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Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
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ANNOYING Things we ALL do
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Teachers You WISH You Had
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  • Kate Bemrose
    Kate Bemrose 3 hours ago

    mama Debbie is an issue

  • -フレヤ AnimeGacha ふれや

    Lia: you know the place under your stairs Me: cant relate (i dont have stairs)

  • Kingly Kongly
    Kingly Kongly 3 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf is the funniest and best youtuber. Subscribe to her

  • KaTiE_ Nightmare
    KaTiE_ Nightmare 3 hours ago

    You Know Who Beatiful look at the first word

  • Hanaa Sabri
    Hanaa Sabri 3 hours ago

    I live the camera 📷 cuz wen my birthday comes I will want that cuz that will let me remember my family forever and i Olson I like the iPhone 📱 to

  • Katie Watson
    Katie Watson 3 hours ago


  • shipper pattis
    shipper pattis 3 hours ago

    3:41 barbie is that you? 🤔

  • Joaquin Andrade JR
    Joaquin Andrade JR 3 hours ago


  • The Dounut Galaxy
    The Dounut Galaxy 3 hours ago

    What the hell is wrong with her she says "I'm not in to that gospel bullshit". How dare you little ugh god is real agree or not.

  • Star Rea
    Star Rea 3 hours ago

    Carolina reaper pepper I tried this and I don’t even like spicy stuff and swallowed that junk

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin 3 hours ago

    My friends last name is MacDonald

  • Ben Floreno
    Ben Floreno 3 hours ago

    You can actually write Chinese,japanes and Korean in calligraphy

  • Shafy Ashary
    Shafy Ashary 3 hours ago

    if u sniper wolf fan like

  • • Gypsical Moon •

    I wouldn’t even have a ps4 each for me and my brother. We usually share our devices and stuff, because my dad already keeps the ps4 to himself.

  • Sun Star
    Sun Star 3 hours ago

    I’m just gonna wait for that one nice person to let us peasants experience these things

  • Courtney Reinfeld
    Courtney Reinfeld 3 hours ago

    “You Put Toast In A Toaster Sssniperwolf 2019

  • Kingly Kongly
    Kingly Kongly 3 hours ago

    Why are they all asking James?

  • alexia Moonlight
    alexia Moonlight 3 hours ago

    Your so funny when you scream

  • Michelle Grave
    Michelle Grave 3 hours ago

    I’d get the bug spray

  • Gwen Jacobs
    Gwen Jacobs 3 hours ago

    In 3rd grade i asked one of my best friends for some fruit roll up and i got a. BIG FAT NO it was sad😂😢

  • Rose Weekes
    Rose Weekes 3 hours ago

    When Siri said we don’t know eachother well enough you got friend zoned

  • NoobieSolier Plays
    NoobieSolier Plays 3 hours ago

    Dirty minded

  • Zodawgplayz
    Zodawgplayz 3 hours ago

    I ᔕᗩY ᘔEᗪ ᔕIᑎᑕE I'ᗰ Iᑎ ᗩᑌᔕTᖇᗩᒪIᗩ

  • Rob Tira14
    Rob Tira14 3 hours ago

    Lia:sit down and grab water WHO ELSE LITERALLY GRABBED WATER😂😂😂

  • Robert Craft
    Robert Craft 3 hours ago

    SSSniperwolf i call u out for a Yu-Gi-Oh duel. Would be dope if u accept this challenge.

  • Miss Model
    Miss Model 3 hours ago

    Digital dying and lias just dancing do do do do 😂😂😂

  • Andrzej Jóźwiak
    Andrzej Jóźwiak 3 hours ago

    Blue eyes 💙

  • Mashael Alturki
    Mashael Alturki 3 hours ago

    I went in all of them

  • Ella Hingley
    Ella Hingley 3 hours ago

    Ssniperwolf:whats his name Me:toothless omg

  • Grecia Martinez Espinoza

    i rost people😈

  • Callum Sy
    Callum Sy 3 hours ago

    Wow your British 😱

  • gacha ever
    gacha ever 3 hours ago

    "A Trinty hammock" Me: dEaDnAmE g0lOR-

  • Catrina Powell
    Catrina Powell 3 hours ago

    Big Ben is the bell inside the tower, the clock tower is called the Elisabeth Clock tower!

  • Mindi Balshaw
    Mindi Balshaw 3 hours ago


  • Marleen Castillo
    Marleen Castillo 3 hours ago

    Yeah um... I’m scared. My phone um kinda um went off when you said “hey Siri” and um bye.

  • Shane Montecillo
    Shane Montecillo 3 hours ago

    Who else copies Lia's "Wew"

  • Dana Mayock
    Dana Mayock 3 hours ago

    I just went home and played videos games and I still do

  • Still Max
    Still Max 3 hours ago

    I live in the philippines By the way i am an og

  • Dana Mayock
    Dana Mayock 3 hours ago

    I never went to after school clubs and play video games soooo can relate

  • Still Max
    Still Max 3 hours ago

    I say zee instead of zed

  • Nova Brewerton
    Nova Brewerton 3 hours ago

    failed at his trick

  • XrosekillerX Heyy
    XrosekillerX Heyy 3 hours ago

    Actually the hole is in the stick because the had a lot of children die from suffocation from these stick so they put a hole on it just in case so if you swallow this stick and it gets stuck in your throat you can still breathe

  • sweetie buttons
    sweetie buttons 3 hours ago

    I I I L I Lo I Lov I Love I Love s I love ss I love sss I Love sssn I Love sssni I Love sssnip I Love sssnipe I Love sssniper I Love sssniper w I Love sssniper wo I Love sssniper wol I Love sssniper wolf This took me SO long so leave a like plz!

  • TikTok is my life Pandora

    She did cancel her self lol

  • lazer swoon
    lazer swoon 3 hours ago

    **I love you so much

  • Erin Patterson
    Erin Patterson 4 hours ago

    When you looked at the one that had the boy getting his hair done it looked SO painful

  • joshua dela cruz
    joshua dela cruz 4 hours ago

    Do you know how i watch sssniperwolf? BUYING POPCORN BUYING LOTS OF BISCUITS AND BUYING 2 BIG COKES

  • LoreCraft
    LoreCraft 4 hours ago

    I hate these people that swat these streamers like it's funny, but it's just fucking evil, and I have no idea why they think it's funny

  • phil mortlock
    phil mortlock 4 hours ago

    Mnmittles 🤔

  • Thatmegaepic
    Thatmegaepic 4 hours ago

    Impressive video😎😎

  • Zeeva Leahy
    Zeeva Leahy 4 hours ago

    Subtitles on. Me:much better.

  • Haley Matesich
    Haley Matesich 4 hours ago


  • Thatmegaepic
    Thatmegaepic 4 hours ago

    Finally finish washing😂😂😂

  • that.normal.sea.creature


  • Meowshmellow Playz
    Meowshmellow Playz 4 hours ago


    J BOBAKOOK 4 hours ago

    At 4:54... Well that common yah know lia its not rare....

  • Ma _slim3
    Ma _slim3 4 hours ago

    Lol is just ridiculous!

  • Vaguna Pokia
    Vaguna Pokia 4 hours ago

    Thats f

  • Cousin World
    Cousin World 4 hours ago

    Lia it looks like she is in her bathroom pooping while making the video but she is cutting it out. XD

  • Brittnie Paranteau
    Brittnie Paranteau 4 hours ago


  • Safah Mahmood
    Safah Mahmood 4 hours ago

    She’s so spoilt ugh 😩

  • 10. Asri Suhaimi
    10. Asri Suhaimi 4 hours ago

    Nah i dont wanna be her i wanna be myself

  • Twin Club light fire

    Do a video of only shopping from Gucci for 24 hours

  • shree sharma 17
    shree sharma 17 4 hours ago

    1:47 like if here before copyright strike 😂

  • phil mortlock
    phil mortlock 4 hours ago

    Didn't know houses had glory holes now I do !!!

  • Gaxha Møøn
    Gaxha Møøn 4 hours ago

    I have -48 Points *-*

  • Brayden Sanchez
    Brayden Sanchez 4 hours ago

    She freaked out over tapatio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Not hating tho 👍

  • carriemousavi
    carriemousavi 4 hours ago

    Flirty Person:if you were an angle you would be an acute angle😘 Me:are you a 44 angle cause your a cutie Flirty Person:🙄 Me:OH 🖕🏼OF

  • Bow Bow
    Bow Bow 4 hours ago

    I had done the First one I landed one my legs lol

  • P Rimar
    P Rimar 4 hours ago

    I had an apple cinnamon souffle pancake it was so good😍

  • Tashfia Jaman
    Tashfia Jaman 4 hours ago

    I watched this video like 27times

  • 《Maritzu Chan》
    《Maritzu Chan》 4 hours ago

    I don´t get why you think hairless animals are disturbing. They are stll animals and still cute

    DRTL RIXH 4 hours ago

    I were shoes in my house when Im to lazy to take them off after school

  • Mindi Balshaw
    Mindi Balshaw 4 hours ago

    Skype School

  • Stevie Lee シ
    Stevie Lee シ 4 hours ago

    Hi Olga and that teacher was hella angry “NoW gEt OuT oF mY rOoM!”

  • tactical savage
    tactical savage 4 hours ago

    Be a model your so cute

  • animal awesomeness
    animal awesomeness 4 hours ago

    My hair looked like that normally

    BTS ARMY GENA 4 hours ago

    I want a BTS concert in my house :)

  • Sae 2417
    Sae 2417 4 hours ago

    Lmao she’s freaking out cuz it keeps turning off yet she dropped it like a damn unboxing rookie 😂

  • Brittney Malinowski
    Brittney Malinowski 4 hours ago

    Definitely a devil

  • Mark Mason
    Mark Mason 4 hours ago

    OMG you're amazing 😍 WOW!!!

  • Brendon Cocks
    Brendon Cocks 4 hours ago


  • MýthIc
    MýthIc 4 hours ago


  • Sara Weronika
    Sara Weronika 4 hours ago

    I don’t even have stairs in my house 😭

  • cassiopeia guinto
    cassiopeia guinto 4 hours ago

    nobody: literaly nobody: sssniperwolf:LONG NECK YELLOW HORSE

  • Mario Fanboy Stefan 2010 and a sonic fan Pokémon 21

    This kid probably came back from crying about Fortnite black hole