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  • Young MerakiMuse
    Young MerakiMuse Minute ago

    Supa Peach ate!!!!!! Best verse Lyric ever did !

  • EllaKate Maness
    EllaKate Maness Minute ago

    Nobody: Brady: *casually walking around with around with AirPods in while while the moms are screaming at each other* Sorry hunnys I don’t speak broke😂😂

  • Leah Sherman
    Leah Sherman Minute ago

    It was cute how Brooke was being supportive to Chloe!!

  • Yus
    Yus 3 minutes ago

    Oh my God! Brady is so good, the best!

  • Gerdir Kaur
    Gerdir Kaur 4 minutes ago

    Maddie dies in a car accident. Jill:This is a great oppurtunity for kendall.

  • Sherena Clark
    Sherena Clark 4 minutes ago

    Kendall and Mackenzie

  • Aesthetic blooperz
    Aesthetic blooperz 4 minutes ago

    2:52 *HeFa iT aInT OkAy*

  • Sandrina Rodrigues
    Sandrina Rodrigues 4 minutes ago

    We all know that Melissa favours Maddie but Melissa really was happy that Mackenzie won, she said that the scenes got edited that's why it looked like she wasn't happy for Mackenzie but for real she was

  • Ananya Chaudhary
    Ananya Chaudhary 6 minutes ago

    TALL GIRL the origin

  • Celeste Garcia
    Celeste Garcia 8 minutes ago

    “shE jUsT rAn OvEr mY sOn” Um he still alive sis. I don’t see no funeral.

  • Melany Ramirez
    Melany Ramirez 8 minutes ago

    is it just me but i luv abby i feel like they show'd her bad side and a couple times her good side

  • JayTheRulerOf Monsters
    JayTheRulerOf Monsters 8 minutes ago

    1:16-1:19 LOL

  • Jeiana Lottie
    Jeiana Lottie 8 minutes ago

    That girl at 17:35 reminds me of camryn from dancing dolls she even looks and talks like her wow

    Thaya THAYAPARAN 9 minutes ago

    𝕎𝕠𝕨 𝕒𝕓𝕓𝕪𝕤 𝕙𝕒𝕚𝕣 𝕕𝕠𝕙

  • Ella Miranda
    Ella Miranda 9 minutes ago

    Brandon!!!!!!!!!!! Sirios

  • Kelli Ocanha
    Kelli Ocanha 9 minutes ago

    Jojo was not in the rhythm we 38 seconds of the video was very agitated I didn't think it was cool I don't know you answer

  • Kermina A
    Kermina A 10 minutes ago

    Hannah is definitely pagie

  • Jakarah Green
    Jakarah Green 11 minutes ago


  • Lily Belle
    Lily Belle 11 minutes ago

    Kurt: Maddie you look beautiful 😁 Also Kurt: bye kenz see you later🙂

  • zhaikea Canal
    zhaikea Canal 12 minutes ago

    I think kenzie should be 1st place? Not a hater of asia i just its my opion ₩_₩

  • Jamie spino
    Jamie spino 12 minutes ago

    What sad story.....I just cried with you Abby.........You are my star.

  • Emily Chiou
    Emily Chiou 13 minutes ago

    This dance would be even better with Trinity

  • Erica Garza
    Erica Garza 14 minutes ago

    I can't stand Neva.

  • Abril Utrera
    Abril Utrera 15 minutes ago

    Soy el comentario español que buscabas Xd 😍😍 Es buena bailarina me encanto 😘😅

  • JayTheRulerOf Monsters
    JayTheRulerOf Monsters 16 minutes ago

    Not throwing any shade But my mom said Mrs D looks like a Toad. No offense

  • Nancy Gonzalez
    Nancy Gonzalez 17 minutes ago

    Love Dance because I love to Dance

  • Ireland Gerlach
    Ireland Gerlach 18 minutes ago

    3:04 Everyone: So graceful Nia:

  • Nancy Gonzalez
    Nancy Gonzalez 18 minutes ago

    One candy apple mom said the right thing to do

  • Nancy Gonzalez
    Nancy Gonzalez 20 minutes ago

    Anasly. Candy Apples are losers

  • American girl doll videos

    That's too far, she's like 10

  • Kate Benik
    Kate Benik 21 minute ago

    I always thought it was silly that there was “Team Maddie” and “Team Chloe”. They’re both amazing and beautiful girls. I love them.

  • Teemo slo
    Teemo slo 22 minutes ago

    The best episode ever

  • Lama Cold
    Lama Cold 25 minutes ago

    Some times I fell it’s not Abby fault Who is the bad one comment Ashlee Like jill

  • Lana Sanni
    Lana Sanni 26 minutes ago

    Avas credit Abby: I think im bouta steal

  • Maria Rybarczyk
    Maria Rybarczyk 27 minutes ago

    can jill please shut up “i want more for my kendall” I WANT TO NOT HEAR U TALK WE DONT ALL GET WHAT WE WANT

  • Iley Rounds
    Iley Rounds 27 minutes ago

    Tall girl

  • jenna pickle
    jenna pickle 29 minutes ago

    25:31 eww

  • Jody Kulp
    Jody Kulp 30 minutes ago

    The outfit is really inappropriate and there were grown men around

  • Allyson Kathryn
    Allyson Kathryn 30 minutes ago

    Melissa always gives her kids that symbol every time they get off stage

  • UR MOM
    UR MOM 30 minutes ago

    isnt lucas that dude who cussed and lied from candy apples

  • Courtney Scott
    Courtney Scott 31 minute ago

    I like Hannah, she's so kind and a very talented dancer!😍😍

  • Cori Mallon
    Cori Mallon 31 minute ago

    did anyone else think that new Chloe was kind of bratty when she said she had better technique

  • Regan Williams
    Regan Williams 31 minute ago

    I became a fan of prince the moment I seen him on that little radio show video where he performed No Static. But really thought Key was gonna win. I still follow J.I. and my favorite song by him so far is Need Me. I haven't heard nobody else.

  • Claire Holt
    Claire Holt 32 minutes ago

    Kristie is so annoying! She literally reminds me on Jill. She thinks McKenzie was the problem and that Asia was to good for McKenzie and that she held Asia back blah blah blah. I’m team Kenzie! Like for Kenzie comment for Asia.

  • Lan Nguyen-Matheny
    Lan Nguyen-Matheny 34 minutes ago

    It was so nice that the Aldc moms were comforting the girl

  • Ashleigh Jackson
    Ashleigh Jackson 35 minutes ago

    This just breaks my heart 😢

  • Mallory Gulotta
    Mallory Gulotta 36 minutes ago

    i thought holly was a doctor

  • De’Corian Deitz
    De’Corian Deitz 38 minutes ago

    I am only 12 years old but I liked it

  • De’Corian Deitz
    De’Corian Deitz 38 minutes ago

    Prince of NY won the battle he was clean and never had a problem

  • catherine fochtman
    catherine fochtman 39 minutes ago

    This solo is stupid

  • Masey
    Masey 40 minutes ago

    Christi disgusts me sometimes. What a low class piece of garbage.

  • Ann Carpenter
    Ann Carpenter 41 minute ago

    Genetic mutants

  • Dulce Morfin
    Dulce Morfin 42 minutes ago

    I do not like Maddie

  • Masey
    Masey 44 minutes ago

    Christi needs to get control of herself it’s ridiculous watching an adult act like this.

  • Lil Melton
    Lil Melton 44 minutes ago

    Jermaine I want to be a raper

  • Hailey Love
    Hailey Love 45 minutes ago

    Thank you for putting this up🤗

  • bcm200
    bcm200 45 minutes ago

    I do fell bad for Peyton though because I'm tall and I used to do gymnastics so I know what it's like.

  • Pauline Lucia
    Pauline Lucia 46 minutes ago

    Brynn is a brat. Why would she call kendall that. Brynn needs to stop and leave

  • Guadalupe Ramirez
    Guadalupe Ramirez 46 minutes ago

    abby: iT’s dIfFeReNt and iNtErEsTiNg judges: and i oop

  • Its_J Cotton
    Its_J Cotton 47 minutes ago

    Look at Holly just sitting there sipping her drink 😂😂

  • unigirl rainbow
    unigirl rainbow 47 minutes ago

    Anyone else really want Kendall’s shoes

  • Trueツ
    Trueツ 48 minutes ago

    Overall dee should of one but I gotta admit, nova had the best final performance

  • Life as gabby
    Life as gabby 49 minutes ago

    idk which twin but one of them are fake asf talking about some don't "push me . or dang stop yelling my ears" like isn't Minnie ur bsf?.😑like LMAO

  • _toes_ Re
    _toes_ Re 49 minutes ago

    Mimi didn’t snitch bc even zatias mom said it so ummm YEAH Ouu come at me🤡😂

  • Delycia Brodnax
    Delycia Brodnax 49 minutes ago

    What you mean she gonna stand up for her girls

  • Jordyn Sire
    Jordyn Sire 51 minute ago

    Am I the only one that thought Paige actually looked adorable

  • domonique casanova
    domonique casanova 51 minute ago

    No one else thinks The mom at 6:37 looks like Cindy from Orange is the New Black ????🤔🤔🤔

  • Christopher Reed
    Christopher Reed 51 minute ago


  • Ann Carpenter
    Ann Carpenter 51 minute ago

    You got them cheeks on their again....officially not watching your trash!! Stupid midget show!!! Wait is this old she got that thing on her lip,,,,,

  • Lexany Prado
    Lexany Prado 52 minutes ago

    and she is 8!?

  • BxbaTeaxxx
    BxbaTeaxxx 52 minutes ago


  • Ashton Gorlewski
    Ashton Gorlewski 53 minutes ago

    Savannah should have stayed on the show longer, I love her solos this is so good😆😆😆💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kisha Williams
    Kisha Williams 53 minutes ago

    These two women fight for the limelight, they both are real petty, they should grow up and quit trying to pick on each other. These ladies are beautiful and should build each other up not tear oneanother down.

  • Jordyn Sire
    Jordyn Sire 53 minutes ago

    We need the original cast to recreate this dance.

  • Lexany Prado
    Lexany Prado 53 minutes ago

    what the heck!?

  • Kemba Ilham
    Kemba Ilham 53 minutes ago

    Sam is a great friend I only dream of having.😍✨❤️. Seeing tanya baby girl Comforting her is so sweet💕. Children are God’s gift from heaven.

  • Adi Burgos
    Adi Burgos 53 minutes ago

    On all of theses you know the drill things I’m either Brooke or Paige or Chole. Only those three

  • Kamila Martimez
    Kamila Martimez 54 minutes ago

    Little mackz dream

  • Lexany Prado
    Lexany Prado 54 minutes ago

    I saw A useing a sippy cup!?!?😐😑😮

  • milkie
    milkie 54 minutes ago

    im sorry but i feel like all of these moms have an IQ of 10

  • Krystal Le
    Krystal Le 55 minutes ago


  • unicorn Puppet
    unicorn Puppet 56 minutes ago

    STOP BEING SO RUDE ABBY. TO CHLOE (did anyone notice that paige had her HAIR DOWN!)

  • Jami Hearne
    Jami Hearne 56 minutes ago

    Holly is thicccc

  • Gesaly Gastelum
    Gesaly Gastelum 57 minutes ago

    who else thinks gianna should have won?

  • Bonito
    Bonito 57 minutes ago

    I dont like Gianna. I actually prefer Abby for sure

  • Sara Winter
    Sara Winter 57 minutes ago


  • Paris Cato
    Paris Cato 58 minutes ago

    does that lady have no teeth or something

  • Kimkia : D
    Kimkia : D 58 minutes ago

    Maesi was never a black sheep nia and holly have experienced much worse than maesi

  • so fetch xo
    so fetch xo 59 minutes ago

    maddie lost to a *tall girl* see what I did there?

  • That’s so Rania!
    That’s so Rania! 59 minutes ago

    I feel like saying shut up Melissa Bc she’s like that’s her teaching

  • tayjanee'
    tayjanee' Hour ago

    what yall dont realize is that half of her students are now either CAPTAINS of hbcu’s or literally dancing behind celebs, so get tf wid allat “she doing too much” cause her pushing them is what got them to where they are now!!

  • Tay bitch 22
    Tay bitch 22 Hour ago

    AVA from tall girl

  • Angel Dove
    Angel Dove Hour ago

    Abby “this has Maddie all over it”

  • Taiya and Fudge
    Taiya and Fudge Hour ago

    Like 7 years ago: who going to be the next Madi Now:who is going to be the next Jo jo

  • Gigi Magliocco
    Gigi Magliocco Hour ago

    Who else thought McKenzie was so cutttee

  • april and Jason Thomas

    Z Does selena kniw that kalya is a seioner to so like in my mind i like girl shut up

  • Ashleigh Jackson

    How come Abby can’t see how good these three girls are they all did amazing just like Maddie can ok Abby

  • Kemba Ilham
    Kemba Ilham Hour ago

    Tanya, Monie, and Sam are the best looking ones on the show

  • Saniya Khan
    Saniya Khan Hour ago

    Is it just me who notices Cathy in the background 🤣