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ok we did it
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paper-based stickers
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potato chip boys
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godforsaken country
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adam and eve talk to god
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imbiamba jombes: big doom
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behind the memes with gus
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moms in horror movies
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basically a beatles album
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man gets a big surprise
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my pool
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imbiamba jombes
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ok here i come!
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Drake at the NBA finals
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my apology.
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Pillow Guy Again
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Godless Country
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Thank You For 1 Million
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baby reveal party
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a video about PETA
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sex is very bad for you
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laundry boy shares good news
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helping mom use the ipad
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white girl ukulele song
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inspirational basketball video
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man surprises girlfriend
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old people logic
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Did SNL Steal My Idea?
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road trip dad
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jk rowling these days
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you're such a good boy
Views 918KYear ago
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every paparazzi video
Views 455KYear ago


  • indiefansexplode

    this is legit fire

  • MidoriGurinSim
    MidoriGurinSim Hour ago


  • Quinn McCay
    Quinn McCay Hour ago

    RIP Content Cop. The hero Flash-Player deserves, but not the one it needs right now...... according to Susan.

  • H. Jima
    H. Jima Hour ago

    has everyone acknowledge how dummy thicc Gus's butt is. Nice man. I'm jealous.

  • xPROF4NEx
    xPROF4NEx Hour ago

    Why is this a thing??? Why should i, or why the fuck would I care about who you fuck?????? NOBODY CARES. Holy shit. FUCK CARES

  • Olive Payne
    Olive Payne Hour ago

    Guava Juice reminds me of a more childish version of Jason from the Good Place

  • Lecroi
    Lecroi Hour ago

    You started sounding like James Young x'D

  • redviper163
    redviper163 Hour ago

    We need new website

  • Judge Holdem
    Judge Holdem 2 hours ago

    Future critique videos will be disguised as compliments. “I really LOVE how you groomed a thirteen year old. That was really NICE of you. And bullying children? More like, uh, reverse complimenting them. Great videos. Keep it up.” Great videos, keep it up.

  • Lagiraff Thannoo
    Lagiraff Thannoo 2 hours ago


  • Garrett Gardner
    Garrett Gardner 2 hours ago

    I wonder how many idiots posted this to Facebook

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 2 hours ago

    Anyone want some zaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jared Begg
    Jared Begg 2 hours ago

    Congrats, Carlos, you’ve killed Flash-Player.

  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner 2 hours ago

    Pretty much the only reason I watch Flash-Player is to see people like you rip on scam channels with a humorous twist. If they shut down this kind of vid please just move to another platform!

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro 2 hours ago

    My biggest issue with Guava is his eyebrows. They piss me off more than anything

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro 2 hours ago

    I fucking hate Seth McFarlane. Only the first few seasons were actually funny. The last few seasons have just been Seth using the characters to bitch about stupid shit and make shit jokes at modern culture

  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner 3 hours ago

    You did clown on him pretty hard. old people just don't get that shit

  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover 3 hours ago


  • Craig Margolius
    Craig Margolius 3 hours ago

    First world problems just seem ridiculous

  • Lavion
    Lavion 3 hours ago

    I am a kid and now my mommy's gonna do no no to my poo poo place.

  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner 3 hours ago

    Thank you :)

  • webnothing
    webnothing 3 hours ago

    Did fucking boomers come up with these ideas?? They are unbelievably boring. Much like their entire working lives or entire lives in general.

  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner 3 hours ago

    Gray clip will charge you up to$1500 a haircut. Steve said.

  • Joy Du
    Joy Du 3 hours ago

    They deleted vomit cake????

  • Th3MadDabb3r
    Th3MadDabb3r 3 hours ago

    Aaaaaactually it was about the states breaking off from the gold standard in the transfer to the United federal reserve

  • I am Horse
    I am Horse 3 hours ago

    It’s because they want to make it more advertiser friendly so they can make more money

  • Lawyer Morty
    Lawyer Morty 3 hours ago

    - What do you have to say about yourself? - >:(

  • Lawyer Morty
    Lawyer Morty 3 hours ago

    - What do you have to say about yourself - >:(

  • Lawyer Morty
    Lawyer Morty 3 hours ago

    What do you meam white people have no rithym?

  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner 3 hours ago

    This IS harassment and you WILL take it down!

  • Jill Yost
    Jill Yost 3 hours ago


  • Zoltán Szajkó
    Zoltán Szajkó 3 hours ago

    i think this is exactly how it happened

  • Corinne Young
    Corinne Young 4 hours ago


  • Kylie Miller
    Kylie Miller 4 hours ago

    7:32 Jeffrey Dahmer got that fat ass

  • Gon Kappa
    Gon Kappa 4 hours ago

    Ok, Boomer.

  • Jasmine Sophie
    Jasmine Sophie 4 hours ago

    I was like 9 when he beat Rihanna so I didn’t fully grasp how horrible the situation was. A couple years ago I finally read the police report and I finally understood what a piece of shit he is. How are people still cool with him??

  • James McClean
    James McClean 4 hours ago

    Always Sunny fan? Gums very much at play line killed me lol.

  • Brandon Wadecki
    Brandon Wadecki 4 hours ago

    Do more this

  • Brad Ng
    Brad Ng 5 hours ago

    Eyes not pop enough, mouth not large enough, I give 6/10

  • mabec
    mabec 5 hours ago

    Give me Spunk Bob 24/7

  • lolatJESS
    lolatJESS 5 hours ago

    Every internet ever.

  • Ali Kriegel
    Ali Kriegel 5 hours ago

    This video feels very 2008 youtube, and i'm honestly living for it

  • gvgvvvg
    gvgvvvg 5 hours ago

    My dog is actually named Winchester. He is the best boi

  • Taylor Borton
    Taylor Borton 5 hours ago


  • Aleko Strauss
    Aleko Strauss 6 hours ago

    my brother and I did this at a Six Flags in Chicago. a school group walked in and me shot out of there. the screams were awful.

  • Erica Brookes
    Erica Brookes 6 hours ago

    idk dude gus you're a pretty epic u tuber but lele pons said this is the right direction and she has more boob than you so

  • TwistedAttitudes
    TwistedAttitudes 6 hours ago

    I clicked on this video again to check if you had an update lmao

  • n00rixilis
    n00rixilis 6 hours ago

    lmao its trending!

  • •Panscopia•
    •Panscopia• 6 hours ago

    He twirled like a ballerina.

  • Wheat Stack
    Wheat Stack 6 hours ago

    0:54 when she see my pp

  • Octo Sponge
    Octo Sponge 6 hours ago

    Me. Mom can we get a dog. mom. We have a dog at home. The dog at home

  • Diapason
    Diapason 6 hours ago

    Haha to be fair you aren't using your gus charm on these :P

  • Mistikey tries his best

    I realize I’m dumb. I thought this was genuine, but no I’m dumb

  • Aazizul Zaim
    Aazizul Zaim 6 hours ago

    You Need to Zoom in Like a microscope

  • Scramp
    Scramp 6 hours ago

    this even better

  • Vietnam Gamer
    Vietnam Gamer 6 hours ago

    God the final result is startlingly realistic

  • T J
    T J 6 hours ago

    Can’t relate. I have Spotify Premium 🥴

  • JacobLance Tucker
    JacobLance Tucker 6 hours ago

    The just do it skit from Shia doesn’t apply for Flash-Player lol

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 6 hours ago

    Ok the gum one is like c teir vine quality. Thats the best one

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 6 hours ago

    your shorter skits would probably get more views if you posted them on tiktok instead

  • Salad Katie
    Salad Katie 7 hours ago

    Is his imbiamba?

  • de brebeuf
    de brebeuf 7 hours ago

    Content Cop is part of the ecosystem. In this world's simulation of Flash-Player, content Cop is removed to see the effects of overgrowth.

  • Metric Puppy
    Metric Puppy 7 hours ago

    How much have you used that keytar since you got it

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 7 hours ago

    Slot me down or caress me down? The world may never know

  • Lago Brian
    Lago Brian 7 hours ago

    Professor snape was a single mother !! 😭😭🤣🤣

  • Jose Jaramillo
    Jose Jaramillo 7 hours ago

    He looks like a yound Scotty Kilmer with those shades.

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 7 hours ago

    Drinking game: every time he says stem take a drink

  • Burp Robrox
    Burp Robrox 7 hours ago

    This is me with my cat

  • Brixster
    Brixster 7 hours ago

    wow I really olive oiled this olive oil. Olive oil/olive oil olive oils, would olive oil this again

  • Zwirv
    Zwirv 7 hours ago

    How does he look like a crack addled reviewbrah with that suit on

  • Hotsauc3 McGee
    Hotsauc3 McGee 7 hours ago

    I once had a professor who thought Flash-Player was spelled “U tube.” He didn’t believe us when we said Flash-Player was spelled “Flash-Player.”

  • Demetrios Levi
    Demetrios Levi 7 hours ago

    I swear, every Midwesterner knows someone like this

  • JusticeTheEpic
    JusticeTheEpic 7 hours ago

    I cant get over "I don't know fucking...tanner"

  • Hidden Artists
    Hidden Artists 7 hours ago

    I loved this song!!! I always wonder what song played at the end of each video

  • Eric Chandler
    Eric Chandler 7 hours ago

    Flash-Player in a nutshell.

  • Hayato Kun
    Hayato Kun 7 hours ago

    You sick bastard!!

  • SaltyFox
    SaltyFox 7 hours ago

    Gus said my name twice

  • YelloTrout
    YelloTrout 8 hours ago

    Comedy is subjective Murray.

  • Mark Dube
    Mark Dube 8 hours ago

    Damn I forgot about this, Nov 26th 2019 has come and gone did he ever respond?

  • You Know?
    You Know? 8 hours ago

    'Next time I see you bby I'm gonna wreck you so fucking har...'

  • connormunism
    connormunism 8 hours ago

    m i n i p l a y e r i s t u r n e d o f f o n v i d e o s f o r k i d s

  • kkonsta
    kkonsta 8 hours ago

    I thought you meant like high high

  • I have a micro penis, but

    Lol I didn’t get a notification for this and I ALWAYS get your notifications

  • Autumn PR
    Autumn PR 8 hours ago

    Dude i remember following you and seeing like 10 comments on a video. You probably won't have to worry about youtube much longer considering the way your career is going.

  • MagmaLogic
    MagmaLogic 8 hours ago

    “He’s a character I’ve been workshopping”

  • ZaulionSky飞
    ZaulionSky飞 8 hours ago

    Learn how to make better sponsor video please rather than overreacting doing sponsored vid

  • Our Generation
    Our Generation 9 hours ago

    Bro I had a botched circ and had metal molted to it so yeah

  • Pinball Kitty
    Pinball Kitty 9 hours ago

    This is a company that literally, mathematically considers positive response to be identical to negative response.

  • Julia Caslin
    Julia Caslin 9 hours ago

    As sburgers 🤩

  • Sean Braden
    Sean Braden 9 hours ago

    bro can someone tell me where ebby got his sweater

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 9 hours ago

    You should drop a fortune cookie and say "well, that's unfortunate."

  • Caleb Darnell
    Caleb Darnell 9 hours ago

    Epic Savage Prank, definitely subscribing for more intense content (hopefully my mom doesn’t catch me watching this)

  • Vanz :O
    Vanz :O 9 hours ago

    I have a feeling that this video is gonna get viral

  • Turn&Berm
    Turn&Berm 9 hours ago

    I hope Michael has seen this, and should parody on of Gus's videos Haha

  • lost things
    lost things 9 hours ago

    Okay the Dead of winter did make me laugh

  • classydays43
    classydays43 9 hours ago

    When did they start using banner ads in their videos? Who is miserable enough to do something like this???

  • Nia Marsh
    Nia Marsh 9 hours ago

    When he pronounced Aaliyah’s name wrong 😳

  • Lexi
    Lexi 9 hours ago

    one it's set to be like a real life camera crew is in a real office and any normal-nonactor would keep looking at the camera. two when they "screwed up on the characters" those were either pranks or dwight showing he had wigs of everyone. three the man walked into in because well look at number one this stuff never really happened it was staged. the office is good you just don't have all the facts. If you would actually watch the show and not just cut out random parts you would understand.

    • daga
      daga 8 hours ago

      i cant tell if you are making fun of people not understanding that this video this video is a joke, or if you don't understand that this video is a joke

  • Dillon Brockman
    Dillon Brockman 9 hours ago

    All I want is for you to stop making fun of sermons that is like a sak religious thing please

  • Dillon Brockman
    Dillon Brockman 9 hours ago

    I guess this is it farewell guss