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$2 Street Food In Japan
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  • Chiara Fernandes
    Chiara Fernandes 5 seconds ago

    Pepsi or Coke?

  • Hibanuh
    Hibanuh 25 seconds ago

    i thought my madden mobile was still open to realize that was the background music of the video

  • me and the bois !
    me and the bois ! Minute ago

    Just imagine what Google answers were to all the question It CaNCeR

  • pervy sage
    pervy sage Minute ago

    11:53 you can hear the suffering in his voice

  • Lunch
    Lunch Minute ago

    Jackson is a sweetheart. I would not be disappointed if he came on the show more often

  • ThrowingPorcupines
    ThrowingPorcupines Minute ago

    My Japanese class made a teacher cry during a test and we were just I bad class like 4 people didn’t talk every class they quit that year and like half the class didn’t care

  • Kate B
    Kate B Minute ago

    Good on you, Jackson. You're an excellent co-host. Now the Worth It boys should go to Jackson's home town and do an episode from there!

  • Mhai Cabujat
    Mhai Cabujat Minute ago

    Petition to have Jackson as a permanent Worth It host with Andrew and Steven 😁😁😁

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 minutes ago

    next time do Ever have I ever with asain parents ( have you ever got a F)

  • Wild Willy
    Wild Willy 2 minutes ago

    Burgers episode guys have class.

  • Melix q
    Melix q 2 minutes ago

    i dont like the wendy girl i watched her also doing it with fries and she just thinks wendys the best

  • Swat Kats
    Swat Kats 2 minutes ago

    His make a wish is 25 bone burger? Well maybe he drank some chemicals his parents left out when he was a baby.

  • Simbaholic
    Simbaholic 3 minutes ago

    My boomer parents put off planning/deciding until the last minute all the time lol.

  • Abbey Thompson
    Abbey Thompson 3 minutes ago

    I was scared I would pass out but I did it anyway My reason was - why can’t I find love My story was - I was a young peasant women who worked in a castle. I had many boyfriends but all had broken my heart. One I thought I loved and he gave me a child. The only way he would stay with me is if I had taken a expensive vase from the queen. I ended up taking it but when I got back he had taken my child and had taken the vase himself alerting the king. The king let me go but I was in great Depression. Few years later I met another man this one was abusive and somehow gotten me into trouble I had a knife in one hand and hair in the other (I don’t know why) I was taken to the court yard and they cut my head off. What I took from this story is don’t force love or relationships it will come in time. Also don’t let men take advantage of me.

  • farshad4442
    farshad4442 3 minutes ago

    When you forget you where invited to a party and ate before hand.... Now your trying to get hungry again as not to be rude and eat.... Yeah that's me right now

  • DotAuri
    DotAuri 4 minutes ago

    lol this guy just came on asa guest to roast adam LMAO

  • Catulum
    Catulum 4 minutes ago

    The women: Giorno My mind: *G I O V A N N A*

  • Manu Noel
    Manu Noel 4 minutes ago

    :') I only eat the breast because I hate the sight of blood and veins in my meat

  • Mercury
    Mercury 4 minutes ago

    I main R.O.B, and yes we exist.

  • Jon Cole
    Jon Cole 4 minutes ago

    jackson is a king

  • ღ Your Bias ღ
    ღ Your Bias ღ 4 minutes ago

    Watching this as a homeschooler to see what a "normal" life is 😂😂

    • ღ Your Bias ღ
      ღ Your Bias ღ 2 minutes ago

      Though what I find interesting is that Darcy is 19 and lives on campus in high school, it sounds like college to me honestly 😅

  • Stylish Afro
    Stylish Afro 4 minutes ago

    U need to do grilled cheese

  • Corbyn Ling
    Corbyn Ling 5 minutes ago

    $ fried rice vs $$$ fried rice

  • Happy_Healthy_Jenny
    Happy_Healthy_Jenny 5 minutes ago

    Now I want a cheeseburger 😭🍔

  • Daniel Song
    Daniel Song 5 minutes ago

    10:43 I was born in 2005 and Ive watched twilight zone

  • MCMVPVP Gaming
    MCMVPVP Gaming 5 minutes ago

    I’m so hurt 😭 these shoes are fire

  • Zoie Najera
    Zoie Najera 5 minutes ago

    Is it just me or when they put Aussies in these videos it reminds me of h20just addwater

  • Mike Doug
    Mike Doug 6 minutes ago

    does jackson like have cancer or soemthing? im confused

  • Victor Abraham
    Victor Abraham 6 minutes ago

    The fact that I can't afford either of them makes me sad about life 😭

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray 6 minutes ago

    Mimi was the most honest.... Cassandra is a damn haterrrrrrrrr

  • UCW
    UCW 6 minutes ago

    Jackson is local to us. I don't know if you guys can reach out to the family or not, but our shop does a bunch of stuff for local kids. We'd love the chance to build up a nice little gaming rig for him. Let us know if that's a possibility!

  • Magdalena
    Magdalena 7 minutes ago

    So french he sounds chinese?

  • T- 800
    T- 800 7 minutes ago

    The PTSD from rdj is so realistic, I've been traumatized in my life and sometime when people talk about the thing that happened to me I do start to get that panicked feeling

  • forallsenses
    forallsenses 7 minutes ago

    They were so nice and kind to Jackson! 🤗💖

  • Catherine Erwin
    Catherine Erwin 8 minutes ago

    These people are daft. They're cringeworthy, makes me embarrassed to be an American...

  • Da awesome world of chinelo

    Why does the guy who is like 36 so loud

  • wawawho18_adventures
    wawawho18_adventures 9 minutes ago

    damn can u put me on the show?!?!? the first burger looks good!!! the last one too much sauce..take the sauce i think it be better!

  • a.p _5_
    a.p _5_ 10 minutes ago

    bruh they didnt even go 90° down

  • Spencer Arthurs
    Spencer Arthurs 10 minutes ago

    Your supposed to set the sugar cube on fire and let it drip into the drink bohemian style

  • Anthony Campbell
    Anthony Campbell 10 minutes ago

    The kids all seemed to have pre combed hair. That's cheating in my books lol

  • Gacha_Pixel
    Gacha_Pixel 10 minutes ago

    I want Kyra and Brent to have a yt channel

  • sergey popov
    sergey popov 11 minutes ago

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  • Freditasium
    Freditasium 12 minutes ago

    They want to polute the world to regulate air. We don’t even know who they is.

  • McKayla Johnson
    McKayla Johnson 12 minutes ago

    I think a yawned with out my mouth opened

  • StoB iT BtS T-T
    StoB iT BtS T-T 12 minutes ago

    I love roll ups

  • tannercollins9863
    tannercollins9863 12 minutes ago

    I've seen the french chef on chefs table or some other Netflix show cant remember.

  • Lil lntro Vert
    Lil lntro Vert 12 minutes ago

    *Reads Title* Me: Finally, something I can afford.

  • Maura Glavez Guerra
    Maura Glavez Guerra 13 minutes ago

    in pre k me and my bff at the time made a meaning to the middle finger "hey bestie! looking cute" and we got caught and in trouble by the teacher at the circle

    TWO TEEN 13 minutes ago

    to all who wants to know red's ig, it's 'redjoker2418'. *_thank me later_*

  • Mason 2Saucy
    Mason 2Saucy 13 minutes ago

    Rip juice wrld ❤️😢😭

  • Fred Star
    Fred Star 13 minutes ago

    That french dude was on feast mansion

  • Vicente Licea
    Vicente Licea 13 minutes ago


    NORAA RAKRAS 13 minutes ago

    Who else thought he said “we eat our burgers with a fuckn’ knife” in a French accent

  • RV Vlogs
    RV Vlogs 13 minutes ago

    Wendy’s girl would say this papers too thin

  • Luke McDonald
    Luke McDonald 13 minutes ago

    And why is the Wendy girl complaining about these other restaurants frys like ain’t no body go to Wendy’s

  • jared engh
    jared engh 14 minutes ago

    I love this video Is this real does he eat this

  • Jr Martinez
    Jr Martinez 14 minutes ago

    They are all black thats no fair to mexicans and whites

  • MrRedsymba
    MrRedsymba 14 minutes ago

    I've never had an overdose of cuteness like that in my life

  • Dominic Francis
    Dominic Francis 14 minutes ago

    I can imagine them interrogating shawn with a lamp over his head. 1:53 "what makes a good burger"? "Why are using the grill"?

  • Jo Rich
    Jo Rich 14 minutes ago

    Wow this is wholesome 🤗

  • MushyBurger
    MushyBurger 15 minutes ago


  • thisisjon
    thisisjon 15 minutes ago

    Fun one. Good stuff guys

  • Luke McDonald
    Luke McDonald 15 minutes ago

    Who’s here after the burger video

  • Nahim Tromp
    Nahim Tromp 16 minutes ago

    Thumbnail made me click so fast...

  • Teddy’s Weird world
    Teddy’s Weird world 16 minutes ago

    I’m from Ho Chi Minh City

  • Chaiya Oyebode
    Chaiya Oyebode 16 minutes ago

    Of course the Chick fil A girl gave everyone a high score 😭😭

  • the me
    the me 16 minutes ago

    Didn't notice how important hair is till now

  • The Lady Physicist
    The Lady Physicist 16 minutes ago

    Jackson = a younger Steven

  • Mariam Saye
    Mariam Saye 17 minutes ago

    Every bully should apologize like this

  • Margaret Richman
    Margaret Richman 18 minutes ago

    Jackson was just the cutest. His comments were well thought out and really added something to the show. I agree with all the other people that said Jackson should come back and visit again!

  • Preena Ram Moorthy
    Preena Ram Moorthy 18 minutes ago

    *The strawberry is a very fresh strawberry flavour* Hahahhaha

  • Aaron Howell
    Aaron Howell 18 minutes ago

    My Christian friends tell me animals don't have souls

  • shots2
    shots2 18 minutes ago

    and what does the 223 mean

  • Sharon Spurling
    Sharon Spurling 18 minutes ago

    i always have this at practice (gymnastics) and people always ask why i’m freaking out and tearing up and panicking but i’m to scared to tell them that i have severe anxiety because their gonna think it’s a excuse.

  • Kara
    Kara 18 minutes ago

    I sing along to the theme song every single time

  • NeverBoardofGaming
    NeverBoardofGaming 18 minutes ago

    Guest episodes are awesome!

  • SuperJeremy
    SuperJeremy 19 minutes ago

    This video makes me hungry

  • Newimvuu Imvu
    Newimvuu Imvu 20 minutes ago

    Can someone slap the Wendy's girl already like girl you judging the damn burger before trying the damn thing

  • RJiwatram
    RJiwatram 20 minutes ago

    I went to a french burger restaurant that opened up near my place. Ordered what I thought was a standard fare burger just as a baseline on what to expect. My first bite I started laughing out loud. What I didn’t expect was a burger reinterpreted through the lens of french cuisine. It was a really good burger, but at the same time it wasn’t anything you’d expect till you tried it. And yes, it was the sauce that made it extra special. I enjoy experiences like this where you take a standard well known dish and really good chefs can reinterpret it through a cultural lens and make something different yet familiar and satisfying.

  • Teddy’s Weird world
    Teddy’s Weird world 20 minutes ago

    FELLOW Vietnamese people

  • Ericka Garcia
    Ericka Garcia 20 minutes ago

    The Wendy’s worker tho like shut the FREAK UP 🤬

  • kiwi kiwi
    kiwi kiwi 20 minutes ago

    Zues fine as all hell though

  • Röçk
    Röçk 21 minute ago

    Hot dog better

  • Ivan Cantu
    Ivan Cantu 21 minute ago

    It’s New Jersey and then New Hampshire

  • Kanon Hinson
    Kanon Hinson 21 minute ago

    2015 eugene hair is such a throwback😂

  • RV Vlogs
    RV Vlogs 21 minute ago

    The Wendy’s girl would complain that the fries taste “fried”.

  • Tuff181 Minecraft
    Tuff181 Minecraft 22 minutes ago

    Where are the draginflies

  • dane brass
    dane brass 22 minutes ago

    Oh libtard media

  • bo10029094
    bo10029094 22 minutes ago

    Can you guys do a worth it on $5 blow job vs $500 blow job

  • Casey Fowler
    Casey Fowler 22 minutes ago

    I think black people just want to take credit for everything even if it isn't true

  • Gio R
    Gio R 22 minutes ago

    The USA one is a walk in the park and the Korean one is not that different from mine in Italy years ago.. i started at 7:45 until 14 with just 15 mins break and then in the afternoon sport/english classes and homework. I used to study until late too, it all depends on the student and how much they care about their grades, nothing too terrifying 😅

  • Canasian Thao
    Canasian Thao 22 minutes ago

    Russian understand this CYKA BLAYT

  • Paula Gomez
    Paula Gomez 22 minutes ago

    K but I want someone to fund ME for 5 years

    TWO TEEN 22 minutes ago

    Red is soooo hot urgh

  • 7he_K1ng
    7he_K1ng 23 minutes ago

    9:57 Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Adrina Chavez Rose marie
    Adrina Chavez Rose marie 24 minutes ago


  • MajorConnizzle
    MajorConnizzle 24 minutes ago

    "fork and knife" ... "FORK and knife"

  • Warrou
    Warrou 24 minutes ago

    Jesus just have Jackson and Steven, have Adam and Andrew can be camera crew.

  • S C
    S C 24 minutes ago

    Steven and Guest host Jackson had such Big bro , Little Bro energy. Andrew was the straight man, so he still added value, lol. Please do another episode with Jackson, he is a sweetheart.

  • Cashboat
    Cashboat 25 minutes ago

    Aint even gay but this man is fine asf