they are today. Thanks for the review.

  • Vortex oof
    Vortex oof 12 hours ago

    Mine aren't charging help

  • Vinaphim
    Vinaphim 14 hours ago

    Are the leds blinking after paired with smartphone?

  • dont know
    dont know 16 hours ago

    Which coloue is good grey or purple?

  • Adil Qureshi Adil Qureshi

    Salam pls ans me as soon as possible

  • Adil Qureshi Adil Qureshi

    Hw i can ios in my macbook i have installed window7 pls help me how i installed ios in my macbook

  • Adil Qureshi Adil Qureshi

    Pls help me

  • Adil Qureshi Adil Qureshi

    I have this laptop and installed window7.... How can i installed ios in my macbook

  • memories
    memories 17 hours ago

    I'm going to get this tablet for free by doing points .I'm so glad

  • Vinaphim
    Vinaphim 18 hours ago

    Are the leds flashing while wearing (after paired with phone) ?

  • X N A Z F E U X NZF
    X N A Z F E U X NZF 22 hours ago

    Plse can you buy this scoot for me ? 😍

  • Emil Leo Ereno
    Emil Leo Ereno 23 hours ago

    How can I connect the projector through my phone and it does require a bluetooth connection ?

  • Håkan Rohdin
    Håkan Rohdin Day ago

    Android GO is dead in the water with even low-end phones are able to run the normal version of Android rather well. Other options such as Kai OS will be able to better serve the $20-30 feature phones still popular in very poor nations.

  • hector jimenez

    Can you sell me you're tf card with the images on it?

  • adriaan van harrick

    OSReviews I wonder how they got that done, put the same chipset on these that Apple uses itself?

  • Ignacio de Jourdan

    Anyone knows if it´s possible to connect a handy camera or apple tv with HDMI wire? Or another hologram fan, Thanks!!

  • RustyBricks
    RustyBricks Day ago

    Just got a pair for ten bucks on Amazon, it remains to be seen of it’s actually the same product reviewed here lol. Great review thanks

  • Wes Mason
    Wes Mason Day ago

    You never covered using a SD card with it ..

  • David Jones
    David Jones Day ago

    remember kids to turn off remote assistance before you connect your laptop to the internet for the first time when you get a new computer cause Microsoft wants you to get hacked by default

  • Rosario Lara
    Rosario Lara Day ago

    I purchased this from amazon, as well as a 128 micro sd card and I am having trouble with format, it is asking to format the sd card, I go to settings, format, delete, and it only lasts 2 seconds and it returns me to the settings menu, when I return to take image or video, it doesn’t let me it is asking for the same thing to format, please help

  • Eduardo Galindo Mancera

    Sabes donde puedo consegir un disco duro de ese modelo mas o menos cuanto vale ?

  • Steve Burman
    Steve Burman Day ago

    Mars attack watch gives the wrong blood pressure why is that

  • tegf4
    tegf4 Day ago

    The back looks just like alldocube

  • MrMan
    MrMan Day ago

    Straight to the point....well done review

  • Ari
    Ari Day ago

    My mom recently got me one of these for $16, and I would really recommended it. You can still access Flash-Player and the internet, and it's pretty fast. Don't expect it to be this amazing thing, though, because it's really cheap. Also, whenever I go on Flash-Player with it and go into full screen mode, it goes into landscape mode, and I do in fact have access to an app store. Maybe they updated it, I guess. Just don't buy a feature flip phone when you want a smart touch screen phone.

  • victor lim
    victor lim Day ago

    can you use each earbuds alone?

  • rets mej
    rets mej Day ago

    nice !

  • Topher's channel

    How about for mate 20 pro?

  • tunisian yoyoer

    After 3 or 4 months of usage are they still working properly?

  • 배중
    배중 Day ago

    can i rename it??

  • Solve Everything

    2W laser means no metal engraving?

  • giulia iorizzo

    Come si usa questo caricatore x il telefono grande?

  • Thangavelu P124

    Can i play the 5

  • Svemir Gorin
    Svemir Gorin 2 days ago

    I have inserted a sim card. Now the screen is showing "Enter sim pin" but I can't write the pin code because I don't have any numeric keyboard on the screen?

    • Yasser Mkhlalati
      Yasser Mkhlalati 21 hour ago

      I had the same issue but I cancelled the pin code from the sim card so now it doesn't ask for any pin code but it still doesn't detect the sim card !! did anyone worked for him/her ?

  • rackmanager
    rackmanager 2 days ago

    Do you mean that i can print out when i am out of home remotely to this mini printer ?

  • AquaFresh48
    AquaFresh48 2 days ago

    The PSP is a older system but it aged well started back playing mines a few days ago.

  • Harpreet kaur Preet kaur

    koi faieda nahi kush nahi hoga is it fake supervision 😂😂😂😂😂 bohat use kita kug v result nahi ayayaaa bakvas hai supervision😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Adem Akbulut
    Adem Akbulut 2 days ago

    You are very speaking. Bored me.

  • Eros Tovar
    Eros Tovar 2 days ago

    I love this phone

  • HueJackCity66
    HueJackCity66 2 days ago

    Do they have a speaker integrated? Real BC ear phones do not have a built in speaker.

  • richard entwistle
    richard entwistle 2 days ago

    JUNK Customer service is non existent. User manual tells nothing.

  • jay coombs
    jay coombs 2 days ago

    Works better than the one I paid 2 bills for.


    The thing that annoys me is that they never say the price

  • Sukh-E
    Sukh-E 2 days ago

    Airview is i am missing on my note10 plus

    ASHA DAWANI 2 days ago

    Nostalgia man...touchscreens were rare when it came..shortly after its launch my father bought it....we were so excited it was first touchscreen in our home ..damn man damn..

  • Unfinished Love
    Unfinished Love 2 days ago

    How to used this fucking watch 😣😣😣😣😣 I don't understand

  • Sharif Hoshain
    Sharif Hoshain 2 days ago

    I bought it from them quality and product price was good than others also their cooperation was so good. eeeboxbd.com/product/headphone-in-ear-huawei/

  • Ravi Nai
    Ravi Nai 2 days ago

    Vivo v5 supported yes. No

  • Cameron Clan
    Cameron Clan 2 days ago

    I don’t know what’s going on here but you can’t get these anywhere not Amazon, eBay nowhere!!! !! ??

  • Cameron Clan
    Cameron Clan 2 days ago

    This is no longer available onAmazon!!!

  • m .r.b
    m .r.b 2 days ago

    Just ordered this and an audio extractor with multiple HDMI ports and an optical out so my home theater hooks up to it and all my gaming systems. (Wii-U, Xbox One S, PS4). Next up is the grey paint with the Kilz undercoating. Going to be epic for Walking Dead @ 100 inches lol

  • dont know
    dont know 3 days ago

    It available for 15$ on aliexpress

  • The Secret Clasher
    The Secret Clasher 3 days ago

    2 dislike are from people who like base not acid (pH 1)

  • GrTimeKiller af
    GrTimeKiller af 3 days ago

    But can it receive notifications from Fb if connected with mobile?

  • Sharif Hoshain
    Sharif Hoshain 3 days ago

    bought it from them eeeboxbd.com/product/mi-headphone-in-ear-hi-fi-stereo-headphones-hd/

  • MBVD Channel
    MBVD Channel 3 days ago

    is it a big difference comparing to Bluedio earbuds, when it comes to audio quality?

  • MBVD Channel
    MBVD Channel 3 days ago

    Hi, Which would you choose: Hi Hurricane or T-Elf? And why? Thanks :)

  • Bill Zardus
    Bill Zardus 3 days ago

    The only bad thing about this radio was that the door to remove the battery was too hard to open without breaking it. I broke 2 radios before I decided to wrap some reinforced tape around the door that would allow me to pull my makeshift (tape)tab to replace the battery.

  • 509g1
    509g1 3 days ago

    If u have a waterproof title show the waterproof test !!

  • TheLifeofaTallKid
    TheLifeofaTallKid 3 days ago

    if i got this today, through MetroPCS or Tmobile would it work, for basic texting an calling?

    • Marcus Harris
      Marcus Harris 7 hours ago

      Yes it would, but it the specs are several years old as long with the software. But overall it will work

    WARDA KIRAN 3 days ago

    Reset option or language change option?

  • Qixg
    Qixg 3 days ago

    Why does drevno and e element have same logo ?

  • PandawdyBob
    PandawdyBob 3 days ago

    It doesn't look very steady when flying.

  • lebnani trabilssi
    lebnani trabilssi 3 days ago

    What the fuck men stupid 🤣🤣🖕

  • Simon Dearing
    Simon Dearing 3 days ago

    This looks almost identical to the remote for my Bose soundbase. Love your videos, thanks for taking the time to make them.

  • Anything Under The Sun

    does it support rtsp?

    • Dkyrtata
      Dkyrtata 3 days ago

      I don't know, but it is probably irrelevant now since the server the camera relies on is no longer operational. Don't buy this camera at this time

  • Roman Mbwasi
    Roman Mbwasi 3 days ago

    These things encode data into sound and send it down a normal telephone line through audio pretty much, so those are not antenna they are speakers and microphones that "speak" and "listen".

  • Sayed Ayaan
    Sayed Ayaan 3 days ago

    Super super super phone please launch Sony ericsson phones

  • Anidn Menoscwicz
    Anidn Menoscwicz 3 days ago

    6:38 There was a Java version of Google Maps that would use the coords it got from nearby cell towers to approximate your location to surprising accuracy. Don't ask why I'm here in 2019.

  • loccohoney
    loccohoney 3 days ago

    Haylou gt1 is tinier

  • iAmNumberONE
    iAmNumberONE 3 days ago

    Watching this video when it's 4 months old I hope you've cut your nails by now

  • mudasir ali
    mudasir ali 4 days ago

    How to increase volume

  • odsuren surendorj
    odsuren surendorj 4 days ago

    How to use 2 speakers at the same time?

  • rulljulius58
    rulljulius58 4 days ago

    have you encounter intermittent connection like t5,t3 and t8? .

  • Sk1kel YT
    Sk1kel YT 4 days ago

    Hey can u answer ? I have problem my meizu m6 note showing tochs how can i hide them ? The toches shows always

  • Arriaga Two
    Arriaga Two 4 days ago

    Nice bezel

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    Can u set it to your wifi and view away from house

    • Dkyrtata
      Dkyrtata 3 days ago

      Not anymore unless that server the camera relies on is brought back online. After three weeks... nothing

  • Md Shah Alam
    Md Shah Alam 4 days ago

    how to buy this from bangladesh please help me sir

  • Tech D
    Tech D 4 days ago

    where we download

  • shaku kariappa
    shaku kariappa 4 days ago

    i have ordered the above glass and received the same but instruction slip not found . to use this please arrange to send the instruction slip, if i called for 9248001238 no response

  • Domthedominator7
    Domthedominator7 4 days ago

    QUANTUM! Dah dah dah LEAP! That takes me back lol

    • Kymera Slayer
      Kymera Slayer 3 days ago

      Oh man! just found mine in the basement the other day, gonna see if i can hack it or upgrade!

  • Willette Ballard
    Willette Ballard 4 days ago

    Cat's love it. If you want to keep them busy, get one of these. If you position it the right way, it does run well inside the ball unlike what this demonstration shows.

  • AKIS A.
    AKIS A. 4 days ago

    What's the difference between i12 and i500?

    • AKIS A.
      AKIS A. Day ago

      @First Name, Surname Damn, i12 has black colour but i500 cannot find them in black. Thank you for your time.

    • First Name, Surname
      First Name, Surname Day ago

      AKIS A. i500 is a better clone to the AirPods, the i500 are almost the same to the AirPods

    • AKIS A.
      AKIS A. 4 days ago

      Anonymous Techie thank you for your comment.

    • Anonymous Techie
      Anonymous Techie 4 days ago

      The i500 is a better clone than the i12. The i500 automatically pauses the music when you remove them from your ears, like the real AirPods, which the i12 doesn't have. The i500 also has wireless charging by default, and even says made by Apple in California on the case (which the i12 lacks). But the i12 is cheaper in price

  • Alejandro Dominguez

    When opening the case, will the iPhone show a prompt with battery life? Also, if you take one out, will it pause the media?

    • Alexis Alexander
      Alexis Alexander 5 hours ago

      @Saul Lopez Those are two different people, they just both have green pfp

    • Saul Lopez
      Saul Lopez 7 hours ago

      z0nE_ Cboat wait you purchased them even after you think they are “a joke”

    • Alexis Alexander
      Alexis Alexander 12 hours ago

      @z0nE_ Cboat I did watch Unbox's video already. This is not the same buds btw anyway, this is a cheaper version, but yea I know what they are. Also I wasn't replying to you, but okay

    • z0nE_ Cboat
      z0nE_ Cboat 21 hour ago

      Alexis Alexander I purchased them just haven’t received them yet. Look at Unbox Therapy’s video.

    • Alexis Alexander
      Alexis Alexander Day ago

      @VrazorwolfV Did you buy it? Can you prove that?

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 4 days ago

    I carry these things around a lot at school. Music is free and downloadable , no WiFi required for listening. Battery life I amazing, lasts about 2 and a half days for me. I’ve had a San disk MP3 player for 4 years 🤠

  • Verter Robot
    Verter Robot 4 days ago

    Bla bla bla bla... about nothing. Dislike.

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 4 days ago

    My earbuds didn’t came with that huge remote or I didn’t notice and I threw it to the trash 0_0

  • John Whittaker
    John Whittaker 4 days ago

    How do you add minutes? Buy the card and then?

  • Michel Dumoulin
    Michel Dumoulin 4 days ago

    Does it have access to phone calls or texts ?? Does it vibrate when someone calls or texts ??

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier 4 days ago

    Great review. But I expected more of this product

  • bang ped
    bang ped 5 days ago

    It's should still worth it ?????

  • or yochanan
    or yochanan 5 days ago

    This product is a giant flop, and unfortunately I'm one of the suckers that bought it. The buds will not connect properly! Only a single bud is available at a time. It took them over 2 months (from date of payment) to deliver a faulty product, the online reviews are just a part of a marketing campaign, don't be fooled. They released a flawed product for a high price.

  • Gabriel Chiriac
    Gabriel Chiriac 5 days ago

    Hi. I got a problem with the camera and i don't know what cause it. I connected it to my wifi router but when i leave the area of my wifi signal i can't see it, It just stays on reboot. when i connect my phone back again to my router it works. Anyone can help?