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ANNOYING Things we ALL do
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I Went To Area 51
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People Having the WORST YEAR
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FUNNIEST Kid Test Answers
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Allergic Reaction GONE WRONG
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  • rorykelly45
    rorykelly45 3 hours ago

    The most natural beautiful looking woman on Flash-Player hands down!! 👌 ☺

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    That girl on dr Phil had the ugliest, dirtiest room, jewelry, face, attitude and style

  • Mariah Mare
    Mariah Mare 3 hours ago

    All the stories have the same man talking in them or is it just me

  • Disney Princess Isabella

    That rap was the worst rap I've seen.😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • 2 Sister’s
    2 Sister’s 3 hours ago

    I love 💗 lime too

  • yiihase
    yiihase 3 hours ago

    My closet is way too full that no boogie can fit inside 😂

  • Hannah Roberts
    Hannah Roberts 3 hours ago

    Is this true?

  • Michael Alfonso
    Michael Alfonso 3 hours ago

    Exceded expectations 🤯 spooked.

  • CatloverML Ruby
    CatloverML Ruby 3 hours ago

    0:57 She go be lookin' like spinel (steven universe)

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose 3 hours ago

    I have the best perents ever!!!

  • Hannah Roberts
    Hannah Roberts 3 hours ago

    You do not look like baby's no offense

  • halaalgangster
    halaalgangster 3 hours ago

    Joe get the van😂😂

  • the boom playz
    the boom playz 3 hours ago

    Bleach is probably water

  • TyTen FTW
    TyTen FTW 3 hours ago

    Who’s watching at night 👎

  • Joanne Christabelle
    Joanne Christabelle 3 hours ago

    I'm scared Q~Q I don't want to watch the rest of the video

  • melissa Turner
    melissa Turner 3 hours ago

    U know he was giving u the rude finger hahahahahahahahhahahahauauuauaua

  • Sarah Otoole
    Sarah Otoole 3 hours ago

    if you make the like button blue you love youre mom and dad

  • Liberty Warthen
    Liberty Warthen 3 hours ago

    when your adrenaline is going you do get like that

  • Lovely Mendoza
    Lovely Mendoza 3 hours ago

    My mom is more warmer

  • Gabriel Cromwell
    Gabriel Cromwell 3 hours ago

    1:03 my dad

  • Kenley Tui
    Kenley Tui 3 hours ago

    No I but I like you

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    I laugh that hard each and every time rich bitches crash

  • Crezzy The Crazy
    Crezzy The Crazy 3 hours ago

    He said he was getting a car for.. his cousin or someone

  • Leticia Magbiro
    Leticia Magbiro 3 hours ago

    I love you sssniperwolf are you a wolf

  • Alison_Gammer .unicorn

    Plz do vids like this 😂😘❤️💜💙💚💛😍😘😋😜😂😵😦😏

  • it's katherine the lovely

    I'm eating lolipop in my room if we're start in lesson s

  • Gacha Larni
    Gacha Larni 3 hours ago

    The dog again lol

  • Bread Loaf
    Bread Loaf 3 hours ago

    “Do Not watch at night!” Me: .... Let me stop you right there

  • Taj Bell07 Bell
    Taj Bell07 Bell 3 hours ago

    I would take the money then 10 mins later tell who got cheated on :)

  • the boom playz
    the boom playz 3 hours ago

    The girl that drinked her pee is actually orange, and the blood is grape

  • Jody McMillan
    Jody McMillan 3 hours ago

    How old are these kids!!!!!!!

  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller 3 hours ago

    These videos are definitely fabricated it started by two brothers making this videos but you have to admit it’s great architectural work that they do

  • Nicola rewa
    Nicola rewa 3 hours ago

    yournotthatbadof a youtuber

  • XxshadowgirlxX Killer

    I eat cat food....

  • Benedikte Henriksen
    Benedikte Henriksen 3 hours ago

    I can't stop crying

  • Random Fortnite Player

    Great video! (I like all your videos they're all great and funny) The way he said 'Ze bootiful grils' 😂😂😂 it sounded like grils (no it actually sounded like he was trying to get another lady

  • Mustapha Bouhdaid
    Mustapha Bouhdaid 3 hours ago

    The dress is 0 out of 10

  • gotcha lova
    gotcha lova 3 hours ago

    What if that spider man boy was a small person pretending to be a kid

  • Nurawatwat Ali
    Nurawatwat Ali 3 hours ago

    What Happened tell me plssss part 2

  • 07MegaShark
    07MegaShark 3 hours ago

    99.999% of people saying I watched at night 00.001% of people living a normal life

  • Leticia Magbiro
    Leticia Magbiro 3 hours ago


  • Rosy The Wolf Animations and more!

    Her face though..... ewwwww not u i mean the spoiled pig

  • Crystal _drawsxd
    Crystal _drawsxd 3 hours ago

    Please make more I love these and especially in October

  • Kyra Couts
    Kyra Couts 3 hours ago

    Watching this at 2am oh ya so "spooked"

  • Asmr Tori 12345
    Asmr Tori 12345 3 hours ago

    20:23, meh fav part, idk y tho. XD

  • caitlin miles
    caitlin miles 3 hours ago

    i want that rebel phone case thooooo

  • HerGeLa Fun Kids
    HerGeLa Fun Kids 3 hours ago


  • ark daski
    ark daski 3 hours ago

    Ha im not watching this at night I am watching this on my work shift at 3:AM

  • Raichele Ellison
    Raichele Ellison 3 hours ago

    No kid likes Paw Patrol anymore we all went to Minecraft now in fortnite and all that stuff

  • Kyleigh Jones
    Kyleigh Jones 3 hours ago

    7:50 That evil laugh tho😂😂😂😂

  • Karen Humphries
    Karen Humphries 3 hours ago

    Im a kid soo...... OOF

  • Kyleigh Jones
    Kyleigh Jones 3 hours ago

    5:59 who didn't get scared 👇Didn't get scared

  • joshua sanjose
    joshua sanjose 3 hours ago

    Take it from behind....... Hahhaha

  • Elsie White
    Elsie White 3 hours ago

    i love how you use the oven as mirror lol :)

  • V Nyland
    V Nyland 3 hours ago

    Me to

  • GunproYT Vlogz
    GunproYT Vlogz 3 hours ago

    Atleast move ur playbutton to make it a tiny less obvious ur a YTber

  • Gacha lover5648
    Gacha lover5648 3 hours ago

    O my god you are so dump alice is 13 becouse it is her birthday THEN she turned 14😆😆😆😆😆😆# she is soo dumb

  • Loga Nathan
    Loga Nathan 3 hours ago

    We will never have 🍬 in class

  • Mystical Candy ÙwÚ

    I can't do any of that but I my bone can make a broken bone sound and other stuffs

  • Brightest Star
    Brightest Star 3 hours ago

    This peeps are so ridiculous beating the shit up their chairs? What it’s gonna do? Lol I’m done!!😂

    THUNDERBOLT! 3 hours ago

    Cray Cray

  • Jassel Alcala
    Jassel Alcala 3 hours ago

    yo, im finna buy a hoodie

    JEFF_THE_KID01 3 hours ago

    Yes I'm 10 but I stick

  • Rebecca Boggan
    Rebecca Boggan 3 hours ago

    I ended up on the smily face

  • Kenzie Playz
    Kenzie Playz 3 hours ago


  • Sss Fan
    Sss Fan 3 hours ago

    Hi , im the one who doesnt watch thiss at night i guess ?!

  • Jassel Alcala
    Jassel Alcala 3 hours ago

    i really want to know what you would like like as an anime girl 🤔🤔🤔

  • HerGeLa Fun Kids
    HerGeLa Fun Kids 3 hours ago

    WhY dId YoU Do ThAt Im GaNnA hAvE A NiGhT MeRE😖